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Sonichu 2

Sonichu 2 Official Videobook is a series of videos made by Chris, in which he reads and comments on Sonichu 2. He started uploading these videos on 12 September 2009. Clearly suffering from a cold, Chris's previously incoherent speech and mannerisms become almost indecipherable.

...Saramah's 'bout to launch a bow from her arrow...
...need I say more?
  • In Episode 9, the first assault on CWCville by Count Graduon!!
  • In Sub-Episode 3, we learn that Mary Lee Walsh- I mean, Slaweel Ryam ISN'T REALLY A BLOND!?!

Episode 7

Episode 7: Anchuent Prophecy
Stardate 12 September 2008
Episode 6
Other Featuring the voices of Sonichu, Old Man, Cartoon CWC, Walter Grisby, and Nicole Rammer
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Sub-Episode 2
Episode 8


[a little stuffed up] Okay, now we are beginning our nexestallment, Book Number Two. [sigh] Yeah, once again, all Sonichu material is copyright March 17, 2000, by me, Christian Weston Chandler. Any names or persons illustrate in any o'the Sonichu comic books, except that of myself that may seem similar to anyone in real life or fiction are purely coincidental, or otha-wise parodic. Anyway, here's the cover of Book Number Two. It's like the basic origin of like you know how I got my transformation. Capabilities.

Episode 7: Anchuent Prophecy.

In da mountain areas, there is- there is this cave protected by, uh, couple of- surrounded by couple of stone statues. And Sonichu's just whizzing around, checking things out, ahzuma day run. And then pra- and he shwhips by the, uh, cave, he's like, Ooh, thisisthefirstimeInotice, s-like badgs-track an' looks at it. And then he reads on the stat- uh this, one of the stone tablets that says, "Only the Creature and his Master of da Prophecy may enter dis Destiny Cave."

"Creature a-master of prophecy?"

"Yes. On-ly those of the prophecy," says nearby stone tablet, which turns out to be... an old man.

"Forgive me, for I am the keeper of the Destiny Cave. [wrong voice] Oh my stars. [right voice] Oh my stars, you! You are the creature of the prophecy! We have much to discuss."

A while passes by after Sonichu and the old man discusses the, uh, situation, and then Sonichu whizzes back to me and tells me about the situation, s-so I reply, "So, let me get this straight. You found a cave and an old man guarding it. The old man elaborated that you are da prophecized creature, at since I am your creator and father, I ab da prophecized master. And I am able to receive a special power by entering the cave with you and the cave keeper, is this true?"

"Yeah, I know it seems far-fetched. But da-crik-dik but wit' the cave carvings, I say it's worth a shot, sir."

And then we both he- then we both head on over to the cave. I took my car, and Sonichu just waited for me over there. S- and the old man greet us he said, "Come! Let's fulfill the prophecy!"

So the two of us are, uh, marveling the, uh, cave drawings as say ay do seem accurate, while the old man elaborates, "It was prophecized by the ancient masters dat a re- reincarnation of our leader will take pen in hand to combine a mouse and a hedgehog, and give birth to a new electric creature. Then the leader will place his hand-made medallion on the pedestal and release the powers that were his, as well as his lady's and rival's powers. The powers will transform you all into the electric creatures with variable powers of good, bad, and peace. Also, an evil will s- strike the day the original electrical creature finds this cave. Only the released powers can defeat the evil."

"What? By finding this cave, I've released an evil? Shhw... boy do I feel special."
[sigh] Sonichu, it's not your fault. So the jar-the-a jar this evil, I have to release the ancient powers? I do it."
"That is correct, sire. Then stand over there, and I perform the chant."

Aight, so I place my medal on the ped- my medal on the my- on the medal pedestal, and then the, uh, two other columns have, wuh-dere itemss open up and then the sss- and the old man does his chat.


Which backwards, it can sound like, "LUM BAK AY CRAY OH PLOMO CLAY UH ZONA, AH HA." Eheh. Take that, Zorak. [sniffle] Ad then my meadow levitates and it comes towards me, then- and then um filled with a pow- and then I'm started to fill with a power.

And Sonichu's just nearby, he's like, "Sir? Chris?"

And I'm in a daze, then in my head I was inner- I was intercepted by a ances- by an ancestor.

