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(sigh he didn't make the video. he made the damn level in lbp2, just more ps3 shit)
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'''CWC's Collector's Case Tutorial''' is an LBP video published by Chris on the 9th of [[February 2011|February, 2011]]. In it, Chris details how to build and use a collector's case. This is the first video made by Chris since he claimed he left Internet.
'''CWC's Collector's Case Tutorial''' is an LBP video published by Chris on the 9th of [[February 2011|February, 2011]]. In it, Chris details how to build and use a collector's case.

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CWC's Collector's Case Tutorial is an LBP video published by Chris on the 9th of February, 2011. In it, Chris details how to build and use a collector's case.


CWC's Collector's Case Tutorial
Stardate 12 February 2011
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Video Games
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{As Chris speaks, Sonichu's mouth moves more or less in sync}

Hello, and welcome to the tutorial of the Collector's Case in LittleBigPlanet, originally created by Christian Weston Chandler. I'm your host, Sonichu, the Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon, and today we are going to tour the Collector's Case, which was originally created in LittleBigPlanet, but now being revamped, in LittleBigPlanet 2!

Back in the first LittleBigPlanet, we were limited to using chains, pulleys, and Disolve Material to hide and store our prizes we either created, or collected, over da community. But now, thanks to LittleBigPlanet 2, we now have another option: the drawers!

If you recall the arcade level in LittleBigPlanet 2, which is the first level of the final zone of the game, you will notice the arcade machines, where if you play the mini-games a little bit, you would unlock a prize, which would drop from the top of the machine. That's essentially called a "drawer system". And I use that technology... similarly, here in the... LBT-- LittleBigPlanet 2 version of the Collector's Case. Originially, I was only able to offer four tools for the Collector's Case. Which were, the uh, upper, middle and lower sections, of course including the introductory one with the entrance... [something] the sets of boxes. And also the Disolve Shelves, as well as the uh... yeah, the other set, including the elevators. Which were rods, and sponges. And for da tutorial, we will be looking at, and examining... with inspection parts, with collector- of the Collector's Case, as well as the individual options available then and now.

Okay, before we go up, we'll talk about the individual parts. Disolve Parts, Dislove Shelves. Put your memorables behind these, and you can drop 'em down all at once. You can either, uh, put the bubbles in the top, or remove the front temporarily, by moving it forward and then sticking it back after you put the bubbles in place. One bubble for each square. And the shelves here, they have a thin layer on the front and a thin layer on the back. An inner-outer switch, which you- which is obvious right there, check your tutorials on that. And this box- and the bigger box, which goes into the... which these small boxes go into the bigger box. Two layers - one thin, one thick. The thinner ones will keep the, uh... will keep the shelves in place after you pull 'em outward. And of course, then again, you wanna make sure you pull the shelves- the front of the shelves- the front of the drawer outward, so you can stick your bubbles in there. Shrinking may apply, because there are no holes on top of these boxes.

Okay, so, we are in da boxes. Yep. We gonna go look at da boxes... Yep. Press a button, any button... There's a key. Pull a lever... Anything you want! It's your box! Puttin' your box together... Hold onto it, swing around, collect da bubbles! Bubbles all down... New message! Make 'em drop, drop 'em as you go. Oh and of course, you don't want the ball and chain to get in the way, to prevent the uh, shelves from opening up, or making the bubbles difficult to drop. Make sure you have a scoreboard at the end, so you can finish it up. Aaand don't let conformity get in the way, decorating's good. Look at all this fun stuff!

Take the elevator up, dun de dun de dun... And, swing around, have fun... Weeeeee! Also, a good idea - smart presentations of the items. So you know what's in the bubbles. Better idea - stickers are also good too! And of course, you should also, uh, reccomended... put the actual copy of the item IN the level. Outside of a bubble, especially if they're copy-protected. Yeah.

So anyway, that's essentially it for the, uh... stuff. So yeah. You can also back- You can also back these up onto your hard drive, or put 'em up on the internet! Do what you want! Yayyyy! Everybody have a safe dayyyy! Enjoy yourselves, and the Collector's Cases I put together for youuu! Yayyyy!

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