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Hangin' With Magi-Chan is an expansion pack of Chris's custom TSSSF cards, featuring art and lore from Helena Fiorenza, credited by Chris with her username PickinyFelliny.

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Need some Extra Ship and Goal cards? Add these situations to your TSSSF Deck, featuring some lovely artwork from an artist personally approved by Magi-Chan Sonichu, and I. This will bolster the pink and blue decks a bit more. TSSSF Core Deck or Sonichu Deck are required for playing the game with this Expansion Pack. Contains 23 Cards.

Card Sleeves Not Included.

Cost: $19.00[1]


Card Name Type Icon Effect Description Date published
A day at the park-min.jpg A Day At The Park Ship Heart N/A Derek Sonichu came in to help with the investigation and setting up for the following events to come in the Dimension Merge. It is rare to see a smile on his face, but when he smiles, his eyes have a lovely shine in them. 12 July 2022
A moment of privacy please.jpg A Moment of Privacy, Please Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: A Start card presently on the shipping grid is not shipped with anyone (this Goal cannot be earned during the first round of the game). Magi-Chan was using the restroom when Helena walked it; it surprised her, too. 13 June 2022
A wild sighting.jpg A Wild Sighting Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: Wild is shipped with four other Pony cards. This goal is worth 3 points if one of the four cards is Simonla. Magi-Chan had called for Wild and Sandy to meet him at Helena's to examine the surroundings for portal energy from C-197 into 1218. 13 June 2022
AlwaysThereForMyLoveCard.jpeg Always There For My Love Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: Magi-Chan and Chris Chan are shipped together on the grid. "I was astral-projected at the time while Magi-Chan was visiting Helena. I involuntarily project a lot, especially while meditating, being lost in thought, and sleeping. This time, I appeared, got the update from my hubby, and I sang an inspirational song for him and Helena. I love to inspire others, rather it be in sharing a moment, or even singing." Chris Chan Sonichu. 9 December 2019
AreYouTalkingToMeCard.jpeg Are You Talking To Me? Ship Heart N/A "I like to be social when the people around me are kind and civil. And I like to be civil and kind." -Magi-Chan Sonichu 9 December 2019
Art appreciation.jpg Art Appreciation Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: There are at least ten card face-up on the Shipping grid, and/ or amongst the Goals, features art from the same artist. Magi-Chan takes a meditation moment in Helena's backyard by an inspirational art on the nearby table. 13 June 2022
Coffeecard.jpg Coffee Break Ship Heart N/A While visiting Helena in 1218, Magi-Chan was still contemplating and determining the next steps in the sequence of events, based on may premonitions of this timeline, and explaining them to her for her future part in this. She served coffee, and they enjoyed the talk and refreshment. 21 November 2019[2]
CrossFunMagi-Chan.jpg Cross fun Magi-Chan Pony Male, Alicorn Untrappable (Special): Until the end of your turn, all of the other cards this one is shipped with, you may change their respective genders, and give them each the Princess keyword. This power cannot be copied. "My hubby has always been someone who appreciates love and the finer and simple things. So it is no surprise that he would find cross-dressing stylish and delightful." - Chris Chan Sonichu 14 November 2020[3]
Exploring a mildly flooded area-min.jpg Exploring a Mildly Flooded Area Ship Heart N/A Magi-Chan and Jeffery explore a local area where it had recently flooded for portal and energy signs. Their findings were very successful. 13 July 2022
Finding a clue-min.jpg Finding a Clue Ship Heart You may copy the power of any Ship card currently on the shipping grid to use as a card's power. While out searching the area, Magi-Chan and Jeffery discover a clue: "1975" being etched into the cement. That was not the address of any of the nearby houses, and it has been there for decades, and yet this was the first time it was discovered by anyone. Nobody was sighted there at all making the marking, even in the year 1975. Its appearance is a phasing-in detail from C-197 into 1218 13 July 2022
Garden meditation.jpg Garden Meditation Ship Heart N/A It is always a vacation within a millisecond for Magi-Chan when he meditates and acesses his personal subspace to clear and calm his mind. 13 July 2022
Hangin with magi chan-min.jpg Hangin' With Magi-Chan Ship Heart N/A She enjoyed a pleasent day and outing with Magi-Chan, proving, another time, that Original Creations and Original Creators (mix and match) are coming together in the same dimension as part of the Dimension Merge 13 July 2022
How do i look -min.jpg How Do I Look? Ship Heart When you attach this card to the grid, you may choose one Pony card attached to this Ship. Until the end of your turn, that Pony card gains one keyword of your choice, except for Pony names. "Oh, Magi-Chan, Daring you look simply fabulous. Your body has the right ratio to pull off any lovely outfit you adore." -Jeffery 13 July 2022
It s nice to meet you-min.jpg It's Nice to Meet You Ship Heart When this Ship card is attached to Val Valentino, take one active Goal card worth 2 Points or less. Val Valentino appeared in front of Helena to offer his insight, wisdom and premonitions to her for her and everyone's benefit for the near future and in the events of the Dimension Merge. 12 July 2022
JeffreyCard.jpeg Jeffrey Pony Male, Earth Pony Cross-Fun (Swap): You may swap 2 Pony cards on the shipping grid. Jeffrey is Helena's OC and BFF, and a good-lookin' and kind TV queen. He likes to share his interests with his friends. 9 December 2019
Kissing while visiting friends-min.jpg Kissing While Visiting Friends Ship Heart "While I was visiting with Lukas, Devil and Eva, Cryzel, Magi-Chan, Sylvana and Mewtwo were nearby to make positive her visit, and her person, were safe and good. During the time, I proved Cryzel's presence by not only talking with her, but also making out with her."

