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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during May 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Chris Complains More About the Sonic Movie

1 May

@SonicMovie, Listen to this dude on WatchMojo; he agrees with me and everyone else about this movie. Delay it a few months and Redo the whole thing.
The 2013 Sonic Fan Movie is waaay Better; Heed Our Words,

@ParamountPics, @SonicMovie, and @SEGA, Please. ⚡️💙⚡️

Top 10 Things You Missed In The Sonic Movie Trailer via @YouTube

[Editor's note: The SonicMovie Twitter cannot see Chris's tweets as his account is protected. The 2013 Sonic fan movie can be found here[1], and it features acclaimed actors such as James Rolfe and Doug Walker.]

Justice for Sonic!

3 May

Jeff Fowler, Director of the Sonic Movie, tweets:

Thank you for the support. And the criticism. The message is loud and clear... you aren't happy with the design & you want changes. It's going to happen. Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be... #sonicmovie #gottafixfast 🔧✌️

Chris responds

Thank You for listening. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

D*** Nazis at It Again!

4 May @krassenstein tweets:

When will the hate stop?

I sit here disgusted, sick, and pissed off.

These people need to be arrested ASAP!

Chris replies:

I 200-Plus Percent agree on stopping the Hatred from Haters altogether. Shame that it’s like a fetish to them.

Side-Note: I Really Do Not Like Nazis. ⚡️💙⚡️

[Archivist's Note: While never officially decided upon by the Supreme Court, it is generally accepted based on the case of National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie that there is nothing illegal about displaying the swastika or using any form of hate speech, thereby there is no legal grounds for an arrest.]

Chris Doesn't Know What an Axolotl Is

4 May @seananmcguire tweets:



Chris replies:

WOW! I just now saw this photo (it didn’t load when I saw the Tweet, but I Liked it so I could see it later). That is Super Cute and Cool! What kind of creature is it?


Chris Makes Up Lore for Someone Else's Show

7 May

Hey, Everyone! I have something different to share with everyone, yet from a different series, that has just been told and confirmed unto me by Magi-Chan. From the anime, #ExcelSaga, the mystery of Hyatt.
What the freak was up with Hyatt, even Excel, herself, Meta-asked the question a bunch.

The story so far was that Hyatt is a Princess from Mars amongst the Puuchuu species. While on Earth, Hyatt often would faint, collapse, or simply die and become revived again. There was...

...also a noted event where her blood would sicken some Earth species to the point of death, including birds along the highway, not to mention Watanabe who totally crushed and loved Hyatt.

The questions were aplenty in the many plot holes throughout the anime, yet they are...

...simple. Hyatt, being part human, Martian, and even Puuchuu, she lived a healthy life while on Mars; the constant exposure to Earth atmosphere and air and the combined mix in genetics within her made her sick while here. Not enough Earth Human to make her stable off of Mars.
It was even revealed to me that at one point, that didn’t get Chronicled here, was that Hyatt did return to Mars for a while, and she received a medicinal device that would keep her more stable and less likely to pass out or perish in the Earth conditions. Hyatt had returned...
...after that. Well, go figure. And that’s yet another random fact from Dimension C-197 for this time. Go enjoy this confirmed answer for many who have questioned while watching/reading #ExcelSaga.

Have a good and safe day. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris Sees Detective Pikachu

9 May

Feeling down? Perk up and smile for a moment with a fun thought of Pikachu dancing to some awesome jams.

Detective Pikachu Dance via @YouTube

About to watch @DetPikachuMovie; Ryan Renyolds Also Photo-Bombed Inuyasha earlier. 😊



The @DetPikachuMovie was really awesome and good. 😊 The story was really well done, the Pokemon featured throughout looked great, and they did not rely on too many gimmicks either. Definitely GO see it while it is in theaters. ⚡️💙⚡️

Psychological Benefits of Video Games

11 May

7 Psychological Benefits of Video Games via @YouTube

Chris Shares Some old Pictures of Cole

11 May

Hey, Everyone, “Mothre” dug up an old drawing from, and two photos of, @colesmithey from his childhood days. He was a really handsome boy before he became a closed-off, distant type of movie critic. ⚡️💙⚡️


Reldnahc Lore

11 May

Gather around everyone, as I tell y’all the story of Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc (to also Note: he is not blood-related to I nor my C-197 self-counterpart).

