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And with due respect, Heil Hitler.
Chris's closing remark to Fegelein.
Gruppenfuhrer Fegelein
Gruppenfuhrer Fegelein Sonichu
The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss.

The Gruppenfuhrer Fegelein chat took place on 10 January 2018 between Chris and two Idea Guys - Joshua Wise and an unnamed member posing as Fegelein. The chat was the set-up for the Get Out, You D*** Nazis! video.

Fegelein, based on a commander of the Nazi Waffen-SS, role-plays that his Nazi army is invading Equestria, a setting from the My Little Pony fictional series, to retake its territory and remove its "sub-mutant" population.

Chris is opposed to the war and argues against the Nazi invasion. He begins with a debate on purity, arguing against Fegelein's stance that the pony citizens are impure by asserting that everyone is imperfect and therefore everyone is pure.

At one point the discussion shifts to nuclear weapons. Chris is opposed to nuclear warfare and brings up the Dr. Seuss children's book The Butter Battle Book, an anti-war story pointing out the danger behind nuclear war, to make his point.

Wise role-plays as Noire and Blanc, characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Chris also refers to him as John, as one of Wise's pseudonyms was John Yamada. "Noire" speaks politely to Chris but leaves the chat early on, to be replaced by "Blanc" who is more antagonistic. Blanc takes a neutral stance on the war.

Fegelein's explanation

In July 2021, Fegelein leaked the chat to a CWCki editor and explained the context behind it.

so a little bit of backstory with the info I am providing

i originaly met Joshua Wise (idea guy) via the kiwi farms forum in december 2017 and was semi brought into it, not too much though, I only ever interacted with Wise, he had mentioned other names but they meant nothing to me at the time and I never met the others nor was i ever invited to the discord

I also did not know about the money extortion as if I had I would have blown the whistle then and there, i was only a very minor person and only straw fed really what he wanted me to know i wasnt really asked for much, only a little feedback on ideas and my thoughts and etc on stuff that went nowhere

except on January 18th 2018

I was asked to join a steamchat between josh and chris

my role was to pretend to be Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein (a historical name I chose) who was thee leader of the nazis invading equestria

Behind the scenes wise gave me a little guidance in a seperate steam chat but I for the most part entirely made up my part using historical names or other themes of my choosing based on loose guidelines, a complete piece of improv in reality as I had no idea what Wise had going on in cwc's equstria reality

I saved the steam chat between myself, wise and chris and I wish to share that file with you

a few days later the video GET OUT YOU D*** NAZIS was created and even quoted some references that occured in the chat and it was of no doubt a direct catalyst which wise used to have that video produced

that was however the extent of my involvment with the entire thing, shortly later the idea guys were exposed and i just disappeared, as I said I had no knowledge of the money stuff and at the time I thought it was just all in good fun myself, I didnt know much about just how much they had warped chris's mind, i also didnt know just how many were on board with it, I also didnt notice Wise's A-log point of view until i reread through text messages he sent me post idea guy reveal where he exposed some of his feelings on chris

so ill send you the steam chat file i saved

i sadly did not save any of the steam chats between myself and wise

sorry for the length of this chat and all i ask is please dont judge me for my small part

one correction, it seems i saved the wrong date, the actual chat took place on January 10th 2018


Translations from German are in brackets.

