Welcome to the LGBTQ Group, Julia

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Welcome to the LGBTQ Group, Julia is a video created by Chris on 2/16/2016.


Welcome to the LGBTQ Group, Julia
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 16 February 2016
Subject Matter Cwcville ShoppingCwcville Shopping Cwcville Shopping, HomosHomos Homos
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The PromoterThe Promoter The Promoter
Apologies for offending people
Update 02/16/2016
Good luck on your transition very much


via YouTube Capture


Loud music is playing, dominant over Chris's voice.

Hello, everybody! This here's a special video going out to.. Julia. Friend of a friend who.. (??) ... suggested I do this video but anyway. So, Julia! I understand you're be- you're coming- ma- you're come, you're transitioning, coming out as a lesbian transwoman. Good for you. Anyway. Yeah. (?) wishes you a good luck on your transition very much. And from me, I say: welcome to the group! Huh? The group. The group! Of us: the LGBTQ! Good luck with that. And have a great and safe day. Julia.

Apologies for offending people Chris's videos Update 02/16/2016