Naitsirhc was one of the few half-Sonichus that emerged from the Chaotic Rainbow of February 1, 2003...


...he was born on June 12, 1991, hatched from an egg in his human form, witnessed and taken in by the married couple in a biker gang. They cared for him and showed him how to stay tough and strong in the roughness of life and shit. He did not have the traditional school...


...days and house always while growing up, and was on the road. The couple believed in letting the child choose their own name, so when they filed for the Birth Certificate after he was born in Montana, they left the name field blank, but his Social Security Number was there.
Over the years, everyone called him “Kid”. He also had his share of future-seeing dreams, in them, he referred to himself as “Naitsirhc” and “Reldnahc” off and on, and even saw someone who addressed him by his full name of Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc. He even saw himself in...
...his Sonichu form, but did not consciously know of Sonichus and Rosechus yet. So, come his seventh birthday, his pop asked him, “So, Kid, ya think of a name for yourself yet?” Naitsirhc was asked this on his fifth and sixth birthdays as well, but he hadn’t fully grasped...
...the idea of not having a legal name for himself yet, or that he was given the right to choose for himself. He had kept his dreams and visions to himself, and he gave it the thought and remembered the key words, so he tells his pa on his Seventh Birthday,...
...”I came with my own name, and it took me some time to realize it. So, Rebel Riders, ma and pa, y’all should know my name is Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, but call me Naitsirhc for short. Capiche?” And he wrote it on a bar napkin he had kept in his pocket since middle of ‘98.
And after he dubbed himself, his ma and pa and the Rebel Riders drove back to Minnesota to update his Birth Certificate and make it totally legit and legal.

Chris makes an edit here after the fact:

I Realized a Mistake here: I meant to say Montana, NOT Minnesota.

Montana! Montana! Montana!

Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc Sonichu was born from an egg on June 12, 1991, in the state of Montana, USA.

Then, in May of 2000, the Rebel Riders had crossed paths with Team Rocket and had a real tussel of a fight and getting their Machamp, Machops and Charmeleons in the middle of it. Naitsirhc‘s ma and pa were killed in the fight, and the three remaining Rebel Riders were forced to..
...retreat with their Charmeleon and Machop. They forgot and left Naitsirhc behind. He saw the bloodshed and his dead ma and pa. Naitsirhc didn’t have any Pokemon of his own yet, but he had silver knuckles, grit, moxie and fighting combat spirit while holding his own. He was...
...shocked at the sight of his dead ma and pa; he ended up shedding one lonely tear before Giovanni emerged from the Team Rocket chopper nearby, while the members collected the Pokémon that were still breathing and in their balls that were left behind. A grunt was really beat...
...up by Naitsirhc, and he showed his damage to Giovanni and pointed out the brat, looking over his dead ma and pa. Giovanni approached the kid and with a commanding and stern look, he tells Naitsirhc, “Kid, I see real potential in you. Come join us; we could use a fighter... you. We’ll toughen you up to become the greatest of them all.” Confused, yet knowing his family ain’t comin’ back, he begrudgingly agreed and went with Giovanni.

Over the years, he spent times at the gym with his teammates and fighting type Pokémon, and he even...