ChrisChanSonichu: Herr Hermann [Mr Hermann]
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Herr Chandler [Mr Chandler]
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Guten Tag! [Good Day!]
ChrisChanSonichu: One moment, please. Moving to my laptop
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: verstanden
ChrisChanSonichu: Okay. Please, try to invite me to the group chat now.
Your chat with ChrisChanSonichu is now a multi-user chat.
ChrisChanSonichu has been invited to chat.
Noire has been invited to chat.
Noire entered chat.
Noire: YES!
Noire: It worked
Noire: I'm here
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: sehr gut! [very good!]
ChrisChanSonichu: Alright.
Noire: So Herr Gruppenfuhrer, you know me by now.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: jawohl! [yes!]
ChrisChanSonichu: And I'm certain you are aware of me as well.
ChrisChanSonichu: So, Hermann, I shall remain civil
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i have heard of you Herr Chandler
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: I shall Remain civil as long as you do
ChrisChanSonichu: I am feeling upset about the invasion upon Equestria.
ChrisChanSonichu: I remain calm as I say that.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: continue
ChrisChanSonichu: That was all I had at this moment.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: well
ChrisChanSonichu: So, what are your thoughts, or your response?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: my orders were clear from SS Obergruppenfuhrer Von Dem Bach Zelewski Himself! and i must agree [SS senior group leader von dem Bach-Zelewski]
ChrisChanSonichu: I see
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: sub humans, sub mutants, ALL enemies of the reich must be liquidated
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Equestria is territory needed by the Reich to provide more Lebenstraum [living-space]
ChrisChanSonichu: Lebenstraum?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: the inhabitants are Sub Mutants, Ubzermensch so to say
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: *Unzermensch [inferior people]
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: more living space, territory
Noire: Christine?
ChrisChanSonichu: Living space. John, your comment?
Noire: I'm respectfully listening.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: regardless, Equestria has always belonged to the reich, the inhabitants that moved in are NOT Pure, they must be treated as such
ChrisChanSonichu: Oh
ChrisChanSonichu: What is your definition of "Pure"?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: human, white skin, usually blue eyes, mostly blonde hair, but thats the official definition from Bach Zelewski
ChrisChanSonichu: And despite it being in another dimension/world, what has deemed it belonging to the Reich?
Noire has changed their name to Blanc.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: it once belonged to the reich
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: many many centuries ago
ChrisChanSonichu: Please, do tell
Blanc: Hey bitches, hows goes the chat?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: until it was stolen by the Sub Mutant Ponies, and in the midst of a war we forgot it
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have returned to claim our home and the Ethnics within it
Blanc: Don't ignore me, dammit >.<
ChrisChanSonichu: mmmhmm
ChrisChanSonichu: Hey, Blanc
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: and whether liked or not Bach Zelewski has declared the Sub Mutants fit for death unless labor, from direct orders from even above him
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: guten tag Herr Blanc
Blanc: I'm actually a girl, but good day to you too.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: im sorry Frau Blanc
Blanc: I forgive you.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: sehr gut! danke schon! [very good! thank you!]
Blanc: Especially now that yer not aiming frickin' V2s at my territory anymore.
ChrisChanSonichu: Let me ask you, Hermann. Suppose there was someone or something who felt they were Pure over you all, and sought to "reclaim" Germany, and they might have more powerful arsenal at their disposal. I suppose you would retaliate and defended your rights to your land?
Blanc: Anyway, I came to watch and see how Chris reacts now that Equestria was absorbed into the Reich.
ChrisChanSonichu: Gee. Thank you, Frau Blanc.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i am sorry Frau Blanc, the Sub Mutants were putting up more resistance than my Aide De Camp SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Joachim Peiper expected
Blanc: Whatever. I'm actually officially neutral because of the Ceasefire.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: how should I know? we are the pure ones, all others are less than pure and as such no one more pure than us shall ever become a threat
