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This page is an archive of Chris's social media posts during December 2023. Unless otherwise indicated, the posts are on Twitter and from the account @CPU_CWCSonichu.

Elon Musk

2 December

Elon Musk
[posts a meme reading:]



The only shit you get is from yourself, due to the lack of authentic deep spiritual satisfaction, insights and connections with everything without the need of technology. Meditate on that, Elon.

Transformers and GoBots

3 December

I’m asking, but here’s food for thought, would #Transformers and #GoBots still be popular as they are, or would the two popularities be switch if the staff behind both shows had made the opposite shows; #HannaBarbara for Transformers and #Sunbow for Challenge of the GoBots?

[posts screenshots of the series]

Joshua Martinez

4 December

Joshua Martinez

The man with the reputation, ladies came running just for him, stars like Megan fox and Jessica Alba. he’s one lucky S.O.B, Joshua Martínez aka Lori Lopez, aka Vanessa Hudgens, Fueling the jealousy of @CPU_CWCSonichu

#sonichu #chrischan

[posts fanart of buff Joshua Martinez]

😂ROFL! Man, if you think Josh was built buff like Chris Evans or Lucas Lee, you’re Waay off. He pretty much had a string bean build with some physical strength within it when I last saw him Years ago.

Sonic character Rouge

4 December


This doesn’t sound like Rouge at ALL

I didn’t think her voice could get worse 😭

Yep. That’s different.

BronyCon memories

4 December

Gleamy Dreams ~
Pony con goers! Which convention did you go to first? Which one did you have the most fun at?
BronyCon, and I had most fun at the 2019 BronyCon. I enjoyed my first time going in 2017, and I am very thankful and treasure my first dance with Magi-Chan Sonichu Prime at the Grand Galloping Gala. But I actually felt more accustomed and welcomed in the 2019 convention. Not to mention at the G.G.G., I Literally spoke and sang along with the show and cast members there as they did, confirming my premonition abilities further in witness of the others around Cryzel Rosechu and I there.



4 December

I’m a Galactic Legend! What’s your Duolingo learner style? #Duolingo365

Bowser and Peach

4 December

[In response to a YouTube video, Super Mario Bros. Wonder - Peach and Bowser - Nintendo Switch (SEA):]

Wow! Bowser REALLY had to think about how he felt about Peach. Also, does it feel similar to Kermit and Piggy?

Unicorn JasperPie

6 December

Check it out. I found Unicorn #JasperPie.

[posts images of the stone and of Jasper Pie's OC]

Defending JasperPie

6 December

I never liked #dajoestanator / #jasperpie tbh.

Just like #heelsvsbabyface, he's Not really that funny at all.

I like #JasperPie; he is funny, and he is genuinely one of the actual Good, Light Powered individuals on this planet. Not only that, but his energy and aura resonates well and strong.

So, yeah, “Who better to cook a pie than a pie who can jazz it up with compassion and fun.”


10 million YouTube views

6 December

Well, with a bit of input from Mary Sue’s best friend, I have just confirmed my ⁦@YouTube⁩ Channel’s view count. Awesome.


Coco Pomell

6 December

Gleamy Dreams ~
How many of you remember her? 💙

Bonus: What is her name? Any fun stories about it?

[posts a My Little Pony gif]

Coco Pomell.

MLP G5 meltdown

8 December

Letupita725HD★ ❄️
She's defrosted! ☃️🎶

#mylittlepony #mlpfim #pinkiepie #december1st

[posts a gif from My Little Pony]

My Little Pony Generation Five, aka “Make Your Mark”, “A New Generation”, etcetera is not meant to exist in this timeline at all during this time. You would be doing this Entire Timeline a huge positive, manifesting favor if you would, please, Remove Everything G5 from your YouTube Channel, Twitter and all social media.

It is pure and simple that G4, Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls, is meant to be continued for until Season 14, Episode 26 of FiM, and not sooner. This is a Divine and Light Powered fact for this very timeline that delving into metaphysics remains what is absolutely best for everything and everyone in this universe and timeline, period.

It has nothing to do with the quality of MLP G5, even though it has proven itself in foretold confirmation how all over and not sure what it wants to be at all and Literally Paradoxically all over the place, making the seed that started WWIII, as is. The removal of MLP G5 and resuming MLP G4 directly on Hasbro’s part would only prove restorative and beneficial.

Please, Miss, take a stand with us in what is right by removing Everything MLP G5 from your YouTube and social media.

I speak in connections with the one Alpha/Omega Point of all existence as the One Avatar of all existence.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

Equestria Girls character

8 December

Gleamy Dreams ~
Who is this green haired girl? I forgot.