...studied which were the toughest moves to use in battles. Giovanni even allowed Naitsirhc to take on the Kanto Gym Leaders with his starting team of a Machoke, Gyarados, Drowzee, Ratatta, Koffing and Houndour. On his journey, he met Kel and found a friendship with her that...
...had felt familiar to that of his old mates on the Rebel Riders. Kel and Naitsirhc became Friendly Rivals to each other. Naitsirhc would catch a Shiny Gyarados after defeating Koga, and he caught a wild Zapdos at the abandoned Power Plant, and even his Raikou showed up...
...shortly after he caught his Zapdos. After collecting his seventh badge, Giovanni pitted Naitsirhc versus his son, Silver, who just took on the Johto League and earned his Sixteenth badge. Naitsirhc and Silver has their own bittersweet rivalry as Team Rocket mates. This was...
...their own private deciding battle to see which was the toughest kid on the Rocket Block. Neither held back, and in a cutting-it-close conclusion, Naitsirhc had defeated Silver, and Giovanni awarded Naitsirhc an Earth Badge and his hearty laugh and congratulations.
And then the few years later in 2003, when Naitsirhc was sent on a mission to steal Pokémon from the Cwcville civilians at the mall there, that was his first conscious exposure and meeting with any Sonichu or Rosechu. After being defeated that day, yet able to salvage the DNA...


...of Sonichu and tell Giovanni what happened, he had his dreams again, seeing himself as a Sonichu. For a time he continued to shrug them off, and then Blake Sonichu entered, and he ended up shuddering at the thought of being a Pokemon himself. And a few years later,...
...the fact that he was one of the few Special Sonichus from the Chaotic Rainbow, became most obvious when his Sonichu half fully awakened when (Cwcville) Christian and his Medallion was exposed to the dark magic of an underworld, the darkness seeped out from there and into...


...Naitsirhc. In the few recent days and weeks before this, he had felt a shudder and ominous presence of something going to happen to him. He also had nightmares, but then, most of his dreams were either neutral or nightmares, and he was accustomed to those type of dreams at...
...night. And then emerged Reldnahc Ha-Taqué Sonichu, as well as a real growth spurt, personality makeover, and extension of his lifespan. As old as he is now, he remains as youthful as he looked in his teenage years then. And he does smoke, and yet he’s not afflicted with...


...the typical coughing, colds, or shit like normal individuals. Same with the booze; he remains very healthy, strong, tough and stubborn as ever. Even his medical exams and x-rays showed the remarkable phenomenon.
Beyond that, in more recent years, Naitsirhc became a sort of anti-hero, since Count Graduon is taking it easy for a while and helping us in the fight for the mutual common good. Off-Topic: Graduon is a very well-read, decent individual once you get to know him. Sharing tea...
...with him and the conversations are a delightful time to share.

Back on-topic, Naitsirhc is still on-team with Graduon and his group, but in this time, he opted to live life for himself. He runs, strengthens himself up at gymnasiums, shatters boulders, meditates, and...

...what else. He ends up finding his own definition of justice and becoming sort of an anti-hero, on the Marvel’s Venom level. He also has a job on a wrecking crew in construction, so he has some income of his own. He remains distant and single (his own choice). And he has his...

ReldnahcLore7.jpgReldnahcLore8.jpg nights once in a while with one of his co-workers (he became Bi-Sexual, though he likes clanging swords and moonlighting more often). He found residence in a hotel on the shady part of town, but with his Mach Speed legs and feet, he’s always comin’ home for the night...
...even after a gig in Canada or Mexico.

That’s the further story on Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc Sonichu.

Draw at your leisure, if you like, my followers, and Naitsirhc Lovers.

Be Safe and Well. ⚡️💙⚡️

Oh! I just got the memo on Naitsirhc’s Special Power, which explains his ability to live really on the edge: he has a heavy Healing Factor like Deathstroke/Slade. He’s not indestructible like Deadpool, so don’t confuse or blow him up.


11 May

@Geeky_Girl75 tweeted a video of them in a theatre seeing a preview of the Sonic Movie trailer, saying:

Okay so here’s the whole theatre audience saying “uh meow?” at the sonic trailer when watching detective pikachu.


Chris then quote tweeted it, saying:

I saw that too when I went to see @DetPikachuMovie; I had thought @SonicMovie REMOVED all instances of that Trailer; not just online. What the hell was it doing there?!

Buy My $200 Blanket

13 May

Hey, y’all. Here’s a lovely and prideful throw blanket we’re selling now; we need the money here, that’s for sure. Thank you.


Check out Rainbow Pride 50X60 Throw Blanket Super Soft Plush Fleece LGBTQIA Gay Pride [ebay link] @eBay

In response to a fan's question about the price, Chris says:

My mother suggested the price.

