Reginald Sneasel

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Sonichu character
Reginald Sneasel
Date of birth Unknown
Gender Male
Length 2'11" (90 cm)
Weight 61.7 lbs (28 kg)
Species Sneasel (Pokémon)
Type Dark/Ice
Evolves into Reginald Weavile (Level up holding Razor Claw at Night)
An actual Sneasel.

Reginald is a Sneasel (later a Weavile) who wears a headband (similar to the one worn by Ryu of the Street Fighter series) and cutoff jeans. He only barely resembles a Sneasel, as his coloring and body shape are completely off, but at least he looks vaguely similar to what he was allegedly ripped off from (unlike Layla Flaaffy, who isn't even close). He is not only an excuse for Chris to remove Punchy Sonichu from being paired up with Angelica, but he's also an excuse to draw himself back into the comic while stuck in the Time Void: look carefully at the color of those eyes. His inclusion is highly confusing as he is introduced shortly after Simonla announces she wants to name her hypothetical son "Reginald".

In the comic

Reginald is a Sneasel who makes his first comic appearance in episode 19. Reginald is in love with Layla and tries to steal her from Punchy with a cunning plan. Unfortunately, Layla and Punchy still manage to hook up despite Reginald's cunning plan involving cutting the keyboard cord on the computer.

While Reginald is feeling sorry for himself outside, he is approached by Angelica, who flirts with him and almost immediately asks him out, claiming she finds it endearing that he's so pathetic (mirroring how Chris thinks a girl would ask him out). In Episode 20, he is seen in bed with Angelica, proving that even after being raised by nuns, she, like all of the other Rosechus, is a total slut, despite her staunch Catholic upbringing.

In the first draft of Episode 19, Reginald is shown to be 28 years old. In the final version of the comic though, Chris de-ages him by ten years, thus making Reginald 18, the same age as Layla Flaaffy. Chris most likely made this change so Reginald wouldn't seem like such an obvious avatar for him (nobody was fooled). It's also likely that this was done so Reginald (and by extension Chris) wouldn't look like a pedofork.

As a Mary Sue

While Chris is stuck in the Time Void, Reginald is essentially the replacement Chris. Sad, pathetic and lonely (but not in his late twenties), Reginald attempts to sabotage Punchy's burgeoning relationship with Layla out of jealousy. Like Chris, he fails. Unlike Chris, however, Reginald somehow manages to find a boyfriend-free girl willing to look past the layers of self-loathing to his shallow, childish core. Of note is that Angelica finds Reginald "honest" and "sweet", and that she approached him. Also note, his entire existence up to that point involved him obsessing over another girl, spreading false rumors about his desired paramour to try and dissuade his rival, and actively trying to sabotage his rival's attempts.

Angelica and Reginald's pairing is essentially how Chris would like his first relationship to start. Chris wants a girl to be attracted to his honesty and approach him so that he doesn't have to do any of the legwork on his own.

Chris also seems to have some peculiar attachment to the name "Reginald." Aside from Sneasel, it's the given name of Chris's imaginary future son, his Spanish alias, and as well as that of the imaginary future son of Simonla Rosechu. When asked about this, Chris explains that a woman (most likely PandaHalo) suggested the name for the previously-mentioned imaginary son of Chris, which probably kicked off this obsession.

The Sneasel's fumbling stupidity has perversely made him a favorite with trolls, and he played a key role in the FALSE and DISHONEST episodes of Sonichu #11.

In the real issue #11, Reginald evolves into a Weavile after leveling up at night while holding a Razor Claw. He goes berserk, destroys his room and, ashamed, leaves Angelica for Layla.