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On some unspecified date, but believed to be some time before or on 15 July 2021,[1] the Suitress received a voice recording from Chris, promising that he would not get angry at the potential G5 merchandise that may show up at Everfree Northwest, which they were both going to attend. The Suitress then made an animation of the call and uploaded it to an unknown website. Also of note is how in the call, Chris states that he "loves" the Suitress.

The animation was later archived onto YouTube.


Chris Chan's animated message to [the Suitress]
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate Unclear - video archiver claimed the animation was created on 15 July 2021.
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga GOPonyGOPony GOPony
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked


[sigh] [the Suitress], I promise, should I ever see anything G5 related at the convention, I- I promise I will not get angry in front of you.

I withhold my anger. I don't have to feel comfortable around the fact that it's present within that moment, but I will refrain from getting angry. I promise you that.

And [sigh] I am very strong-willed, I am very strong-minded, and [sigh] I have a good sense of, uh what's the word there, I'm trying to remember the word, [sigh], well I have a good sense of self and self-control, so [long exhale].

I can take deep breaths of my own volition, I appreciate that. You do care about me there. Anyway, [quick exhale], I'll be heading for bed shortly. I'll take half a melatonin gummy to make it easier to fall asleep tonight.

I know that I'm gonna be more effective with the witching hours during the night once again, whether I'm asleep or not, okay.

Anyway, thank you [the Suitress]. Just, thank you. And I love you. I love you, [the Suitress].


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