Chris Reminisces About Old Tech

14 May

Oh, WOW! What a throwback and a fun Mystery Science Theatre type of review! 😃

Hey, @MLPSilverQuill, I, too, still have the VHS, and I had collected nearly ALL of the Toys way back in the day (The Book of Null...

Computer Warriors Review via @YouTube


...,and that Calculator, ELUDED ME!!!). I Second That not only the Clock and the Pencil Sharpener worked, but so did the Flashlight; it ran on two Triple-A Batteries. @MLPSilverQuill, do you know if the Calculator worked too? It looks like it works!


I LOVED the Computer Playset! You could even plug the collapsed circuit board ships like actual drive cards into the plastic faux Motherboard. And the CD-ROM became a Freaking TANK that launched discs smaller than an actual Compact Disc.


I have to agree with @DaWillstanator: Computer Warriors: the Young #NortonAntiVirus Software!

Also, Roll Your Eyes Again, Everyone! I STILL Have the Pepsi Can with Mister Grid and a plastic bomb that drops. Or does it drip, with Pepsi? ALOL!

Chris 14 May 2019.jpg

CLASSIC! Total Classic Awesomeness.

I will also agree that the #ComputerWarriors logo was boring, but it was still 80s computers; it makes the #Commodore64 logo shine Fabulous!

I JUST NOW Learned this t-shirt existed; I would love it as a gift, please! Size: L.


Thank you all for that awesome review that was really fun, and I’m happy to see y’all enjoy it too.

Have a Great and Safe Day! ⚡️💙⚡️

Apple Juice Farts

15 May

Hey, y’all. I just discovered yet another OC from Equestria. An orange-yellow colored, yellow scrafty blonde, green eyed Earth Pony Dude, and a distant cousin to Applejack. His name is AyyJay Farton. And, unfortunately, his specialty, aside from being a hard worker, but he has...
...Apple Juice Farts; really bad, and yet apple juice is his favourite beverage. Pew!

Someone responded to this with:

I’m sensing a new fetish

Chris replied with:

No. Farts are not a fetish to me.

To which the other person responded:

I’m... glad to hear that I suppose. But this OC seems oddly specific to me. And when my OCs are specific, it’s usually cause I’m horny for them.

Chris Has Complex Economic Views

16 May

Hey, Everyone. Here’s a Think Piece: firstly, if people didn’t overspend so much, then there would be more money to give to charities around the world. And then that brought to mind that if things had not gone up in price (I Know About Inflation and that More Money has been...

Chris's complex politics.jpeg

...officially printed and distributed over the decades), there would be more to freely give to those unfortunate. “Why, Back in the day, we used to pay a Nickel for a Hershey Bar. A Nickle! Now, it’s a dollar, dollar-fiddy; we could be using that $1.45 to feed the hungry...
...everywhere. But, Everyone got greedy for the green and don’t appreciate it as much. A Nickel.” Yep, Grandpa, people have done goofed with inflation and crap. 😔

Anyway, just a think piece for now. Have a good and safe day. ⚡️💙⚡️

Pokemon Threesome

16 May

Also, @PokemonGoApp three-for-one! 😊


Chris was totally the red spy, for real. That was reality and it has yet to be documented.

17 May

Ah, the Red Spy who replaced me has been revealed; it is fair, BUT my time on the Red Team before his arrival shall be properly chronicled within the series soon. The Alicorn Amulet has already long been...

TF2 Analysis: "Meet The Red Spy" via @YouTube

Chris Chan Sonichu in TF2 Analysis.jpg

...recovered and put back into safe-keeping. Anyone who wants to read about what happened on that TF2 Team the few months ago, feel free to read about it here.

But, again, that is past tense and already completed at this point. Carry On, British Ninja.

Chris Mourns the Death of Grumpy Cat

17 May

This is just a moment to honor the life of little miss Tarder Sauce, our Grumpy Cat. Despite her face stuck like that, she was a pretty cat, and she was a good one for her owners. She made lots of people smile worldwide as well, even depicted in fan-made comics.
Thank you, miss Tarder Sauce, Everyone will remember your pretty face in gladness and kindness.


