Timeline of the Financhu Crisis (2019)

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This page lists the 2019 timeline of the Financhu Crisis.

January '19

  • 6th - Chris makes an announcement on Twitter that he is selling Barbara's "M&Ms Candy Characters Ms Green, Blue & Red Animated Talking Telephone"[1] on eBay for $100. In the post, Chris also makes an off-hand comment about his mother being in need of funds.[2]
Another fine collectible from my mother’s collection; she is yelling for the money again. Ugh!
Chris, on Barb's M&Ms memorabilia.

February '19

Chris sold $164.94 worth of junk on eBay.

April '19

  • 2nd - Chris is sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC for an undisclosed amount, with a hearing scheduled on May 15th.
  • 4th - Chris shows off six purchased Poké Ball Plus toys in a Twitter post. He had purchased them from GameStop. Chris claimed he bought one brand new (a $50 price) and the other five used "at up to $15 savings difference", which would mean he still spent at least $200 on them.
  • 6th - Chris drives 150 miles to Newport News, VA, to visit fan Midnight Moonflower. He loses his wallet while in town.
  • 15th - Chris drives to Newport News again to pick up his lost wallet.
  • 23rd - Ending his 100+ day-long streak of not begging, Chris records We Need some gas money, Please, Help., saying that he needs $20 to fill up his van with gas.
  • 26th - Chris lists rare coins on eBay, begging coin collectors to consider helping him and his mom. It's worth noting that these coins are among the only things of (non-Christorical) value Chris has tried to sell so far, although their value is lowered somewhat by the fact that they haven't been graded by a numismatic authority like NGC or PCGS.

May '19

  • 6th - Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. files a second lawsuit against Chris for yet another undisclosed amount, with a hearing scheduled on June 19th.[3] This means Chris is now facing two simultaneous lawsuits from the same company.
  • 13th - Chris lists a throw blanket on eBay for $200, tweeting: "we need the money here, that’s for sure. Thank you." A ween promptly purchases it the next day.[4]
  • 14th - The Chandlers pay their $650 property tax bill.[5]
  • 15th - The first court hearing for the April 2019 warrant in debt for money owed to Portfolio Recovery Associates takes place: the case is adjourned to 19 June, when it will be heard in conjunction with the May 2019 warrant in debt.[6]
  • 24th - Midland Funding files for garnishment against Chris after he failed to maintain payments on a $2,777.90 judgement from December 2018.

June '19

July '19

  • 1st - Midland Funding’s claim for garnishment fails, due to a combination of Chris’s impulse spending, and the immunity for his federal social security payments.[8]
  • 8th - Chris begs for $600 for accommodation for BronyCon and mentions that two friends (likely Sarah and Steve) had planned to attend with him but pulled out.[9]

August '19

September '19

  • 1st - Barb takes the Dodge Caravan for repairs and is told the brake and exhaust systems need to be replaced for $1,000. Chris begs for the money, asking fans to give the money through Jacob Sockness.
  • 24th - Chris spends $30 on a set of My Little Pony trading cards.[10]
  • 28th - Chris announces his intention to attend BABSCon in April 2020, an expensive convention. He then asks for $2k-$3k worth of donations in order to get there.[11]

October '19

  • 1st - Chris spends $90 on a Transformers figure,[12] and $30 on parts for it.[13]
  • 3rd - Displeased by how Ben Saint depicted Night Star in his webcomic, Chris releases his own amended version and demands $300 from him for "using our name and individuals for the greedy gains accrued".
  • 6th - In preparation for BABSCon, Chris enlists Aly Hirschberg's help to request £5,000 from his fanbase.

November '19

  • 5th - the Chandlers pay a $650 property tax bill
  • 19th - Chris begs for more money on behalf of Barb, posting a creepy photo of her and demanding people not tell him to get a job. On the same day, Second Round Sub files for garnishment against Chris for the $2,476.63 judgement from a year before.
  • 23rd - Cwcvilleshopping.com is launched in an effort to sell his custom-made Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder cards.