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I can imagine myself doing it with a collie at least. You know, like Lassie.
Chris in IRC (27 December 2008)

Furry Tendencies

Christian Weston Chandler, as straight as he is, is quite possibly a furry in denial. His Sonichu and Rosechu characters are arguably furry characters as they are examples of anthropomorphism. Also, Chris-Chan Sonichu, to some, may be an example of a fursona. Whether or not Chris can actually be considered a furry is still debated, with people arguing that he doesn't participate in the furry community, and probably only draws porn of his characters because he is a creature of habit and is more used to drawing Sonichu porn than human porn. Despite not knowing what a furry is, he is very much into yiffing with many furry women, as well as drawing furry porn of his recolors.

His Knowledge on Furries

In the conversation with Sarah May where she reveals herself to be a troll, she begins to ask if Chris is a furry because of his claim that he gets aroused by Rosechu. Despite that point, Chris claims he is not a furry, despite not even knowing what a furry is. Later on, Sarah May forced Chris to draw Silvana with a pickle while Masturbating, and a picture of Rosechu, with a dick, having sex with Sonichu.

According to the conversations with PandaHalo, some argue that Chris only said he would have sex with a dog so he could get to Panda's sweet china. But still — dude would have sexual intercourse with a dog.

In his interview with ScrewAttackEurope, Chris says he's against bestiality, then hoists himself with his own petard by claiming that Sonichu & co. are not "half-humans" but "all-animals" with human form. Technically, they're animals having sex with each other, not humans having sex with animals. Chris, however, is a man masturbating while drawing pictures of animals having sex with each other. That ain't normal.

By the way, he has a Furcadia account! HONEST![citation needed]

Furry Porn

Chris is known for his furfaggotry, as he has used his hedgehog fursona while cybering with Julie. In the Giant Penis Comic, Chris and Ivy both morph into fursonas during the act of sex. There have been some exceptions, but nearly all Rule 34s he has drawn depict his characters having sex.

As if that's not enough, he made a website dedicated to all his furry fantasies!

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