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This article is about the character. For the general species of female OCs, see Rosechu (species).

The Idea Guys were here.

Chris was brainwashed into believing that Rosechu was born male and is transgender.
Sonichu character
Name Rosechu
Gender Female (original)

Male-to-Female transgender (Idea Guy retcon)

Birthday 22 December 1988 (in universe, original)

8 January 1992 (in universe, Idea Guy retcon)

22 December 2000 (IRL)
Type Electric
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Length 4'8" (1.4224 m)
Weight 90 lb (40.8 kg)
Education CWCville University[1]
Mother Raichu
Father Luxray
Evolves from Rosey or Raichu
Evolves into Vamprosa or The Incredible Lioness

Rosechu (pronounced "rose'chu" ([ˈroːz.tʃuː]);[2]) also known as Rosey, Rosey Rosechu or Rosechu Prime, is the second Electric Hedgehog Pokémon created by Chris, and the girlfriend-turned-wife of Sonichu.

As the primary male female character in the Sonichu universe, she represents Chris's idea of a perfect woman, which unsurprisingly amounts to a bleating wall-eyed semen receptacle with no personality. Rosechu's interests include kissing Sonichu, shopping, gossiping, sucking Sonichu's pickle, posting nude photos of herself on the Internet to uphold her reputation, and stripping for women's rights. Chris will occasionally have Rosechu refer to him as "father" (or more likely "papa"), just like Sonichu. Rosechu is extremely defensive about rumors that she has a penis.


Pink Electric Hedgehog Pokemon. The original cutie. She is Sonichu’s girlfriend. Even though she can’t run as fast as Sonichu, she still can zap up some power when in danger.
Rosechu's background, Sonichu's News Dash #2

Christian's primary interests are Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon. Having first created Sonichu, he would inevitably have to turn to fashioning a girlfriend for his creation, based predominantly on Amy Rose, with minor elements from Raichu added. Whereas the Sonic/Amy relationship is deliberately one-sided to create some drama and comedy, Christian prides himself on the fact that Sonichu and Rosechu have absolutely no sexual tension or any complications in their romance at all.

Intentionally or not, the entire Sonichu/Rosechu relationship serves as Christian's model for how he presumes he will interact with his eventual sweetheart. Sonichu's attraction to Rosechu is based entirely on a single wayward glance. He makes no effort to win her affection, and does not need to, as Rosechu falls for him instantly. They are rarely out of one another's sight, and all of their time together is spent kissing, snuggling or screwing. Christian does not depict Rosechu as an unequal partner within the relationship, but since she has almost no purpose or existence outside of her association with Sonichu, the character essentially serves as little more than an object for Sonichu to periodically ejaculate inside.

As trolls discovered Chris's weak spot for fan art of Rosechu with a penis, Christian responded with fervent attempts to prove Rosechu's femininity, drawing her less like the cartoonish Amy Rose and with greater attention to her breasts, hips, legs, underwear and cameltoe. This drive to assert Rosechu's sexuality, along with Chris's inevitable sexual attraction to his own character, probably contributed to Rosechu's increasing prominence in the comics. Sonichu #8 is almost entirely about her, even featuring an instance of Rosechu displaying formidable powers (in an attack which needlessly involved face-to-vagina contact).

Chris developed a biography page for Rosechu and revealed that he had created her on 22 December 2000, over nine months after creating Sonichu. Nowhere on the page is there any mention of him using Amy Rose as a base. It should also be noted that this was done basically out of obligation, as Rosechu (one of the comic's main characters) did not have her own page until February 2010, while Simonla, a rather minor character, had one back in December 2009. All information on Rosechu was originally to be found in a subsection of Sonichu's page, despite Chris's efforts to imply she is equal to him.

Chris recorded lines for Rosechu for the Sonic World fan game, hoping for a mod of the character. He speaks in a squeaky and high-pitched voice, uttering lines such as "I'll kick your ass."

Her cheeks were originally red, same as Sonichu and the Pikachu evolutions, but later, on 6 November 2023, Chris tweeted that Rosechu's cheek sacs had become yellow after she had "practiced her electrics" over the years. This is most likely an excuse for him not to have to pay attention to her unique Raichu ears, as he has commented on that in the same post.

Early life

In the CWCipedia article for Rosechu, Chris gives a rambling, pointless backstory for Rosechu. According to Chris, Rosechu was raised by her parents: fathered by a Luxray and mothered by a Raichu. The Luxray hunts and does other masculine activities, while the Raichu stays home and cooks dinner. Chris gives the small group a family dynamic similar to that of humans (the notion of which is completely ridiculous in the Pokémon universe). While still a Pichu, she was captured by a trainer, separating herself from family (though unlike Wild Sonichu, she expresses no emotion whatsoever about this as an adult).