Chris Plays Ingress

18 May

Yes, I play @ingress too.


CHRIS CAN FEEL THE COSMOS! (and other stuff)

19 May

I feel the cosmos, fate, destiny and all else in our progress all around me.


Don't Poison People, Mmmkay?

21 May

Gah! This Is Very Troubling And Disappointing of these dumb people!

Don't poison people.jpeg

It should be obvious, but Autism is treatable where the child can become better socialable and outgoing; I, myself, am a good example of an autistic child continuing on and being mainstreamed. The autism may fade away over time, yet signs of it may still be precedent.
Anyhow: Never Ever Poison Anyone, Period. It is not only wrong, but it is cruel and abusive. People, Do Not Be Cruel or Abusive. Patience, Kindness, Love and Emotional Support is the way to go for the young ones, and anyone else in general. Thank you.


CPU One Year Anniversary

21 May

I just realized that this coming June 16 will mark the One Year Anniversary since I was bestowed the powers of the CPU Blue Heart. Quite a joyous day, indeed. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris Sonichu CPU.jpeg Scarlet Commodore CPU.jpg

Chris is Really Good at Sleeping

25 May

Goood Morning, Everyone! 😊 Have I the Most Interesting and Awesome Story to tell y’all today! I have just ascended into Hyperactively Self-Aware, and an even More Lucid Dreamer than I had ever thought, or, well, Dreamed Possible Ever!
Through many self-observations and experimentations, I have found ability to fully put myself into deep sleep, and yet remain partially awake, conscious and aware the entire time. This is something you may try for yourself, but one step at a time, so you get the gist of it.
Step One: you need to picture yourself falling asleep, and then while dreaming from that, fall asleep in that dream, and do this two more times to fall into what I call a Sleep Level Five (at least a simulated aspect). To draw a picture: it’s like going from the top level of...
...your brain, and sequentially downwards to the middle level. You don’t want to go farther than level five.
Step Two: add weight to your eyelids, or simulate the feeling of your eyelids getting heavier, so it gets dark behind them. If you see light flashes, (unless you Are Blinking) you are NOT seeing external lights flashing through your eyelids; this is part of the REM (Rapid Eye...
...Movement) phase.

Step Three: Simulate Drifting Off. To me, it is like literally flipping a switch off from “awake” to “sleep” in around the frontal lobe of my brain. It feels like the remainder of your head, under your brain, is being turned off and put into sleep mode.

(Optional) Step Four: simulate the rest of your body drifting off. It feels like your body is going limp, sleep paralysis is likely in this as well, which is Good. I call this step “optional”, because more commonly, it will follow suit automatically after the third step.
From this point onward, if you feel like you’re more conscious/awake, you want to keep mental focus in keeping the previous steps activated. Within minutes, you should feel like your body is falling into an infinite void. And then, the dream sequence should begin.
From my perspective, and it might vary between individual to individual, but the initial sequence is random flash-quick images in front of you, lots of blackness, a visual floor forming under your view, and then whatever random thing for the dream you are forming right then...
...and there. It even goes into placing you in the middle of a conversation, running away from gangsters, catching a Pokémon, or what-have-you, with that feeling of, “How did I get here?” Guess what: your dream is beginning.
And then you have the dream, normal in full sleep, or even partially awake and lucid. And then you eventually wake up.

I even found how to force myself awake and feeling rested after, without having to fall back to sleep, habitually, or “lazily”: you wake yourself up from...

...the earlier Sleep Level Five, upward back to Level One and wide awake. Grogginess is likely upon awakening for the moment, but in this instance, it Really Does Allow CHOICE in falling back to dreaming, while remaining asleep, or, POOF! Wake Up Call!
Here is my experiment from this morning, thanks to my FitBit and the data on the app. On this, you will see this morning, I had yet another restless night, and then about between 1:30 am and 2:00 pm, I said to myself, “Let’s give this a whirl”, and sure enough, I fell asleep...