Blanc: Just so long as the ore exported to you is enough to keep the ceasefire strong.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: so far the Ore is substantial to our operations
ChrisChanSonichu: Nobody Is Ever Perfect, Hermann. There is truly NO Pure Person EVER. You have an imperfection; I have an imperfection; John has an imperfection; EVERYONE has an imperfection. By that defention of total Imperfections, alone, Everyone In All Nations and Worlds Are Pure.
Blanc: Good.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: however we cannot promise how long such operations will continue
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: those are might strong words Herr Chandler, what would you consider an imperfection by your standards that the SS handbook and headquarters has NOT taken into account?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Himmler himself approves all officers from any imperfections before they are allowed to take command
Blanc: I should mention that Obergrupenfuhrer Heydrich was taunting Chris here the other day.
ChrisChanSonichu: Good Question. How about if a woman who was of Every Single Nation and World by Genetics, at least by one percent or so, made love with someone from your Reich, like 25 years ago, and gave birth to a Boy who was admitted into the Reich, and ended up given Highest Commands?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: ahh SS Obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich, he throws off even the most strong of men, he commands Bach Zelewski who is my own Commander
Blanc: Would....that genetically be possible?
ChrisChanSonichu: Okay, how about this same woman was also Genetic of a Pegasus from Equestria who visited her, or she visited him and returned. What would you say about your own Pony High Commander then?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: your question is a bit unusual, but its impossible by the Reichs birthing standards
ChrisChanSonichu: Hidden, Silent Genetics
Blanc: ....medically imppossible
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: there are no ponies in our high command Herr Chandler, we have the strictest scanning to make sure anyone less than perfect is strained out
ChrisChanSonichu: Even Undetected by any medical scanning technologies.
Blanc: Okay, now I know you're desperately making shit up.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: there is no such person
ChrisChanSonichu: How about if the high commander ended up later being infected by the Ray Sphere?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: our medical scanning has been tested for decades now and has a failure rate of 0.0024%
Blanc: What the fuck is a Ray sphere?
ChrisChanSonichu: You never played "InFamous"?
Blanc: No because I work for a living.
Blanc: Besides, that game was fake.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Im a Military Commander, not a gamer of sorts
ChrisChanSonichu: Still, that Small Chance of Failure stands to Heavy Reason.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: our standards have not failed for over 70 years now
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: and have only improved
ChrisChanSonichu: What if YOU, Hermann, were amongst that .0024%, and you never knew it?
ChrisChanSonichu: and it suddenly pops up out of nowhere.
ChrisChanSonichu: POP!
Blanc: I think he wouldn't be talking to you then.
ChrisChanSonichu: You now have a Unicorn Horn and Wings.
Blanc: Which means he's obviously not.
Blanc: ......
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i wouldnt be an SS gruppenfuhrer in such circumstances
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i would be amongst the undesirables
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: and i am not
Blanc: I dunno....I'm looking at Gruppenfuhrer Fegelein via skype, and he seems perfectly unaffected.
ChrisChanSonichu: But, under any circumstances, there is that one in .0024% chance, in ANY other dimension or world that you are.
Blanc: Yes, but clearly this is not that chance.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: a few times that 00.24% chance has appeared, we detected them via other tests and they were put to death immediatly via orders by SS Obergruppenfuhrer Bach Zelewski and SS obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich
ChrisChanSonichu: Perhaps not, but Anything Is Possible.
ChrisChanSonichu: I'm only saying.
Blanc: and now you see why I thought this nation was doomed...
ChrisChanSonichu: Danke, Frau Blanc
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i see your point Herr Chandler
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: but i must decline your point of view
ChrisChanSonichu: Danke. I accept your decline.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have other tests beyond our main test which has a failure rate
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: these were created by Dr. Mengele himself
Blanc: Ah, the angel of death,
