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Sonichu 16

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Sonichu #16
Cover Date: N\A
Began: November 8, 2017-January 22, 2018
Finished: In progress
Page Count: Believed to be at least 32
Episodes: Unknown
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #15

Sonichu #16 is an issue which was heavily directed by the Idea Guy troll. It was planned to feature a story on how his fictional troll character, John Yamada, came to influence Chris. Due to the ending of the saga in January 2018, comic pages were never uploaded by Chris; however, in-progress photos were leaked by various people whom Idea Guy had shared with.

Chris stated that the comic was back in production in May 2018, when he posted previews for a backup story about the marriage between himself, Cryzel and Magi-Chan.

Leaked pages

Our Wedding special