[posts a gif of an Equestria Girls character]

Wallflower Blush

Transformers figs

8 December

Kay’s Art and Whatnot
should I post more pics of my transformers figs, I got a lot and I wanna do some funky stuff with them. #Transformers
I say go for it. Been there and done that with the Autobots of Cwcville, and even have found the Combiner Team that joined them soon enough. Feel blessed with the creativity and connections with the Cybertronians, Gobots, Velocitronians, and so on; have fun and enjoy yourself with no need for concern of discovering and manifesting those that have been around before putting that pen to draw them on literal or digital paper.


Sexual predator

11 December

Gleamy Dreams ~
REPOST if you are AGAINST s*xual predators being welcomed back into our community only because they apologized after getting caught!
The misunderstandings linger from those who misconceive of others’ intentions or lack thereof in pure accident or happenstance. Do not be closed-minded to apologies, and when one has authentically done nothing wrong, or is not guilty of anything, especially after being proven this in court of law, they are to be welcomed back into society, period, without any further bias based on the past misconceptions.


As for those who have and are, or have, redeemed themselves, proper, let them be welcomed, and if they act improperly again, then they are shown to require more time to meditate and reflect for themselves.

[posts an anime gif of a woman slapping a man]

(NOTE: Chris was not found innocent in court for his affair with his mother; he was placed on an autism deferred disposition program which he completed in exchange for the court dropping its incest charge.)[1]

Rick and Morty-based lore

11 December

Also, Season 7, Episode 9 of Rick and Morty is quite accurate.

Even in the cold open, it shows Rick "kind of" confirming the Heaven Realm with Jerry's help, and it's actually nearly on point with that of this Universe's Core and Matrix, which is the real Heaven Realm, or neutral transition area of the soul of most everyone.

Very few even go beyond that through the Universe Core's Matrix and into the Timeline's Core, and hardly any, I, aside from that, going through the Timeline's Core's Matrix and into the Alpha/Omega Point of existence, as well as its Matrix, and even beyond that to essentially break out of the Matrix, like in the movies, albeit Spiritually and without as much technology, not counting that which is used to help generate the specific frequencies to aid in focus.

But even with those binaural beats, alone, that will still only get you as far as into the Timeline's Core, breaking out of the Universe Core's Matrix.

Which also backs up the fact that I have presented in writing that Even an Athiest can find Spiritual Revelations and Light Power for themselves.

And in that, there is another energy collective that exists when those that deviate so far from that of the Universe's Core that they escape that collective and deviate into another with the various variables rather that be the sins and regrets, levels of doubt or those that have authentically achieved greater spirituality. There is one collective of the Toxic and Darkest Sinning ones that is considered the Hell Realm, which is a branch separate from the Universe Core.

But here is also where the Soul Bonding aspect comes into effect. You have the neurotypical collective, as now chronicled in this episode's cold open, which is the first outer layer of the Universe Core. And depending on how much accumulated guilt, doubt and sins there is, the worse that collective is. The more red or black the aura or energy that individual becomes, the worse the transitional period they will have.

At intervals in my immortal life, including when I was crucified on the cross, I had accumulated the harmful energies of those along the way, while still remaining as good as possible with the help and support of the other Gods and Goddesses and the Light Power Divine Guidance, I totally cleansed that collective of the red and black vibes and energy, converiting it into calming Blue, like the Blue Flames.

But that can only be a temporary solution, because another collective will sprout from the next really dark energy type, and then it grows to an out of control level, which then is addressed by I or one of the other Gods and Goddesses. ⚡️💙⚡️🌈💎

Son-Chu and the Autobots

12 December

In reply to his his previous post:

Son-Chu and his Autobot Team have been helping in defending Cwcville and the Earth for Decades now. Backstories, simple yet a bit complicated, but they fight in and out of Cwcville when Decepticons and large kaiju-size threats are abound. And Giovanni and Eggman are only a trifle compared to them.

[posts a Transformers gif]


12 December

Field Marshal Dinkledash
[responding to a Hasbro post on the reduction of its employee numbers]

This could have been prevented by continuing G4.

That is more so what I have foretold and said over and over again! @Hasbro can still redeem themselves by shelving G5 completely and resuming Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. ⚡️💙⚡️

Comic sales

12 December

Gleamy Dreams ~
Tell me your favorite G4 fan headcanons?? Pleeeeease?

Tell me all of them, even if they're canonically wrong!

