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Chris in stressed mode.
Stress hinders the emotions and physical abilities as swiftly as a bullet.


—Chris, equating stress with being shot.[1]

Stress is the bane of Christian Weston Chandler's existence.

When pressed on his "high-functioning" autism, Chris eventually learned that outside of high school, he can't blame his shortcomings on autism. He discovered that "stress" works just as well. However, it's assumed that Chris could be confusing "stress" with depression or anxiety, refusing to admit that he is in fact, unhappy with his current situation, as well as the fact that Chris had never experienced actual stress in his life prior to the Financhu Crisis apart from his consistent paranoia over getting trolled. He is, however, prescribed medicine for this "stress."

When under the effects of "stress", Chris typically posted videos without his glasses and talked in a more meek variation of his usual monotone speaking voice. It is during these periods of feeling "stressed" that Chris will opt to remove himself from the Internet for about a week or so, and then come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and given a new resolve to finish the Love Quest. This is most likely due to his autistic regenerative abilities that make sure that his heart never goes below 0% and into the negatives. Chris often cites stress as the reason why he isn't inspired to work on the comics; precisely why inspiration is needed to make Sonic recolours have sex with each other and kill Chris' enemies is not apparent.

In August 2013, Chris indicated through Facebook that his stress is beginning to take a toll on his health. Given his rather unhealthy lifestyle, it's not unlikely.

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