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An enabler is a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another. Since the Idea Guys saga, the go-to method for those trying to influence Chris has been to act as enablers of his delusions, replacing the previous method of posing as sweethearts. Enablers differ from weens in that they avoid making poor attempts to annoy Chris, instead focusing on ingratiating themselves to him with the effect of furthering his delusions.

Why you shouldn't be enabling Chris

Chris is already fucked up in the head

Whatever you say to Chris, he's just going to believe it anyway

Think about it, if Chris will just believe anything you tell him that easily, sees no problems with being manipulated, and only sees every enabler as a means to confirms his own crazy theories, is there really any point of trolling Chris through this means? The bottom line is that enabling Chris doesn't make you any more special than anyone else that's tried to do so.

It can come off as just plain depraved

An unfortunate shift in the character of Chris's Internet adversaries has developed in the Idea Guys' wake. Having caused Chris to believe himself married and a a goddess, traditional methods of reaching to Chris, as pretending to be a boyfriend-free girl, have become obsolete. Instead, Chris uses others' willingness to worship him and feed his various fantasies as critical to whether to interact with others or shun them, regardless of their true intentions, which Chris struggles to predict. Genuinely benevolent people who have been unwilling to endorse Chris's delusions have been tossed aside. No clearer example of this exists than the Guard Dogs who rescued Chris from the Idea Guys in mid-2018. After months volunteering to scrutinise Chris's incoming communications and insulate him against extortion and fraud, Null and The Captain were unwilling to endorse the nascent Dimensional Merge that autumn. Chris grew uncooperative with them, and they gave up the protective operation within a few months.

On the other hand, agreeing with Chris that he is the holy patroness of a computer from the Eighties and that cartoon characters will soon start showing up in the real world, has proven a prerequisite to interacting with him for any extended period of time. Even the Guard Dogs needed to play along by alleging that Chris's Amnyfest Ring was causing psychic chaos to gain their position over him. Most who are willing to play along with Chris in this way would justify their actions to third parties by professing they are doing this to help Chris in the end. However, telling him that others agree with his nonsense only causes him to become even further detached from the real world than he already is. Indulging Chris, that is, encouraging a 37-year-old man to believe he is really a deity and anime character after he was tricked into thinking that in the first place, in itself counterproductive, even helping to perpetuate the Idea Guys' fraud.

Finally, the confidence built by playing make-believe with Chris has been abused several times. Sarah and Steve, Multidimensional White Knights and Jacob Sockness would all get their foot in the door by affirming Chris's beliefs, in some instances pretending to channel fictional characters from other dimensions, and then betray that trust for their own entertainment. Onlookers from Kiwi Farms and the CWCki itself have watched white knights reveal themselves in fact to be weens many times before. The CWCommunity at large treats weens without mercy. Even if you are not like the many traitors in recent Christory, it is impossible to get through to Chris any longer without deceiving him, and such guile is not looked upon favourably. Others have poisoned the well before you. You will be assumed to be acting in bad faith if you try to influence Chris for any reason, and treated accordingly.