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Yes, I am a Tomgirl, and I am damn proud of it. I have embraced and appreciated my feminine side. I am still totally heterosexual. Otherwise, I would be a full-blown you-know-what. [...] I have been more self-confident, and I have a sweet sashay walk, hair and wink flirts, and I am greeting women left and right.



This is Christine Chandler, coming to you live from home once again


—Chris, starting most of his recent videos

Chris in 2011
Chris, five years later

The Tomgirl Saga is the nineteenth saga in Chris's life, starting in 2011. Chris became a "tomgirl", dressing in women's clothes and putting on makeup. The Calling Out videos are sometimes included as part of this saga, as Chris is in tomgirl regalia in those videos. For the start of the saga, Chris maintained that he was still a heterosexual male, and that his newfound love of cross-dressing simply made him the male version of a tomboy. However, it wasn't long before he took it to the next level.

In 2014, Chris came out as a "lesbian-identified male", and later, he started calling himself a "trans woman". In 2015, he started going by "Christine", making the change official the next year. He has even changed the gender on his driver's license to female. He has a habit of using DIY transition methods that are pointless at best and dangerous at worst, although in 2016, he began seeing a professional specializing in gender issues. He subsequently went on hormone therapy later that year.

Early tomgirl saga


Also, here is another way to consider me, I am a Ken doll any Barbie CAN dress in her

clothes, and I would feel most comfortable in them and to model them for her. Come shopping with me, sweetie.  ;


—Chris, Jackie email, May 6 2011[2]

Chris has a long history of female fashions and mannerisms, from the Anime Wings seen in Sonichu Sub-Episode 5 to the Muscle bra. Chris has even wondered what he would be like if he were born a female.[3] The most complete list of Chris's feminine traits can be seen here.

According to an email Chris sent to Jackie on 26 March 2011, Chris started cross-dressing at the beginning of that month.[2] At the end of that month Chris changed his PSN quote to "I am Tomgirl". This was the first sign of the Tomgirl Saga, and caused much speculation among people following Chris. What exactly this quote meant, however, would not be answered until the end of April.

PSN quote

On 29 April, the Tomgirl Pictures were released by Surfshack Tito. In them, Chris is dressed in woman's clothing, posing in what he believes are seductive positions. This marked the official beginning of the Tomgirl Saga, as well as finally revealing what his previous PSN quote meant. For some reason, Chris removed the Tomgirl PSN quote immediately after PSN came back online after a month of inactivity, possibly due to receiving attention from trolls.

To show his support to all Tomgirls and Tomboys of America, he started up a new band, Robee Sonee and the Tomgirls, consisting of a TomGirl Robee (formerly Robbie, now Roberta), and TomBoy Cera and Christine.

Tomgirl pictures

Tito's introduction

Chris decided that being a man was too much work. It often involves stressful activities such as getting a job, excercising,

and supporting a family. The role of the man was too stressful for the life of Christian Weston Chandler.

He decided he would take the route that was easier for him. The path that he was so familiar with in Highschool. The manchild felt that he could identify being a lady seeing that he has had vast experience of hanging out with girls in the cafeteria. Chris decided that being in touch with his feminine side would be the truth key in his quest.

But wait! Does that make him gay?

Not in Chris' lifetime it doesn't. Thanks to 3 months of dry spell and constant hours of TV have deluded him. Based on the archetype you would see on movies and video games, you would learn of the "Tomboy", The girl with boyish next to dykish features would allow her to be swarmed by the opposite sex with her short hair and her appreciation of the Dresdon Dolls.

"If a girl could do it, So can a boy", Chris thought. Thus he has coined the term "Tomgirl". A man in touch with his feminine side, and totally heterosexual.


Several of these images are reversed left-to-right, possibly because Chris took them with the front camera on his DSi or 3DS (Which, like most front-facing cameras, flips the image so that the picture matches what the user sees on the screen, as though the user were looking into a mirror). It should also be noted that picture taking occurred in at least three different places. Pictures TG3 and TG4 are taken on the Downtown Walking Mall. TG12 and TG19 are taken at the Fashion Square Mall and the rest taken in his home.

