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31.5 Thousand Followers; now down to 25,999. All that in a number of Hours repetitively hitting “Block” down the list with my stylus
Chris, on manually blocking thousands of Twitter followers as opposed to using a bot.
"Short, timely messages from Christian W Chandler": Twitter marketing department's biggest inadvertent lie.
Chris's Twitter profile pic as of 2020.

Twitter is a popular social networking and microblogging service where people can post messages that are up to 280 (originally 140) characters in length. While it has its uses and has managed to last despite many criticisms, it is sometimes described as a pointless fad, and if even Chris called it a fad at one point, perhaps there is something to this claim.

However, from 2016 onward, Chris became much more active on Twitter, to the point where it became his primary means of communicating with the public. He rarely posts on his YouTube channel like he used to; he now communicates through multi-part Twitter threads and image uploads instead. Chris often fails to understand why Twitter was designed the way it is. He acts as if Twitter is just a normal blog that inexplicably splits the messages into 280 character chunks for no reason. Whenever he goes off on a long text wall broken up between dozens of tweets, he ends most of them with a "..." when he has to finish a sentence between tweets. It's almost impossible to read his updates, which obviously makes following and replying to him hard.

On 20 June 2013 and 21 June 2013, hidden Twitter posts from 16 April 2012 to 21 June 2013, which most of them are linked to the Facebook 2013 Imgur Leak and pictures from 20 June 2013 are leaked on the CWCki Forums.

Main accounts


As it was, in 2010.

Chris was inspired to register his own Twitter account, CWCSonichu,[1] when the CWCipedia administrator insisted on adding a live Sonichu Twitter feed [2] onto the CWCipedia Mailbag page, and later the CWCipedia front page. This feed picked up all mentions of the word "Sonichu" (hence Chris's use of the prefix "C.C. Sonichu says:"), to provide the loyal fanbase real-time coverage of their favorite comic and game hero and reactions to his weird antics from other fans. The CWCipedia sysop, in his infinite wisdom, elected to allow arbitrary, unmoderated comments from all fans to appear on the front page, to fully leverage the power of Web 2.0, user-created content, reader participation and all that modern nonsense.

Careful readers may start to notice that there's a slight conflict in this: Chris had stated many times that he wanted to be in complete control over the CWCipedia. In a development that surprised no one, the live feed was promptly overrun by trolls. Chris was furious, and was compelled to write his own updates to drown out all of the gay allegations and other pickle-related activity that was going on on his web page.

However, as it is with all of the other things in this world, Chris's focus on Twitter waned over time. In May 2010, the live Twitter feed was removed from CWCipedia, because apparently certain trolls failed to notice that Chris quit paying attention to his own web page and the activities of the trolls in the Twitter feed started to make Chris look positive in comparison. Chris stopped using the site in 2013 but picked up again in June 2016 and began tweeting more and more through the rest of 2016 and into 2017, to the point where he is more active on Twitter now than ever before.


Chris originally followed 29 people and groups, all of them related to gaming. Among these are...

  • ...relevant information on Life Upgrades: PlayStation, ps3fanboy, PS3_Trophies
  • ...accounts related to the sweetest non-Chinese hobby of all: Media_Molecule, LittleBigPlanet [No longer subscribed as that account was suspended for some reason], LittleBIGFan, SackBoy4Pluto, Mm_Sackgirl
  • ...respectable, reliable and impartial game journalists and media: Veronica [Veronica Belmont], Qore, GamesRadar, GameTrailers, gamespot, IGN, g4tv, GamePro, xplay, gamenewsps3 [G4], gameinformer
  • houses which produce games that Chris may play, if properly baited away from LittleBigPlanet-related activities: Naughty_Dog, insomniacgames, SEGA, EA, Ubisoft, CriterionGames, NISAmerica [Nippon Ichi Software], RockBand, namcogames
  • ...tugboat sailing destinations: amazongames
  • which Chris doesn't attend: Official_PAX

Notably, Veronica Belmont (a video game show host and also, OMG, a woman) is the only real person among these subscriptions. This does wonders to dispel rumors that Chris is a living video game geek stereotype and hence beyond merely undateable.

