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On a side-note: Christine has missed Lukas, Devil and Eva since the last time she has heard from them. I feel her on that as well; the three of them are very kind Sonichus and Rosechu. Also, today is Lukas’ Birthday, and I wish to wish him a most happy and safe day.
Chris misses the Teen Troon Squad


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This template sits pride of place on the CWCki Main Page. It consists simply of a recent or topical quote from Chris, or in rare cases non-Chris people. When editing the quote, ensure it is as accurate as possible, the exact source is referenced, and use links appropriately. Be sure to cite where this quote comes from, include a link if applicable. Also, this is a wiki - PLEASE WIKIFY (i.e. add links to other articles) when possible. Finally, don't add commentary to citation part - let Chris's words do the talking.