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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during December 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

UTI, Chris has

7 December



Are you okay Christine? is something troubling you?


Night last troubling still me. Up shook I not am only still. Virus possible. Rest need I. Bed in I am.

Else to everyone, want laugh you all; this serious is very.

Night last you I told last while long will stress this.
Are you ok? Did something happen?


...Feel Well I Not. Rest Need I. Hurts Head. ...... UTI up acting. P waiting to. Know feeling not I well am. Yes, recover I be will. Super Stressed Ears Pachirisu Round Face to got me. E-mail received #ProjectSNT vent with. Expected Courtney did than better that I. Napkin. ⚡️💙⚡️

Need $25 to cash out AdSense

8 December

Hey, Everyone. Logging onto YouTube for another Fun Stream, Behind The Scenes Action, so come on up, and please donate; I am literally more than $25 away from being able to withdraw the funds from my AdSense.

Teen Troon Squad

8 December

I've just completed a lovely bunch of Ship and Goal cards featuring the art of the talented @PickinyFelliny. Order NOW to gaurantee Delivery BEFORE Christmas, 2019.

TehFoxxoGuy replied, posting an image from the Chris with Teen Troon Squad video:

let that sink in

Chris answered:

Go ahead; that Is what happened that day, and they did not mind it much. To mock us makes you all Soo Neurotypically Hindered.

Edozis replied:

They were trolls Christine. You got trolled yet again.

Chris answered:

I Knew they were trolls, but they had Good Intentions, and they were genuinely Kind Individuals. I am not listening to your bull shit.

Sonichu bundle deal

TSSSF Sonichu Bundle Deal Now Available.


I've just completed a lovely bunch of Ship and Goal cards featuring the art of the talented

@PickinyFelliny. Order NOW to gaurantee Delivery BEFORE Christmas, 2019.

Our biggest fans this week: sexualjumanji, Iron_mountain_t, hulkerine100. Thank you! via [link]

Chris loses his voice

9 December

Cold Virus update: my voice is shot. That grinds my gears and pisses me off. Continuing on with simple rest, meditation, positivity maintenance, and taking medicine, vitamins, enjoying chicken noodle soup, and drinking lots of water.

[gif from The Little Mermaid]

Making a kettle of tea with fresh lemon juice. I’ll enjoy it hot from the ol’ mug of my father’s.

10 December

Good morning. I am still recovering, the virus is being stupid, but I’m psychically pushing it away, yet it decided to attack my throat again. At least my voice is not shot again.

Princess Bride

11 December

I am looking forward to Discord in “PrincessBride” being uploaded on Thursday the 12th on #ILoveKimPossibleALot’s channel. It will be worth watching the whole video.

Chris explains his triggering

12 December

Hey, y’all. Update on this cold: it’s giving me nasal problems now, and it still lingers in the throat. It does not feel as bad as earlier.

Also, I have found the reasoning behind the Triggering from @ProjectSNT’s redesign of the Chaotic Combo. There was a disturbance in their Dungeons & Dragons-like home dimension of CS-89, which is literally the main home of Plutia and Peashy in their CPU leadership over... ...Planeptune, there. Anyway, there have been a number of migrations of individuals and items from CS-89 into C-197 (Fated or forced). Even entire dungeon cave areas were being relocated via heavy magic from there. I’m projected there, as a Cleric, working on analyzing and... ...finding the solutions before something really bad could happen to CS-89. This seems to be the right path, as I am finding less visual offense with Magi-Chan Sonola differences. Not triggering. Go figure a subconscious Trigger event being a call for help from another dimension.

[Magi-Chan Sonola image]

Anyhoo, I’m about to get some food for this body. I’ll check back later.

Buy more cards, please

12 December

Reminder to all #TSSSF Players and #Sonichu and #Rosechu fans: You still have time to order these cards to play the most fun Shipping Collectible Card Game in existence for delivery before Christmas. Come Place your Orders Now.

SNT drawing

12 December

I finally drew SNT, although it ended up being a chronicling of a chat she and I had about a couple of months ago. Also, alt-dimension Sonichus and Rosechus @ProjectSNT has drawn is an idea for a #TSSSF expansion pack, if she would like to collab a bit on it. She has my email.

SNTandChrisChan.jpg AChatBetweenSNTandChrisChan.jpg

Chris surprisingly agrees with enablers

13 December


And now you go to the real fact of the matter: two points. One: she can believe whatever she chooses. Two: The same tired things people like you have been saying have not only been %100 ineffective, but has done irreparable damage over years if she was delusional. Which she isn't
Thank you for understanding. ⭐️⭐️⭐️


I think you are being a little overly dramatic there. She's dealt with toxic and harmful people for years, and can identify them with ease. I think she'd believe in the Merge without twitter, or other people believing in it, as these things aren't what the belief came from.
That is Correct. I not only Believe in the other dimensions and the Merge, but I Know them for Fact, because I have been there and Everywhere, Personally. I have deity-level powers and abilities. This has been proven before in this Very Restrictive 1218 Dimension. Open Your Minds

You don't say?

