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I systematically dismantled all these people taking advantage of him.
Null, summarizing "Operation: Kingsnake".[1]
Oh! My goodness!!! You are sooo handsome and cute!!!
Chris, May 2018, while receiving help from Null.[2]
Even a look into Null’s eyes reveals his demonic influence, even photographed.
Chris, November 2019, after having been brainwashed by Jacob Sockness into believing Null is evil.[3]
Joshua Moon
Name Joshua Conner Moon
Also known as "Null"
Date of Birth 19 December 1992 (age 28)
Gender Male
Nationality American, currently living in Serbia
Race White
Occupation Guard Dog (former)
Owner of Kiwi Farms

Joshua Conner Moon, better known by his online alias "Null", is the current owner of Kiwi Farms (formerly the CWCki Forums). He was a former advisor for Chris. Though he initially led the forum as a way of monitoring and documenting Chris's shenanigans, over time he shifted focus away from Chris after his father died. From there, he would occasionally contact Chris when it was determined that Chris needed help, like after the 2014 house fire or during the saga of the self-inflicted taint wound.

During the spring of 2018, Null began acting as one of Chris's volunteer advisors, alongside fellow Guard Dogs The Captain and Marvin, helping him by filtering his email messages to weed out ween messages from legitimate business dealings,[5] as well as offering advice, such as warning Chris not to invade people's personal space at other conventions after Chris' behavior had gotten him kicked out of TooManyGames. He had felt motivated to assist Chris after learning that the Idea Guys had scammed Chris out of enough money to put him at risk of losing his home.[6]

Null's participation dwindled for a while, but Chris reconciled with him for a while early in 2021. Null positioned himself to be something of a caretaker for Chris, being one of the few people that he would listen to, organizing travel plans for him to safely get to conventions while also getting him in the habit of completing commission work to fund those travel plans. He stated that when Barbara dies, he had plans to try to get Chris into assisted living.

Of course, things did not work out that way. In the wake of the July 2021 incest allegations against Chris, Null had a conversation with Chris in which he found that Chris lied about his financial situation and that Chris had taken money from Barbara's bank account in a potential violation of his EPO. Following the conversation, Null cut ties with Chris, while Chris felt betrayed that the information about his incestuous acts came to light. Chris now sees Null as a Judas Iscariot-like figure once his Messiah complex reached new heights, since he now believes himself to be Jesus reincarnated.

Ownership of Kiwi Farms

Main article: Kiwi Farms
I started hosting the CWCki Forums in 2013. Before Bob died, trolling Chris was particularly funny, but after Bob has died, it has become less funny and more miserable every goddamn year.
Null, on Chris' current-day trolls.[6]

Previously existing as a Chris-focused message board in various iterations, in February 2015 the CWCki Forums was consolidated into the Kiwi Farms, shifting focus away from just Chris as the board expanded its horizons to other potential lolcows. Though he wasn't its founder, Null is the current owner of the site, though has often referred to Chris as a "dead cow" and largely shifts his focus to moderating the other boards.[7]

In November 2014, Null wrote a post on how he had closed down a private discussion subforum used by trolls. He did so in an attempt to discourage trolls after Thetan and Cousin Al's antics (respectively, impersonating multiple people in Chris's life, and rooting through Chris's garbage), saying that the impact on Chris's personal life was too great to permit the private subforum to remain.[8]

On-again, off-again advisor

The Kiwi Farms care package.
The smaller items included, including a letter.