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: and after every test is performered theres no failure
ChrisChanSonichu: Doktor Who?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Doctor Josef Mengele
Blanc: Nobody likes that shitty show but you >.<
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: our head of medicine
ChrisChanSonichu: okay. I do not know him.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: beyond our main method with has a 00.24% failure rate we have backup tests that where created by Dr. Mengele, no sub mutant has ever made it past those, we call those the Voight-Kampf test, they are top secret and barely anyone has the answers
ChrisChanSonichu: If barely anyone has the answers, who has the questions?
Blanc: ......
Blanc: you serious?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: the machine is programmed with the answers in it
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: the machine has never failed ever
ChrisChanSonichu: Have you ever asked your machine what the meaning of life is?
Blanc: Do you know what the meaning of life even is?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: the machine is programmed to find who is a sub mutant and who isnt, not ask questions that were asked by Hitchhikkers Guide to the Galaxy
ChrisChanSonichu: I have one idea. The meaning of life is quite various depending from individual to indivudial, so there is no concrete answer to the Mening of Life, so the real accuate question is, How are you, as an Individual, Separate from Anyone Else, enjoying your life?
Blanc: Please stay on track, Chris.
ChrisChanSonichu: I hate to tell you, but I was brought into this group chat spur of the moment, and the only real thought I had for Hermann was about the dismal fate of Equestria.
ChrisChanSonichu: So, I'm just reasonably throwing in other thoughts and vaild questions that come to mind.
ChrisChanSonichu: But I am curious, Hermann, what is Your Definition; How do YOU, without anyone else telling you what to do, by your own individual commands, enjoying Your Own Life? Is it truly, spiritually satisfying, or deafeningly crushing to you with each life ended by your hands and lack of choices?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i enjoy my life, i work for the reich, I provide a security for my country, SS Reichsfuhrer Himmler is pleased with my progress, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich is pleased, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Bach Zelewski is pleased, and theres rumors im to be awarded, what would i not enjoy?
ChrisChanSonichu: Commendable, I concur.
Blanc: So Gruppenfuhrer Fegelein, did you see today's pride parade?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: yes i did
Blanc: I have to ask; Whose idea was it to bring the Maus tank to stop it?
Blanc: I didn't realize you made those for field use already o.o
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i heard my kameraden [comrade] SS oberfuhrer Oskar Dirlewanger and the Dirlewanger brigade took control of the Maus
ChrisChanSonichu: But, what if you had no one who be pleased with you at all? No SS Reichsfuher Himmler, or SS Obergruppenfuher Heydric, or SS Obergruppenfuhrer Bach Zelewski to Please, Nor any Higher or Lower People above or under you, Whatsoever? Is it all still enjoyable, without any of them in existence whatsoever?
Blanc: I'm surprised that thing fit on the street.
Blanc: Now if it were the Ratte, I'd be scared shitless.
ChrisChanSonichu: Thanks for your concerns about my Family and Citizens, Blanc.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: without them I am the one in charge of the SS and while usually its treason to mention such things, you brought it up
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: the Maus provided a shock
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i was more amazed they decided to have iot armed in case of a partisan attack
ChrisChanSonichu: But, with no one above or under you, you are All Alone, Hermann.
Blanc: Have you SEEN the designs for the Ratte, Chris? You'd be shitting in your pants for weeks knowing the Germans even thought of such a concept.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: did not take long for Dirlewanger to start that beast up and wreak havoc
ChrisChanSonichu: I have no comment, Blanc.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: with me by myself i still would gain pleasure, I am ridding our land of invaders
ChrisChanSonichu: What if there were No Invaders to bother you at all?
ChrisChanSonichu: And what if there was Nobody Else in your World, besides yourself?
ChrisChanSonichu: You'd have the entire world to yourself.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: then we would own equestria and i wouldnt have to use a V2 rocket to clear out insurgents which cost the reich roughly 425,000 marks
ChrisChanSonichu: But without anyone there, you have No Means of getting to Equestria, because Nobody would have created the Portal, Or any of the machinery you possess.
