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Sonichu #7
Sonichu Issue 7.jpg
Cover Date: 5 March 2007
Finished: 20 August 2008
Page Count: 49
Episodes: 15-16
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #6
Sonichu #8

Sonichu #7 is the eighth issue of Christian's Sonichu comic book. Although the cover was drawn in March 2007, most of it would not be completed until August 2008, well into Chris's conflict with Encyclopedia Dramatica and months after his falling-out with Megan. This is the first issue of Sonichu to be directly affected by the influence of trolls. It is far from the last.

The ending of Sonichu #7 sets the stage for issues #8-10, as a mission into the past causes Chris to be stranded in "the Time Void" where he cannot directly intervene in the lives of his characters. Chris had by this time begun to feel he was becoming too intrusive in Sonichu's stories--possibly upon reading criticisms on ED--and wanted to remove himself as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it didn't last.

While Chris is trapped in the Time Void, Sonichu and Magi-Chan return to the present... that is, to 2 November 2007 when the events of this issue are set. Although Chris's comics were clearly never set in real-time (Episode 14 takes place immediately after Episode 13, not months later when Chris drew it), this is the first open acknowledgment that at times the comic's timeframe can be weeks or months behind real-time. This would become increasingly confusing as Chris would continue referring to dates in future issues, with events in the comics occurring a year or more before they were published. Indeed, during his stay in the time void the Chris of November 2007 experiences "future" visions of events such as ED's discovery of him and his heartbreak with Megan. Although Sonichu #7 sets up the storyline that PVCC plans to exploit Chris's absence with another invasion of CWCville, Chris quickly loses interest in developing this idea in favor of another:

Episode 15: "Time for a Ball"

Time for a Ball
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Episode 15 features the most unrealistic depiction of Chris, as a tall, broad shouldered, handsome young man. Compare to the real hunched, fatty, double chinned Chris.

Hey, guys! What's Da Update?

Following the battle with Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, Chris and Megan return to the Manchester High School basketball court with Magi-Chan and Sonichu in search of the Sonichu Balls. There, Bionic the Hedgehog gushes about his new girlfriend, Megagi La Skunk, who then shows up to take him out on their second date. Chris envies his fictional creation until Megan holds his hand, which cheers him up enough to make stupid animu faces again while thinking creepy stalker thoughts.

Magi-Chan makes up some bullshit about how the Sonichu Balls are scattered throughout space and time, and that he can somehow pinpoint the missing ball if he can find the person it came into contact with. Worth noting is that Chris has yet to explain what the Sonichu Balls are, why they would help, or why they even came here to look for one.

Chris comes over to ask the Sonichus for da update, and Magi-Chan somehow realizes that it was Chris who touched the Ball in the past. Magi-Chan reads Chris's mind and somehow narrows down the exact date and time: 13 November 1996, 2:31:29 p.m. Coincidentally, this was the very moment that Chris created Bionic the Hedgehog.

Chris confirms Magi-Chan's hypothesis, recalling that he thought he had been hit on the head with a basketball that day, but it must have been the Sonichu Ball from the future. Feeling self-conscious, Chris segues into a Family Guy-style scene which he gives Seth MacFarlane full permission to use.

The Family Guy "Skitch"

When you're Christian Weston Chandler, the whole world is your bathroom.
What an eerie coincidence of appearance. Perhaps Uboa's cousin?

Chris remembers himself as having a Peter Griffin-style body and intellect, although ironically, this fat, stupid version of Chris is easily the most accurate self-caricature he's ever drawn, and makes Peter look like Einstien. Visiting the headquarters of the Filmation Ghostbusters for no apparent reason, he excuses himself to use the restroom, and mistakenly enters the chamber the team on the cartoon used to change into their Ghostbuster uniform. What follows is a faithful, albeit crude, homage to the Ghostbusters transformation routine, except for the part where Chris would be bounced off a giant spider web. This part is omitted for being "too gross an [sic] silly", although it's more likely that either A) Chris simply couldn't figure out how to draw a still picture of a figure bouncing off a web, or B) didn't want to draw his fat stupid alter ego briefly stripped to his underwear.

Finally, the fat, stupid Chris is dropped unceremoniously into the Ghostbusters talking car, where it collapses under the sudden impact, blowing its wheels clean off. Confused, Chris simply observes that this is not the bathroom, and a "PPFFFFFFT" sound effect indicates that he has shit his pants.

Disturbingly enough, the first few minutes of the Family Guy episode "Road to Germany" bears an eerie resemblance to this "skitch".

Time travel mashugana

Returning to the main story, Magi-Chan explains that he can take Sonichu, Chris, and himself on a trip back to 1996 to retrieve the Sonichu Ball, but before they can leave, the fat, stupid Chris from the flashback appears to ask Chris for permission to keep the clothes he wore in the "skitch". Chris addresses this person as "Sammy", and informs him that the medallion he's wearing is merely an imitation of Chris's Sonichu Medallion.

