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Mind the gut.

Ethan Oliver Ralph, known to some as "the Gunt" or "the Boulder", is the host of the controversial Killstream podcast. Ethan has shown to hold vitriolic feelings towards Null,[1][2][3][4] which is thought to be the source of his interest in Chris above and beyond a simple desire for clicks over a controversial and viral subject. After the fallout of the incest revelations, Ethan saw both an opportunity to exploit Chris for views, and a chance at convincing Chris to publicly denounce Null, or even get him into legal trouble by linking him to the case. When Chris was located at a motel in Richmond, Ethan livestreamed himself driving to the motel in search of him, knocking on every door on the second floor and ordering pizza in a failed attempt to lure Chris out. After being kicked from the motel premises for loitering, Ethan soon returned upon being notified that police were in the area and filmed Chris's arrest, all the while screaming comments and questions at Chris.[5] Embodying the worst aspects of weens and a-logs, Ethan's commentary is particularly insufferable, though his footage of Chris's arrest is the only complete video of the arrest (one of his friends caught the last part of the arrest from a different angle).[citation needed] Ethan Ralph and Dick Masterson, another Internet personality in a similar sphere to the Gunt, also did at least two shows in which they defended Isabella Loretta Janke. Also both Ralph and Masterson extended an invite to Isabella to appear on their shows, with Masterson even offering a bounty of $1,000, but only to be ignored.[citation needed]

Ralph made a reappearance on the 16 September 2021 to get footage of Chris's hearing, which would have taken place on that day.[citation needed] Unfortunately for him, he was informed that the hearing was continued to a later date, resulting in an anti-climactic end to an already insufferable two-hour long stream.[citation needed]

It should also be noted that Ethan goes the extra mile by attempting to sell t-shirts with Chris's likeness on it in his online store,[6] without the latter's knowledge or permission, with no plans whatsoever to even compensate Chris for any sales made.


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