Blanc: I think this is getting too far off track.
ChrisChanSonichu: It was ONLY YOU.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: you have lost me Herr Chandler
Blanc: He does that a lot for me too.
Blanc: Hey, while we're on the subject of the Ratte.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: a fascinating machine!
Blanc: Lowee has been working on engines powerful enough to actually run that thing.
ChrisChanSonichu: Have I? Or have you Lost Yourself in your own Lonely World, without anyone else around you, whatsoever to bask in your glory, if any, whatsoever?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: i heard Field Marschall Rommel was testing it just this past Friday
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: well that world does not exist Herr Chandler
ChrisChanSonichu: Or does it? In Your Mind, Hermann.
Blanc: Chris likes to throw weird comebacks at whatever Nazi talks to him.
ChrisChanSonichu: or anyone
ChrisChanSonichu: but, it is still relevant
Blanc: Is it?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: my mind is sound, i was tested for mental illness before placed in command of the Equestria Korps, so such scenarios do not exist in my mind
ChrisChanSonichu: I mean, if it was just you alone, would it be worth it to take over the whole world or anywhere else, when you already have it all to yourself?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Bach Zelewski has no time for such drivel
Blanc: So this is the Ratte in the far back, Chris.
ChrisChanSonichu: Drivel, or Depth Perception?
Blanc: ....what?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: SS Obergruppenfuhrer Bach Zelewski is a man of realism, he refuses to listen to what if scenarios, and i am inclined to agree with him
ChrisChanSonichu: What? Is it not common to be deep within yourself to realize how alone you might be in this or any world?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: and currently our conquest of Equestria has proven to be quite efficient without what if scenarios
ChrisChanSonichu: It Is Possible.
ChrisChanSonichu: Equestria no longer exists, because of you all.
ChrisChanSonichu: It's a nuked Fallout 4
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: it still exists to a degree
Blanc: You play Fallout4?
ChrisChanSonichu: I've played Fallout before
ChrisChanSonichu: It's cool.
Blanc: New Vegas is better
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we allowed a small commonwealth of equestria to form in the southern area, we call it Vichy Equestria
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: but they govern with our rules and if they stray we will decimate them
ChrisChanSonichu: But how can it exist, if it is Not Equestria, but a Barren Wasteland that is Nothing, whatsoever?
ChrisChanSonichu: I agree, I did play and like New Vegas.
Blanc: I feel I should let you know Chris.
Blanc: Not everyone escaped through the portal.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: this fallout talk is confusing to me
ChrisChanSonichu: Is it that Mind-Blowing to you?
Blanc: Yeah, we're far off track
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: equestria is still a thing though for a bit longer, Bach Zelewski would not be happy if he knew i mentioned our future plans
Blanc: No, it's stupid we're off track THIS bad.
ChrisChanSonichu: Let me dumb it down for you, Hermann: Nothing Land, whatsoever; Nothing can absolutely grow on it.
ChrisChanSonichu: You could never eat or feed yourself.
ChrisChanSonichu: and there is nothing to hunt.
ChrisChanSonichu: nothing else living but you.
Blanc: did you ever run a nation?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have planned ahead for such scenario
Blanc: Seriously
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have indoor grow houses and indoor farms
ChrisChanSonichu: I ran my nation with more care initially, instead of reckless Nuke them all behavior.
Blanc: You ran your nation without Women's rights until 2017
ChrisChanSonichu: But there is NOTHING; you have no Indoor Grow Houses, No Farms, no Anything.
ChrisChanSonichu: Not me, that Chris did.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: our housing and food and run very meticulously by our Minister Der food Hans Gruber
ChrisChanSonichu: But there is no Minister Der Food either.
Blanc: .....
Blanc: ummmm
Blanc: do you assume EVERYONE got nuked?
ChrisChanSonichu: No
Blanc: do you...know how nukes work?
ChrisChanSonichu: Majorly. KABOOM!
ChrisChanSonichu: Nothing left
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: nuclear devides are the worst, they annihilate all life
ChrisChanSonichu: What he said.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have banned their use unless its in case of a dire emergency
Blanc: ....yes....but do you understand how far the reach for them goes, chris?
ChrisChanSonichu: All Life; All Objects of interest; Everything.
ChrisChanSonichu: Many, many miles.
