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Chris has yet to complete this project due to stress.

Sonichu #12
Cover Date: 21 May 2017
Finished: In Progress
Page Count: 70 (so far)
Episodes: 24.2, 25, 26
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #11
Sonichu #12-9

Alternate cover.

Sonichu #12 is the 13th issue of the Sonichu comic series. After Chris restarted work on Sonichu #11, which he completed in June 2017, Sonichu fans were reassured that they would get to see the completion of this issue.

Early projections

It was not clear what this issue would contain, as Sonichu #11 was itself in creative limbo for years. Chris has said that the second or third part will complete the Christmas special begun in Sonichu #11,[1] though given the date of that statement, and the apparent drift away from the Christmas special by the end of #11, Chris's plans may have changed significantly.

On 9 April 2010, Count Graduon was mentioned to play an important part in the issue, along with Metal Sonichu.

Episode 25: "To Be or Naught a Tomgirl…"

On 21 May 2017 Chris finally uploaded a scan of the front page, and more uncolored pages. The first episode promises to deal with Robbie Sonee's thoughts about his gender identity, perhaps as an expression of Chris's own, though this comes across as oddly redundant given that Chris's transition to "Christine" was already expounded upon in Sonichu #11.

In true Chris fashion, the title of the episode is grammatically nonsensical, using a construction no one ever uses which Chris likely lifted from the famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy in Hamlet (though likely through general cultural awareness rather than actually reading it, combined with an apparent misspelling of "not" as "naught" (actually an archaic synonym for "nothing").

Early 2009. Robbie Sonee wonders why he, unlike other BRUTE MALES, dislikes violent media. He seeks advice from his sisters Cera Rosechu and Christine Rosechu, his parents, Chris himself, and the internet. He also consults with Magi-chan, who while possessing knowledge of Robbie's future, sensibly tells him that his life and his experiences are his to discover and that to reveal them would be to deprive him of the joy of learning...oh, and also that he possesses a "female soul." Accordingly, Robbie comes to the conclusion that he is a lesbian transwoman. He formalizes his newfound identity by coming out to his sisters, declaring his intention to transition completely as soon as he evolves and adopt the name Roberta Sonichu. Christine and Cera unconditionally accept Robbie as their little sister, pulling her up into a hug and telling her that they love her and they're proud of her -- prompting her to evolve in their arms. Chris, as if allergic to his own ability to write a sincerely touching moment, concludes this scene by having Roberta ejaculate on her sister's carpet.

Donning a new outfit slapped together by Christine, Roberta then heads to the top of Magi-chan's police state surveillance tower. To help her transition along, Magi-chan offers her a Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis binaural beat CD -- the same kind that served Chris so well -- and reckons that the entire process should take about two months. Roberta offhandedly mentions that she also begins conventional hormone therapy, though this is rendered somewhat redundant as she magically sprouts double-D breasts and a penis that shrinks and splits into a new vagina. At the end of June, Magi-chan "examines" her telepathically, treating the reader to an absolutely nightmarish 3-D shot of her organs. He proclaims her transformation complete while also reminding her to continue taking her meds until the doctors instruct her to stop; Chris seems unaware that hormone therapy is generally a lifetime undertaking.

After earning a "life trophy" for her transition, Roberta lists off her dating experiences, from the unfortunately named Vulva Pie (a creation of Jackie's who was dragged into hiding along with her creator) on to Mimi (a random character and star of the Flufflehugs commissions.) The narration jumps ahead to Roberta performing a Sonic Rainboom, a phenomenon Chris stole from My Little Pony, by running on the sky clad in a garish Rainbow Dash costume from the previous Halloween, all while her sisters film it. She succeeds, creating an implausible rainbow that stretches across the United States.

The episode ends with Roberta addressing the reader, babbling about tomgirls and female souls, and proclaiming that she is loved and loves herself.

Episode 26: Prideful

September 12, 2009. The episode starts with Chris in his new female Sonichu form locked in an intense battle against Reldnach while offering a long-winded, nonsensical internal monologue on the nature of love and hatred. The narration skips back to earlier in the day, where the main cast (and any number of shoddily drawn Cwcville citizens) attend the first Annual SLGBTQ Pride festival at Cwcville Park. Attractions include burgers and pop, "pride bracelets, knick knacks and lots of rainbows," largely untouched Bananasaur dolls. Jamsta and Lolisa broadcast live from their booth and loudly flaunt their heterosexual sex life, while Angelica meets with "Danny Steckle" and thanks him for his large donation.

