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An Etsy customer gambled that Chris would deliver and lost, still bitter over it three years later.

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade, vintage, and craft items and supplies. On 29 August 2015, Chris created an account to sell his wares, ending a long and turbulent tenure as an eBay seller. Chris spent about one year selling his arts and crafts on eBay, but was never satisfied with the arrangement. eBay frequently took items down, sometimes due to trolls, but more often due to Chris violating the site policy (over and over, in the same way every time). His habits likely caught up with him, because on 8 June 2016, Chris's Etsy seller account was closed.

In 2020, the group Praetor partnered with Chris, opening a shop named OfficialCWCmart owned by Praetor, with products both created by the group with Chris's approval and allegedly created by Chris himself.


He's probably passing these out at Impulse too.

On 2 September 2015, Chris announced that he was winding down his business on eBay and relocating to Etsy:

I am Moving Shop to; it is Definitely an Improvement from eBay. So, come on down and request a Medallion, a Commission, a Photo, or simply Donate towards Book #11 and Beyond!

Listings for Sonichu and Rosechu, and CWC, Amiibo Figures are Coming Soon.

Have a Great Day!

He added:

It is definitely Easier and Better than eBay.

The following day he made a Facebook note announcing the switch, and a week later he revealed a flyer for the shop. True and Honest Fans have since found the flyer taped to a bathroom wall in Charlottesville, and had it mailed to a business in Richmond.[1][2]

Chris's Etsy shop, which opened for business on 2 September, was named "Cwcville Shopping," subheaded "Cwcville Shopping Center." The tagline was, "Christine Weston Chandler's Shop for Items and Creations Straight from the Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu, and the City of Cwcville, Va."

An archive of the page as it appeared on 10 Sep 2015 can be seen here.

Christine Chandler's Profile

Chris's Etsy profile.


I am an all-around, good natured, high-functioning autistic, Female Lesbian Soul, and Transwoman, artist, gamer and creative type.

I am the Original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu, and the city of Cwcville, VA.

I like making those close to me emotionally happy. :) And I feel happy about myself.

Lesbian TransWoman

Born on February 24

Joined August 29, 2015

Favorite Materials

Crayola Model Magic Clay, Crayola Markers, Paper, Pen, Krazy Glue, Acrylic Paints, and other things


By the time Chris left eBay, he was being allowed to sell only one item at a time per his two accounts, due to him constantly breaking site rules. Etsy provided a fresh start, and allowed him to sell as much as he wanted. The medallions, autographed photos, and commissions appeared immediately, and the Sonichu Amiibo soon followed. For some reason he chose not to offer any more original drawings for sale, probably because commission work was more reliable. The product descriptions were largely copied from those on eBay, including instructions regarding "bidding," even though Etsy is a strictly a buy-it-now market. He got the sample photos for his commissions straight from this very wiki.

Autographed paperback copies of Sonichu 0 through 4 were also for sale, made by Lulu. Sonichu 1 became available only after the most recent revisions introducing Ren Skysoar were made, suggesting that someone persuaded him he'd need to make less use of Sega's copyrighted characters.

Eager fans quickly shelled out money for all these items.

Main article: Sonichu 11

An archive of the Donate page can be seen here.



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: paper, pen, marker
  • Ships worldwide from Ruckersville, Virginia

Item Details

As a devoted fan to the Sonichu and Rosechu Comic Book Series, I am certain you do want to see More Pages since I ended up with Creator's Block and forced into Hiatus in 2011. Well, I, Christian, now Christine, Weston Chandler, am getting back into the drawing, writing and coloring recently, and working on a schedule that works around my projects as well. And then, I have my own typical stresses in Life and all.

And if you don't feel like buying a medallion, commission, or figure from me, I offer you a chance to donate towards my own peace of mind to further and better draw and create. $10 for One Full Written, Drawn and Colored Page in my current Book, makes a great difference and everyone wins.

And for each person who donates through here, I will draw and send a single Character Drawing as a sign of gratitude. Requests for drawing content are welcomed, but if no request is made, I shall draw a fresh drawing of Sonichu. **Limit One Drawing Per Person, Per Day.

Thank You for your help.

Not long after listing this, something rather unprecedented happened. A YouTube reviewer named DStecks gave Chris $1,000 towards the continued production of Sonichu.

