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One more thing, I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!!!!
Chris, lying to a white knight[1]
I do not feel good hearing remarks or comments that have relation to my gut.
Chris to Jackie[2]

Obesity is perceived to be a worldwide epidemic, especially in the United States of America, with about 73.6% of adults overweight and 42.5% obese.[3] While Chris is no longer technically in the latter category, he spent a good chunk of his adult life in it, and he remains overweight to this day.

Chris seems to be in denial about his own obesity. His denial is evidenced by the fact that he portrays himself as a slim, barrel-chested hero in his comics and in Christian Weston Chandler's FUTURE MESSAGE, when he describes himself as "fit as a fiddle". Furthermore, in his numerous dating profiles discovered by the trolls, he often lists himself as having an "athletic build" or at the very least having weight that is proportionate to his height.

Another example of this was when he created a character for his comics named Sammy, whom Chris stated is based off him when he "temporary [sic] gained weight, became stupid, and went to watch television at ghost command", even though he has always been this way. Except, y'know, for the Ghost Command part. But that's a whole other problem.

Further cementing his obesity, on 2 October 2011, Chris's voluptuous manboobs won an award on manboobs.co.uk.

During the Jail Saga, Chris notably shed a noticeable amount of weight, thanks to getting a degree of exercise while behind bars, and more importantly, his jail diet consisting of ostensibly healthier food than what he could get in the drive-through, along with the amount of junk food that he could consume becoming limited by his commissary funds. In May 2022, Chris's mugshot taken after returning to jail from Western State Hospital shows that he visibly lost weight since his arrest in August 2021 to the point where he no longer has a a double-chin. Western State Hospital, unlike Central Virginia Regional Jail, does not have a commissary where he could supplement his jail diet with junk food and soft drinks.

The March 2023 mugshot seen on his release from jail also made it look like he had still lost substantial weight despite being able to add empty calories to his diet again, as his jail uniform looked incredibly baggy. From May 2023 onward, Chris initially looked like he kept some of that weight off after he was spotted multiple times after leaving jail, meaning that he was still in some of the best shape in a long time despite presumably resuming his unhealthy eating habits. However, later sightings indicated that he has since ballooned back to his former weight, or at least one very near it, notably regaining a lot of fat underneath his neck. This is most likely because, despite claiming to eat healtier, he still consumed the tried ol' formula of Hershey's covered fruits and Banquet Meals.


Chris exercising.

Chris believes that standing up without moving is a legitimate form of exercise, and as such considers playing Guitar Hero a workout. During one of his PSN chats with Julie, when asked to exercise more, he replied, "I'll stand up more". It is not known how Chris came to believe that standing up is exercise, but it is most likely that Chris is simply extremely lazy and will lie to say that he works out every day, even though he just plays video games. It's possible he's picked it up from health tips that say standing burns more calories than sitting down,[4][5] but rather than use such tips to get the most out of an already busy lifestyle, he substitutes it for actual exercise altogether. It's also entirely possible he's in such terrible shape that the simple act of standing tires him as much as an actual workout would tire a normal human being.

You know Chris didn't share that bottle with anyone.

Emily has said Chris power-walks around his neighborhood for thirty minutes and claims it's two miles (3 km), then claims to jog for two or three minutes every walk. She then went on to say Chris doesn't know how to jog — his idea of jogging is actually sprinting. It's safe to say he tries to run at "Sonic speed" for ten seconds, then resumes his leisurely waddle. This theory is confirmed in Sonichu's Edge.

In Mailbag 21, Chris claimed that he planned on investing in a gym membership. Judging by photographs and videos featuring his midsection from subsequent months, he either lied or wasted his money, only finally doing it almost ten years later.

In his letter to radiorabbit0, he mentioned playing basketball to pass the time while awaiting court hearings, at least before he was forbidden from using the rec room.


Another contribution to Chris' obesity is the food he eats. Chris's diet is appalling, consisting mainly of fast food and other unhealthy foodstuffs. While it would be acceptable if he treated himself to that stuff occasionally (like most people do), there's no question that it's a staple of his diet. The sheer amount of calories he consumes, coupled with his laziness, means that he's carrying around enough extra mass to make another person. His diet will most likely also cause problems other than obesity, and may be the cause of his fecal leakage.

In 2017, Chris decided that his ass wasn't fat enough, and began listening to a subliminal hypnosis track in the hopes of transferring his belly fat to his ass, as an attempt to obtain an hourglass figure.

During the Jail Saga, Chris's diet consisted of the type of slop typically served in jail cafeterias, and occasionally commissary food if he'd earned it. It is unclear if Chris was a picky eater, but he shed a noticeable amount of weight during his extended stay in jail, likely due to a significant decrease in junk food available for him to consume. Post-jail sightings would see Chris quickly shedding his jailhouse physique, and by August of 2023, he would appear to be back to his normal state of obesity.