With Chris's resurgence of activity, he has followed over 600 accounts, many of them belonging to minor celebrities and internet personalities he attempts to interact with. Some accounts he formerly followed have since blocked Chris.


Chris has been blocked on Twitter by a number of accounts, including many he used to follow, preventing him from either tweeting at them or seeing their tweets. While some of this has come from people he follows discovering his personality flaws and history of poor online behavior, other blocks have been due to weens flocking to any account Chris shares from or responds to, spamming his convos with less than savory things and images of Chris's past.

Though Chris has been periodically blocked by various people for several years, he reached his breaking point in January 2019 when he was blocked by a number of individuals in the My Little Pony fandom in short succession, prompting many days of angry screeching and tard rage against the trolls and the blockers themselves.

This would not be the first notable incident where Chris threw a total fit from being blocked. When Doopie blocked Chris for his creepy behavior, Chris blamed the trolls and weens, not realizing that his own actions was the main catalyst in Doopie cutting any sort of ties with him. From this incident, it is clear that two years later, Chris still cannot comprehend why someone would NOT want to talk to him. Given his historic inability to be told "no", it is likely that Chris will be continuing to receive more twitter blocks in the future.


Cant see tweets 20190606 112642.jpg

On 9 February 2019, Chris began his move to a new Twitter account, @CPU_CWCSonichu, in an attempt to yet again bypass his blocks. Predictably, this was blocked within a day or two by all relevant bronies. After a few days of Twitter silence, Chris posted A Moment With Dr Wolf Chris Chan and Greater Struggles on both his old @CWCSonichu account and his new @CPU_CWCSonichu account, soon followed with an announcement the he was indeed abandoning the old account (with roughly 25,000 followers at this time, down from a peak of 31,000 after manually banning thousands of weens and trolls) and transferring his Twitter fanbase to the new @CPU_CWCSonichu account (just over 2,000 followers as of 17 February, and growing rapidly), noting that he "will be striving to contain Less Drama and any and all Haters and Harassers shall be Blocked Out, Period".

Chris has yet to realize that protected Twitter accounts cannot be viewed by people who are not following him. He has made many tweets directed at people who will never see them, meaning that he is truly talking into the void. On 5 June 2019, however, Chris responded to someone pointing this out to him. Chris said he knows this, but doesn't care, and still tags people. Currently, when Chris tweets something that he wants as many people as possible to see, he will ask readers to screencap his tweets and share them. He opened Direct Messaging on the 24th and removed the protection the next day.

Alt accounts

Since the discovery of the @NightStar2891 account, watchers have found a number of other accounts that appear to belong to Chris, such as the now-suspended @EquestriaHeart, characterized by their clearly unrealistic degree of Sonichu fandom, white knighting of Chris, and similar interests and behavior. However, it has become clear that they in fact belong to weens pretending to be Chris's sockpuppets.

A related form of weenery involves impersonating Chris. While a few accounts such as @RealCWCSonichu make some attempt to be convincing imposters, most, such as @liquidchu420 and @cw_true, are clearly (unfunny) jokes and not intended to fool spectators. Chris, however, believes that these imposter accounts are responsible for his bad reputation that led to other users blocking him.


Main article: Night Star#Twitter sockpuppet

In August 2017, during the Doopie Saga, trolls discovered that Chris was operating an alternate account (or "sockpuppet") on Twitter, with the main purpose of supporting his main account in arguments with weens, posing as a TRUE and HONEST fan of Chris and his work. The account, @NightStar2891, assumed the persona of Chris's My Little Pony fan character, "(Miss) Night Star".

