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Stop sighing so much.
Kacey's father
Stress makes you sigh a lot, apparently.

The stress sigh is Chris's usual reaction to stress. Initially an unconscious coping mechanism, Chris has made habit of directing attention to it in an effort to gain sympathy. Chris has used it in conversation to discourage further unwanted scrutiny, or to express disapproval at having his desires deferred. The places where Chris would sigh while speaking in person are noted in all of his written communication with "*sigh*."

The term "stress sigh" is presumed to originate from PVCC, due to the strong connection in Chris between sighing and stress. Chris refers to the stress sigh as only a "sigh," suggesting that to him the link between sighing and stress is implicit.

The anti-sigh

Chris makes a comparable noise, a short, chirpy "hmph," to express contentment and self-satisfaction, usually of a smug variety.

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Stress sigh
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