The Pichu was taken in by Professor Oak, a character from the first-generation Pokémon games, and given to Kellie Felix as a consolation for not having arrived in time to receive one of the traditional starters. This plot point is stolen directly from the Pokémon anime and Pokémon Yellow, which begin in almost the exact same way.

More extremely dull biographical information ensues, chiefly concerning Kel gathering a full team of Pokémon. Oddly, every one of her Pokémon has a human nickname ("David," "Ashley", et cetera) but the Pichu is not given a nickname at all. The Pichu that would become Rosechu evolves into a Pikachu at one point, and at level 50 Kel uses a Thunder Stone to force it to evolve into a Raichu .

It's also interesting to point out that, unlike the other Sonichu/Rosechus in the comic, she is the only one to evolve fully clothed. Sonichu evolved with shoes on (somehow), the others seemed to as well, minus when Chris broke into Angelica's room, giving her shoes and a Scrunchy. When her children evolve, they do not share their mother's magic clothes evolution trait. Before her children, she was the only non-human character to be fully clothed while the other Sonichu/Rosechus run about naked or wear little to no clothing.


She is not just a sex object; she is an individual with her own feelings, aspirations and opinions.
Chris, explaining how he sees Rosechu as a sex object

Since Chris knows virtually nothing about actual women and considers them completely different from men, he has no frame of reference for Rosechu's characterization beyond qualities that make her a perfect mate in his eyes. Beyond her relationship with Sonichu and her defiance of 4-cent, Chris will only have Rosechu partake in stereotypical female activities. She enjoys "shopping" for no other reason than Chris having deemed this as a compulsory feminine quality, as well as having long "girly chats" that can last for hours — as seen with her interaction with Amy Rose, whom according to Chris she does not resemble in any way. Despite all of the shopping she does, she always wears the same outfit in public (when she isn't making porn for Women's rights). Her only other hobbies seem to include lounging in fields of flowers, and playing the damsel in distress and constantly needing her man Sonichu to save her.

Also worth noting is that, unlike Sonichu, Rosechu didn't fall in love at first glance. According to the CWCipedia, Rosechu only fell in love with Sonichu after he asked her to get him something to eat. Subtle.

Despite being slower than her counterpart,[3] and rarely showing any usefulness or fighting prowess (merely twice at last count), Chris claims that Rosechu is equal to her heartsweet in every way; she's just always "caught off-guard".[4] This tactfully implies that although Rosechu is as formidable in potential as Sonichu against the forces of evil, she is too incompetent to perform this duty. Logically, since Rosechu was created from Raichu, the evolved form of Pikachu, from which Sonichu was created, she should be stronger than him in basically every regard, but her crippling handicap of being female robs her of this.

It is notable that her nickname is the exact same as the baby form of her species, in what is totally not an infantilization of her character. To Chris's credit, she probably had the nickname before Chris came up with the Sonee/Rosey idea. Also, this could simply be an emulation of the common term of endearment "baby" normal people use (but isn't likely to be considering Chris's unoriginality).


The Idea Guys were here.

Chris was brainwashed into believing that Rosechu was male until getting an operation from Dr Silvestrchu in 2008.
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Okay, who’s Ready to have their minds Totally, Royally F***ed Up? Rosey, our Prime Rosechu, Sweetheart of Sonichu... Was born, as a Pichu, MALE. The D***ed Trolls were correct.
Chris, December 2017[5]
Chris's edited "proof" of Rosechu's sex.
The unedited page tells a different story.
Officially canon

On 12 January 2010, Chris received a letter from a fan complimenting his portrayal of Rosechu as a transwoman. The fourth generation of the Pokémon games introduced a sexually dimorphic feature for Raichu; female Raichu have rounded tails, whereas the males have a defined point - the latter being the original Raichu design, and as such the design of the Raichu that would become Rosechu. Rather than simply explaining that he had created the character before this gender-specific characteristic existed in the game art, Chris's reaction was to freak out in CAPS LOCK and scream into his camera. This intense reaction, of course, meant that the trolls had found yet another one of Chris's hot-buttons.

