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I have had to personally astral project and share my power with Christine there.
Chris, on battling invading forces from a video game.
Cover of the first game

Hyperdimension Neptunia is a series of role-playing video games created and developed by Idea Factory. Games within the series takes place in the world of Gamindustri (an obvious pun), which is divided into four regions/nations, each representing a specific video game console. In late 2017, Chris was aware of the franchise, but with the advent of the Idea Guys, he became heavily involved in it after they recommended the anime to him.[1][2] and role-played as characters within the series to him. The Watchmen followed up by role-playing as OCs based on characters from the series. The series would have a profound effect on Chris, inspiring him to indulge himself in a massive delusion that he was the CPU Goddess of a massive Dimensional Merge.

Invasion of CWCville

Chris meets Nep-Nep.

In early November 2017, Chris pleaded with his Facebook followers to share their "Love And Shares With Neptune, Vert, Noire and Blanc, and help stop the wars that warrent [sic] in between!" A few days later, Chris explained that enemy forces from Gamindustri had invaded CWCville[3]- he explains that the only way to keep the enemies at bay is to play the Hyperdimension Neptunia video games and watch the accompanying anime.

I just want to remind everyone to, please, give your Shares Of kind thoughts to the Goddesses of Gamindustri. They really do help us and our reality! 🌸

On 14 November 2017, he posted that Silvana had been captured by a Russian billionaire and that the only way she could be returned safely was with the aid of a soldier based on the Remove Kebab meme and by people praying to the Goddesses of Gamindustri, a quartet of fictional deitys. He called his plan Operation BARBarossa[4]

In another bizarre plan of action, the same day, he uploaded a video called "Freestyle Dance With Me, For Our World!" In it, he dons a tinfoil hat (so THE MAN[sic] can't take over his mind) and dances awkwardly to polka music, claiming the video was for Gamindustri and all the other worlds and dimensions.

On 15 November, Chris posted that Operation BARBarossa was a success, seeing Silvana's return. He claimed to have lost some soldiers, but kept the enemy back with the help of the CWC Defense Army Division, his Autobots, and his family. He also signed a peace treaty with Count Graduon, obtaining his troops and services, along with a large piece of land just outside Cwcville. Chris apparently used the land to create prison camps, complete with large ovens to keep the prisoners warm and showers. He claimed that the battle was won because of people praying to the Gamindustri goddesses[5]

Body-sharing with Uzume Tennouboshi

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CPU Blue Heart

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The Sons of the Miscreants#Chats

Before the formation of the Watchmen, several of its would-be members had roleplayed as CPU Goddesses around Chris in a group formed by the original creator of the Watchmen, Owls, who went under "CPU Turquoise Heart". [6]

In the comic

She was there, now don't question it.

Evidence of the Idea Guys' influence in the comics first appeared in Act 2 of Sonichu #12-9. During the first meeting of Night Star and Diamond Melody at the Vinyl Scratch concert, Chris shoehorns in Nepgear for no apparent reason. The three make acquaintances and talk about Chris's Konami Code plot device, which allows travellers to Equestria without transforming into a cartoon horse. When Nep reveals she is a CPU candidate, Night Star is left awestruck. After, Nepgear proposes that the group visits her Nation sometime, they attend the concert to much enjoyment. After the concert, Nep vanishes from the comic in an expository sendoff.

In Act 3, Night Star portals herself and her date, Kun T’Nyuget, to CWCville, where they visit the General Electric Plant on the outskirts of the city. Unfortunately for the couple, the date is interrupted by the arrival of Rei Ryghts, who attacks the city. This prompts the heroes of CWCville to retaliate, including Night Star, who transforms into her Electric Hedgehog form and sprints towards the city. In the middle of the prolonged battle, she opens a portal behind the distracted Ryghts to draw her into it; however, a second portal opens, forcing Night Star into the same void world as Ryghts. On the other side of the portals, Star narrowly escapes an attack from Rei as she creates a new portal away from the void. Night Star returns to CWCville, but is left trapped in a coma.

Hyperdimension Neptunia and the CPUs play a much greater role in the follow up, Sonichu #13. As teased by the subtitle of this comic, the overall arc of the comic is real life Chris's journey to becoming CPU Blue Heart.

Chris and his allies banish Kurome to the Zero Dimension.

In the opening of the comic, Chris is contacted by John Yamada—a soldier of Gamindustri—who states that Chris's Sega Dreamcast is a one of a kind "Spiral Console", containing part of the spirit ("Spiral Seal") of CPU Orange Heart, Uzume Tennouboshi. Touching the superpowered console, Chris absorbs the CPU's soul and is endowed with her abilities. Over a period of two weeks, Chris battles Kurome, the evil counterpart of Uzume, who is colluding with Akan and Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club. He is joined by the other Sega CPU, Neptune, who is captured by the villains, but is later freed by Silvana Rosechu. In spite of Chris and the CPU's victory, Kurome and Akan begin to invade Chris's dreams.

Chris highlights that on 4 November 2017, Count Graduon attacks CWCville with Kurome; fortunately, Chris and Magi-Chan are able to persuade Graduon to defect from Kurome, and the heroes briefly banish the CPU to the Zero Dimension.

During a relic hunt in this universe's Pripyat, Yamada, Neptune, Nepgear and Blanc engage in battle with German soldiers. The team is rescued by Sailor Jupiter; but Nepgear is left in a critical condition, where she communicates psychically with Chris to ask Yamada to cuddle with her. Ultimately, Nep recovers. Meanwhile, Blanc's Nation of Lowee (land of Nintendo consoles) is invaded by Cloakers, which leads to Chris dispatching CWCville's military, as well as Son-Chu and other Autobots.

On 11 November, Chris and his allies—including Uzume in her corporeal form—face Kurome in a final battle. Kurome is put at a disadvantage because she cannot distinguish between the real form and the Chris-possessed form of Uzume. Merging with her evil counterpart, the now whole Uzume asks Chris to return her powers, but allows him to keep the Spirit Seal inside him, giving him free rein of her CPU abilities. Chris ends the chapter declaring that everyone has a heart crystal inside themselves.

In the next chapter, on 14 November, Yamada's Neptunia friend, Cave is ambushed by Cloakers. Chris once again sends Silvana to defend her; however, Silvana is captured. This forces Chris to commence an operation to rescue her, which erupts into a four day battle. Following Russia's invasion of CWCville, Chris reveals that after Megan permanently distanced herself from him in 2007, he banished C-197 Megan from CWCville and demoted Sailor Megtune, but Megan eventually found herself inheriting the role of CPU Red Heart of the Nation of Krasna.

Following an argument with Uzume over Rosechu's transgender reveal, Chris creates CPU Battery-Charge Heart, who is the Console Patron Unit of the Smach Z handheld consoles. During the Australatina/Nazi invasion of CWCville, she attempts to join the fray, but proves herself to a liability to the cause; she is held back from the action by Segami, who attempts to knock some sense into her.

Chris and Blanc decide to roleplay being on a date where they discuss literature, politics and employment (clearly Chris's interpretation of a conversation between himself and an Idea Guy). In Equestria, Yamada and his Neptunia company purge the world of Evil Chris clones, having been created by Night Star prior in the comic.

In a Neptunia Christmas, Chris has a run in with Wilhelm Strasse while communicating with CPU Vert. Later that Christmas Day, Chris tries to appease CPU Blanc by reading his copy of The Man in the High Castle.


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