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This article is about Sonichu 16's redesignated plot on Count Graduon. For the original plot written by the Idea Guys, see Sonichu #13.

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This comic is currently in-progress and/or online in draft form only. Pages may be uncolored or missing.
Ah yes! 'Tis my time to shine! I am the mighty Count Graduon, at your service, loyalest of the fans.
Count Graduon
Sonichu #16
Cover Date: 30 May 2017
Finished: In Progress
Page Count: 3 (incomplete so far)
Episodes: 1 (incomplete so far)
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #15
Sonichu #17

Sonichu #16 is the 18th issue of the Sonichu comic series. Chris originally designated this title for the Idea Guys comic, but later changed that book's title to The Awakening of a CPU AKA The Idea Guy Corruptions (and later again to Sonichu #13), and reassigned this title to a story about Count Graduon (itself originally assigned to Sonichu 14)[1]. The single, incomplete episode in the damaged comic was about Count Graduon's origin story, titled "Count Graduon, the Mighty Warrior!", and the its cover was heavily based on Sonichu #10, originally created by PandaHalo.

Despite being dated May 2017 on the cover, Chris did not mention this book publicly in that year. In February 2018, he spilled brown paint over a batch of four pages (including the cover). Chris decided to cash in on this mishap, listing a set of the pages on eBay for $100. Two minutes after he uploaded Damaged original art for sale to advertise it, the set was purchased. No progress has been made on this issue since.

Due to Chris's recent legal troubles, it's pretty clear that this issue will not be completed anytime soon.


Count Graduon introduces himself, and discusses his three lives; in these lives, he carried out various acts, both heroic and villainous;

  • In his first life, he fought against the French during the Hundred Years War.
  • In his second life, he took part in the Boston Massacre, then escaped to England where he learned magic from a Jewish family.
  • In his third life, he was known as Brenard [sic] Montgomery, taking part in both World Wars, with the latter taking charge of Operation Market Garden.

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