I remain quite content with this contribution of mine, and we will have printed copies available once again soon enough on the Etsy store. And I Do receive the money from the sales, period. ⚡️💙⚡️

Sonichu Book 12-9 cover (photo).jpg

Festive Holiday Greetings artwork

13 December

Festive Holiday Greetings during a visit to the old forest home of Sonichu Prime (from when he was a Pichu and Pikachu) outside of Station Square, Rhode Island. A recent commission.

The U.S. Starters are in the picture; wait til later to get the evolution lines of Mocktur, Meeper and Teddipig. That’s nothing, wait til you learn of the Eight Legendary U.S. Pokémon; one for each Chakra Point, with Love and Hart. 💚

The fanfics from y’all inspired from that are not canon.

Art-03Dec2023 - Festive Holiday Greetings.jpg

Card compliment

13 December

I officially own the only PSA 10 of my @NostalgixTCG trading card 🥲

[posts image of it]

Very nice. 😊

Cards with good soul

13 December

Some cards have more good soul and aura hand drawn. #SecretShipficFolder

Asking empathy from gifters

13 December

I felt it well advised to state this once: if anyone wants to send me a gift, like something from @Amazon, consider this in authentic empathy:

If you were I, would you Really want a joke or gag gift that shows off a meme or anything in really bad taste?

Or would you rather feel better receiving a gift that was thought of with care and common sense to the needs, interests and things you actually like and take interest in?

Just consider that and gift to me kindly as you would, or want to for, yourself.

Meditate on that. ⚡️💙⚡️

[posts a gif of a Christmas tree]


14 December

We have lived together for 6 months!

I know some of you find it creepy but we are both happy as a couple can be!

For those who love seeing us happy we will see you at the one year mark!

[posts a photo]

I, for one, appreciate and like seeing you both content and mutually appreciating each other as soul mates. It is very good.

Sonic's powers

14 December

Do you like Sonic having electricity or having the wind as his power?
Personally, why not both? Look at Sonichu Prime, for one. Sonic ended up with a bit of extra zap in his step long after the collision with the Pikachu back in February, 2003; it was inevitable. ⚡️💙⚡️

Remastered Sonic games?

14 December

If you were able to work at sega, which sonic games would you remake/remaster?
Remake Sonic 06, and make Sonichu Adventure.

Criticizing Geno's medallion product

14 December

Tyler Mason
@genosamuelgeno He's here and he's perfect

X-Tyler Mason - Sonichu medallion by Geno photo.jpg

Geno Samuel
Many many thanks ♥️
Geno. Don’t even with the “Certificate”. 3D Printed never surpasses the full soul effort in hand-crafting. It’s not funny.

[posts a reaction gif of cartoon character Gumball]

Equestria Girls cancellation

14 December

LuigiGamer - My Little Pony & Gaming
I still can’t get over the fact Hasbro cancelled Equestria Girls were they were planning to bring Sunset’s Human Counterpart for Season 3.
It shall be uncancelled with the resuming of Friendship Is Magic (G4) not long from now. ⚡️💙⚡️


14 December

Time to boot up Teletraan 2023 for later today.

[posts a Transformers gif]

Technical difficulties

14 December

[links to Fan Mail and Cwcville Autobots part 2]

My bad. Technical difficulties.

Blessed and immortal Sonic

15 December

No. Sonic the Hedgehog is immortal; he has risen time and again. He is Blessed as such. ⚡️💙⚡️

Pokemon rant

15 December

To answer the present FAQ, as exemplified last night:

In #Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, I have not even entered the School in Paldea/Mexico at all. I refuse to do so on literal Divine Timing and Intervention until only after when I, personally, and @Nintendo work together and manifest #PokemonLightningBolt, #PokemonDivaPink and #PokemonBatteryChargeBlue version that cover America and includes Cwcville, VA and the Sonichu and Rosechu species and Evolution Line.

I personally affirm that like My Little Pony G5 (“Make Your Mark”, “Tell Your Tale” and “A New Generation”) from @Hasbro, this has nothing to do with the quality of the game or related media, but that Scarlet and Violet are Premature, and should not have existed Yet, as I have stated clearly and direct, in this Timeline.

Like My Little Pony and Equestria Girls (G4), they shall be resumed by Divine Intervention and command, and the Pokémon of America shall preceded the Pokémon of Paldea/Mexico in the National Pokédex.

There Shall be a massive retcon in Scarlet and Violet, period. Lightning Bolt, Diva Pink and Battery Charge Blue Versions shall be manifested in proper, official, personal collaboration and business. And Rosey, Rosechu, Vamprosa, Sonee, Sonichu and Metonic shall occupy National Pokédex Numbers 978, 979, 980, 981, 982 and 983, respectively.

@Bulbapedia shall also be retconned and updated in this as well.

