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❤️**Special Announcement**❤️

Everyone, please listen. I would like to personally talk about Christian Love Day, as it is not only my own Birthday, it is not a day of loving Christians, though they are people who derserves as much kindness and love as everyone else respectively and individually does. And side-note, it is also Mexico’s Flag Day.

But what Christian Love Day Truly Means to me, and I feel should be encouraged for everyone else to follow in suit on every February 24, if you would please: it is a day to extend your Love and Kindness to Everyone, Period, and do it with as much gusto and sincerity as you like. May they be Family, Sweetheart, Friend, Ally, Workmate, Creature, Plant, an individual who is a fantasy character in this world of ours, and, of course, even a stranger, or someone you do not know yet.

Share The Love Moreover! Let your Friendship and Family Circles Grow! Do Not Be Shy! The more genuine Love and Kindness you give, the more you Do get from them and everyone else. Give a Hug! Give a Smile! Say “Hey There”!

For Christian Love Day is the Special Day we give Love and Kindness to Everyone!

Thank You All Soo Much!

Love, Miss Christine Weston Chandler


—Chris wishing everyone a happy Christian Love Day

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  • It has been 25 days since Chris begged for money.

Article of the Now


Bryan (nicknamed "Bryanfrogboy") is an animator, graphic designer and the creator of the Sonichu Prequel Comic. Bryan's creation of the prequel comic appeared to have caught Chris's attention on 2 January 2018, and he began following the production of that comic as well as some of his other works ever since.


This Day in Christory

Yes, spell cards really *do* work in real life!

Today in Christory, in 2003, Chris had an epiphany and realized that he suddenly needed a girlfriend. This would later manifest itself as the Sweetheart Search, Love Quest and ultimately Fuck Quest.


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