In 2014, after Chris accidentally burned down his house, Null sympathized, as he himself had suffered a house fire in his youth. He organized a fundraiser on the forum that resulted in several hundred dollars worth of supplies being sent as a care package for Chris to get on his feet again, with the remainder of the amount sent as a money order. Mistakenly thinking that the money order was signed incorrectly (and thus rendered useless), Chris insulted Null by calling him a "Dodo brain" on Facebook.[9] In 2017, Chris piled on by tweeting "Null is a dull lull; LOL.[10]"

Involvement with Guard Dogs

Main article: Guard Dogs

Null pushed to have the Idea Guys investigated for their alleged extortion and blackmailing of Chris. For a time, Null assisted Chris by screening his messages to separate ween and troll e-mails from legitimate business dealings. The other Guard Dogs had vouched for Null to Chris, who rationalized the inclusion of Null – whom he would have considered a troll at any other point in time due to his ownership of Kiwi Farms – by playing make-believe that Stan Smith, a character from American Dad!, had vouched for Null as well:

when Chris first started messaging me he said that Stan Smith from American Dad said I was somehow affiliated with the FBI/CIA, which I think is entirely his head canon. If you wonder why I'm a big softy with Chris, there's a good example.
Drawing Chris sent to Null. Note how uncomfortable Null's Ponysona looks after Chris hits on him.

Chris's communication with Null got off to a rocky start. Null tried to avoid the subject of Chris's delusions as he did not want to further damage Chris's mental state, but Chris insisted on bringing up the matter. Null was subsequently horrified by what he had learned about Chris's deteriorating psyche:

He is utterly convinced [fictional characters are real]. I can't approach the topic with him at all. The first thing he asked me when we started talking was if I believed in the alternate dimensions and I said no. He got very mad, started describing his adventures, and I had to walk it back by saying "I can only speak on experience".

Shortly after beginning talks with Null, Chris drew an art piece of him as a My Little Pony character to show appreciation for his Guard Dog-related efforts in May 2018, and followed Kiwi Farms's Twitter account a few days later. The drawing features Chris calling Null "handsome and cute". In spite of the best efforts of the Guard Dogs, however, Chris continued to hold many of the Idea Guy-based delusions to his heart as he eagerly anticipated the Dimensional Merge and his role in it.

Disillusionment with Chris

However, despite efforts from Null and the other Guard Dogs, Chris still managed to bumble his way into the embrace of trolls such as the Teen Troon Squad. In addition, Chris constantly tried to steer conversations towards his fantasies as a distraction from reality that the Guard Dogs would bring up, as seen in Guard Dog chats. Null was eventually alienated by this behavior and walked away from Chris.

On 25 August 2019, Chris, during his phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan, attempted to get back in contact with Null, though Chris got upset and ragequit when Null refused to entertain his delusions.

Chris just sent me some shit out of the blue and he immediately got upset and shut up after I addressed him as "Chris" instead of Magichan. Every single time I see this ludicrous faggot shit he's doing it's like losing Terry [Davis] again. It makes me so fucking sad.

Months later, when a Kiwi Farms user wondered if Null would be intervening with Jacob Sockness during that saga, Null reiterated his stance that he had washed his hands of Chris:

I'm not doing shit. Stop tagging me into the Chris board. I don't care.

Chris turns against Null

Even Null will be cowering before the judgment of the good deities, including Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, herself.
Chris, June 2020, during his phase of role-playing as Sonichu.[15]

In November 2019, Sockness, intent on manipulating Chris to trust only him, maligned Null to Chris, telling Chris that Null was a murderer and accused him of being "the devil in human flesh".[16]

Since Sockness had been giving validation for Chris's Dimensional Merge beliefs, Chris easily took his word on Null, who had only given help based in reality and refused to entertain Chris's fantasies during his time as a Guard Dog. Chris then took to Twitter to denigrate Null and the Kiwi Farms. Among his quotes:

I personally attest and confirm to these things against the Farms and Null. I am well-aware that not Everyone on the Farms is evil, but I still see genuine good amongst the remainder. Even a look into Null’s eyes reveals his demonic influence, even photographed. But, at this point and juncture, I feel it is time that I step up and finally begin the process of taking down the KiwiFarms for good. Everyone with genuine good in your hearts, I implore you all to leave the web forum for good. The time of its downfall in these set of events is upon us. I stand with the Good People in deity-level Light Power to take down the evils Null has been trying to influence upon everyone. The lives of those taken by his influence shall not have been lost in vain. Null, Troll Us No More! ⚡️💙⚡️[3]
Look, I Understand how this affects y’all, the good peoples; I am not blind to that. Which is Why I am encouraging all of you to ditch the KiwiFarms and escape Null’s deceptive grasp. Don’t let yourselves continue to be linked to this slew of murderous links and malintentions.[17]
[...] defending the Earths from the likes of Null and Jakoba. ⚡️💙⚡️[18]