"I am the Ancient Leader o' tha Cherokee Clan."
"Where am I? Sonichu? Old Man? What's going on here?"
"You are Christian Chandler, my reincarnation."
"Oh. Okay. Imapressed. Mmm."
"With the powers you have released comes great responsibilities. Use your powers to help others and yourself when necessary. Your rival will show up to fight you, but your lady friend, gal-pal, will help you against him and da evil. Do you understand?"
"Yeah, I understand."
"Now to atcess your powers, place your hands on'd your Sonichu medallion, feel the powers within you, and say 'Electric Hedgehog Power.' Try it once to return to Sonichu."
"Thank you agcestor, I will do my best."
"Take care, Christian."



"Papa? Papa?"
"Yeah. And it looks like you are too."

And then ah l- I mean I'm looking at Sonichu when they talking and, and I look down. Uh wait a minute, where are my shirt sleeves? I look down and I notice my body's changed lil' bit, and then I got a tayal?

"Sonichu? Fetch me a mirror!"
"Okay, I found one."

And I look into it and then ah realize I am a Sonichu too.

[gasp!] "I see. This must be part of my new powers. Cool! Ehhh."

And then Sonichu says, "Uhhhh Papa? I'm pretty much freaked out by all this. Let's just zap outta here."

"Okay! Let's go."

Meanwhile after a really- having released the powers, the uh beams of light with there's- with the items [sigh] levi- [sigh] teleport towards their respective owners. Anoder meadow goes to Walter Grisby, age 25, and then the- and then the power bracelets go towards Nicole Rammer, age 22, my gal-pal and friend. They were sweethearts for a little while, but they bay- they broke up.

"Huh? Wha?"

To be continued in da next video. Stay tuned.

Episode 8

Episode 8: Chaos & Serenity
Stardate 12 September 2008
Episode 8
Other Featuring the voices of Walter Grisby, Nicole Rammer, Cartoon CWC, and Sonichu
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 7
Episode 9


[still congested]

Episode 8: Chaos & Serenity.

In da mind of Walter Grisby, he is intercepted by his ancestor.

[wrong voice] "Walter, your ancient-" Wait a minute.

"Wait a minute, where am I? Who are you, what's going on?"
"Walter, your ancient power h-has been released. Now you must seek and destroy your rival."
"Rival, what?"
"This is your arrival. Christian Chandler. You two were l-rivals in previous lives, and you still are.
"Eh, okay. He did have a hint of jealousy against me. But anyway what do I do and what what what? What? What? What."
"Release the power of yer Fireshock Pendant by centering your anger and shout, 'Fire burn off.' Transform now, and we'll begin training."


"Awright then, let the training begin."

Meanwhile, in Nicole's mind, "Hm, whoa, what happened to my room? [gasp] Who are you?"

"I'm the Kori- I'm the Queen of the Churrokee Clan. My husband was da leader."
"Ookay. Why am I here?"
"The ancient powers of me, my husband, and this rival were just released. You hab been dispo- bestowed with the Lightning Bracelets."
"I wonder why these things were on my arms."
"You must use the power to bring serenity between my husband's reincarnation and his rival. Also you three must work togetter to stop the evil that was also released."
"Hmm. How will I recotnize your husband's soul?"
"His soul belongs to a friend of yourss. Now cross your bracelets and say, 'Graceful Lightning' to transform. I will teach the powers, then you must bring peace to the world, Nicole Rammer."
"Wow. This is too much. I guess zis destiny. [weakly] Graceful Lightning~"


"Wonderful. There is much to learn."

Mental training goes by quickly, when they are in da minds. It's like as if time slows down for everybody, when dey are in dere minds. Anyway. Meanwhile, about an hour later. About on- about near some truff terrain nearby Giovanni's Gym & Base ne- at the Destiny Cave, So- me- Chris Sonichu and I are still in dere [sigh] er uh talking to each other.

"Hmm. Well, thanks Sonichu, for helpin' me learn my new powers, electric attacks, hyper beams, and my speed."
"Eh, no sweat, Pop."
"Mmm. But I just can't figure out why I need to do to change back to normal."
"Ah, don't worry too much about it, Pop. We'll figure out eventually."

Sonichu bops me on the chest and SWUUOINK-WOOSH! I transform back.

"Huh. Oy did was touch your chest mark; y'change back. Whuyaknow?"
"Yeah. Thanks a lot Sonichu."


At about that time within W-Walter's mind, his training becomes complete.

