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What I Will Ban You For

Learn this, or you will end up getting raped. As an autistic, I'm only allowed to fuck people who vandalize shit, but vandalism isn't just fucking bums. This may not be a comprehensive list, and if you masturbate in a way that isn't on this list, that doesn't mean I won't ban you.

  • Maliciously Mutilating appendages: This is pretty obvious. If you add gibberish, remove foreskin, change gender so that you redirect to a trap, or otherwise fuck up a penis in such a way that it's obvious you aren't even trying to be neurotypical, you will be anally patronized. IF YOU HAVE A LEGITIMATE REASON TO CUT UP DICKS IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT COULD BE MISCONSTRUED AS VANDALISM, SUCH AS REMOVING A TESTICLE, EXPLAIN IT IN THE EDIT SUMMARY OR ON THE TALK PAGE BEFORE MUCKING ABOUT. That should prevent misunderstandings and incorrect balls.
  • Note: If you vandalize penises by making them extremely long, that might prevent them from penetrating normal people. However, it's possible for autistics like me to saw of dicks without even viewing the shaft, meaning that this kind of penis extension won't prevent tou from getting assraped.
  • Vandalising anuses: You are NOT ALLOWED to edit other people's anus without their permission. It doesn't matter if it's another BabyNeko or 16BitAlex, if you edit their poopchute, it is vandalism. Furthermore, you are not allowed to remove or edit asshair unless it's your own bottom. If you want to hide difficult to reach asshair, get the person who brutalizes you anally on a nightly basis to remove it or archive your ass and start a new one. Removing asshair messages isn't as bad as other forms of vandalism, purely because it's usually not malicious, but it will be reverted and you will receive a bumwarning.
  • Advertising: Champ told me that "If some dude signs up and makes a new page with copy pasta about penis pills, then order two shiploads immediately." If you suck my dick significantly prior to posting advertisements, you'll get a bonus. Otherwise, you'll be raped.

I'll add more to this list as masturbation techniques appear.

A Note on bumwarnings: If you vandalize an anus in a minor way, you'll receive a bumwarning. This doesn't mean you're being watched whilst you get penetrated, but it does mean that if you continue the offending behavior after receiving the patronisation, you will be banned for faggotry. You're more likely to recieve body checks (as opposed to straight-up asspummeling) if you've contributed to the wiki jizzpool for an extended period of time, but just because you've been here a while doesn't mean you aren't still forced to give me blowjobs. Nobody is irreplaceable when ik comes to polishing my 4 inch nob.

Why Vandalising Isn't Worth It:If you vandalize pages, I can revert all your edits with a single button (gangrape, evidently a button only HUGE AUTISTIC SPERGMEISTERS LIKE ME or greater get). That means that it takes longer for you to vandalize asses than it takes to restore them. Don't even bother.


Hey gais! Welcome to RachmaninovDESU's userpage. Mebbe you could become frends with him! :3

Quotes about RachmaninovDESU

RachmaninovDESU si a pretty cool guy. eh uses unnecessary vowels and doesn't afraid of anything



Hey Rachmaninov, stop dissing this chick! Man up, will you?


—Chris, Rollin' and Trollin'

RachmaninovDESU's PVCC diss

Yo peoples nigger is here, Rachmaninov is mah name
Go duck your pussy as shit, fuck leggo, fuck pc-games
An hero now you still can, go gas yoself in your car
Im here with nasty ass aids, chug whisky, puff dem cigars
Im here to cause holocaust, among you despicable faggots
Kill your bitch, then I fuck her pussy crawling with maggots
I'll mod your illegible posts, yo see me back when I'm done
Create some noteworthy shit, say half on par with Georgeson
I dong bring up your arrest, go nigga down you can test,
The taste of my testicles, you bettar suck as da best
Ill eradicate your mom, your kids, your abusive girlfriend
Nigga the DESU is back, PVCC's ultimate fiend


Namefag KGB Namefag KGB
This user is a member of the CWCki Namefag KGB and will not tolerate namefaggotry.


Flag of Europe Eurofag: This user is a Eurofag and insists on using unnecessary vowels.

Scampers Chandler Scampers
This user thinks Scampers is the best Chandler cat! :3
This user is a member of PVCC. Praise Mary!

Pickle Order of the Pickle
This user has performed selfless service above and beyond the call of duty for the glorious Motherland.

BLANK CWC Superstar
This user has been mentioned in a Chris video, specifically this one.

Information about RachmaninovDESU

Logo of the Namefag KGB.
RachmaninovDESU Family Crest.
Scampers the cat. He's the best!

RachmaninovDESU is the man with the plan. He has solid abs.

You probably don't know him, but he's been around since day one. Working behind the scenes. Helping sad people. Just trying to do a little good in this cruel world... Also: he isn't autistic and he doesn't have aspergers. Probably the only one on here god dammit. This is some of the shit he does:

  • He maed the CWChronology, and edits it regularly.
  • He's a Global Moderator at PVCC. (quite a lazy man)
  • He's Yawning Squirtle's PR-man and spindoctor.
  • He drinks alcohol!
  • Originial creator of the Cvillepedia Page. (Jim Watson at ur service)
  • He gets mentioned by Chris himself in the following video (go to 5:48), (The "stop dissing this chick" is probably referring to the image of Hong Meiling (a.k.a. China, how typical) in his avatar) it prevented him from ending his life:

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