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Hi guys. If you have any issues regarding to the Cwcki, want a Cwcki account, appeal for a ban, or have any important Christorical documents, leave a comment at my Kiwi Farms page (my account is Meat Pickle) so I can PM you, message me at Discord, or send me an email.


Jerkop CWCki Jerkop
This user is a Jerkop on CWCki who bans vandals from this region.
American Flag Americunt: This user is an Americunt and refuses to use unnecessary vowels. Uncle Sam would be proud!
Asian Asian
This user is an Asian and loves random-access humor and martial arts!!
Flag of China Chinese: This user is from China, something Chris will never get.
Ass Burger Ass Burger
This user has Asperger's Syndrome and tries to take the Shine and Limelight away from True Autistics.
Kiwi Farms Logo Kiwi Farmer: This user is a Kiwi Farms regular who likes observing lolcows.