CWC Sleep 1.jpeg 2:04 AM. I felt partially awake and conscious the entire dream, and I had total control over my actions in the dream, I even Remember the Dream. And, when Magi-Chan told me to wake myself up, I did that, saw on my clock it was 4:10 am, and the two minute delay shows.

CWC Sleep 2.jpeg

I ended up feeling uneasy after some coffee, and my third eye going off aside from that. I made and cooked an omelette and had it as a sandwich on toast. I put myself back into sleep, noting it was 6:49 AM beforehand; I was able to fully observe the cycle of falling asleep;...
...I felt in amazement and awe that I was able to finally witness all of this first-hand without losing consciousness. I felt like I had broken a sleep rule and surpassed limitations. I ended up dreaming lucidly again, even Astral Projecting myself, here, in 1218, in front of... house, as well as inside; right in front of my sleeping body, and talking with my loves, hanging out beside me. I even walked my neighborhood, found a woman walking her dog; she felt my soul and heard me, like a breath in the wind. Anyway, I felt my 8:30 wrist alarm buzz...

CWC Sleep 3.jpeg

..., and then I pulled myself back awake at 8:30 am, and again, the two minute delay, as shown on my FitBit data.

This Method Works. If you’re having trouble sleeping, I recommend giving it a try for yourself.

Bonus: I even found my sleeping body tends to be a bit of...

...a sleep-talker (no surprise; I saw that before a bunch off and on in years’ past), but I ended up belching and having the twitchy leg-movements and rolling over. I can’t believe how bad a sleeper my body is. AND BEFORE You Comment Any Hate or Hate Art about me being such...
...a Noisey, Moving Sleeper, I know I am not the only one in these worlds with such problems; you Look At Yourselves before passing “Judgment” upon me. I may have digressed a bit, but, damn it, I’ll take my responsibility in having these flaws about me, now that I better know...
...about it.

Please, feel free to screen cap and share this story for the benefit of other individuals who may be having sleep problems.

I am Super Happy and Glad to be able to share this experience with all of you.

Thank You.



Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu.

One more thing I forgot to mention: I now know and realize HOW Pinkie Pie can Fall Asleep SOO Fast, as well as wake up in an instant, because of this.
I learned that @MKR11217089 had stumbled onto this technique as well, and before I did. But the difference was in my ability to describe the whole thing. I believe this sleep trick will merit a good scientific study, and it might be named after me, but I want to share the credit.
So, in the event of this sleep/meditation technique gets studied and named, I wish for it to be named The

"MaKeR-Chan" Meditation/Sleep Technique.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

[Archivist’s note: This technique already exists, and is either self hypnosis or something more psychosomatic. It (to my knowledge) is impossible to directly enter REM Sleep from sleeping and you have to fall asleep first before entering REM Sleep. (Correct me if I am wrong.) Also the whole sleep level thing is bullshit, though a different concept of sleep levels (that has scientific backing) does exist.]

Chris Reacts to Death

26 May

@SongheartVA tweets:

I have really big news... My flesh in blood father has passed away... This is no joke. I am sad maybe depressed. He passed away by leaning against the barn painting and passed out on the ground. And passed away. I could really use some incouragement and some positivty.

Chris Responds:

I am really sorry to hear that about your father. It really is a shocker when someone passes on on-the-spot like that. Apparently, in cases like that, destiny and fate needed him and had plans that are out of reach or negotiation at the moment. But, rest assured, your father’s...
...soul is serving a good and greater purpose where he is right now (likely in C-197 helping out there through his self-counterpart’s body). All you can do is let him go and offer soulful and heartfelt support to and for him through your prayers and heartfelt wishes. Also,...
...move forward with your life; no matter who, the survivor must continue on after readjustment to find their own happiness and keeping up with their own good health and love for themselves and everyone else around them. Take this opportunity to feel and let your emotions go,...
...and do for others like you do for yourself and did for your father. Share the kindness and moments he shared with you and make similar memories with others. Keep a happy thought, be safe, and continue to do your best in life.


