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The public education system has failed us miserably...

Piedmont Virginia Community College is Chris's collegiate alma mater, a community college located in Charlottesville, Virginia. At PVCC, Chris earned an Applied Science Associate's Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. After five years of study, Chris earned his degree, even though students are expected to earn associate's degrees after two years in the U.S. He also made the Dean's List, or so he claims.[1]

In the Sonichu comics, PVCC is the realm of the evil witch Mary Lee Walsh. In real life, Walsh, in her role as Dean of Student Affairs, gave Chris a hard time on his Love Quest and at points shattered his heart, lowering his level to nearly zero. Chris took revenge in his own inimitable fashion, making her into a character in his comics: the evil witch in command of a villainous group known as the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens.

Chris's academic life

Chris began classes in PVCC in September 2000. For reasons unknown, even to Chris, he originally chose Marketing as his major. Bob quickly transferred Chris to the CADD track, probably considering it a more attainable goal for Chris, this being a time before Bob had completely given up on Chris as a functioning adult.[2]

Chris has said very little about his college academic career, and appears to have learned even less. We do know that by the grace of God he graduated, and according to the PVCC Student Handbook in force while Chris was a student, he had to earn the following credits to acquire his particular two-year degree. Note that the college considered 15 credits per semester to be a normal load, and 12 to be the minimum.

For reference, this is what Chris wore to college.

3 - English Composition

3 - Humanities/Fine Arts

6 - Social/Behavioral Sciences

3 - Math or Natural Sciences

2 - Wellness

1 - Student Development

12 - Specific to CADD degree

35 - Other major related, not specified.


65 - TotalCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag Chris said that he told his male professor that he, too, was autistic. This apparently resulted in Chris's ejection from that class on 24 February 2003, Chris's twenty-first birthday, and many tears were shed. According to Chris, the reason for his ejection was the professor's misunderstanding and fear of autism. Chris later passed the course when he retook it with a female professor.

Of course, there is more to this story than Chris lets on. In conversations with his gal-pals years afterward, Chris admitted that the topic of homosexuality had come up in a group discussion in class. Chris made a derogatory and inappropriate comment (in his words, he emitted "exclamations you'd likely hear from a black person in church"), and was promptly told to leave.[3]

PVCC gave professors considerable leeway in disciplining their students. From the 2004-06 Student Handbook:

When unruly or otherwise unacceptable behavior occurs in a classroom or lab, the instructor may immediately have the student who is causing the problem leave the classroom. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor as soon as possible, and at the latest before the next meeting of the class or lab to attempt to reconcile the problem. If not resolved, and/or in the most serious cases, such as when a student has previously been removed from the class or when the behavior is a serious violation of the rights of others (i.e., threats of violence or other acts of hostility), the faculty member may prefer to deny the student’s return to the course. In these cases, the faculty member must file a written charge (available in the Admissions and Records Office) that proposes the removal of the student from the course....Once a charge is filed, the case will be settled by following the Procedure for Making and Hearing Charges Against Students.

The Handbook defined disorderly conduct as including "loud noise that is disruptive to college functions," "obscene or abusive language or gestures," or "threatening or hostile language." This pretty much covers the waterfront of Chris's typical behaviors.

Given that Chris never reads the fine print, he was doubtlessly unaware of these legalistic niceties. Chris has not specified whether he was actually permanently expelled from the class by the professor, or if he just chose not to return.

After being kicked out, Chris sat at a table by himself and cried. As well as reinforcing Chris's hatred of men, this event also (albeit for no obvious reason) inspired Chris to begin his Love Quest.[4]

Kicked out of college

When Fall semester began in the fourth year of Chris's education, he began his Love Quest in earnest. For two months, Chris taped his Attraction Sign to the wall in the PVCC lobby, standing or sitting next to it. On 7 October 2003, Chris fell prey to Mary Lee Walsh, the Dean of Student Services, who allegedly ripped up his sign, yelled at him in "a very violent manner," and harshly criticized his methods. Given Chris's history of delusional thinking when it comes to confrontations with authority figures, it is highly unlikely that this is what transpired. While Chris assumed she was simply a force of pure malice dedicated to keeping him a frustrated virgin, her official justification is not clear. The administration probably decided, understandably, that Chris whoring himself out on college property created an uncomfortable environment. Undeterred, Chris soon made a new sign, which Walsh also took down.