Chris initially denied (on both accounts) any connection to "Night Star". However, as with his JenkinsJinkies account on Trollin Train, even a slow-in-the-mind would be able to recognize Chris from the use of his distinctive writing style, constant praise and defense of himself, location in Virginia, frequent assertions that he is transgender, following and retweeting of people he likes (such as Doopie and Tara Strong), borrowing of his original characters, and password-recovery emails matching Chris's known accounts. Of course, Chris believes he is a master of disguise and believed he had successfully masked his identity under the secondary account.

Later in August, Chris came clean and admitted he was behind NightStar8291, though he continues to use the account occasionally, particularly to try and contact people such as Doopie, Tabitha St. Germain, and LadyOfTheCosmo who have blocked Chris's main account.


Main article: TwiSparLicious


The recovery email on file matches, Bob's old email[3], proving it to be Chris.

On January 2019, another Twitter sock was discovered by trolls under the alias of Magi-Chan, @MagiChan111448. It was confirmed to be created to continue following members of the brony community who have blocked Chris's main account, though Chris claims it was made for his fictional friend and spouse:

I personally helped make the account for him, and he stood with me and included his likes and wants for the page. He shall be personally making his tweets and commentary from there.[4]

The number 111448 is a reference to Magi-Chan's retconned birthdate (Nov. 14, 1948, which had been put in Chris's head by the Idea Guys the year before).[5]


Throughout 2018, Chris-Chan's Twitter account was hacked several times by an unknown individual who claimed to be associated with the Idea Guys. The reason why this is up for debate is because it seems more likely that they were being posted by Lukas of the Teen Troon Squad, using the Idea Guys as a red herring. It's unknown how Boyd or Wise would have gained access to the account, as these leaks occurred long after they were taken out of power. The leak also included footage that was later leaked in full by Lukas onto /cow/, making their involvement all the more likely.

November 2018

The November 2018 All Star leak. Note that Stephen Boyd is said to live in Kentucky, the "Bluegrass" State.
For Shrek's Eyes Only
Stardate 21 April 2018
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music SexSex Sex
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guys
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
All Star Part 1
I’m Sorry for Ruining so many Fandoms

The first leak, from 11 November 2018, was a clip from his now infamous second rendition of All Star video in which he sings while mass debating. The tweet read: "This is how chris pays tribute to his lovers - The guy in the 'bluegras state'". This is an obvious allusion to the Idea Guys, as Boyd is said to live in the "Bluegrass" state Kentucky. The full video wouldn't be released, however, until 30 December 2018.

December 2018

Day 1

Suspicious white stains can be seen covering Chris' bedside table.
Tour of Chris's House III
Stardate March 2018 / Leaked 11 December 2018
Subject Matter 14 Branchland Court
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guys
Shirt Not visible
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
Supportive Message for Gracie
Barb confirms she isn't dead

The second leak, which occurred in December, took place over the span of two days. The first was a single tweet on 11 December 2018 at 1:27 P.M., releasing Tour of Chris's House III. It was posted with a troll-written description asking for $500, before being quickly deleted. Kiwi Farms quickly noted that based off a calendar seen in the video, it had been filmed in March 2018; when the Idea Guys were still in control.

Here is a SAMPLE of our House Tour 2018!

If I can receive donations in EXCESS of $500 I will post the ENTIRE VIDEO!

Please think of my Feeble Mother and I this Holiday Season.[6]

Day 2

Chris slaps himself
Stardate Unknown
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guys
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked

The second half occurred on 12 December, this time in the form of a three-part tweet chain. Two of the videos in the thread had already been released: one from the Bad Beginning of Chris apologizing to Gwen, and another of Barbara stiffly dancing for the camera. The only unseen video from this chain was a clip of Chris slapping himself to tears, as described by Null in July. Regardless of who actually leaked it, Chris himself believed this to be the work of Boyd and Wise, subsequently calling them out by name in a tweet afterwards.


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