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Quote of the Now


Anybody ever want to know how strong SpinalPalm is, he can bear hug and Lift me up high without a sweat; more than 212 pounds. @Spinalpalm is a really strong dude. Awesome! 😊


— Chris, commenting on the strength of one of his fans.

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Begging Counter

  • It has been 173 days since Chris begged for money.

Article of the Now

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MAGfest is a video game festival held near Washington, DC. Chris attended in 2018.


This Day in Christory


Today in Christory, in 2009, Chris announced in a YouTube video that he is straight, and that is up again. He tries to prove this using a Playboy magazine.


In 2010, Chris uploaded a video where he threatens to kill the creator of Asperchu.


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