Tito's leaked Tomgirl pictures from 2011
More Tomgirl pictures

Barb was not happy, making negative remarks, such as, "do not wear eye shadow", "you look like a prostitute", "lipstick makes you look like a hooker", "you're turning into a gay", "what are you piercing next?", and "what's next, you wearing a skirt and high heels?"[4] Predictably, Chris reacted to this negative criticism by completely disregarding it and complaining about Barb.

Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia

Chris' TAToV avatar, used while posting as KookyDashy

In late May, Chris discovered the Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia forum. The forum was dedicated to tomboys and tomgirls living in Virginia who wish to discuss their lives. Chris joined under the username Kookydashy, marking a midpoint in the saga.

In the posts Chris made, he mostly talked about himself and his tomgirl antics. Chris revealed that he had come out to his parents, only to receive insults from them. Barb, in particular, has kept complaining about his new attire, and Bob, according to Chris, "threw the damned fag card" at him. Chris also recounts a story in which he went to the lady's restroom because he "started feeling discomfort in using the Men's restroom." Despite a jerkop who caught him and yelled at him, Chris proceeded to ignore him and is presumably using the ladies' room to this day.

Later posts Chris made excessive mention of being trolled online, at which point it became obvious that KookyDashy was Chris. According to Chris, socializing online makes people more autistic, and people should socialize offline. The irony of posting this on an online social forum was apparently lost. Chris also became paranoid of being trolled even on these forums, leading him to accuse a tomboy looking for a tomgirl of being a troll. For a month, Chris didn't post at the forums.

After that month, Thorg discovered the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum, and made an article about it on the CWCki. Chris noticed this quickly, and alerted his fellow tomboys and tomgirls a day later. Naturally, this also entailed him admitting that he is Christian Weston Chandler. Chris complained about the trolls, and said that he is not a bad person, despite what the CWCki said. The other posters promised to help Chris defeat the trolls. The forums became defunct shortly afterwards.

From tomgirl to transgender

Chris(tine)'s new driver's license and "woman card." His signature is surprisingly neat considering the quality of his art. Also, the woman card probably looks great next to his autism card.

Bob's passing, however it may have affected Chris, did not stop him from being a tomgirl; 3 years later, according to his latest OkCupid profile, he stated "I would cross dress more often if my mother was not against me doing it (panties and bra included, but wear them anyway)." Chris wrote an autobiographical narrative of coming out to his parents in Sonichu 12.

On 14 August 2014, Chris revealed via Facebook that he is a self-described "Tomgirl, Intersex of Female Soul with Male Body, and a Tranny Cross-Dresser", claiming shortly afterward to be a lesbian in a male body. He also proclaimed that he is a supporter of "LBT" rights, which seems to have neatly coincided with the advent of his professed status as a transsexual person. His omission of the "G" (Gay) was attacked by Kim, in the face of which Chris admitted that the "G.M.s" were "fortunate" to be "on the boat", suggesting that he despises gay men as much as ever.

Chris returned to uploading videos of himself in 2015. He started introducing himself as Christine, and he asked people to refer to him using feminine pronouns. From 2015 to early 2018, he refers to himself as a "Proud Lesbian Trans Woman." As of now, he identifies as a bisexual trans woman instead.

In May 2016, he successfully filed for a name change to "Christine Weston Chandler."[5] Later that year, he filed paperwork with the DMV to grant him a new driver's license identifying him as female, which was granted[6]. He currently attends LGBT events and considers himself to be a member of the SLGBTQ community.

List of Chris's MTF transition methods

Chris's menstrual pads

Chris has made several attempts to transition into a true and honest woman. Unfortunately for him, he has a strong belief in junk science and miracle cures. As a result, his initial favored methods produced no benefits, and many are harmful to his health, not that he would realize it.

In 2016, he began seeing a professional therapist over his gender transition[7].

