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I am a box

I contain lots of interesting things


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is a metatemplate used to create various box templates, such as Infoboxes, Navigation Boxes, and Message Boxes. The format for using this template is as follows:


- Displays:

I am a box

I cram key points into a nutshell.

Default Parameters:

  • title - The box title. Default: "I am a box"
  • text - The box text. Default: "I contain lots of interesting things "
  • image - The image on the left of the box. Default: "delayclose.jpg"
    • img_border - CSS for the border around the image. Default: "1px solid rgb(127,127,127)"
    • img_width - The images desired width. Default: "100"
  • border - Colour for the box border. Default: "rgb(125, 106, 141)"
  • head_bg - Colour of the box head. Default: Same as border
  • bg - Background colour of the box. Default: "rgb(224, 190, 253)"
  • width - Width of the box. Default: "450"
  • color - Text color for the box text. Default: "rgb(0, 0, 0)"

Note that you can use sRGB (rgb(255, 0, 0)), Hex triplet (#FF0000), or the name of the color (red) when entering colors in the template.

Example Box

|title=Example Box
|text='''This box.''' It is an ''example''.
|img_border=2px solid rgb(224, 190, 253)
|border=rgb(0, 43, 184)
|color=rgb(186, 215, 134)

Will create...

Example Box

This box. It is an example.

Use in sidebar

<div style="clear:right; float:right; width:220px;"> {{Box
|bg = rgb( 255, 255, 255 )
|head_bg = #DDAACC
|border = #B58BA7
|text = my name is ryan-chan sonichu lol
|image = ryancashix1.png
|img_width = 74
|width = 220

my name is ryan-chan sonichu lol

Will look like this ▶

220px is the de facto standard sidebar width. Do not change this width if it is not necessary.