Blanc: You talk like they devestate the entire world, and not just one area.
ChrisChanSonichu: But they could be sooo Powerful like that.
Blanc: Chris, this is why you're LOSING this war.
ChrisChanSonichu: From what I am talking about, please explain why, Blanc.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: our strongest nuke, Der KaiserBombe [the emperor-bomb] only goes a maximum distance of 50 Miles
Blanc: You fail to understand how nukes work, or even genetics for that matter.
ChrisChanSonichu: Nothing Remains, even the Der KaiserBombe.
Blanc: again
ChrisChanSonichu: It doesn't matter. Anything Is Possible.
Blanc: Why do you assume they nuked their own people?
Blanc: You're an idiot, chris.
ChrisChanSonichu: I did not assume anything.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Der KaiserBombe is the name of our strongest nuclear weapons, not an object
ChrisChanSonichu: But they are so reckless, they may as well have.
ChrisChanSonichu: But, it's gone too, because it has been deployed and used up.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have not nuked our own people
Blanc:'re talking about how reckless your own damn military has been >.<
Blanc: Chris
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: those now within our territory decided as being gentically fine haave received housing and work within the Reich
Blanc: Chris
Blanc: did you seriously think they only had ONE nuke?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: I am not permitted to speak of how many nuclea devices we have, but its more than one
ChrisChanSonichu: More than one; none at all; still reckless "PURE" Individuals, they are.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have never deployed them in combat
Blanc: Even Lowee owns about over 200 warheads.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we have tested them in various ghettos arround our newly capture "cwcville" but never in combat
Blanc: and the only people to ever deploy a nuke on another country in Gameindustri was Leanbox.
Blanc: Two in fact.
ChrisChanSonichu: Have either of you read of "The Butter Battle Book"?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: the what?
Blanc: Bitch, finish the man in the high castle before you start talking to me about books!
ChrisChanSonichu: I am finishing High Castle.
Blanc: What chapter are you on?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Mein Kampf is the book our reich hold dear, just below Man in the High castle
ChrisChanSonichu: But that story ends up with the two nations, differing on one thing, matching arm after arm, down to each of them having the last final Nuke to destory the other. Who drops the bomb?
ChrisChanSonichu: I am on Chapter 11
Blanc: What?
ChrisChanSonichu: I got held up by other recent happenings, including MagFest
Blanc: Dude
Blanc: Japan doesn't even have nukes in the book >.<
Blanc: They're at a technilogical disadvantage compared to the Reich.
ChrisChanSonichu: Not High Castle; Butter Battle
ChrisChanSonichu: I am on Chapter 11 in High Castle.
ChrisChanSonichu: I described the story of Buttle Battle.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: what on earth is this butter battle?
Blanc: I don't fucking know.
Blanc: I asked about TMITHC
ChrisChanSonichu: Go look it up; childish, yes, but quite poignent, regardless.
Blanc: wait
Blanc: a fucking KIDS BOOK?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: you seem to think i have time to take away from our campaign to look up something as childlishly named as the "butter battle"
Blanc: It's a stupid Dr. Suess book.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: I am an SS gruppenfuhrer, not a preschooler
ChrisChanSonichu: She's got it.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: dr. suess, wait you mean as in Dr. Suess?
Blanc: Yes.
ChrisChanSonichu: Still, is it all worth it between one side or the other, to destroy everything?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: he drew cartoons against the reich prior to us taking over his homeland and has been declared an enemy of the state
Blanc: I told him what happened to Spike Jones.
Blanc: Chris was not happy,
ChrisChanSonichu: He was already dead in my world here.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we arent destroying, we are taking our land and moving ethnics there
ChrisChanSonichu: So, I was actually neutral.
Blanc: Yeah but here, the Reich killed him sooner.
ChrisChanSonichu: Regardless
ChrisChanSonichu: I already knew he was dead.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: yes, quite funny, our Fuhrer farted on his skull in the end
Blanc: OH
Blanc: Teenage dream
Blanc: I heard that did so well in the Reich
ChrisChanSonichu: But what if someone with Better Ethnics comes along to take over your land?
ChrisChanSonichu: Superior Ethnics!
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: he did not wish that to be known but based on spike jones song after jones was executed the Fuhrer ha dhis skull cleaned and farted on the skull in a small group of his followers, myself included
