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Quote of the Now

@DoopieDoOver I'd like to be done adulting with a lady friend and "just be pony".



Chris's pick-up line, based on a My Little Pony T-shirt.

Begging Counter

  • It has been 4 days since Chris begged for money.
  • It has been 515 days since Chris worked on his paid obligations to make new Sonichu content.

Article of the Now


DStecks is a Canadian YouTube personality who donated $1,000 to Chris in September 2015.

He gave the money through a listing on Chris's Etsy shop, so Chris was obligated to produce 100 pages of the Sonichu comic in exchange, although he failed to do so. Chris reached a milestone in laziness on 8 March 2017 by going for 500 days without working on the comic.

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This Day in Christory

Beware of the Man in the Pickle Suit!

Today in Christory, in 2008, Megan tells Chris to back off for a while (read: forever).


Did You Know...

Da Update

  • 23 March - Chris hits on DoopieDoOver (an artist for the Planet Dolan YouTube channel), after tweeting random replies to her for two weeks.
  • 21 March - Chris is hypnotized by a gif of a furry and tweets about it.
  • 21 March - After reading this wiki's entry on Son-Chu, Chris comments on his inspiration for it.
  • 21 March - Upon learning that a brony convention is offering free admission for volunteers, Chris asks them to pay his gas for him to drive there. The con is in California, meaning a $500 round trip cost.
  • 19 March - Chris begs on Facebook for people to buy more stamps, saying "My mother and I can Really do with the money." At that point, he had made $85 in sales then quickly spent $90 on toys.
  • 18 March - A video is uploaded of Chris singing lyrics from Sesame Street in the voice of a character from My Little Pony.

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