"Your training is complete, Wes-Li. Now, BEGONE. Go destroy Christian."

[WOOSH] Teleporty to batto near where Christi- where I- Sonichu and I are.

"Okay, now'a find my rival, where is he? Aaah, there he is."

He recognizes me right away. Ad then nearby, ssssss-Saram-su-sss-Nicole ssslass-Saramah Rosechu was teleported nearby.

"Hmm. The Queen said I'd find them around here somewhere."

But without her not realizing it yet, yerize he says- lez- Walter says, "All right Chris. Get ready for a barbecue." [FWWWWWW] "FIRE BLAST."

'Lil ways off, Saramah notices, "I wonder where... what the?"

Hmm...ooy um Sonichu and I are just finishing our conversuh- conversation sumpin'

"Yaddayaddayadda, 'Oyuh'll tell ya whut..."

Sonichu notices the fire blast coming in.


[WOOSH] Dashes me out da way, as the fireflies lands on the ground.

"Wow, that was a- wow. What a blast. Thanks, Sonichu."
"That's okay, dewd."
"I saw that! That guy fired on that man down there. Oh my gosh, that's Chris. W'thank God his Sonichu sav-uh-im- saved him. Buh-who?"

[sigh] And s- and Wes-Li nearalizes his miss and he's li- he lunch- jumps down towards them.

[sigh] I'll ge'em this time."

Wes-Li jumps really high ad then comes craw- and curls up into a- into his sphere form- sphere... position and, l-and comments down towards me and Sonichu.

"Whu-duh, SONICHU RUN!"
"You don't have to tell ME twice! Return to stone age? Boy you really need to tell those cavemen twice."


And we got out o' the way just in time as, uh, he hits the ground, lands about a few fee- few ways down. We both look back and notice that he went in, and th' he jumps back out safely.

And Saramah's like thinkin', "Wow this's gain-tense."

And den we take a look- glem- me and Wes-Li, we take a g'look into each other's eyes. Hmmm. And we're thinkin' bu- then Zhuramah wants to hear on the conversation.

"I'll use my bracelet's power to hear those two."

And I'm like, "I see. As described in the prophecyyy." I'm thinking. Ad den I say, "I'm guessin' that you also have a secret identity. If so, who are you really?"

"Okay," s-replies Wes-Li. "I'll give you a clue. Your friend sat on my lap and you had a jealous look on your face!"

"No. Walter Grisby!"
"You are correct!"
[gasp] "Oh no, not Walter Grisby, I don't believe this!"


"Who-a-you think you are for attacking us?"
"I'm am y'arrival. Hahahaha."

Then we launch into our discu- into our conversation of argument.

"Okey, I'll a'mit that with the- that was jealous of you because you get to spend so much more time with Sarah than I do."

I had an angry look on my face, and he has a smirk.

"Yeah, whatever. My ancestor o' the Wasabi Clan wanted to rule the world, and the only way to do that..."

And I continue on with a thought, "Oh, but I only felt jealousy because I care a lot about her. Eh, the reason I kept on it inside me for all this time was that I wanted her to be happy, all things considered..."

And he c- and then Wes-Li continues on sayin, "...was to steal the Cherokian Clown from y' lousy Cherokees for centuries we of..."

"...after all, I res- after all, I respett her feelings, and if she feels happier with you than I am, happy knowing that uhh we've been lifelong friends, you know..."
"...the Wasabi Clan... whut... wuz-asabi Clan cried trails of tears because we are never able to kill the King of the Cherokee Clan to get da marvelous Cherokian Clown..."

Ad den I finish up by saying, "Hey! I'm pourin' out my- I'm pourin' out my heart about how I care for my sweet friend- my best friend- my h-lifelong friend, why you dig into your pond of greed!"

"Well, enough talk. Time to fight!"

And he comes launching- lunching at me with a punch, like a Mach Punch.

Uh, he's coming fast I needa transform, and I don't have much time, good thing I laid this card down. "Agddivate Magic- Cra Ad-da-Addivate Trap Card: Magic Cylinder!"

He puts his hand in one cylinder and out the udder, it bops him on the head. Ahyuh! and then I transform!


An' then suh- an'en Saramah realizes-s, thinkin', "Aw, he was jealous for me? Aw, that's so sweet."

Da-da! Hmm.

"Hey, Wes- Ay, Walt, are you okay? How many life points d'you have let?"