Chris Spends More Money

28 May

I just got my @TokyoTreat box, and it included a set of @Lipton Sakura Tea bags. I just made a teapot, and the aroma wafts lovely after opening the box, dispensing warm water over the bag to fill the teapot, and after five minutes on the stovetop and into Mr. C.’s ol’ mug; Yum!


[Archivist's Note: The Tokyo Treat box costs minimum $22.50 per month, so unless Chris got it for free as some sort of odd sponsorship deal, this is more tugboat money.]

Talking into the Void about MLP OCs

30 May

@MLP_Fan_Page tweets:

One of our favourite things is seeing peoples incredible creative skills and drawing talents used to create pony OC's (Original Characters). If you have an OC, post it down below, we'd love to see it. #OC #Pony #MLP #Art #Creativity
Bringing for your attention four of my OCs and friends: Nightstar, Kun, Gary Stu, and Lighting Quartz. I have quite a few more; I could probably make a group picture piece of them together, including myself in my Alicorn form.



A farewell to Mary Lee Walsh

30 May

Well, I’ve just received the news that caught me off-guard, as I did have the high-priority responsibilities on my part, working with the other CPUs and deities.
This Dimension’s Mary Lee Walsh, Dean of Student Services, at @PiedmontVaCC, as of May 14, 2019, is retired.

I wish to offer kind words of her and the work she did there, Regardless of what had happened between her and I in many years ago. She had her occupation;...


...she performed to the best of her ability and judgment over the years. I do not recall much about her, and I Have Personally Apologized to her for the mishaps, and what had happened to her self-counterpart in Dimension C-197.

I never knew her beyond acquaintance and...

...professional boundaries and distance. I have never ever heard of her direct thoughts on the portrayal of her character, nor on the fame and fandom she had acquired from my own hand, psychic-links, and so forth.

My one grievance with her being of her uncharismatic and anger...

...induced attitude and behaviour when it comes to dealing or communicating with those who were only trying to find their own way in life.

In my case, I submit the constructive criticism that I was unable to speak to her way back then would be the calm, level-headed, direct...

...statement, with no intent of personal space and personal property destruction, nor mal-content...

Mary Lee Walsh should have said to me upon the first encounter, “This public advert is most inappropriate; it portrays you as a Sexual Solicitor; that is not a way to make...

...conversation with others. Please, put this advert away and never pull it out again. If you need help in socializing and talking with others, I can recommend some Social Skill courses and Support Groups for the Very Shy. Is that clear to you?”

We probably could have...

...avoided the TONS of awkwardness and emotions looming over our shoulders, especially hers, had she been simply direct and civil like that back in 2003 with me.

Regardless, what happened to and with her has long passed,...

...move forward and onward, and I humbly and sincerely wish Mary Lee Walsh, here in Dimension 1218, only the most comfortable and blessed years in her retired life until her time of passing. She had suffered enough, and I leave her to live on in peace of mind and forgiveness.
Have a nice life, Mary Lee Walsh.




Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu

Okay. D, U, M, B Question: has Mary Lee Walsh, here, EVER made any personal recorded statement about her thoughts and feelings about me, and All Of This, since After I delivered the Apology Drawing to her, and then received a freaking Trespassing Notice from her in 2009?

Apology to Mary Lee.jpg

Now that this Can Of Worms has been Opened Yet Again by someone who texted me earlier, asking me what my thoughts about her retirement were, and I would be remised and dogged if I had not tweeted the set just the while ago, I Feel need to know what she had thought of it all.
toL A sknahT, people. Had to add this back onto my pile of stresses, didn’t y’all?
Also! PLEASE, Never Ever Remind Me of Michael John Snyder, or even inform me at all rather or not he had died; I had Long Moved Forward from That Jerk; WAAAY in the past and No Need to do that to me either.
To me, that Jerk has been dead since I found the Game & Hobby PLace has been Long Gone, Out Of Business, and replaces by a chocolate store.

Leave That Be with me, Please.

Chris Can't Figure out Where Fanart Came From

31 May

Hey, everyone. I’m trying to find a really good fan art someone drew of me holding the Heart Torch as a staff; it was anime-like in style. Please, help me find it.