December 2016

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Chris in December 2016

December is the last month of 2016. It was also the last month before Pmurt officially was inaugurated as the President of the United States in January 2017.






  • 13 December - Chris posts about Sorbet accidentally being locked inside Chris's old room by Barb.
  • 13 December - Chris posts that, other than "the common fat, glasses, and hair," he has "no resemblance" to a Sonic Boom character meant to parody the Sonic fanbase.
  • 19 December - The Electoral College cast its votes for President of the United States. Despite many people (including Chris) signing a petition to convince the College to ignore the results of the November election and install Clinton into the presidency, Trump still won.
  • 19 December - Barb wants to sell a riding lawn tractor for $595.
  • 24 December - Chris wishes his audience a merry Christmas.
  • 24 December - Chris contemplates how he "flunked bad" at relationships from 2000-2011 and missed out on an opportunity to form a relationship from playing co-op video games, due to spending his life playing single-player games and having senior citizens for parents.
  • 25 December - Chris posts "Merry Christmas!" and records a cat video.
  • 27 December - Chris posts that he was pondering over whether this wiki is a necessary evil and has concluded that he is "now back on mental force to be Down with the CWCki."
  • 29 December - Chris returns to posting death threats against Donald Trump. He also posts a puzzler for him.