September 2012 Facebook posts

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Status Updates

Feeling more retarded

The old' grey matter ain't what it used to be; I have been feeling more retarded lately, I seriously feel and sense it in my head.... My stress from the unabridged chaos in my life is taking its toll.

I have felt this mental slowness also in my early adult years, but it was mild then, and from that retardness is a huge reason why I have not been able to talk to most other people in public for the past decade or so since I moved back to Lame Ruckersville. I even felt it only sometimes and more mildly during my High School Years. Maybe I should add that for consideration on my eH profile, "Caution: often slow in thinking with off and on long pauses in thought.". It is no wonder why I fell for the trolls' tricks and thefts in the past five years.

Same ol'

How am I today? It's same-ol', same-ol'.

It has been over a year now since my father passed away: hard to believe. I have felt more and more stress since I have had to take on more duties around the house and all. The stress is killing me with loud belches that just sound unnatural, and mental griefs.


And still NO woman will even reply to me on freaking eHarmony. Damn trolls giving me a horrible name and blame... And What the Fn*?! Am I ugly with no alibi or something? :(

=Septemer 11

Yep, Eleven after Eleven; Quad Towers for Twin Towers. But what happened that day is not funny. That day, at that time, I was out shopping with my mom; we were at a Dollar Tree, and I bought a pack of Team Rocket Pokemon cards; a Dark Arbok was the rare card of that pack.

Anyhoo, a good movie to watch today, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"; rent or buy from iTunes at least. I have it on Blu-Ray combo.

Profile photo

I have heard on Z95.1 this morning about a few rules on a good Facebook profile photo. The announcer inclined towards a full-body photograph, yet she agreed with me on a current headshot photo being good when I called the station after the segment. Which do you think is a better profile photo; a current full-body photo, or a current headshot?

I Require Friends

I do not understand a lot of things in life. But most important that I feel I Really need to learn and understand is how to maintain good friendships, hanging out, having some real fun, yet in order to do all of that, I Require Friends who are Not Freaking Busy with work or whatever to Invite me, or for me to invite.

Everybody else gets to go out for a fun and good time; I am stuck care-giving my mother and our dogs, and it is Very Stressful on me.


I texted a message of renewing friendship to Heather Wednesday; I have not received a reply.

Yes, I have a texting subscription now; between phone numbers works good. Open question: I get an error when I try to text from my iPhone to a five-digit number, such as the Cash Word to 77000. The number comes up with a dash three digits down after entering it, and after hitting send, it does not go, and I get a red exclamation mark next to the entry. Can anyone help me resolve the issue, please?