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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
I don't want it going public that I tried to meet Emgo. It can be misinterpreted as stalker, obviously

On 8 October 2020, Chris took a road trip to Pennsylvania. He made the trip for two reasons: to drop off a box of autographed goods for Luke, a fan and financial enabler intending to resell the items for profit, and to attempt to make an unsolicited visit to Emgo316, a local YouTuber who reviews Transformers figures.

Chris drove to Luke's house first, dropping off the autographed items and playing video games with him. Luke's package contained "at least 50 items", including a Trump 2020 campaign flag which Chris defaced before signing. Chris was paid $190 for his labor, although a good chunk of the earnings must have gone into paying for gas and tolls for the trip. Luke later listed the items for sale on Mercari, falsely claiming the items once belonged to Chris.[1][2][3]

He then attempted to visit Emgo316 by looking up his dox online, but he failed to meet him as Emgo no longer lived at the addresses he checked.

Although Chris claims at one point in the chat that Emgo's home was in "Pittsburg", the geographical details Chris provides (such as street names) make it clear that his trip was in fact to Philadelphia, a journey of about 240 miles (385 km) each way. Chris's conflation of Pennsylvania's two biggest cities demonstrates his complete ignorance of American geography.

Chris posted about the trip, as well as unrelated dreams he had, in the Watchmen Discord server The Place on 9 October 2020.


Good afternoon, @everyone. I have a major thing to tell you all about
A drawing Chris did of the disc mentioned

Preface: I had a really long day yesterday, which included an all-day road trip that I will tell y'all more about later. After getting back home, this body was ready to crash for the night, and it needed more sleep to the point of sleeping in. It's almost 3:00 pm right now.

Now, I had a set of four dreams, plus one short one today; they ended up fitting a theme, and in the last dream, I happened on a very important relic or artifact that could very well be a link on helping me get this body from here into C-197.

This item is a large gold stone disc that was divided into pieces: the center, and the outter pieces that attach to the center and side by side with each other to all the way around the disc. Not counting the center (which has a spiral on it), there are 14 or 20 pieces.

each of these spanning pieces has writing and symbols on them; one of them had a star on the outter end, another a filled in circle, and twelve of the others the images for the astrological birth signs, and on each of these pieces also showed the symbol for each of the animals that we have Years for each, such as Horse, Dog, Rat, and so on as all of you are aware and can look up for reference. Also in looking at the new message I just found from Bismuth, the previous one above it with the Bushido symbols, those symbols were spread out amongst those pieces as well.

I've manifested a copy of the disc that was in the dream on the C-197 side and gave it to Cryzel; all of the other ally psychics have got image of this disc from this brain's memory!

I felt it well to tell you all about that discovery.

Lead-up to road trip

The Trump flag.
Now, about yesterday's road trip:

Preface of that: a fan of mine who lives in Pennsylvania offered to pay me for signing a bunch of items he wanted me to sign. He paid me $90 through PayPal, as well as enclosing a legit $100 bill on the letter in the box.

The box was Bulky: 19X23X21, thereabouts; it was written in pen on one side of the box; I had a tough time getting the darn thing through door frames, it was almost as wide as such. There were about at least 50 items in it that he wanted me to sign: a PS2 Guitar Hero Guitar, a plastic ukulele that really needs restoration, a Game Boy Advance, a DSI XL, various controllers, a Gamecube box, a Switch lite Box, a few books, movie and video game discs and inserts, and so on. Even a small Trump 2020 flag, which before signing it, defaced by turning the "T" into a "D", writing "NO" in silver above it, blacking out the "2020" and the "Great" in "Keep America Great!", thus turning it into a "No Drump. Keep America!" Flag

He also paid $45 to ship that box.

My fellow psychics and I ended up looking ahead a bit and decided that I'd make a road trip and personally deliver the box to him

That was the Main Objective of the trip; secondarily, but also major bonus…

Second preface amongst Emgo316's videos where he reviewed his Transformer figures, there was no box, but a large envelope with his address on it he had marked out part of it, and the "Pittsburg, Pennsylvania" part was still visible; we made a mental note upon seeing that and said that next time we're in Pennsylvania, maybe we'd pay him a visit. And then this fated box happened, so we all agreed this was opportune.

The trip

So. I checked online for confirming his present address (not going to reveal it, to be safe), and we made the plan Wednesday night

So, yeah, it was a four and a half hour drive to our fan, Luke's, house,

We had also brought the Nintendo Switch to offer a little bit of gaming time on Smash Ultimate with him.