[HRRM! FWWWWW!] He launches a flamethrower!


I gah da- da- duck outadaway but he singed my tay-al! [sniffle] I after I stop, drop, and roll to put out the flame.

"You burn my tail! Now it's PERSONAL!"

[rapid fire action!] S'I give'em ma a Mach Punch of my own! BAM! A men- a-den he gets me wi' a Mega Kick! WHAM! I miss a Curse-Ye-Ha-Me-Ha attack 'at only I can etsecute, th'he hits me with a Sky Uppercunt, and he lands me on the ground.

"Eheh. How many life points do you have left? A-heh."

A'then he toots the crown away from me f- aways from my possession there, and I had it.

"How many life... thanks for the crown, dude!"
"That's it, I can't take it anymore!"

And Saramah's 'bout to launch a bow from her arrow- an error f- an arrow from her bow and Walter's sayin', "Now it's time to say good-bye, Chris!"

"AAAAAAAAA! Where dis non-sacra tree come from?"

And he's pinned to a tree, he drops the crown, and the nearby, I'm thinkin' I no-iss the all'ets happening, she zay.

"Wow. She must be da lady o' peace ats described in da prophecy."

To be continued in the nets video. Stay tuned.

Episode 9

Episode 9: The Evil that Stomped CWCville
Stardate 12 September 2008
Episode 9
Other Featuring the voices of Cartoon CWC, Saramah, Wes-Li, Sonichu, Slaweel, and Count Graduon
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 8
Sub-Episode 3


Episode 9: The Evil that Stomped CWCville.

Sir- Saramah hands me back my, uh Cherokian Crown.

"Here Chris, I think this belongs to you."
"Thank you. Who are you?"
"My hedgehog name is Saramah. Excuse me. Walter Grisby!"

N'Sh- she approaches him while he's still pinned to the tree. And he's alive.

"I had given you my heart and soul! And you dare harm my best friend? I can't believe you would do such a thing! Like that! But you did! I should'a never hooked up with you!"

"Hooked up?" Walter thinks- realizes. "Nicole is that you?"

[gasp] "Nicole?"

Then she grabs- and then she grabs the arrow wedged into his ch- wedged into his chest. And then she shouts out to him, "Yes Walt, and I say that we are through! I do not love you anymore!" Then she drag- then she pulls the arrow out, and then he screams out in pain!


He falls to the ground; lands on his butt. He's like "Ow, damn! I hurt in three places!"

"I should leave- I should leave you bound to that tree but the three of us are destined to destroy the evil that's being that is lurking somewhere," and Saramah says.

And then I'm- and then I reali- and in response I say, "Oh yeah! The prophecized evil! I wonder where he'll strike!"

And Sonichu approaches me with the news.

"Yes, Sonichu."
"I just got a call from Rosey! There's a rock monster destroying CWCville!"
"This must be the evil. Sonichu, go on ahead. We'll catch up!"
"OK!" [PFFW]

He dashes away, then I tells- then I tell Nicole, "Nicole! There is a rock monster destroying CWCville! It may be the evil."

"Then we have no choice: we have to go destroy it! Chris, stand there next to Walter!"

And then she t- and then she launches two arrows simultaneously at us, but instead of hitting us in the chest, they uh open up to r- to make up these e-electrical spheres around- that surround me and Walt- me and Walter and also one around herself that she created herself, and then she's like, "Let's Fly!"

And now we're levi- levitating about like half a mi- ma-half a mile above the ground. And then Saramah says "Chris, which way to CWCville?"

And I say, "Oh. Right. Nicole? Right, Nicole. About 25 miles due north thataway!"


And then Walter's thinkin', "Whoa! This the best levitation trick ever," 'cause in real life he was a magician.

And then the three of us go dashin off towards at neckbreakin speed, and Walter is surpised.


But a few ma- a few moments ago: the city of CWCville! A vibrant community, with happy people, cool chicks, business, and a frustrated male. Virgin. [sigh] W- what's goin on? Oh no! It's a giant bowl of monster! And that witch! Slaweel Ryam.

"HAHAHAHA! I can shatter many hearts with this golem! And we'll take over da-"

"And yes," says Count Graduon in her wand. "We will take over the world."

"You bet, ancient spirit!"

And then Count Graduon continues to say, "The Cherokian and Wasabi Clans may have put me away for centuries, but I will rule the world!"

