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This page contains DMs between Chris and Watchmen member AquaDiamond8.

Val's Adventures and Remembering Conduit

15 December 2019

Hey. I had a crash and napped for a few hours a while ago. I am awake now, even moreso dimensionally-linked with the infinite number of other Chris Chan Sonichus throughout all dimensions and timelines (alive, dead, reincarnated and soulful).


Another event just came full-circle, and I feel you might be Very interested to hear this.

My mind was recalling my problem with Courtney. I was trying to distance myself, mentally, from the problem, as I had done everything I was able to do at the present time in appropriate response without going too overboard.

And then, my hubby, Magi-Chan, told me (in Fated Event, and to get my mind off of the problem) to locate and bring forth a Magi-Chan Sonichu in another dimension to be the one who helps get my hubby (the Prime Magi-Chan Sonichu) from C-197 into 1218 with a Naturally-Born ability to traverse Dimensions and Timelines.

So, I gave it thought and looked into the ONE Dimension where he existed, and I ended up intervening shortly after he had hatched. I was informed to make sure he knew the basic details of the dimensions, and that he was to differentiate himself from other Magi-Chan Sonichus with an identifying item, as well as giving himself a nickname. At first, I thought the dimension he was home to was AX-48, but the Mewtwo there corrected me: ZX-49.


So what just happened was I made sure Val knew to come to us, back in his year of 1948, to locate us in these neighbouring dimensions of 1218 and C-197, as well as putting his faith and trust into you, Aqua.

Full Freaking Circle.

Val even confirms this, personally.

Oh im so glad and that mustve been quite the journey for you
And it makes sense. I uttered "Val" after hearing "ZX-49" from Mewtwo there; he made his muzzle darker in colour and wore the turtleneck sweater.

Before the ultimate fate of him becoming a total soul entity and whatnot.

I've had crazier journeys, and many a revelation and deja-vú. Fun surprises when they fatefully come around and back to me.

Thank You for be here for Val, Aqua.


Deity-Level work before I fully knew it ever happened.

Go figure

On another topic: I also figured out how to remember the word "conduit", since I am a central conduit in the grand scheme of the Dimension Merge, and I kept forgetting the damn word.

Simply put, I "Can Do It" to remember "Conduit".

Thats amazing you should make kyle and the others aware to not mix them up
I'll screen cap what I typed and put it on the server.
Okay thank you

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