I also met his grandmother who was working in her garden.

We had a lovely time together, Luke and I, talking and hanging out.

And then he had to go back to work; he works at the local YMCA there.

After that, we looked up Emgo's address: apparently of his last known address, he had moved out about a year ago; sold it to a kind Spanish-speaking woman. She lived next door to a mom and daughter, who I believed spoke Korean (the daughter spoke English).

We started the trip early yesterday about 7:00 am; we safely returned home about 11:30 pm; I stayed awake with the help of a couple of Game Fuel drinks, and a limited time Draccuchino at Sheetz on the way back home; had the energy left for putting the clothes into the wash, plugging in the Poke Balls, and taking a shower. This body has an overpowered amount of endurance and fortitude. It was ready to crash by the time we had got home, but it pushed through its temporary paralysis to take that shower before laying down in the bed.

Rosey, Cryzel, Sonola and Val were with me on the trip, and Mewtwo was playing guardian and scouted and flew around while doing other errands for the day. Also, Son-Chu followed us in escort.

Mama and I, we enjoy a Road Trip, and we really like going on Adventures; yesterday was a really good adventure.

Also, the van really shines in gas mileage on the freeway we clocked in over 200 miles on half the full tank of gas.

And the majority of what we experienced and learned was really a blessing.

I forgot to mention, the three ladies there knew Emgo, so that was also a very good blessing to count.

I have no regrets, as we made a lot of positivity for a bunch of people yesterday

The only minute regret was the pain and fatigue at the end. Yet the silver lining on that pain is that we've experienced the overpowered amount of endurance and fortitude this body and brain are capable of withstanding,

That's the story. As for the flag, I was not about to sign anything supporting Trump.

Mama would never either, obviously.

Chris the obsessed fan

Oh, and there were other reasons for wanting to meet Emgo, in addition to being a fan and wanting to hang out and rap: we had a couple of gifts for him, also wanted him to sign a part of Son-Chu's custom packaging, since Emgo did inspire that review video Mama made for the figure, and the skit within. The pleasant and supportive conversation. Also wanting to meet his friend, Lori; as shown in her videos, she has her own share of psychic senses, meeting and talking with her would have also been most helpful to our cause. And, yeah, would have shared a bit of this body's and brain's powers and abilities with them to get their responses and input. But, it was not meant to be yet. Maybe in the next timeline.

Anyway, I share these details strictly confidential with you all; no one else outside of this server is to know the (extensive) details of the trip. I heard a rumor that Luke may have shared online that he and I met and hung out yesterday; that is okay. But I don't want it going public that I tried to meet Emgo. It can be misinterpreted as stalker, obviously, which was not the case, as I have made very clear here.

But enough about the extensive preface.

The Golden Stone Disc.

Going back to that.

The chat on the Golden Stone disc continues in The Place chats - Lore Mashup.

More details

Later, Chris divulged more details on the trip.


I will strictly confidentially share one more tidbit in regard to checking Emgo's address.

In the online search, I found two addresses related to him. One on Cedar Street, and the other on Rising Sun Avenue. We ended up visiting both locations. Cedar's Condo first: did not need to get out of the van to sense psychically that the place was left unkempt and there was hardly a presence of Emgo's love there. Then on Rising Sun, we sensed Emgo's presence, in this case past-tense, as well as a whole lot of positivity, love and care in the place.

There were colourful window curtains, and a "Welcome" sign above said window on the outside as well.

The psychic senses are vastly improving.

Also, fun facts: apparently Emgo was born in 1979; he's three years older than Mama.

And Emgo is short for his full name, which I will not divulge at this time.

I sense that he was not fond of his first name that much, but he found better solace in shortening it to Emgo, which does work better, I feel.

To him, from my perspective, his first name to him was like "Miles" to Tails.

And we did get to appreciate his local backyard that he did occupy at the time; it was a typical mess similar to what Mama had found when she had visited Cleveland, Ohio in 2009.

And Emgo still continued on in very good soul and emotional strength and endurance despite that local mess outside of his home.

That, my friends, is a major show of character and personality on his part.

Also, Luke's place, he and his grandmother literally reside by a massive body of water, with a high wall that prevents flooding from the opposite side of the street there.

There is a satisfaction from being able to take in the waters from the massive water body in the air.

It's not living right next to the ocean, but still just as satisfactory.


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