And then goin' back up to a few minutes later, which is where we come in, the golem monster's destroyin' the city and then Saramah says, [gasp] "OH NO! That thing is huge! We gotta take it down! Chris, you know this world. That we're in. You know this world, any ideas?"

"Hmm. Yeah, I think so. Nicole, shoot some arrows into its eyes. Wi- with fi- Wes, fire up its knees. Those things always have weak knees. I'll go for the heart- for its hearts- I'll go for its heartspot, you know, where it would be located."

Let's! Wait! And the- and then Walter goes, "Ohh, my heat is broken... I don't know what's going on! What's the point?" He's depressed.

And I tell 'em, "Hey, buck up! My heart was previously shattered, and I'm not complaning! We have to destroy the monster before it's dur- before it destroys the city! Let's move!"

Then meanwhile just outside the City of CWCville Shoppin' Center, Rosechu's standin by- Rosechu's... standing by, waiting for Sonichu and everybody, and sayin. And she's thinkin, Sonichu... Father... if you're involved in fighting that monster, please be careful!

So Saramah is shootin' lighting arrows into its eyes, I shoot a tractor beam into its heartspot, and then w- and then Walter is sh- is firing up its ankl- is firing up its knees. And then st- and then suddenly- and then after a few attacks it s-2-stop- it stops attacking, and then it starts to topple over, but its still standing. So then I'm like, "Let's finish this! TEAM BLAST! BLUE BLUE FIREBALL ATTACK!"

The three of us get into s- spheres and we DISH-DASH-DISH! whack that thing in three places and it falls down, goes BOOM!

"OOWWwww," says Slaweel Ryam.

And then the- and then Count Graduon says, "You three may have thwarted out plans, but we will meet again, for I am Count Graduon!"

[gasp] That orb is talking? I'm thinking? The evil we're supposed to be- we were to destroy is him? And Slaweel Ryam has his cage? The evil was Count Graduon, not that golem! That golem was just a pawn of the de- of the evil.

"Until another day, hedgehogs! HAhahahaha."

And then Slaweel cries away.

Then I'm sayin, "Wuuu, n'do use chasin' them now; we will meet again."

Then Sonichu and Rosechu come up and give us an update. And its like you know they just got here.

"Father, I got here as fast as I could, but it looks like I'm late."

Then I tell 'im, "Don't worry about it; we s- we three saved the day." An' then we all transform back.

An' then so Nicole's sayin, "So Chris, how do I get back to Ruckersville from here?"

And then I say, "Well, there's a warp portal in my mayoral office in the CWCville mall. I'll get us a cab."

And Walte- 'n poor Walter. He's just turn his back on us, an' he's jealous and everything. So anyway, we get a cab. [BEEP BEEP!]

We head back over to CWCville Shopping Center and we teleport back to Ruckersville from CWCville, VA. It's a CWC teleport!

Then later on, Nicole and I are just uh talkin'- just catching up on thangs.

I'm like, "Are you ok Nicole?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."
"I just feel concerned since you broke up with Walter."
"Oh don't worry about it; we've had previous disputes; 'n besides, he did lack something."
"I see. So d'you have someone else in mind, or are you gonna take it easy for a while?"
"Well, I did have someone else in mind! He's big, strong, and he's handsome!"

Oh... and I start to feel a little uncomfortable... and I'm like [wrong line] D'oh! D'OH! D'oh... And I- I buck it up- I suck it in, and [right line] I say, "Oh really, does he have a name?"

"Yes! His name is William!"
"Hmm. Well, as long as he makes you feel happy! If he ever lets you down and out, just come to me and you may cry on my shoulders as much as you need."
"Zhe-jhe- thank you! I appreciate your concern."
"Hey listen don't be a stranger, be sure to stop by for a visit whenever you're in the neighborhood. It's always great to have you around, my old best friend.

[sadly] Dun-dun-dun. End of the episode for now.

Sub-Episode 3

Sub-Episode 3: Me 'n Sonichu in "Witch Confront"
Stardate 12 September 2008
Episode Sub-3
Other Featuring the voices of Cartoon CWC, Slaweel Ryam, and Sonichu
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 9
Episode 10


Ah! Ok, before I continue to Sub-Episode 3, let me make ah- an elaborate statement that everybody should know about. I've seen YouTube videos and whatnot, about the... PVCCitizens, or the past stuff before the name changes and everything. But anyway, for th' whole time, it al- it always has the uh- my version of it- it always has and should be updated and changed to- from PVCC to the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, also known as PVCCitizens. You don't get it without the 'citizens.'