Together, Sonichu, Magi-Chan, and Chris go back in time, using Magi-Chan's telepathy and Sonichu... uh... pedaling backward really fast. While it would simply be more efficient to run forwards while facing the rear of the bubble, Chris must have decided that running backward was SO FUNNY XDXDXD. Also, Chris wears glasses, so that might also have something to do with it. They leave a big pile of shit behind, and Kellie Andes briefly appears in a pointless cameo.

Episode 16: "Time Hogs"

Time Hogs
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Ep. 16 (2 of 3)
[Ep. 16 (3 of 3) (missing)]

Despite the dramatic potential offered by time-travel, the entire story is little more than a navel-gazing tribute to the "historic" day when Chris "created" an orange, basketball-playing Sonic the Hedgehog. It's like if Peabody and Sherman visited Thomas Edison on the day he invented the light bulb, only to find Edison loitering in a high school gym and reading R.L. Stine books, while Peabody and Sherman have a long, boring conversation about Futurama (incidentally, Bender makes a cameo in the time-travel scene on Page 1. This could be a reference to the movie "Bender's Big Score" in which Bender is sent through a time portal to recover rare artifacts from the past.)

In the past, our heroes watch the Chris of 1996 have a dull conversation with his friend, Joseph Herring, who is depicted with a face covered in disfiguring boils, even though his yearbook photo shows clear, healthy skin. After Joe tells a pathetic story of a date gone wrong, Chris reads a Fear Street novel, as the Chris of 2007 explains that he would imagine Sonic characters playing out the story (which some argue to be as a result of his autism and his inability to relate to people, leading him to relate to video game characters), and having to consciously remember what he looks like because he is too stupid to remember what his own face looks like.

The Sonichu Ball falls on Chris's head, and Sonichu retrieves it before anyone can see him, thus preventing any possible contamination of the time stream. Because, you know, 13 November 1996 was a watershed moment in history.

While "[opening] the lockers to [his] mind" is a perfectly good metaphor to begin with, Chris autistically ruins it by pictorially depicting it as opening actual lockers. For no apparent reason, Chris adds a scene lifted directly from Beavis and Butt-head to the story, ruining that too (at the very least, he apologizes to Mike Judge). In case that wasn't enough, Chris also messed up the context of the scene, where the substitute teacher is seen saying "Great! I'll take all the women here", when in reality, the subject ended there, when Beavis and Butthead entered the room. This is probably because there were a few guys in the room, and as we know, that would make him a dang, dirty homosexual, compared to a clean, wholesome pedophile.

Returning to 2007, Chris tries to brace himself for the sudden stop, only to be thrown clear of the time-sphere and launched headlong into the timestream by the power of the two Sonichu Balls. Sonichu and Magi-Chan are too busy discussing their respective sex lives to notice at first, and then Magi-Chan realizes he's stuck in the void of time, and can only be returned at some indeterminate point in the future, "richer or poorer in emotions".

CWCville, where the weather's always right for yiffing.

Later that night, Sonichu explains the situation to Rosechu, and the two seriously worry about how they'll be able to defend the city without him. Sonichu gives Rosechu a reassuring hug, complete with a panty shot of Rosechu just in case things were getting too classy. Rosechu immediately suggests they make hot monkey love, and Sonichu makes a pathetic condom/raincoat joke.

At the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens, pretty much every villain in the series so far gathers to hear Mary Lee Walsh and Count Graduon announce Chris's fate. They don't seem to have an actual plan or anything, but the group doesn't seem to mind. In addition to the established villains, this scene marks the debut of Jason Kendrick Howell and his "Woman Slave", Kathleen, who would be prominently featured in the next issue.

In the Time Void, Chris absorbs the two Sonichu Balls into his arms (?) and begins experiencing new memories from both his fake life in the comic and his real-life since the previous issue, including:

  • Megan "dumps" him over the Chris-chan article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, specifically the picture he drew of the two of them nude and having sex. In this comic, Chris acts as though the events never actually happened, and he blames "" for the picture.
  • Joshua Martinez offers to fix Chris up with Lori Lopez, but she dumps him in favor of Josh.
  • Mary Lee Walsh invades CWCville, and the Sonichus and Rosechus manage to defeat her.

KCWC Segment


Chris introduces KCWC, CWCville's radio station, run by Jamsta Sonichu and Lolisa Rosechu. Jamsta quickly establishes himself to be an even bigger douche than most DJs with the announcement that "Sonichu & Rosechu fanbase is on the rise to beyon the max thousands."

Jamsta interviews Blanca and Jiggliami about their upcoming performance at CWCville's Spring Break Concert. OH, MY GOD! HELLO JOE! HELLO JOE! JYNX! JYNX! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! AHHHHH.... This concert is set to take place at Max's Kansas City, a famous New York punk/new wave club which closed in 1981. It's likely Chris became aware of this club through Guitar Hero.

Lolisa interviews Sonichu superfan Robert Simmons V, who explains how Chris inspired him to use a Furby doll to "relieve stress at home". Lolisa intros Boston's "More Than a Feeling," which proves that no matter how backward and out of touch Chris is, even he understands that Boston kicks ass. However, this is likely just something he stole from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, where Carl refers to "More Than a Feeling" as "The Ultimate Song."



An ad for Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles appears.

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