12 December

Finally! I can show off one of my Promo Cards that is actually linked with @ILoveKPAlot’s PrincessBride. I was asked to contribute a couple of Art pieces; the subtle one in the dungeon is a funny; I pray y’all enjoy the show.




12 December

I will add and reiterate: I am Not Delusional, all of this has been very much real and fully existent. I definitely would know on the contrary. I even was able to identify and overcome actual delusional illusions during the time of this cold. I have a very good idea of Real/Fake. Thank you, @Eschcal for your continued and genuine kindness, support and responses. You are very open-minded and spiritual; I see that in you. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Nightstar video

12 December

I was only super happy and humbled to contribute and help. I pray I get invited to help on other vids later on, including being Nightstar on #MLPFiMSeasons10to14. Later.

Chris corrects Kidasuna lore

12 December

That is not so. We have foreseen that marriage is not a mandatory option for getting you to Kidasuna. Remember, Jacob...


Nightvee pack on sale now!

13 December

I'm glad to announce that the Nightvee Pack is available for order now, so come on down and order today. This pack is included in the Bundle Box.

Cold update

13 December

Cold update: my throat is no longer feeling soar and my nose is feeling less leaky; feeling pretty good right now. 😊

[Sonic gif]

Sonirisu triggering explanation 2

13 December

By the way, @ProjectSNT, I’ve found out what it was about Wild Sonirisu’s face and tail that was really bugging me. Turns out, he reminded me of one of the Rokat Grunts. Apparently, CS-89 was getting its magical items stolen. We managed to resolve the problem, and I can look at Sonirisu without even flinching anymore, finally. Go figure the ordeal that such an event was giving me warning over. Glad I investigated.

Wild Sonirisu TSSSF.jpg

Chris journeys to Dimension CS-89

13 December

In response to ProjectSNT's redesigns of the Chaotic Combo:

I've had to personally journey to Dimension CS-89 to resolve the problem of their D&D Magic resources being stolen; at least I've leveled myself up as a Cleric, and I get to pull of a style similar to one that I like from #SoulCalibur. Another hefty mission for a goddess like me.

Chris Chan Sonicleric.jpg

Chris apologizes for his reaction

14 December

I want to publicly announce that I am really sorry for how I reacted to @ProjectSNT’s redesigns, here. They are very good, and so is her video.

[Hello Kitty gif]

More Card sales

14 December

Just added onto the PreSale: you may now order the Expansion Packs with or without their custom boxes for a price difference. Also, Express Shipping is added to gaurantee All Orders Before December 18, 2019 to arrive Before Christmas Day. #TSSSF Order Now

Gamer EX Driver

14 December

I just found the review video for the Gamer EX Driver @Righteous4CWC has been clamoring on about.

Chris repeatedly promotes his new card collection

16 December

Come on Up and buy some #Sonichu and #Rosechu #TSSSF cards and play the awesome Shipping Game that gets heated and really fun. ⚡️💙⚡️

Familyphotocard.jpgChaoscontrolcard.jpg [Among other photos]

Come o up and buy some of these awesome and zappin’ #TSSSF cards, and new Deck, to add to your collection, Today. ⚡️💙⚡️

Familyphotocard.jpgChaoscontrolcard.jpg [Among other photos]

Sharing new TSSSF cards

16 December

Princess Fehuni Hitikara TSSSF.jpgLivefromsubspacecard.jpg

Chris tries to make good with SNT

17 December

I Love This! 😃 ⚡️💙⚡️

This D&D Team is Fully Approved, Personally, @ProjectSNT.

Although, if you’re (still) upset at me, I can understand and empathize, and I still apologize for my initial outbursts.

Please, respond and let me know how you are feeling now. 🤧😥

Chris Chan Sonicleric.jpg

Also: #Sonichu, #Rosechu, #TSSSF, #DungeonsandDragons, #ProjectSNT, #ChrisChanSonichu.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

Buy more cards

17 December
  1. TSSSF, #Sonichu, #Rosechu, #ChrisChanSonichu

This bug looks like a Pokemon

17 December

A dragon-headed caterpillar [video of Polyura athamas]
Looks like a Zygard [sic] to me.

"Signs" of the dimensional merge

17 December

Check This Out! Yet another sign of Dimension Merge, as even @IdeaFactoryIntl is chronicling the CPUs’ efforts in making it happen. Yet, they should have heard of Scarlet and I, being the past and present CPUs of the Commodore Consoles and Cwcville.