Actual weight claims

Seriously, though, the last few times I looked on my smart scale of how much I weighed, without clothes, at above 210, I hopped off immediately without letting it sync with my Fitbit app. ALOL
Chris, January 2019[6]
Chris actually believes binaural beats will magically transform his fat gut and ass into an hourglass figure.
A graph of Chris's (reported) weight over the years.
Chris's weight in June 2015.

Modern measurement of whether someone is overweight or obese generally employs the BMI system, which creates an index based on the height and weight of an individual. This system is by no means perfect; the readings tend to be inaccurately high for people who are exceptionally tall, have heavily set bodies or are very muscular, because these people have more bone or muscle weight than others. However, it is a very accurate system when applied to people of average height, bone structure and muscle build – which Chris is. Additionally, the distinction between overweightness and obesity is arbitrary, with different countries using different standards. For our purposes, a BMI of 25 and above is overweight, and a BMI of 30 and above is obese, which is the standard most widely used in the United States. If Chris were a Japanese citizen, he'd be obese with even a BMI of 25.

Chris's height

One of the two factors required to calculate BMI is height. For most of his adult life, Chris has claimed to be 5′ 10″ (178 cm),[7] which is possible, but even at this height, his BMI would have almost never been under the "overweight" bracket since he began to record it in 2000. Given how readily Chris lies to serve himself, he may be shorter, which would render his BMI in the "obese" range. In a police scanner report from 2014, he was described as being 5′ 9″ (1.75 m), and his custom Pokémon cards from 2000, 2002 and 2004 all give his "length" as 5′ 9″. As of 2021, Chris has taken to describing himself as 5′ 11″ (1.80 m),[8] which is almost certainly a lie.

It is possible he may have begun describing himself as 5'10" around the time the love quest began, as a way to look more attractive to women. The earliest known reference to a 5'10" height appears on his match.com profile, created c. 2006. As late as 2004, however, he listed his ideal height for a potential girlfriend as between 5 foot to 5'9", indicating that Chris may have still been describing himself as 5'9" by then.[9]

For the sake of simplicity, the BMI data listed below is based on a height of 5′ 10″.

Weight claims

  • 9 May 2000 - Chris's "Christian's Christian" custom Pokémon card gives his weight as 185 pounds (84 kg).[10] This would give him a BMI of 26.5, which is only slightly overweight.
  • 2 February 2004 - Chris's "Christian Chandler" custom Pokémon card gives his weight as 165 pounds (75 kg),[12] the least he has claimed to weigh in his adult life. If this number is accurate, his BMI at the time would have been 23.7, putting him within the heavier end of the normal range and not overweight. However, since this is the first time Chris has reported his weight since the beginning of his Love Quest, it is possible that he still weighed closer to 185 pounds and simply began lying about his weight to appear more attractive to the opposite sex.
  • 20 July 2005 - In a Diary entry, Chris reported that his weight was 180 pounds (about 80 kg),[13] meaning that during that time his BMI was 25.8, which is slightly overweight.
  • Fall 2009 - Chris told Kacey that his weight was somewhere between 215 and 220 pounds (98–100 kg),[14] meaning his BMI was between 30.8 and 31.6, nudging him into the obese range.
  • Fall 2009 - In a later conversation with Kacey, Chris said that at a recent doctor's visit he had weighed in at 205 pounds (93 kg), down from 216 the last time he had been there.[15]
  • February 2010 - Chris claimed to weigh "about 200 [pounds]" (91 kg), and also admitted to having once weighed more than 220 pounds (100 kg). Even if we interpret the words "about 200" to mean 190, his BMI at the time would still be 27.3, i.e. overweight, nearing obesity. He also claimed at this time that his goal was to get down to 180 pounds (82 kg).[16]
  • October 2010 - In the WeighIn video, Chris claimed to weigh 216 pounds (97 kg). This seems very unrealistic, given his apparent girth and food consumption. Most experts believe that Chris either offset his scale by 40 or 50 pounds, or that he did not fully stand on the scale in order to fool people into believing he's not extremely fat. It is also possible that Chris's years of inactivity had caused his muscles to deteriorate to the point that he looked like he weighed more than 250 pounds, when actually he was just 216 pounds of pure fat. Even if we assume that he indeed weighed only 216 lbs at the time, this would still put his BMI at 31, making him obese.
  • April 2012 - Chris announced on Facebook that he was "going down to 223 [101 kg] and falling."[17]
What Chris looked in March 2023 after his jail diet.
  • July 2013 - Chris again posted to Facebook that he was "down to 220" (~100 kg).[18]
  • October 2013 - Just three months later, Chris told Facebook that according to his doctor's visit he weighed 211 pounds (96 kg), and had lost seven pounds since last he checked.[19]
  • January 2014 - Chris asserted on Facebook that he weighed "about 202 pounds" (91 kg). While many would be quick to dismiss this solely on the basis that he eats at McDonald's regularly, at least one report shows that it can't be the sole factor, due to one individual actually losing weight on a pure McDonald's diet. However, given the sheer deluge of fast/processed food Chris eats from other places, the non-existence of an exercise regimen, and the simple fact that his face is a lot fatter compared to previous photographs of him, this claim that he weighs 202 pounds is very dubious.[20]
  • October 2014 - Chris defensively told his friend Shaina that he weighed "around 200 [91 kg], give or take two or three."[21]
  • January 2018 - At MAGfest, Chris said that he was "212 pounds of awesome" at the Christory of Sonichu panel.[22] Later, when he praised a fan who lifted him with a bear hug, Chris stated that his weight was more than 212 pounds, congratulating the fan on his strength.[23]
  • January 2019 - Chris self-consciously reported his weight at 213 pounds (96 kg).[24] Three days later, Chris posted on Twitter data from his Aria 2 Smart Scale and Fitbit app that displayed his weight as 209.7 pounds (95.1 kg) with his BMI listed as 29.4, nearly inside of the obese range.[25] The readout from the smart scale also displayed Chris' Percent Body Fat as 45.3%, for comparison, PBF greater than 25% is considered obese for men while greater than 32% is obese for women. Chris stated that he wants to use his treadmill to slim down to 200 and eventually 179 pounds.
  • November 2021 - Chris, after three months in jail, gave his weight as 203 pounds (92 kg). Presumably this is due to the relatively low quality and low amount of food available to inmates. Chris described this weight as "appropriate to my Human Form's Five Foot, Eleven Inch Height", although with a BMI of 28.3 he is still very much overweight.[26]
  • January 2024 - Chris, nearly 10 months after being released, claimed to weigh 215 pounds (97 kg) last time he checked on a scale, with his BMI listed as 30.8, rendering him into obese range again.[27]


