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Tapas is a website which can host webcomics for artists. Chris began uploading Sonichu books in September 2017. Chris might have gotten the idea to try Tapas from Merryweathery, who has his own webcomic series on Tapas and had agreed to help manage Chris's Sonichu business as a condition for Chris participating in his Internet Dream Lounge interview.[1]

Chris's account was disabled in the wake of the 2021 incest scandal.


I am Christine W. Chandler, creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the city of Cwcville, VA, as drawn in my Comic Book Series. And I am a proud Lesbian Transwoman.

Reading list

His list contains Sonichu and various LGBT comics.


Read along in the many adventures of Sonichu and Rosechu, the Electric-Hedgehog Pok'emon, their friends and family, in and around the city of Cwcville, VA. Also, a number of soul-explorative adventures of the author/creator, Miss Christine Weston Chandler (formerly known as Christian Weston Chandler).


19 September 2017

Want paper copies of my Sonichu Books? Currently, until further developments, the books are available only through me. And you can have a book or More per month, as well as the updates of sneak peeks and whatnot of my next book too. Only available on my Patreon. Check me out Today!


**Note: after completion of the current book in progress, as noted on my Patreon, that book will be added onto my Tapas page, here, the following month.

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