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PixelBlocks are pixels made physical and set free from the computer screen. They allow the young at heart of all ages to use their creativity in endless ways.
The Pixelblocks slogan.
Yes, he even brought them on his trip to Anime Mid-Atlantic.

Pixelblocks is an obscure, discontinued construction toy. Essentially, they're like Legos, only they come in only one size and shape of brick, which can be attached together in all three dimensions. The principle behind Pixelblocks is that you can assemble these uniform pieces into any form imaginable, just as a television screen can display any image using millions of differently colored pixels.

Consequently, one of the common applications of Pixelblocks is to make sprites of classic video game characters. For example, if you wanted to make a model of Sonic the Hedgehog to hang up on your wall, you could buy enough blue and white Pixelblocks and make it yourself. Or, if you wanted to customize your Sonic, maybe make him yellow with a Pikachu tail...

Basically, Pixelblocks are another way for Chris to crowbar his fantasies into reality, just like drawing shitty comics, homemade Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, customizable video games like LittleBigPlanet and Animal Crossing, and so on. Until holodecks are invented, the only way Chris can hang out with Sonichu in real life is to build him, and Pixelblocks provide a way to do that.

It's worth noting that Chris, having no idea that Pixelblocks can even function in the third dimension, never made 3D sculptures with them. And frustratingly enough, he is capable of using Lego to build 3D structures.

Most of Chris's Pixelblock creations were probably lost in the house fire, but photographic evidence shows that at least Chris's self-portrait survived.

Stuff Chris has built from Pixelblocks

While a full survey of Chris's bedroom is difficult at best, one can spot a few Pixelblock constructs hanging on the walls in his YouTube videos. Among them:

Pixelblocks in Sonichu

Pixelblocks appeared twice in Sonichu 4. According to Chris's own diary entries, he would play with them at Wal-Mart, so this may be why he used them in the comics adapting his confrontations with the Manajerks there.

In Sub-Episode 4, Chris-Chan Sonichu constructed a decoy of himself to confuse B-Manajerk. When he struck the decoy with his battle axe, the blow sent Pixelblocks flying into his face, injuring him.

In Sub-Episode 5, the Ancient leader of the Cherokee Clan revealed that Chris could use his Sonichu Medallion to imbue special powers to the Heart Torch, a Pixelblock model he had constructed. Chris followed his advice, and used the empowered Heart Torch to summon his dream sibling, who helped him defeat the W-M-Manajerk.

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