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As tempting as it may be, it is best not to assign labels to certain people that contact Chris until they have been proven to have fulfilled at least one of the criterium listed

The Unholy Tetrad is to the Miscreants as Ben Saint is to Asperchu. As the name suggests it is a term used by Christorians to refer to the four types of people that attempted to contact Chris, but end up receiving backlash and/or LOLs from others as a result. These include:

  • White Knights, those who try to protect Chris for misguided purposes.
  • A-Logs, those who feel Chris should suffer greatly from whatever comes to him.
  • Enablers, those who feed into Chris's self-destructive habits.
  • Weens, those who try and fail to annoy Chris.

White Knights

Main article: White Knights

White Knights are people who feel sorry for Chris, and feel that they need to help him overcome his demons. Out of all of the groups in the Unholy Tetrad, White Knights are by far the most benevolent, but many are naive to the fact that getting Chris to halt his self-destructive lifestyle is going to take a lot more than a message on social media, or a Patreon donation.

Without a combination of really tough love and proper resources, White Knights can unknowingly be as dangerous to Chris as the other three (sometimes worse), especially if they play along with Chris's belief that CWCville and his characters are real, or donate large amounts of money that Chris will blow away on conventions, toys and video games, instead of allaying growing fears of the so-called "Homeless Saga".

The level of devotion by White Knights vary greatly: the most moderate either back down or ask for a second opinion before making a fool of themselves, but the most fanatical may defend Chris even when it is clear as day that Chris was in the wrong. There is also a subgroup within the White Knights called Counter-trolls, who are always on Chris's side in regards to the trolls.


  1. Defends Chris in all cases, even after it is obvious that Chris was in the wrong.
  2. Believes Chris's poor decisions can be overlooked, because of his disability (spoiler: it's not always the case).[1]


Main article: A-logging

A-Logs (or A-Loggers) are people who express disproportionate levels of hatred for Chris, often wishing misery or physical harm on him. The term comes from Anthony "A-Log" Logatto, who would constantly boast about his superiority over Chris (and other people), and attempt to frame Chris as evil (and not naive in reality).

A-Logs often sit in the opposite extreme of White Knights: while White Knights try (and fail) to defend and help Chris, A-Logs try (and fail) to compare Chris to actual tyrants like Théoneste Bagosora and Nicolae Ceaușescu: one does not have to mention another certain tyrant to understand how A-Logging makes no sense.

Some weens and malicious enablers may adapt one or more tactics from A-Logs as part of their attempt to ruin Chris's life: examples include flooding listings of locations that Chris go to with negative reviews about him, or pure extortion in an attempt to brute-force misery or physical harm (such as the so-called "Homeless Saga") on Chris.


  1. A person tries to compare Chris to someone who is genuinely evil, such as a mass murderer or a war criminal.
  2. A person tries to interpret Chris's flaws as a threat to society, rather than as a result of bad parenting.
  3. A person wishes for misery or physical harm on Chris.
  4. A person celebrates or gloats when something bad happens to Chris.
  5. A person tries to brute-force misery or physical harm on Chris.


Main article: Enablers

Enablers are people who consistently play along with Chris's beliefs about himself and the rest of the world. Enablers usually agree with Chris's belief that CWCville and his Electric Hedgehog Pokémon are real, or donate large amounts of money that Chris will blow away to fuel his Peter Pan lifestyle. However, some enablers and weens (such as the Idea Guys) exploited Chris's weak grasp on reality for nefarious purposes.

Enablers are the most harmful to Chris, because it only fuels his already hyperinflated ego, in which he answers to no one but himself, and that people will always provide for him in all cases. In the case of the Idea Guys, their exploitation of Chris's naivety not only corrupted the Sonichu lore, but their extortion nearly caused the dreaded "Homeless Saga" in May 2018.[2]

In the 20 years since the creation of Sonichu, Chris's grasp on reality has deteriorated to a point that some White Knights face having to play along with Chris's beliefs to get in touch with him, and even after that there is no guarantee that Chris will follow their advice.


  1. Regardless of their motives, enablers usually try to pretend to believe in Chris' worldbuilding as fact. Sometimes they really believe Chris.


Main article: Weens

Weens are those that desperately try to get into the Honor Roll by continuously failing to annoy Chris or ruin his life. This term is found to be the most misused of the four, even in cases where the troll actually succeeds, or for those that do not even fit the criteria of any of the Unholy Tetrad. It is important to note that a troll that uses cliched or unusual techniques to annoy Chris is not necessarily a ween. Although both are highly discouraged by this very wiki, by definition someone is a ween if their end goal is to annoy Chris, and they fail at it so miserably.


  1. They try to annoy Chris, and they fail to do so.


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  2. See also: 14 Branchland Court, Idea Guy influences section.