Chris stewed for the rest of the semester, but returned with a new plan for the new year. He inundated the campus with copies of his monthly, Sonichu's News Dash!. The publication dealt more with Chris's loneliness than Sonichu, as each issue came with emo poems and a personals ad. There is also strong evidence that Chris returned to posting his Attraction Sign.

At this point the college had any number of legal avenues they could pursue to nail his ass. On a fundamental level, distributing the News Dash was illegal:

Before beginning distribution of petitions, handbills, signs, or pieces of literature, students or registered student organizations, individuals, or groups must submit to the student activities office a copy of such for distribution approval.

If this wasn't enough, the college also defined illegal activities as including "misuse of public or private property," "sexual harassment," "disruption of normal functioning of the college," "harassment of any other person on college property," and "violation of any other college policy or regulation." All of this is common sense, which means none of it registered with Chris.

Chris managed to get out two issues of the News Dash before the hammer dropped. In late January he was summoned to a meeting with Walsh and Susan Hannifan from the Office of Advisement and Counseling, who specialized in Disability Support Services. By this time, Chris was angry enough at Hannifan, with whom he was on a first-name basis, that he was giving her the silent treatment. At the February 9 meeting, Chris was told that he could not distribute the News Dash. According to him, he incurred a stern lecture from Walsh, who for her troubles found herself on the receiving end of a lecture from Sonichu, followed by a loud Curse-ye-ha-me-ha.

Chris then significantly escalated the situation in two ways. Upon returning home from his meeting, he wrote in his diary,

I AM VERY ANGRY AT THAT XXXXX! In response, I plan to incite the masses, and hope they DEMAND the return the News Dash so my chances on getting a girlfriend can be restored. I have also declared WAR on them as well!

The following day, he posted on his website:

Sonichu's News Dash! has been taken away by Mary Lee Walsh!

Mary Lee Walsh has taken the Sonichu's News Dash! and made it illegal on PVCC property.

But it is not too late; go to Mary's office and DEMAND that the News Dash should stay running on Piedmont Virginia Community College!

To annoy her, send her an email!

He helpfully included a link.

Chris also sent Walsh an angry note which "communicated an 'intimidating glare' in a pictorial fashion." Walsh interpreted this as harassment, and it triggered disciplinary procedures.

On paper, a member of the PVCC community who initiated charges against a student would have them investigated by the Dean of Student Services. In this case, however, it was the Dean herself who was filing the charges. How the college dealt with this paradox is unknown. What is clear, however, is that Chris had stupidly attacked the one person at the college who was most knowledgeable about how to expel students. It's also probable that, to avoid a conflict of interests, Walsh had nothing to do directly with the ultimate decision to suspend Chris.

Again on paper, Chris would have been given five days to address the allegations against him. At this point, the college had the choice to simply give Chris a written warning. Instead, they decided to treat the matter seriously enough to assemble the College Hearing Committee, which would discuss the possibility of suspension or expulsion. In ten days there would be a hearing, to which Chris could bring people to defend him.

In reality, there were "several hearings," and the decision to suspend Chris wasn't made until September. It is almost a certainty that Chris allowed others to fight this battle for him, in this case his parents. And knowing what we do about Barb and Bob, they likely fought tooth and nail to shield Chris from the slightest punishment. On March 2, Walsh met with Chris and his parents and, in his words, "tried to frame me, just to giver her an excuse to boot me out of PVCC." This angered Chris and his parents.

On September 16, Chris was informed that he had been suspended for one year. In order to return, he would need to take anger management classes, get a psychological evaluation, and receive "social skills counseling."[5] Thus, we have the autism papers. He apparently completed these tasks and was allowed to return to campus, and he was attending classes again in Fall 2005.


After spending five years on a degree that is expected to take only two, Chris graduated with an associate's degree in Applied Science and a CADD certificate. Chris has repeatedly and fallaciously claimed to have two degrees, seemingly not understanding that his certificate and his associate's degree are two separate things.[6][7][8][9][10]

As opposed to his high school graduation, Chris didn't seem to care about graduating from college, likely because of his perceived antagonisation during his studies there. Notably, Chris wore not only his Sonichu medallion, but worse his gown, tassel, and honor roll stole from high school to his college graduation.

PVCC as viewed by Chris

Christian Weston Chandler refers to Piedmont Virginia Community College as the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens (abbreviated PVCCitizens; or, on one occasion, as Piedmont Virginity College[11]) due to the grudge he holds against the college. Within the context of his Sonichu comics, Christian has characterized the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens as the headquarters for the activities of the villains of CWCville.

As you can imagine, when the troll message boards were created, it just had to be christened with this name.

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