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Sonichu 16

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Sonichu #16
Cover Date: N\A
Began: 1 November 2017
Finished: 3 August 2018
Page Count: 82
Episodes: Unknown
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #15

October 25, 2017... the life of Miss Christine Weston Chandler, myself, was beginning to change forever... this is our story.


Sonichu #16 or The Awakening of a CPU as re-titled by Chris is an issue which was heavily directed by the Idea Guys trolls. It features a story on how his fictional troll character, John Yamada, came to influence Chris. Due to the secretive nature of the saga, the comic pages were never uploaded by Chris; however, in-progress photos were leaked by various people whom Joshua Wise had shared with.

Chris stated that the comic was back in production in May 2018, when he posted previews for a backup story about the marriage between himself, Cryzel and Magi-Chan.

The comic was finished at around Fall of 2018, albeit rough and mostly uncolored and was directly mailed to his backers to avoid violating Patreon's Terms of Service.


Still canon?

On 25 May 2018, Chris tweeted:

A Large Portion of Sonichu 16 was inspired by "Idea Guy" in an Attempt to Troll Me. A Good Friend reviewed the Final Draft of the Comic and Told Me that Patreon would most likely consider it "Hate Speech".

I don't want to Re-Draw Sonichu 16 - I put MUCH work Into It.

But at the Same Time I don't want to Offend Anybody or get my Patreon Page removed. Can someone Give Me Advice? Should I Publish It or Re-Do it Completely to Remove Outside Influence? I Don't Want my Patreon Page or my Future Work Threatened by This.[1]

However, he deleted the tweets within minutes and the comics were mailed to his Patreon backers on 22 October 2018.


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