That is all for now. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️🌈💎

[posts a gif of a character saying, "I wanna go home," then vanishing]

Pokemon rant, part 2

15 December

In other words: Mystery Gifts aside, I shall not resume #Pokemon Scarlet or Violet until After #PokemonLightningBolt, #PokemonDivaPink and #PokemonBayteryChargeBlue are fully and properly manifested on the #NintendoSwitch by @Nintendo and I in collaboration, and the National Pokédex are retconned and updated.


Happy birthday

15 December

Oh! Happy Birthday, Scribbler. 😊

12 Previous Lives

15 December

I feel like mentioning this, but someone, or likely more than one of the individuals online have speculated my “12 Previous Lives”; this was noted in a letter I received in my P.O. Box. But I attest and affirm, I was never ever any of these twelve individuals, period. ⚡️💙⚡️

X 15Dec23 - - pobox letter.jpg


15 December

[responding to a user's question on if his girlfriend will do OnlyFans]

We have talked about doing like a pg-13 cosplay kind of thing.

But she’s never gonna show you pictures of her ssshole. Both of us, currently, have at least the tiniest shreds of self respect.

Very good on both of you setting that boundary and rule for yourselves. 😊

That is certainly a sign of self-maturity and self-respect I appreciate.

Green Transformers

17 December

In regards to my recent live stream, this is Rollout of Cwcville’s Autobot team. I told you he was green.

X - Green Transformer - 17Dec2023.jpg

AI Funko Pops

17 December

@CPU_CWCSonichu what's your pop funko made by Bing AI image creator look like?

Here's mine

[posts images]

X - AIFunko1 - 17Dec2023 1.jpg

X - AIFunko1 - 17Dec2023 2.jpg

Gwen Mikoto lore

18 December

Chris posts lore on Gwen Mikoto.

Finally put into a figure form, from the times of IdeaGuy’s Corruptions of multiple timelines, Gwenmi Mikoto, the evil, deceptive, robot-identifying human who upgraded with a transector.

Gwenmi mikoto-min.jpg X - Gwenmi Transformer1.jpg X - Gwenmi Transformer2.jpg X - Gwenmi Transformer3.jpg

Transformers trivia

19 December

I just noticed this, When did Optimus Prime roll in to fell Crasher? Oh! Mirage-Maker Scooter. 😊

X - Transformers screenshot - 19Dec2023 1.jpg X - Transformers screenshot - 19Dec2023 2.jpg

Immortals and gifts

19 December

What do you think 1000+ year old alicorns want for their birthdays?

[posts fanart of My Little Pony character Luna]

Immortal individuals like receiving kind gifts that those who gave them would kindly get for themselves, in a way of sharing a bit of them with the immortal individual. But never joke, meme or cruel-themed gifts. Would one Seriously give themselves anything like that? Nope.⚡️💙⚡️

Mickey and Kermit

19 December

Lauren Faust and Furious
Ok, let's try again: who was better cast as Bob Cratchitt?

[posts screenshots of Mickey Mouse and Kermit the Frog]

I have actually watched both Mickey’s and Muppet’s Christmas Carol Specials before. I feel Mickey made a better Bob Cratchitt, and the special would have likely done better if it had been a feature length movie as opposed to a half-hour show. But it is still quite good for the show.

Post a robot

19 December

Pixelkitties 🦆
If you see this, post a robot 🤖

[posts an image of a Dairugger XV action figure]

How about four? Son-Chu, Chris Chan, Silver and Mainframe behind them.

X - Custom toys - 19Dec2023.jpg

Livestream announcement (22 December)

22 December

Getting markers out for a bit of streaming art later.

[posts a gif of a person coloring]

Merry Christmas

22 December

Merry Christmas! 🎄

X - Christmas tree 22Dec2023.jpg

Vert fantasy

27 December

Semi Frequent Neptunia Stuff
You walk into a room and see this sight. What do you do?

[posts art of Hyperdimension Neptunia character Vert]

I’d greet Vert, kindly, comment in the lovely, mildly cloudy, sunny day in spring, ask how she was doing. Maybe enjoy a pleasant chat, and then move forward with my day bidding her many blessings and successes. ⚡️💙⚡️
Christine, what would you do if you walked into a room and saw me

X - LIMIT DV JANK - 27Dec2023.jpg

I would wish and pray for better blessings for you and continue on my way.


30 December

When the Punislavs formerly of PVCCitizens attack!

X - Punislavs1 - 30Dec2023.jpg X - Punislavs2 - 30Dec2023.jpg

Happy New Year

31 December

Happy New Year!

[posts a gif of Peanuts character Snoopy celebrating a New Year's]