Chris further stated that pony Null would die in the Dimensional Merge, while noting that the Idea Guys would live:

I have read, re-read and meditated on this event: I confirm that [Sockness's assertion that trolls will not survive the Merge as their OCs will be wiped out] happens to the self-counterparts of all Haters and really bad people of 1218, as they were isolated in this one distant “Troll City”; All neutral and Good Trolls remain unaffected, as well as the few select bad people and haters, as they are fated to continue for a future judgment and retribution, such as IdeaGuy and Boyd paying back what they extorted. I do confirm, that not of a disease, but a fated event literally took out Null’s Equestria (Pony) OC and self-counterpart, even though drawn by my hand some time ago. This had happened beyond my own control. So, among the bulk of Haters, Null will not survive.[19]

Allies again

Chris attempts to photograph a profile shot of himself for Null's coin run.
Moon is an ally; we are of neutral feeling about him, and we are most grateful for his help and abilities throughout all of these times, despite his consciously spoken “disbelief” in things “fictional”, regardless of them all being literal fact and happening as we speak.
Chris in Discord Q&A 2, August 2020.
Final design of the coin.

After Sockness's influence over Chris ended, Chris viewed Null as an ally once again. Null assisted Chris with arranging potential interviews.[20] In February 2021, Null asked Chris for permission to use his image in selling of coins for a Kiwi Farms merch run, also offering compensation for using his likeness,[21] which Chris agreed to and promoted the coins on his Twitter.[22]

Null has stated that he has a plan for assisting Chris with housing for after his mother passes away.[23]

At some point, Chris tried asking Null to kill someone.[24]

In June 2021, Null announced that Chris will attend Everfree Northwest, a My Little Pony convention to be held on 13 August 2021. He mentioned vetoing Chris's plan to drive there and recommended taking a flight, and said he will help Chris with financial arrangements.[25] On 9 July, Null created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the trip. The GoFundMe met its $1000 goal 6 hours after going live. Throughout the majority of July 2021, Null would help Chris by continuing to organize and update the GoFundMe campaign.

Null cuts ties

I have to come to terms with the fact that Chris was fucking retarded, he's always been fucking retarded, and now on top of everything - on top of learning that he can't learn, I have to realize that he's malicious! He knows that doing these things are wrong and he doesn't care! Because if he gets away with it, that's all that matters.
Null, finally realizing the truth.[26]

On 30 July 2021, after evidence surfaced of Chris committing incest with Barb, Everfree Northwest banned Chris from their convention. Null then decided to refund the GoFundMe donors their money as the GoFundMe no longer served a legitimate purpose.[27]

The following day on 31 July 2021, during the fallout from the aforementioned incest allegations against Chris, who was now legally barred from 14 Branchland Court and from contacting his mother for a week by Emergency Protective Order, a conversation was held between Null and Chris. Null, who was allowed by Chris to help manage his email account, noticed an email notification from a bank showing a transfer of $750 from Barbara's bank account to Chris. When asked, Chris initially denied transferring any money, but later admitted to lying to Null about the funds after being confronted with proof.

Null then notified the police that Chris had taken money from Barbara in a potential violation of the EPO and then cut all ties with Chris, blocking him on Twitter and telegram.[28]


In September, Chris, from jail, directed a letter to Null in which he expressed upset at Null for "betraying" him over revealing the theft and mentioned that he had taken the money because he had felt uncomfortable sleeping in his car in a parking lot. He compared Null's behavior to Judas's betrayal of Jesus in the Bible. The money which Chris had stolen had gone to a motel room for himself.[29]


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