Subsequently, Chris edited the price to "$10.00+" and the description to include more options:

All completed Past and NEW Pages will be uploaded and Publicly viewable on my Facebook Page,, in their respective photo albums. After getting enough funds, I will look further into Paper Self-Publishing and Printing of the books, and shortly after sell them on my shop here.

And for each person who donates through here, I will draw and send a single Character Drawing as a sign of gratitude. Requests for drawing content are welcomed, but if no request is made, I shall draw a fresh drawing of Sonichu. **Limit One Drawing Per Person, Per Day.

And, in the back of the book, I'll put your name there in a dedicated page. You reserve the right to request your name not be listed and remain anonymous.

EVERYONE who Donates gets a Character Drawing and a name in the book's back, each and respectively. But you get more if you Donate More. **ALL Character Drawings will be shipped within two days of Donation.

At the $50.00 Level, you'll get your choice of either a Sonichu Medallion (Or other optional variant or Custom; see Medallion Listing) Or an Autographed Photo of me. Allow up to two weeks for medallion creation.

$100.00 gets you your choice of one of the Sonichu or Rosechu Amiibo Figures, or one of the CWC Amiibo Figures (see their individual listings). Allow up to four weeks for Figure parts being acquired and assembly/creation.

$500.00 gets you a Sonichu Medallion (Or other optional variant or Custom; see Medallion Listing), one Sonichu or Rosechu Amiibo Figure of your choice, AND the three piece set of CWC Amiibo Figures (Pre-2011 Christian Weston Chandler, Chris Chan Sonichu, and Post-2011 Christine Weston Chandler). Allow a Month for Figure parts being acquired and assembly/creation, and you may request an Autographed Photo as well. Depending on the timing of Donation and Page Creation, your name may end up being written into the back(s) of the current book, as well as the following book.

$1,000 gets you the Complete Main Sonichu and Rosechu Amiibo Figure Wave 1 Set (Sonichu, Rosechu, Blake, Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy and Magi-Chan), the three-piece CWC Amiibo Figure Set (Pre-2011 Christian Weston Chandler, Chris Chan Sonichu, and Post-2011 Christine Weston Chandler), a Sonichu Medallion (Or other optional variant or Custom; see Medallion Listing), and you may request an Autographed Photo as well. Depending on the timing of Donation and Page Creation, your name may end up being written into the back(s) of the current book, as well as the following book, and maybe the one book after that. So, up to three books.

Thank You soo much for your help. Even the little donations help and go a very long way.

**Coupon Codes should NOT be applied to Donations.

However, the donation eventually ended up for naught, as Chris soon abandoned Sonichu 11 late next month, making only 16 out of the promised 100 pages.

Custom, Birthday, Holiday, or General, Greeting Video featuring Christine Weston Chandler

1 January 2016

Price: $50

This listing is a continuation of an offer from 22 December 2015, when he made $50 for a video holiday greeting! to announce that anyone paying $50 through the Donate listing would receive a video.

Paid Video Requests

Via Etsy: Welcome to the LGBTQ Group, Julia | Happy Birthday Tom | Happy Birthday, Martin. | Happy Birthday, Jonathan

Via text: July 2016 | August 2016 | September 2016 | October 2016 | November 2016

Allegedly unpaid: Rainbows, Unicorns, and a Bluebird of Happiness | Reading: "A Girl Who Brought Down the World", "And Apparently Survived a Housefire"

What you see is what you read in the title of this listing: A personal Greeting or Shout Out video from me, Christine Weston Chandler, the creator and author of Sonichu, Rosechu and the city of Cwcville. See details below, as well as public sample videos on my channel.
    • The contents of the video(s) have to be clean and pleasant. Each video will end up resulting up to and around a minute in length, on average, but can be longer in time length. After recording, the video will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel, CwcvilleGuardian, as unlisted. If you wish your video to be Public, instead, please specify with the Variation Option. Time of my being able to record the video and uploading it will vary depending on my state of physical and mental well-being, as well as energy level, and life events and so forth, but more likely, I'll have the video recorded and uploaded within a day or two. After uploading, and confirmation of being able to view it, I will send you the link to your video on the receipt of Sending the item out. All Rights Reserved and everything; safety of my person and being must be maintained. Your requests will be taken under great consideration prior to recording. Thank you for your continuing support and patronage.

