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I fully agree with you. While I have an open mind for kinks and fetishes, I am not at 100% of any of such I may have, and much less of such experiences for myself at this time. I have seen my share of examples of some of them. If anything, I’m rather Vanilla, myself.



—Chris, describing his sexual preferences.

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  • It has been 13 days since Chris begged for money.

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Bryan (nicknamed "Bryanfrogboy") is an animator, graphic designer and the creator of the Sonichu Prequel Comic. Bryan's creation of the prequel comic appeared to have caught Chris's attention on 2 January 2018, and he began following the production of that comic as well as some of his other works ever since.


This Day in Christory

oh dear

Today in Christory, in 2009, An audio clip of Chris engaging in furry-cybersex with his alleged girlfriend Julie emerges online.


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