Chris received two more letters about Rosechu's transgendered nature before taking further action. He threw together a poorly photoshopped collage, declaring that it proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Rosechu was female. Unfortunately for Chris, the page in the archives remained unedited. This was pointed out in Mailbag 45. Chris responded to the serious accusation of lying to his fans the only way he knew: by deleting the letter. Chris eventually used the obvious defense that the gender differences didn't exist when he drew the page in Mailbag 51, when a patient fan explained he should have done that all along.

When Chris created the Rosechu biography page, he mentioned that Rosechu had a blunt tail as a Raichu (contradicting his own art) and that it became pointed because of her transformation.

Official poll results: Rosechu is transgender.

On 6 December 2017, under the influence of the Idea Guys, Chris took a complete 180 from his original viewpoint and confirmed that Rosechu was, indeed, hatched a male, believing she got an operation on her genitals so that she could give birth to her three children.[5].

Rosechu is confirmed transgender as of tonight. Chris was shocked but accepting xD

I pretended to be both Sonichu and Rosechu, who borrowed my computer. All it took was a little knowledge on Sonichu and Chris believes he’s talking to his “children”.

Basically Rosechu admitted it when she told Chris she evolved from a male Raichu.

Idea Guy[6]
I actually have heard this Fact from Rosechu, Herself; it is Not Fan Input on that.
An extremely gullible Chris.[5]

Chris asked his followers to vote on whether Rosechu should remain a transwoman or get retconned to being a female from birth, and they voted 57% to 43% for her to be transgender. He then deleted the poll results because his feelings were hurt over fans being more interested in a trans Rosechu[6]. Chris would later come around to accepting Rosechu as transgender and made it canon in Sonichu #0 HD.


Rosechu's marriage with Sonichu hasn't been as idyllic as she always imagined...

Rosechu married Sonichu in a top secret ceremony at Samuel Memorial United Christian Church on March 17, 2006.[7] Despite living together and having constant sex, the two lovebirds saw fit to keep their union out of the spotlight by wearing their rings under their gloves. Rosechu quickly set to work fulfilling her sole creator-given biological function as a Sonee and Rosey factory. As of 2009, the couple have three hidden children, abandoned to their put-upon-yet-attractive Hispanic lesbian nanny, presumably so the grown-ups can continue their important day-jobs of screwing and saving Chris from the trolls. The eldest, Cera, was already enrolled in elementary school in Sonichu 11, despite being ostensibly two years old.

After having the kids, Rosechu "volunteered on her own sound decision to have her tubes tied,"[8] which Chris believes is a reversible procedure (it generally is not). Rosechu elects to do this despite the fact that it would be be easier and safer for Sonichu to get a vasectomy and much easier for Sonichu just to wear a condom, as both characters have espoused in fake PSAs within the comic. The fact that preventing future children is Rosechu's responsibility rather than her husband's illustrates Chris's self-centered views on masculinity, responsibility, and the woman's role in a marriage.


She appears to hold unspecified Christian beliefs, reminding Sonichu that instead of using violence or getting angry with his foes, he should "remember the story of Joseph" (which of the Bible's three Josephs it is unclear) and forgive them. After all, all of the "good guys" of Chris' comic must be like their insane, murderous god.

However, Rosechu fails to remember the story of Joseph herself when she savagely mauls Jason Kendrick Howell not only for the crime of creating a satire website about her creator - but for throwing a pickle at her. As proof of her hypocrisy, Rosechu transforms into The Incredible Lioness, face-rapes Jason and tears his scalp open before electrocuting him, leaving him convulsing in a pool of blood.[9]


Despite the sexism evident, Rosechu is a long-term campaigner for Women's rights.

Rosechu has also been known to complain about the "dumb" child pornography laws,[10] mirroring Chris's wish that they be overturned so he can expand his Love Quest criteria to include children.

With her total lack of personality, rampant promiscuity, violent behaviour and enthusiasm for child pornography, Chris believes Rosechu is the perfect model for young female fans.

In the battle of 4-Cent Garbage she mentions how her glorious body and women's genitals are used to carry her children until they emerge for their "glorious birth". However, Rosechu should not be able to have live births, as every Sonee/Rosey seen was mentioned or shown to have been hatched (minus Sonichu, Rosechu, and Blake). She possibly meant she would lay the eggs- but her wording makes it sound she is able to give live births-what Pokemon cannot do. According to the Sonichu Chronology, all three of her children were born at this time.



Sonichu 12 features a storyline about Rosechu becoming obese. Chris wrote the plot into the story as a reflection of his relationship with then-sweetheart Jessica Quinn, who has a fat fetish[11][12]. After his breakup, she rapidly lost all the weight and the subject has yet to be mentioned again.


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