-Chris Chan Sonichu.

13 July 2022
Legendary park encounter.jpg Legendary Park Encounter Goal Checkmark With this Goal when: Mewtwo is shipped with four Pony cards. This Goal is worth 3 points if one of the cards if Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, or Chris Chan To me, when I find a Mewtwo card (regular, Mega, EX, GX, Tag Team, V, VMax, or what have you) in any Pokemon TCG pack, it is a better than good day. Especially since I always see the one-and-only Mewtwo most everyday." -Chris Chan Sonichu.

For Helena on this day, it was a regular Mewtwo of the wild, but she knew better than to disturb it, recklessly.

30 June 2022
Lotion commotion-min.jpg Lotion Commotion Ship Heart N/A "OW! I got lotion in my eye." -Magi-Chan Sonichu. 14 July 2022
Ponderingcard.jpg Pondering in Dimension 1218 Ship Heart N/A I told Helena, "You need to ready yourself for the upcoming battles that will very likely result from the Dimension Merge. You have a gift that many the heavily Spiritual and Soulful have, but more than half of the total 1218's Earth population does not, as they are not as Spiritual. Like Christine has, you have the ability to portray who and what you actually see in front of you in portray who and what you actually see in front of you in proper photographed form. Your efforts will be a heavy mention to even the most cynical that this is very much real and going to happen. Yours, and everyone else's better powers and abilities shall become more obvious and doable for you and them all, very soon, before the end of this year of 2019 21 November 2019[2]
Poolside-min.jpg Poolside Ship Heart N/A "Ahh. There's nothing like the simple pleasure of dipping your bare feet in a pool water, rather it be still in a swimming pool, or in a flowing river or stream. Simply Classic." -Magi-Chan Sonichu. 14 July 2022
RememberToHydrateCard.jpg Remember to Hydrate Goal Check Mark Win this Goal when: A Pony card with the Object keyword is shipped with the other Pony cards. This card is worth 3 points if the player who achieves this goal either has drank some water today, or has a bottle with water in it nearby them. Here is a friendly reminder from Rosey Rosechu to be sure to hydrate every day; drink at least 32 ounces of water per day. 7 February 2021[4]
Sightseeing 1218.jpg Sightseeing 1218 Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: Sandy is shipped with four other Pony cards. This goal is worth 3 points if one of the four cards is Zapina. Sandy Rosechu enjoyed the local sights near Helena's home, and looking at the local cute guys and gals, and simply feeling welcomed and awesome to be in another dimension. 30 June 2022
Sharing a dandelion-min.jpg Sharing a Dandelion Ship Heart You may choose to play the top card of the Pony discard pile with this Ship, rather than play a Pony card from your hand. Helena took a moment while Magi-Chan was in the gardens to share blowing dandelions with him. 14 July 2022
The 6 2 1 rule-min.jpg The 6-2-1 Rule Heart Ship N/A It is always common sense to remember and follow the 6-2-1 Rule: 6 Hours of Sleep, 2 Meals, and 1 Shower, Per Day, every day. 15 July 2022
Tons of psychic power.jpg Tons of Psychic Power Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: Three Magi-Chans are shipped together adjacently or in a chain. Regardless of dimension and timeline; there is a Magi-Chan Sonichu with a goal to protect their respective Chris Chan Sonichus, Christine Chan Sonichus, and all Sonichus, Rosechus, and everyone else. And there is an instance where many Magi-Chan Sonichu self-counterparts end up in the same dimensions and timeline, including in that of the one-and-only Chris Chan Sonichu who becomes CPU of the Commodore Consoles (Dimension 1218). 30 June 2022


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