Chris has been making an effort to feminize his voice, but instead of pulling off a convincing femme voice like some other trans women (or simply just not bothering, given his voice is naturally high on its own, and there are trans women who have chosen not to get voice treatments), he talks with a Mickey Mouse falsetto. The falsetto often drops down to his old voice at some point in a given video, sometimes as soon as he introduces himself. He has also ditched his monotone speech pattern for an extreme sing-song tone, especially when he adds bits of random-access humor. In Q&A NO MORE, he continued to affect a feminine voice when he was yelling, resulting in a cartoonish witch-like scream.

After years of attempting junk science treatments, Chris went on an actual HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, regime around the fall of 2016[8]. The Man in the Pickle Suit vouched for Chris's claim, saying that he possibly acquired the hormones from an informed consent clinic[9].

It is unknown whether Chris is taking a testosterone blocker (T-blocker) with his hormones. T-blockers are usually recommended for MTFs on hormones who haven't had surgery; without them, the estrogen can be converted into testosterone, making it pointless. This does not go well with his continued and worsening balding. T-blockers can also slow or even reverse male pattern baldness, soften the skin, and help the trans woman achieve a larger cup size, both of which can be beneficial for passing.


I'm neutral about people calling me "Chris" or "Christine" but I would like if you Good People would respect my chosen name.


—Chris's paradoxical thoughts on the matter.[10]




During this saga, Chris has occasionally become annoyed at people for referring to him as Chris instead of Christine[12][10].

Chris and the trans community

Chris follows outspoken members of the trans community on Twitter and sometimes agrees with their statements.

One such example is when LifeofBria claimed that trans women have periods:

Nobody teaches trans girls about our periods. We just get these weird times where we're moody and crampy and sad and we don't know why and just chalk it up to another reason we're not good enough in life. So, just so you all know: Trans. Girls. Get. Periods.

Chris answered:

Yes we do. Even the possible hot flashes are no fun either. I’m feeling some of my period today. At least they pass and we can feel better when they do. 😊[13]


Reasons behind Chris's transition

Chris's dream.

Although cross-dressing among gay men ("doing drag") is deliberately over-the-top and purely for comedic purposes, Chris in his homophobia would almost certainly consider it to be a form of sexual expression - and thus, wearing women's clothing would damn one as a homo. This created much confusion among white knights and trolls alike, as Chris has long preached against any sort of behavior that might "turn people homo", or cast any aspersions on his purported heterosexuality. There are a few theories as to why he turned Tomgirl, and how he justifies it to himself:

  • Given that he constantly insists that he appeals to all sexualities of women now, it may be that he just wanted to broaden the demographic of women who would be attracted to him. This is most likely the case.
  • As Clyde Cash pointed out, it could be a latent desire he's been in denial over for years and only now beginning to embrace. It could also be possible he could no longer hold in his crossdressing urges.
  • Some suggested that he received advice about "getting in touch with his feminine side" and Chris took it literally. This is what happened according to Chris, which means nothing since he lies to suit himself constantly.
  • As evidenced by his past behavior towards women and his recent bragging about using the female restroom, he could be doing it as an excuse to peep on women using them. In a similar vein, he would also be avoiding using the male restroom, an all-pickle environment which probably causes a lot of stress.
  • It could be a bizarre, roundabout solution to the cognitive dissonance that no doubt comes with Chris's increasingly often demonstrated hatred of his own sex. This as a solution would allow him to maintain his insane loathing of men, and not admit it is motivated by jealousy.
  • Also, as shown by his very strange, childish, and lazy fantasy of what married life would be like for him, Chris obviously does not want to have to be the spouse who provides for the family. It's possible that Chris realized that it's usually the man who has a job, and the woman stays to look after the home, raise any possible children, and cook (not that he would be good at any of those things). As such, Chris may have decided to say he was trans so he could have an excuse to not work (another one, that is). This wouldn't make much sense, since the breadwinning man would be absent, except that Chris absolutely expects the other woman in the relationship to work just as hard as the man would.
  • This may be a last ditch effort to deny his homosexuality. In Mumble 1 and Sonichu 9, Chris explicitly states that he would rather go through a painful sex change than be gay. Given the risks he's taking to transition, it's very possible that he'd rather die than come out of the closet.