And plus, Mary Lee Walsh. Ah- I'm sorry, Slaweel Ryam. The witch in the comic books. She never had blond hair. That!? That's a Viking helmet with devil horns on it! She was al- she h-always had long, straight gray hair under that helmet! Gray hair! She was never a blond! And that's PVCCitizens! So, get your act together, people! Fix it!

Anyway, moving on.

Sub-Episode 3: Me 'n Sonichu in "Witch Confront"

An obvious expansion from the short comic strip of Us versus the Mastermind.

Mmm. So anyways we star- anyways so we start off me taking in my thoughts here. Hmm.

I have taken many blows in my life. But the most devastating were the blows from the witch- from that witch, S-Slaweel Ryam. During the- during the first few months of my sweetheart search, she interrupted and intruded by destroying my advertisements, at which that point she shattered my heart, hurt my soul, did so much damage to me really hurt. And she threatened to make me look bad. And I'm- an' I suck it in- I have- and I was so much weak back then, but I am much much MUCH MORE SALTIER NOW. Grown even more tough. Anyway, SHE MUST BE STOPPED, before others feel her heart-shattering wrath.

So later on, at PVCCitizens, the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, in the office of Slaweel Ryam, the Dark Witch a' Hearts, she is makin' a s- makin' her stew of witchboy- stew of witchcraft.

Double Double, Toil and Trouble!
Fire Burn, and Cauldron Boy-Bubble!
I shatter hearts as I please!
I hurt them hard with the greatest of ease!

And then I break in through a win'ow! [PSWWW!]

[gasp] "Who dares intrudes upon all mine- upon my negative influence?"

I land on the ground, my back towards her. Then I turned around- my turn around my head towards her, and I say, "My name... is Chris-Chan Sonichu. I'm here to stop your heart-shatterers of evil. But more specifically, in the name of Christian Weston Chandler's heart, I shall punish you!"

"Oh, that anime line and pose is so old! I'll destroy you using my Dark Magic!"

Woops! So she launches a magic ball at me, and then I- and then I run up- I dodge it. Easily. Then I launch a zh- Thunderbolt. But then she deflected it with her... pitch- with her red pitchfork broom- her red pitchfork that is also her broom. And then she launches a trio of magic spheres. And then I do a combination Double Team and Mirror Coat which launch all three spheres back at her and it hits her bad. So far it has been in defense- so far it was in defense, but then she's like, "Come on! C'MON!"

But then I tell her, "I was told never to hit any women. But since you insist!"

I hit her with a Mach Punch! WHAM!

And then she kicks me! So I give her a Mega Kick back! WHAM!

And she's got- lunges her pitchfork at me- but not puncturing me- but she hits my chest mark and then she's- and then I feel- and then I feel the pain and it knocks me back and fall- into a fall- I fall onto the ground then I transform back into myself. She'f- and I'm thinking, shoot, she found my transportation spot!

So I'm lying- so I'm lying, near helpless on the ground, and S-Slaweel's exclaiming, "AHH, so, Chris-Chan! You ARE Christian Chandler. Hah. Well! I took your heart and soul, so I'll finish it! And not only will you never ever attract a boyfriend-free girl, you'll be heartless! EHEHEH! Goodbye!"

And she was about to stab me with her pitchfork! A lightning bolt comes in and knocks it out of her hand!


And then, yes, it's Sonichu, he comes to my rescue!

"I stood by, in case som'n happened to my father."

And then I recover, and I like get up.

"Thanks, Sonichu. I was down, now I'm up. I'm ok, Sonichu. Thank you. Anyway, SINCE you will not leave me alone on my Sweetheart Search, we have no choice but to fight you, and destroy you, Slaweel Ryam!"
[together] "One shot is all we get!"

Sonichu prepares his Thunderbolt attack, and I start my CURSE-YE-HA-ME~ And then she's thinkin' she's gonna be safe wit' her shattered hearts in her hands to fuel her rage and protection, but our attacks...


...penetrate her magic shield and takes her down!

[together] "YES!"

But then... the end? No, wait! Her witch brew is still a-boiling. That means... SHE AIN'T DEAD YET!

Dang! Stay tuned for the more comic pages to come on the videos. And enjoy. Have a safe day.