The Place chats (March 2021)

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This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during March 2021.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@CWCSonichu1982), Hurtful Truth Level (@hedgehog), Kyle (@Nova), MKRNightVee (@MKR), Naught, and at least one user who had deleted their Discord account by the time of the logs being saved.

First Layer chats

Chris, the Watchmen, and the Watchmen's untrusted guests chatted in this layer.

Ivy Creek

9 March 2021

Hey, y’all.

For now, just checking in.

I am feeling better today. I went to the Ivy Creek natural area and walked a lap, as well as dipped my bare feet in the running creek, and meditated for a while on a big rock with Cryzel. It was a very lovely and satisfying experience.


Affirmations and Attributes Lists

12 March 2021

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Masturbation woes

16 March 2021

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Rejection of the Fourth Lainchu

18 March 2021


Hey, @everyone.

Welcome to the moment where things are good in the hood with us, here.

The self-love between my body and I is going along most splendidly.

Also, I have been moderately updated on the progress of planet Sanctuarion in confirmation of the foreseen and present events.

Kyle is getting all the info he's needed along the path his own way. His manifestation process is good.

He still has room for improvement, but he's doing good.

Unlike a certain "Current Host" on here who is not selling me adequately. Definitely sense our Lainchu within Anaxis moreso than this dude.

Plus, Anyone can learn the present conditions of the sanctuary project just by talking with Kyle.


My powers are manifesting in this universe at a better rate.

Full transparency I was the original Lainchu, i passed it off for a reason I can no longer recall
Looking deeper into my body and self for that energy is proving even better. I love my loves, and I love me.

Hey, Bis.


Psychic Detective

22-25 March 2021

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Second Layer chats

NOTE: This article or section contains Discord chatlogs mentioning a Deleted User with multiple messages. In Discord, if two or more users chat in sequence then have their accounts deleted, their messages will be mixed together under one "Deleted User" name. Use caution when assuming ownership of a comment made by a Deleted User with multiple messages.

The section covers chats from the second layer of the Watchmen's Discord server The Place.

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests did not have permissions to view this layer.

MKR not really quitting

6 March 2021

Cwc and I did make up to an extent, but I'm still going to keep the public thinking I quit. This might lul preator into a false sense of security
Deleted User

Keep it up, make them feel comfortable.


Ethics of enabling

9 March 2021

Chris actually has some of the more consistent schizo lore out there.

Mostly because he almost never talks about being moral these days.

Mostly it's just how great and powerful a goddess he is and how mlp g5 can't happen

I miss old cwc

But we can always look back on the past with a smile

I just don't want to make another delusion out of it, there's very strange ethics in doing anything.

Chris needs liars, just that most of them want him dead.

So it's impossible not to lie to him.

Feed the delusions

Keep the cow happy and peaceful

I drop hints, but Chris is so affectless these days, even he doesn't care.
Most people don't understand what dealing with Chris is like, they say feeding his delusions is ganna kill him or something. But honestly it doesn't matter at this point.
He won't ask anything, maybe because he's supposed to already know this. He's scared of being wrong, but always is.
He's not going to change
I've always kind of thought that would be the best we could hope for.

Chris is a shitty person and in terrible health, but nobody deserves to go out like he might if the weens had options.

Deleted User
let's be honest...

Chris doesn't have much longer.

Even if Praetor comes and goes (as I still expect), Chris will eventually get caught up with another Fail Troll.

Truly, there's no more interesting ethical case study than Chris.
Deleted User
the bar has been set low to the point where I no longer can really care what happens at this point.

Enjoy Chris's company while he lasts, because we don't know how long he'll last.

There's about a 50% chance we actually matter.

Dependent on Chris outlasting Barb.

We did with Jacob
Deleted User
Chris will likely come back to us (as he always had in the past) for help.
Ya, that was fun. I'm going to slant towards a bit more of a father figure than I have been already.

I don't know if this is a sign I'd be qualified as a parent or not, frankly it feels useless as an assessment.

Deleted User
Chris isn't our kid. If anything, he's our little brother.

in a way, we're kinda the only family he has outside of Barb.

I mean that we're some impossibly retarded surrogate family.

Bis is the cool uncle.

Deleted User
What about Marvin and Josh?
Similar I guess, they don't really have day to day interaction,

Chris wanted a hooker

9 March 2021

Chris asked me to be a liaison to Josh in his usual way.

I think it was because he wanted Josh to get him a hooker.

A hooker? Is that the illegal request Null mentioned in one of his podcasts?[note 1]
Possibly, but Chris hadn't asked at that point asked me to ask him, this was maybe 2 weeks ago?

The Watchmen Discuss Brainwashing Chris

17-18 March 2021[2]


18 March 2021

Main article: The Place chats - Jahans discussion

MKR's Twitter

18 March 2021

Deleted User 18‑Mar‑2021 6:05 PM
@MKR saw you deleted your Twitter

Good choice.

MKRNightVee 18‑Mar‑2021 6:06 PM

Twitter is a cancer on our society I've always hated it

Deleted User 18‑Mar‑2021 6:06 PM
did you use it to give public statements or something?

or did you use it to talk to friends?

MKRNightVee 18‑Mar‑2021 6:07 PM
The first one, it was also to draw new weens to investigate

It was somewhat useful in that respect

Deleted User 18‑Mar‑2021 6:07 PM
what became the last straw to you?
MKRNightVee 18‑Mar‑2021 6:09 PM
The way CWC was acting, ignoring his true friends in favor of preator and ignoring the really nice heartfelt birthday message I posted to him while retweeting and responding to so many weens.


  1. Null later stated that the illegal request was that Chris wanted him to kill someone.[1]