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Chris's initial reaction.

...I have later decided to go into the Twitter Fad and add a small Feed under the C-Log Box.


—Chris after a change of heart.

"Short, timely messages from Christian W Chandler": Twitter marketing department's biggest inadvertent lie.

Twitter is a popular social networking and microblogging service where people can post messages that are up to 280 (originally 140) characters in length. While it has its uses and has managed to last despite many criticisms, it is sometimes described as a pointless fad, and if even Chris called it a fad at one point, perhaps there is something to this claim.

However, from 2016 onward, Chris became much more active on Twitter, to the point where it became his primary means of communicating with the public. He rarely posts on his YouTube channel like he used to; he now communicates through multi-part Twitter threads and image uploads instead. Chris often fails to understand why Twitter was designed the way it is. He acts as if Twitter is just a normal blog that inexplicably splits the messages into 280 character chunks for no reason. It's almost impossible to read his updates, which obviously makes following and replying to him hard.

On 20 June 2013 and 21 June 2013, hidden Twitter posts from 16 April 2012 to 21 June 2013, which most of them are linked to the Facebook 2013 Imgur Leak and pictures from 20 June 2013 are leaked on the CWCki Forums.


Chris was inspired to register his own Twitter account, CWCSonichu,[1] when the CWCipedia administrator insisted on adding a live Sonichu Twitter feed [2] onto the CWCipedia Mailbag page, and later the CWCipedia front page. This feed picked up all mentions of the word "Sonichu" (hence Chris's use of the prefix "C.C. Sonichu says:"), to provide the loyal fanbase real-time coverage of their favorite comic and game hero and reactions to his weird antics from other fans. The CWCipedia sysop, in his infinite wisdom, elected to allow arbitrary, unmoderated comments from all fans to appear on the front page, to fully leverage the power of Web 2.0, user-created content, reader participation and all that modern nonsense.

Careful readers may start to notice that there's a slight conflict in this: Chris had stated many times that he wanted to be in complete control over the CWCipedia. In a development that surprised no one, the live feed was promptly overrun by trolls. Chris was furious, and was compelled to write his own updates to drown out all of the gay allegations and other pickle-related activity that was going on on his web page.

However, as it is with all of the other things in this world, Chris's focus on Twitter waned over time. In May 2010, the live Twitter feed was removed from CWCipedia, because apparently certain trolls failed to notice that Chris quit paying attention to his own web page and the activities of the trolls in the Twitter feed started to make Chris look positive in comparison. Chris stopped using the site in 2013 but picked up again in June 2016 and began tweeting more and more through the rest of 2016 and into 2017, to the point where he is more active on Twitter now than ever before.


Chris originally followed 29 people and groups, all of them related to gaming. Among these are...

  • ...relevant information on Life Upgrades: PlayStation, ps3fanboy, PS3_Trophies
  • ...accounts related to the sweetest non-Chinese hobby of all: Media_Molecule, LittleBigPlanet [No longer subscribed as that account was suspended for some reason], LittleBIGFan, SackBoy4Pluto, Mm_Sackgirl
  • ...respectable, reliable and impartial game journalists and media: Veronica [Veronica Belmont], Qore, GamesRadar, GameTrailers, gamespot, IGN, g4tv, GamePro, xplay, gamenewsps3 [G4], gameinformer
  • houses which produce games that Chris may play, if properly baited away from LittleBigPlanet-related activities: Naughty_Dog, insomniacgames, SEGA, EA, Ubisoft, CriterionGames, NISAmerica [Nippon Ichi Software], RockBand, namcogames
  • ...tugboat sailing destinations: amazongames
  • which Chris doesn't attend: Official_PAX

Notably, Veronica Belmont (a video game show host and also, OMG, a woman) is the only real person among these subscriptions. This does wonders to dispel rumors that Chris is a living video game geek stereotype and hence beyond merely undateable.

With Chris's resurgence of activity, he has followed over 200 accounts, many of them belonging to minor celebrities and internet personalities he attempts to interact with.

Alt accounts

In August 2017, during the Doopie Saga, trolls discovered that Chris was operating an alternate account (or "sockpuppet") on Twitter, with the main purpose of supporting his main account in arguments with weens, posing as a TRUE and HONEST fan of Chris and his work. The account, @NightStar2891, assumed the persona of Chris's My Little Pony fan character, "(Miss) Night Star".

Trolls subsequently discovered other accounts that appeared to belong to Chris, such as @EquestriaHeart ("Heart of Equestria"), characterized by their clearly unrealistic degree of Sonichu fandom, white knighting of Chris, and subscriptions to Chris and his own objects of Twitter interest. However, the evidence for these accounts belonging to Chris is shakey and most trolls agree that they in fact belong to weens pretending to be Chris sockpuppets by closely aping his behavior.

Chris initially denied (on both accounts) any connection to "Night Star". However, as with his JenkinsJinkies account on Trollin Train, even a slow-in-the-mind would be able to recognize Chris from the use of his distinctive writing style, constant praise and defense of himself, location in Virginia, frequent assertions that he is transgender, following and retweeting of people he likes (such as Doopie and Tara Strong), borrowing of his original characters, and password-recovery emails matching Chris's known accounts. Of course, Chris believes he is a master of disguise and believed he had successfully masked his identity under the secondary account.

Later in August, Chris came clean and admitted he was behind NightStar8291, though he continues to use the account occasionally, particularly to try and contact people such as Doopie, Tabitha St. Germain, and LadyOfTheCosmo who have blocked Chris's main account.


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