Evidence of legitimate transsexuality

Chris describes his 2014 switchover in Sonichu #11

Transsexuality is fundamentally the result of gender dysphoria, a neurological condition wherein the affected individual believes that their gender identity does not correspond with their biological sex (some evidence shows that affected individuals have brain structures more similar to those of the opposite sex). Chris has shown unclear symptoms; the bras for instance can easily be chalked up to Chris's loathing of men and their chests. His hatred of all pickles rather than just his own suggests issues about sexual insecurity rather than gender insecurity, and his total non-acceptance of LGBT people until now is another nail in the coffin - he is still terrified of being considered a homo, and still refuses to acknowledge gay men (as seen above in his "LBT" rant) or other MtF transsexuals. In May 2015, Chris began a largely ineffectual form of hormone treatment, conceivably because he was assessed for proper hormone replacement therapy and deemed ineligible, possibly because of his health status. It also costs a great deal of money to get hormone therapy, and Chris's tugboat won't cover it on top of the expenses it already does.

However, gender dysphoria could also explain a lot of Chris's past behavior; an example being Chris's insecurity in failing to live up to cultural perceptions of masculinity. His tendency to exaggerate or overcompensate for his fragile masculinity could be caused by subconsciously knowing that his intellectual gender does not match his biological sex. The way Chris interacted during the Kacey calls is another piece of evidence; normally, guys subconsciously lower the pitch of their voices to seem attractive to women, but when Chris was trying to woo Kacey, his voice drifted higher than hers. Additionally, Chris is known for his pathological hatred of change, unless the change is beneficial or positive for him. To assume Chris "became" trans purely for the quest for china is fairly extreme, as suddenly identifying by another gender identity is generally a life-changing event for anybody, and Chris has shown that he is incapable of substantially changing himself even with the promise of a relationship laid in front of him.

It is possible that Chris is an autogynephile (Greek for "lover of oneself as a woman"), a type of transsexual who doesn't have traditional gender dysphoria, but desires to be female in a sexual or romantic way (often as a sexual fetish). Chris's signs of autogynephilia show with his strong desire to have a daughter named Crystal (arguably a female form of himself), as well as his desire to wear bras and leggings. He could also suffer from androphobia (fear of being a man).

Narcissism is another huge motivator. In our society, women get more attention, so some attention-seeking men wish to be women to get that attention. Social media has made the problem even worse: women get more followers, likes, and positive comments than men. Being transgender itself can be a huge popularity boost. Chris's "transition" could be partially motivated by a desire to reverse his negative image by giving himself a do-over.

There is a correlation between autism and trans identity, though the exact reason for this correlation is still up for debate. According to a Dutch study, 7.8% of trans people are on the spectrum.[14] There are a number of similarities between the two disorders. Gender could very well be another autistic fixation. Many autistic people also tend to have "androgynous" mental qualities (sensitivity in autistic boys, lower empathy in autistic girls), and those people could be perceiving their brain difference as simply having the brain of the opposite gender. Chris might be under the impression that by transitioning, he could be a cute, bashful girl instead of an awkward boy. There are also a lot of overlaps between the childhoods of autistic kids and closeted trans kids. Very rarely do successful, popular kids end up identifying as trans. Both autistic and trans males tend to have mostly gal-pals, because men tend to be rowdy and overly judgmental.

Still, that's not to say that an autistic person can't truly be transgender, or that Chris's dysphoria is caused by autism, narcissism, or a fetish. At the end of the day, only a trained therapist or psychiatrist, who has a one-on-one session with Chris, will be able to tell whether or not Chris has gender dysphoria.


