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As tempting as it may be, it is best not to assign labels to certain people that contact Chris until they have been proven to have fulfilled at least one of the criterium listed

The Unholy Tetrad is to the Miscreants as Ben Saint is to Asperchu. As the name suggests it is a term used by Christorians to refer to the four types of people that attempted to contact Chris, but end up receiving backlash and/or LOLs from others as a result.

White Knights

Main article: White Knights

White Knights are those that feel great pity for Chris, and therefore feel they need to help him overcome his demons. Compared to all other groups in the Unholy Tetrad, White Knights are by far the most benevolent, and yet the most naive as well, ironically making them just as dangerous to Chris as the other three (if not more so). White Knights tend to overlook some of Chris' more prominent flaws such as his stubbornness and his refusal to change.

A subgroup of these White Knights are referred to as Counter-trolls, those who are always on Chris’ side in regards to the trolls.


  • Defends Chris in all cases.


Main article: A-logging

A-logs are those who feel disproportionate amounts of hatred towards Chris, and feel that he should suffer whatever unfortunate events happen to him or worse. A-logging is often considered to be the opposite extreme to White Knighting Chris. The term was coined from the infamous Anthony "A-Log" Logatto, who would make sub-par commentaries on Chris' older content, and constantly talk about how much better he was compared to Chris.


  • Thinks Chris "deserves" anything bad that happens to him.
  • Thinks Chris should be severely punished.


Main article: Enablers

Enablers are those that give into Chris' beliefs about himself and the rest of the world for varying motives. In many cases, Enablers are arguably the most harmful to Chris, as it is what primarily got Chris to where he is today, where he believes himself to be above all other people and thinks people will always provide for him in all cases.


  • Regardless of their motives, enablers usually try to pretend to believe in Chris' worldbuilding as fact. Sometimes they really believe Chris.


Main article: Weens

Weens are those that desperately try to get into the Honor Roll by continuously failing to annoy Chris or ruin his life. This term is found to be the most misused of the four, even in cases where the troll actually succeeds, or for those that do not even fit the criteria of any of the Unholy Tetrad. It is important to note that a troll that uses cliched or unusual techniques to annoy Chris is not necessarily a ween. Although both are highly discouraged by this very wiki, by definition someone is a ween if their end goal is to annoy Chris, and they fail at it so miserably.


  • They try to annoy Chris, and they fail to do so.