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I systematically dismantled all these people taking advantage of him.
Null, summarizing "Operation: Kingsnake".[1]
Joshua Moon
Name Joshua Conner Moon
Also known as "Null"
Date of Birth 19 December 1993 (age 25)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Occupation Owner of Kiwi Farms

Joshua Moon, better known by his online alias "Null", is the current owner of Kiwi Farms.

During the spring of 2018, Null began acting as Chris' volunteer advisor, helping him by filtering his email messages to weed out ween messages from legitimate business dealings[2], as well as offering advice, such as warning Chris not to invade people's personal space at other conventions after Chris' behavior had gotten him kicked out of TooManyGames. He had felt motivated to assist Chris after learning that malicious weens had scammed Chris out of enough money to put him at risk of losing his home.[3]

Ownership of Kiwi Farms

I started hosting the CWCki Forums in 2013. Before Bob died, trolling Chris was particularly funny, but after Bob has died, it has become less funny and more miserable every goddamn year.
Null, on Chris' current-day trolls.[3]
Main article: Kiwi Farms

Previously existing as a Chris-focused message board in various iterations, in February 2015 the CWCki Forums was consolidated into the Kiwi Farms, shifting focus away from just Chris. Null is the current owner of the site, though has often referred to Chris as a "dead cow".[4] Until 2018, he rarely interacted directly with Chris.


The Kiwi Farms care package.
The smaller items included, including a letter.

In 2014, after Chris accidentally burned down his house, Null sympathized, as he himself had suffered a house fire in his youth. He organized a fundraiser on the forum that resulted in several hundred dollars worth of supplies being sent as a care package for Chris to get on his feet again, with the remainder of the amount sent as a money order. Mistakenly thinking that the money order was signed incorrectly (and thus rendered useless), Chris insulted Null by calling him a "Dodo brain" on Facebook.[5] In 2017, Chris piled on by tweeting "Null is a dull lull; LOL.[6]"

Involvement in the "Guard Dog" saga

Main article: Guard Dogs

Extortion investigation

Midway through Marvin and The Captain's infiltration of the Idea Guys’ Discord, Null was brought into the operation. As more information about their tactics began pouring in, he decided to become personally involved, filing reports with the FBI, Green County Sheriff, and even calling Boyd’s mother. He cited this as due to him being a "softy", who viewed the illegal activities as crossing the line.[7]

Strangely, to this day law enforcement have yet to act on any of Null’s reports. Green County Sheriff Steven S. Smith refused to act, stating that it was Chris’ choice to shit on the floor. The FBI was sent his IC3 twice (once online, another in-person by Chris) but no action was ever taken. Thus, Wise and Boyd have yet to face any legal repercussions for their extortion and blackmailing of an exceptional individual.[8]

E-mail monitoring

Null angrily insulting a ween with racial epithets.
The 'dull lull' himself.
Null has the passwords to the accounts. He checks shit, deletes shit. Chris doesn't act on any messages unless Null gives it the OK first.
Marvin, describing "Operation: Guard dog".[9]

After the Idea Guys were successfully removed from power, Chris began speaking to Null regularly. They began actively monitoring his accounts, with Null personally reviewing all of Chris’ emails.[9][10] This lead to Chris and the three to speak on very friendly terms, with Chris even drawing Null his very own original My Little Pony character.

Alienation from Chris

Summary of Guard Dog Saga (and other commentaries)
Stardate 26 November 2018
Saga Guard DogGuard Dog Guard Dog
Other AudioAudio Audio

Inevitably, Null’s involvement in the "guard dog" saga didn't last long, as Chris' incompetency pushed Null away like so many others before. Null was quickly alienated by Chris due to his refusal to play along with the Dimensional Merge, and as a result, Null lost much of the sympathy he initially held for Chris. In a livestream from November 2018, he stated that he no longer wanted any part of the operation, finding the enabling tiresome. He also reveals that at one point, he had arranged for a moderator who lived near Chris to drive to his home when Barbara passes away so Chris could be swiftly moved into an assisted living facility.


Null has written and published a handful of articles onto Kiwi Farms regarding the content retrieved during their infiltration of the Idea Guys' discord server.

On 11 July 2018, Null released his account of the dismantling of the Idea Guys onto Kiwi Farms, dubbing the group “The Chris-Chan Extortionists”. Written for a broader audience, he reveals to what extent the Idea Guys had manipulated Chris, and his frustration with law enforcement’s inaction.[8]

On 13 July 2018, Null released Cryzel Torture, a nine-hour-long chatlog in which Wise and Stephen Boyd berate Chris and continue to convince him that his characters were being tortured.

On 19 July 2018, Null posted The Bad Beginning, the first 9 hour and 15 minute long text conversation found in the Idea Guys' Discord server.

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