Christian Weston Chandler... Yep, I'm on T.V. Two DVD Set

Main article: Christian Weston Chandler...Yep, I'm on TV :)

1 February 2016

Price: $30

This is the DVD I've personally compiled before and completed on February 24, 2007; my 25th Birthday. On Disc One, see just about everything in my life up to my 25th Birthday, including the inspirational message I recorded on the exact day for future generations as well. See past recorded videos, unedited, as well as slideshows of over a thousand photographs of me, my family and (past) friends, with audio featuring myself playing a radio show host with selections of good songs from my music collection.

On Disc Two, there are a few videos recorded After 2/24/2007, including the animations and level videos I have personally created on Sony PlayStation 3's LittleBiGPlanet and LittleBiGPlanet 2, of which are still uploaded and playable from LBP 1, 2 and 3 respectively (I have not uploaded anything from LBP 3, Karting, PSP, or Vita yet). Although, I have uploaded Race Tracks AND Characters on PlayStation 3's ModNation Racers (which are also downloadable and playable on ModNation Racers Road Trip on Vita).

Enjoy an extensive trip through time with all these numerous content pieces from Christine (Christian) Weston Chandler, myself. Total Content Running Time: More than Six Hours. (Get your Binge Watching/Listening On)

    • DISCRETION: In the Future Message, since that date, my views on homosexual people was misguided; I have changed my feelings and emotions on the topic, as I, myself, am a Lesbian Transwoman. Everyone, just be yourselves, as you are, and be as happy as possible about yourself.


On 19 October, Chris began to make updates to his shop, consisting of captioned photos tagged to particular items.


In March 2016, Chris bought a PS4. The new life upgrade proved too distracting, as he ignored Etsy orders, often for months.

People who paid him $50 for a video greeting would be told by Chris mid-video that he hoped the video wouldn't be late.[3][4]

Despite that, many people were willing to give Chris slack, and often waited months for him to deliver, before giving up and seeking refunds through Paypal.[5][6][7]

Shop Closure

On 8 June 2016, a Kiwi Farms user noticed that Chris's Etsy shop had been replaced with an error message[8]. Days later, on 11 June 2016, Chris announced in a video that the shop was "on vacation."

Chris claimed that he needed to catch up on orders. Given Chris's track record with personal responsibility, it's also likely that Etsy shut down the shop after numerous failures by Chris to deliver orders due to his stressful lifestyle.

Praetor's shop

Main article: OfficialCWCmart
Sonicu's Only Offical Page
Etsy profile description

In December 2020, Chris announced that he was partnering with Praetor to sell medallions on Etsy, and with that he was back in business. This time around, the account (named OfficialCWCmart) was not under Chris's administration. Instead, it is owned by Praetor, a group of enablers who were closely affiliated with Chris, and have an agreement to split profits with him.

Praetor handled production and shipment of the medallions and management of the Etsy shop, while Chris gave approved of the medallions, allowed usage of his OCs and occasionally advertised for the Etsy shop on Twitter. By 17 January 2021, Praetor had made $5,900 in sales revenue.[9] Chris received nearly $400 in small cash amounts.[10]

Customers who bought the illustrious Golden medallions were invited to join the Golden Church of Sonichu, a Discord server run by Praetor, which Chris was also in.

The shop is still active today, selling handmade medallions made by both Chris himself and Praetor, jail art, sacred rocks, and more.[11]

Chris's Purchases

From 22 September 2015 through 1 December, Chris bought at least 51 Amiibricks from seller WeekNightStudios, spending $209. Chris left several reviews.

22 September

The AmiiBrick is good; it functions as stated; my Amiibo figures fit snugly into the bricks, and the bricks attach well onto my Lego plate and bricks. All in all, for a good method of storing/displaying your original and/custom Amiibo figure(s), I would personally recommend one or more AmiiBricks, so they would be less likely to fall off or out upon impact. There is room for slight improvement to make them more flat on the sides. And the top portion can be better flattened and the pegs aligned to better make that sandwich between a 2X2 or a 2X4 on top, the brick(s) or plate on the bottom, and any bricks around the putter sides of the AmiiBrick.

25 October

  • Bought: 5
  • Price: $16
  • Rated: 5/5
New technic rod slots makes for great side to side support with less required base plates.

Autism on lego.jpg

25 October

  • Bought: 1
  • Price: $4
  • Rated: 5/5

4 November

  • Bought: 5
  • Price: $16
  • Rated: 5/5

10 November

  • Bought: 5
  • Price: $16
  • Rated: 5/5

10 November

  • Bought: 5
  • Cost: $16
  • Rated: 5/5

1 December

  • Bought: 5
  • Price: $16
  • Rated: 5/5

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