Main article: Chris and health

Obviously, all this has an adverse effect on Chris's health. Morbidly obese people are far more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, and a number of other ailments. While it is admittedly possible to be both fat and fit at the same time, and an obese person can be very healthy in other regards (even living a long life), Chris's lifestyle, combined with ample evidence of his lack of physical prowess, means that this does not apply to him.


He's fat! Iiiiii'm thin!
Chris breaking out into chorus on Alec Benson Leary[28]
Horizontal stripes aren't exactly slimming!

Chris has generally been in denial about his weight. When a white knight once told him that he needed to lose some weight if he ever wanted to get a girlfriend, Chris responded by freaking out and exclaiming that he wasn't overweight.[29] In IRC, Chris has been known to become very defensive about his weight, always making claims that he works out, when in fact he just stands up while playing Guitar Hero. Chris's reaction to being called fat is precisely the same as his reaction to being called gay. Unfortunately for Chris, there isn't a poster that will help him lose weight. He simply screams that he isn't fat, then oftentimes lies, and calls the person accusing him fat. He exhibited this behavior during an email with Evan,[30] during his phone call with Kacey's father, and especially in his conversation with Kacey and Liquid Chris, where insults about his weight triggered a screaming rage.

However, during his original rivalry with Liquid Chris, Chris once finally admitted he was perhaps maybe just a little bit fat, but only because he could use this as proof that he was the real Christian Weston Chandler. A similar problem arose during the Asperchu saga, where Chris, in an attempt to prove that Asperchu was a parody of himself, was forced to admit that Asperchu's "Buddha belly" and "man boobs" are similar to his own. More specifically, he acts as though he used to have a sagging gut, even though he has, in fact, significantly gained weight since high school. He chose to focus on this aspect of Asperchu rather than admit his more embarrassing failures the series parodies. He did once admit in a phone call with Jack Thaddeus that he was not fit.

There is also convincing evidence that Chris has difficulty recognizing the human figure — faces in particular. His consistent representation of himself as slender and athletic may be attributable to his having formed his self-image during high school, when he would spend hours studying his then-scrawnier self in the mirror, memorizing his looks. However, this is unlikely as Chris has probably never "spent hours studying" anything.[31]

Chris passed a kidney stone on July 9, 2017. According to the Mayo Clinic,[32] some causes of kidney stones include dehydration, certain diets that are rich in protein, sodium, and sugar, and being obese, which makes sense, seeing as Chris is fat, eats a lot of fast food, which is rich in sodium and sugar, and he commonly drinks soda over water, which unlike water, doesn't do well for hydration.

In the comic

Fat Rosechu

Obesity in the Sonichu comic is largely limited to villains like Robotnik or the Jerkhief and comic relief like Sammy, but Sonichu #12 contains a bizarre sequence in which Rosechu and Cera balloon up before later losing 200 pounds in two weeks. This was done to appeal to Jessica Quinn, who had a fat fetish.[33][34]

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