Blanc: You mean like how you kept trying to make it rain your blood on the nazis?
ChrisChanSonichu: That was a mistake on my judgment.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: we are the best ethnics Herr Chandler, how can anyone better show up?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: ahh so you were behind the Nlut Rain Herr Chandler? thanks! it inspired our Sturmabteilung divisions to hunt down freaks in certain areas more efficiently
ChrisChanSonichu: It all depends on what one defines Ethnics, for themselves, Individually. Not by others above, below or on their level, entirely and whatsoever.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: *Blut
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: *Blut Rain is what i meant [blood rain]
ChrisChanSonichu: If anyone were more freakish, it is all of you of the Reich, because you all are drenched in my subhuman blood.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: it cleaned off with a shower
ChrisChanSonichu: Or even the Blood of the Demon.
ChrisChanSonichu: did you?
Blanc: I mean, it mostly rained over your section of unoccupied Cwcville.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: and the subhuman blood made up more inspired to hunt down the inferior
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: *us
ChrisChanSonichu: It soaked in DEEP under your skin, bedfore you could ever reach any source of water.
Blanc: almost no nazis were drenched, and those that were washed up.
Blanc: Chris is just making shit up again...
ChrisChanSonichu: I am not.
Blanc: He is trying his hand at psycological warfare.
Blanc: but sounds more like a kid playing pretend.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: lol i was there for a meeting with SS obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich when that happened Her Chandler, it just hit the skin and rolled off and angered us
Blanc: and losing.
ChrisChanSonichu: there ARE such things that get under your skin, no matter what.
Blanc: you mean like how we're under your skin?
ChrisChanSonichu: Or am I under your skin, over my help I offered to improve upon the story?
Blanc: What are you smoking?
ChrisChanSonichu: nothing
ChrisChanSonichu: I never smoke
ChrisChanSonichu: never smoked either
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: you should try cigars Herr Chandler
Blanc: I heard you smoked weed at a convention before.
ChrisChanSonichu: No, thank you.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Reichsmarschall Goering has a fantastic brand!
Blanc: I tried one.
ChrisChanSonichu: No, I did not smoke weed.
Blanc: He's not lying.
Blanc: Magi-chan said you did.
ChrisChanSonichu: I consumed a Pot Brownie. I did not smoke it.
Blanc: Still had pot.
ChrisChanSonichu: but I did not smoke it.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: weed has been declared as a sub human addictive that alters one mind by the state, consumption of such is prihibited as it causes psychosis
ChrisChanSonichu: Like the psychosis you had in the womb before you were born?
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: under Reich standards you are not fit for command of one squad of border guards
Blanc: ...not that CWCville has that anymore
ChrisChanSonichu: Oh, that's a shame. Too bad I only live to please myself and my FRIENDS. NOT anyone in the Reich or whathaveyou.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: you have consumed forbidden substances by your own words
Blanc: I'm officially neutral with them.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: when we capture you, you have basically plead guilty by your own words to an SS Gruppenfuhrer
ChrisChanSonichu: Cigars are considered a smokery drug that causes similar effects, including cigarettes.
Blanc: smokery drug? XD
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: jail for life is the leasest of our punishments
Blanc: I'm laughing my ass off at that.
ChrisChanSonichu: Love to see you smile, Blanc. No Lie or Sarcassim.
Blanc: Good, but I'm still maintaining neutrality during the war.
ChrisChanSonichu: That is your choice, and I shall respect that.
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: if you want to surrender the last of cwcville and everyone from cwcville and Equestria you have been harboring Herr Chandler, I may be able to talk SS Obergruppenfuhrer Bach Zelewski into giving you a bit of leniency in your punishment
ChrisChanSonichu: As pleasing and enticing as that offer sounds,...
ChrisChanSonichu: Well, this has been a fun conversation.
ChrisChanSonichu: But I am feeling quite sleepy.
Blanc: Me too.
ChrisChanSonichu: Thank you for inviting me.
Blanc: This has been fun, Gruppenfuhrer.
ChrisChanSonichu: And with due respect, Heil Hitler.
Blanc: Heil hitler
ChrisChanSonichu left chat.
Blanc: XD
Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein: Heil Hitler!

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