Chris choosing between being a tranny and being gay. Note his personal signature below that statement.
  • 30 March 2011 - Chris changes his PSN quote to "I am Tomgirl", foreshadowing the Tomgirl Pictures.
  • 29 April 2011 - Several pictures of Chris in his tomgirl attire are released. These pictures ended the speculation caused by Chris's most recent PSN quote, as well as marking the official start of the Tomgirl Saga.
  • 14 May 2011 - Chris removes the "I am Tomgirl" quote from his PSN account, immediately after PSN comes back online after a month of being inactive.
  • 29 May 2011 - Chris discovers and joins the Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia forum as Kookydashy. He makes three notable posts:
  • 9 June 2011 - In another post at the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum, Chris reveals that Barb tried to pay him to stop wearing panties, only to refuse. He then goes on and suggests that all men should be legally required to wear bras.
  • 17 June 2011 - Chris talks about himself in a post at the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum. He mentions how he had more gal-pals then male friends, and that dating education should be a mandatory class.
  • 22 June 2011 - Chris makes his final post on the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum before being discovered by the CWCki, where he all but says he is Christian Weston Chandler, mentioning both his trolls and Sonichu.
  • 20 July 2011 - Thorg discovers the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum, and makes an article about it on the CWCki.
  • 21 July 2011 - Chris responds to the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia's discovery in a post, where he officially declares that he is Christian Weston Chandler. He complains about his trolls, and reassures his fellow posters that he is not a bad person. After talking about this with other posters for a few days, he stops posting on the forums, and later the forums are deleted.
  • 6 August 2011 - The next part of the Tomgirl Saga begins, when Chris returns to Youtube. He makes three videos, calling out various trolls and threatening to reveal their dox if they do not comply to his demands.
    • Chris calls out Surfshack Tito, and demands that he 1) admit to hacking PlayStation Network, 2) apologize to the Wallflower and her family, 3) send Chris $1,000, 4) delete all of his pages from the CWCki, and 5) apologize to Chris.
    • Chris calls out Thorg, and demands that he 1) put up a billboard in NYC declaring that Chris is straight, 2) delete all of his pages from the CWCki, and 3) apologize to Chris.
    • Chris tells Thorg and Tito that they must respond to the Calling Out videos by August 31.
  • 9 August 2011 - Two videos by Chris were released, and Tito releases a video responding to Chris.
  • 10 August 2011 - Chris makes two more videos:
  • 12 August 2011 - Chris unmasks Thorg, and reveals that he is Jeremy Slonwhite of Canada.
  • 16 August 2011 - Chris makes another two videos, one regarding the Calling Out videos:
  • 20 August 2011 - Chris uploads a video where he sings about wristwatches dedicated to Thorg, which intimidates Thorg and causes him to leave the Internet.
  • 23 August 2011 - Chris uploads another three videos:
  • 28 August 2011 - A CWCki user by the name of Dinglebear, under the alias "CWCvilleProductions", uploads a video featuring Chris. In it, Chris rocks out to a Skyrim remix while celebrating his victory over Thorg.
  • 29 August 2011 - Chris responds to Jack Thaddeus who revealed he was ADF. Chris reinforces his homophobia while stating he also likes lesbians.
  • 30 August 2011 - Chris unmasks Alec Benson Leary a day before the deadline, who has not responded to Chris's Calling Out videos. Chris reveals that he is Christopher Paul Whitney, a fat man on Youtube.
  • 31 August 2011 - The deadline for Surfshack Tito, Thorg, and Alec Benson Leary to apologize to Chris.
  • 6 September 2011 - Bob dies of heart failure. Unfortunately, Chris's mourning put an abrupt end to the Calling Out videos.
  • 15 September 2011 - The deadline for BlueSpike to apologize to Chris. However, Chris did not unmask BlueSpike as he was still in mourning.
  • 14 August 2014 - Chris reveals on Facebook that he is not just a Tomgirl, but also a "Intersex of Female Soul with Male Body" and a "Tranny Cross-Dresser".
  • 12 May 2015 - Facebook posts reveal that Chris is now perusing hormone replacement in order to become more physically feminine.
  • 21 May 2015 - Chris turns his fursona, Chris-chan Sonichu, into a Lesbian Transwoman.
  • 1 November 2015 - Chris abruptly resumes his Love Quest with HelloLadyFans, asking for women of all orientations to come to him.
  • 5 January 2016 - Chris uploads a video hosting a lesbian sleepover for a Night of fun.
  • 5 May 2016 - Chris files for a legal name change to Christine Weston Chandler.
  • 31 May 2016 - The name change is granted.
  • 24 July 2016 - Chris uploads a picture of his new driver's license to Facebook, complete with an F for female.

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