More card selling

17 December

Sonichu and Rosechu #TSSSF cards are still available now.

Now avaiable on the web page: the #Sonichu Books.

Bulk Deals

18 December

For the #TSSSF Distribution Purposes, I'm adding a option for Bulk Deals per set of cards, and the pre-existing books; for the vendors to sell at conventions, including #BABSCon. Direct Messaging from those in on #ChildrenofKefentse and legitimate vendors, greatly appreciated.

Bulk Deals added to each individual item on my web page: Cards And Books, so #TSSSF, #ChildrenofKefentse, Book Vendors, and @MLPFIMTPM , come on up and buy in bulk for the upcoming Conventions.


Chris purchases more TSSSF cards, responds to JK Rowling's trans comments

19 December

Hey, Everyone. I just got the Nightvee & the #TSSSF Warriors For Andromeda Expansion Pack, and I set up this grid for the product photos on my shop page. Note: this was manifested with the combination of the #Sonichu Deck, and the Sonichu & Rosechu, Chris Chan, and Nightvee Packs and a few of the Promo Cards. It will be noted that only the one Nightvee Expansion Pack is the product in question. But, this works in showing an example of a Shipping Grid that could be made. Also, Note, the small Removed From Play pile to the right of the grid as well as how everyone is arranged. I made sure the Nightvee Warrior cards were the main focus and majority.

#TSSSF #Sonichu #Rosechu #ChildrenofKefentse

Also, at the risk of being blocked by @jk_rowling, I feel I, too, must respond to her recent act. I heavily and personally disagree: people Can have their physical gender changed; it has been proven and done before. And I, as a legitimate CPU and Goddess, personally know, too. I continue to be proud of being Trans, and for supporting other Trans and everyone else in the LGBTQ+. #TransRights.

More card selling

21 December

Chris makes a Naco

21 December

Something different today for lunch: I’ve been re-binging #KimPossible on @disneyplus; so, @ILoveKPAlot, if you’re seeing this: two soft-shell tacos and an order of Nachos; I made a Naco. 😋


Ron Stopable is the Man! Nacos Rule! @tacobell Super Yum! 😊

Card explanation and photos

22 December

I used a larger table to do a better, and more accurate, Shipping Grid for the Nightvee & the Warriors For Andromeda #TSSSF Expansion Pack. Now with a few more lovely cards on it. The listing page has been updated as well with these photos.


24 December

Boris! 😃


Chris is cured

24 December

Happy ChristmaHannuaKwanzaka! 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Oh, before I forget to mention, my sinus infection is gone; I am feeling quite good now. Also, expect a new drawing in a while that will become Eight Lovely Promo #TSSSF cards.

[Dancing Snoopy gif]

Merry Christmas

25 December

A new Drawing to bring magic and shine to your Holiday. ⚡️💙⚡️


I will also comment that while it may not be obvious in the digital image, I used a lot of glitter and gel ink on this piece; it is really shiny in person. ✨🌟⭐️

TSSSF incarnations of Chris

25 December

In response to a fan commenting on the previous post:

Sonic was placed where he was fated to be, beside Sonichu and Rosey. And that is I and Christine Chan in the middle. Read the Flavour Texts on us two.


Chris gears up for BABSCon with TSSSF cards

25 December

Just a reminder to come on in and purchase the #Sonichu #TSSSF cards for yourself today. We also have Bulk Deals for verified Vendors for CCG and #Brony Conventions. We've also completed another set of 18 Promo cards, so that second set is available now.

FriendshipIsMagicTheGathering.jpg Psychic-Able CPU Aqua.jpg 14 Branchland Court TSSSF card.jpeg ChaosControllingMagi-ChanSonichu.jpg

Rock On

26 December

Rock On, my fellow Die-Hard Sonic Fan. ⚡️💙⚡️

[Sonic gif]


28 December

Something different to bring fun: this is my Favorite out of the @McDonalds Changeables: C2 the Cheeseburger. He just has an adorable smiling face that reminds me of G1 Bumblebee. And he looks like he’s wearing a green sweater; what’s up with that? 😊

C2 the Cheeseburger.jpg

So Many CWCs

29 December

Responding to a fan art of Johnny Bravo wearing Chris' clothing (with Magi-Chan):

I’ve seen that one before. Right there: muscly-arm, bulky one in the back.

Chris's ego, TSSSF card.jpg

Also, so everyone knows: by “Different Version”, I mean between Human and Sonichu forms (although the Alicorn form is also a different one as well).

Again: #TSSSF #Sonichu cards Available Now on

Flying Sky High in Equestria.jpg Chris chan alicorn.jpg