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This page showcases a series of DMs Chris had with Geno Samuel, the creator of Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History. Chris's messages will be represented in blue, while Geno's will be represented in navy blue.


20 September 2019 (leaked by Geno on his Discord server)

Hey, Geno. 😊
I wanted to let you know about our project of sets of Sonichu/Rosechu Secret Shipfic (#TSSSF) game card (our own deck among which). We also have an expansion planned for select Sonichu and Rosechu OCs. I wanted to get your input for Genochu, and you will get credit on your card, and this will allow for the sample of art style to get good exposure.

Here's what Magi-Chan and I have done for and with others we've reached out to so far.

Poppy rosechu-min.jpg
Amber rose-min.jpg
All I would need is the Flavour Text, and optionaly a new art of Genochu, unless you feel better with using one previously drawn.
I do like the only from recently
But, I'm certain you'd might like to show him off in your own style.
How do you feel about that?
I greatly appreciate the offer, but is it okay if we don't make a Genochu card?
That's cool.
Thank you for your response. The offer remains open should you change your mind.


21 October 2019 (leaked by Geno on his Discord server)

I noticed you liked my comment; you should read what happened with Simonchu.

April Fools Reaction

31 March 2021 (leaked by Geno on Kiwi Farms[1])

Geno had altered the title and thumbnails of Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History into Donald Trump: A Comprehensive History for an April Fools joke. Chris DM'd him to complain over the matter.

Hey, Geno.

Quick question: I've just noticed on your videos that the History videos on me have been retitled and fitted with pictures related to Donald Trump.

Is this a Joke?

Especially in regard to April 1 being less than an hour from now with me.

In any case, I genuinely, fully, feel rather horrified and most offended with this.



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