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Chris in 2003, on his 21st birthday...
...which was a complete disaster.
Early version of the Christian & The Hedgehog Boys' debut album, recorded on 21 August 2003.
On 21 July 2003, Chris drew Chris + Sarah's Life-Shares.

2003 was the year that Chris turned 21 years old. This year marked Chris's realization that he needed a girlfriend, and thus the beginning of his Love Quest, essentially starting him down the long and winding road that has led to his bizarre and unreal current state.

Events of 2003

  • Spring - Chris starts approaching girls at Piedmont Virginia Community College, but they all say that they have boyfriends.
  • Summer - Chris starts his Love Quest. One day, he approaches a girl who says she is a lesbian. He is repulsed.


  • 10 February - Chris writes "my big 18th party", a short account of his 18th birthday.
  • 24 February - Chris's 21st birthday. It was "not so great" because he got kicked out of English class. Later Chris admitted that this was mostly his own fault.
  • 25 February - Chris realizes he needs a female sweetheart.




  • June - Chris starts working as a salesman for Cutco cutlery.




  • September - Chris's Cutco boss takes Chris's money and leaves town, effectively ending his job there.
  • 3 September - Chris writes the lyrics to "Christian and the Hedgehog Boys Theme."
  • 4 September - Bob turns 76.
  • 25 September - Chris draws a picture of Flame the Sunbird, his latest "creation".



  • 4 November - Chris writes the poem "saddest heart in the world".
  • 12 November - Chris starts keeping a diary in Animal Crossing.
  • 19 November - As a diary entry, Chris simply leaves the web address for CWC's Sonichu Site!, probably in preparation for his upcoming documentary.
  • 22 November - In his Animal Crossing diary, Chris writes about "the medeling [sic] 'Mary Lee Walsh'" crushing his dream of finding a girlfriend.
  • 22 November - Chris creates his Animal Crossing Documentary.


  • 4 December - The first known trolling of Chris occurs when "a hot redhead" writes in his guestbook saying that she will meet him outside of PVCC next week.