Meanwhile, Chris, Crystal, and the hedgehogs gather on a blanket in the grass. Chris is apparently undergoing psychic training with Magi-chan and Silvana and discusses his progress while his fictional friends and family heap praise on him. They are interrupted by the return of Sonichu and Rosechu's brood, Zapina, and Sandy, who come bearing pride swag and no dialogue of any importance. They also receive a surprise visit from Chris's self-spawned children, Cynthia and Russel. The twins hug their "mama" with wagging tails and tell him they miss him, and he brushes them off with an "awww!" It's at that this point that Heather Iglesias, their caretaker, appears in the comic for the first time. After greeting the group with a broken string of English and Spanish, she removes the children.

Suddenly, Reldnahc appears, just as shocked as everyone else that Chris is a transexual now. He accosts Chris, announcing that apparently the gay vaccine failed to work on him for some reason. He explains that shortly after Naitsirhc was teleported to Kel's cabin in Sonichu #10, he began to long for the power the black Sonichu medalion gave him while also developing an attraction to other men. One morning, he woke up, discovered that he'd fully turned back into Reldnahc and decided to abandon Kel.

Returning to CWCville, Reldnahc claims that he was living in an old, abandoned house because he didn't want to use a Soup Hotel, then immediately contradicts himself by admitting that he was in fact going to Soup Hotels for his meals (and once again, referencing "Danny Steckle"'s donation). Having somehow forgotten the address and phone number of the town's mayor, he had no option but to go to the pride festival to see if Chris would be there on a "mayoral chore". Having found Chris at last, Reldnahc unleashes a textwall of perfectly valid complaints about Chris and everything he does. Chris replies with a textwall of his own, attempting to apologize in his usual fashion while ignoring several of Reldnahc's complaints.

Somehow, this complete non-apology convinces Reldnahc to become "neutral" on Chris. He then leaves the group alone and walks off, but as soon as he is out of sight he falls into the sidewalk and is sucked into Graduon's pocket dimension or something. Graduon, now possessing Metal Sonichu, offers to give Reldnahc back his hedgehog powers in exchange for serving him. Eager to have his power back, Reldnahc accepts.

Back at the festival, Magi-chan alerts the rest of the cast that something is finally going to happen. Chris reveals that he has modified his medalion to only change him back if he touches it, and mentions a "subspace cube" that he uses to trap Jerkops in a pocket dimension to prevent Graduon from using them again. The festival is evacuated while the cast remains to fight the Jerkop army. As Chris is giving them a pep talk, he suddenly has a psychic vision of Cole Smithey somehow sneaking up behind Chris-Chan Sonichu and knocking him out cold. How Cole was able to accomplish this while all of the Sonichus and Rosechus were looking at Chris (and therefore, the area behind Chris) is a riddle for the ages.

Chris and Crystal transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu and Crystalina Rosechu as Reldnahc arrives on the scene, declaring that he's finally found himself and that he'll be a villain. Cole appears and attempts to ambush Chris, but only manages to hit an illusionary double. The real Chris appears behind Cole and knocks him out, and THEN realizes that he just cold cocked his half-brother. Chris cries crocodile tears over having to physically assault his half-brother, even though he stated previously that all he needed to do was tap someone with the subspace cube to free them from Graduon's influence. Just as Chris sends Cole to the pocket dimension, a transformed Reldnahc bodychecks Chris into a pocket dimension of his own.

Reldnahc straddles Chris, declaring that he's going to "take my advantage" and Chris immediately assumes that he's about to become a rape statistic. Instead, Reldnahc tries to punch Chris's weak point only for Chris to reveal that he removed his weakness, something the reader was already told about fourteen pages ago. Chris uses his psychic powers to throw Reldnahc off of him, at which point Chris's narration interrupts to tell the reader to just go back and read the fight scene at the start of the episode. While Chris fights Reldnahc pseudo-offscreen, the rest of the cast fights his army and wins easily because they're Mary Sue trash.

Chris pops out of Reldnahc's pocket dimension with the defeated Reldnahc in tow, and Chris then proceeds to explain that some of the Jerkops in the army were actually zombies (something he insists will be elaborated upon in Sonichu #14). As he is also talking about how he thinks Reldnahc can be "friended", Reldnahc vanishes into the ether. Cera has her picture taken with a Janekop she knocked out during the fighting, something Chris insists was Cera's idea, not his. Silvana returns the subspace cube to Chris, and Magi-chan explains that they were able to release around 1500 mind control victims from Graduon's control.

Chris ends the episode with both a tribute to Bob Chandler and his own coming out story, claiming to be the reincarnation of a lesbian hippie who went to Woodstock. Chris ends the episode with a splash panel of Jamsta Sonichu and Lolisa Rosechu performing a musical number.

Episode 24, Part 2: The Clip Show: Catching Up

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

Back in August of 2009, Sonichu begins to tell Silvana-Disguised-As-Sonic about what happened the day he married Rosechu.

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