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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during July 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Chris's date update

1 July

Halfway through the year, and in Equestria, one-third through the Heat month.

Advertising Ebay stuff

1 July

Moved from Mercari to eBay is the remaining Seven Autographed Photos. Bonus will include Three Sonichu Stickers with each purchase. Thank you. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283035162234

Advertising Patreon

1 July

Reminder to Everyone to Help me out on Patreon, Please. NEW Patrons This July ALSO get a copy of Book 12-9 with their first Book of the month. Everyone from last month will get a copy of Nightstar’s book as well.

More Patreon content

1 July

On a good roll. I’ve had to check many Equestrian Maps to get this right!

True and honest gamer

2 July

I have two thoughts to share right now: A REAL Gamer knows how to work With or Around ANY Glitch or Bug in a game. When life hands you a Glitch, Conquer It and let it boost your own EXP, like the Pokérus! ⚡️💖⚡️

Playing Sonic in the 90s

2 July

Also, I have Played my #Sega Genesis through my #Commodore 64 Monitor for YEARS before moving to Richmond. I don’t know if I was the first to combine SEGA and Commodore like that (probably not), but I Totes Enjoyed those times in the early 1990s.

⚡️ZAP IT UP!⚡️

02 07 18 Sega genesis.jpeg

Cool night star plushie

2 July

Chris received a custom Night Star plush gifted by ChuuChuuRocket.

OH, MY GOODNESS!!! ⚡️💖⚡️ I LOVE IT!!! Thank You Sooo Much!!! 😊

Soo Awesome, I signed it with my approval. 😊

02 07 18 Night star plushie 4.jpeg

Different eye color

2 July

And look, our eyes match up.

Upset about Drumpf

2 July

In response to a post about a 12 year old immigrant who had been seperated from their mother

Oh, My Gosh! That IS Just Soo Sad! Damn Drumpf! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Poster signing at Bronycon

2 July

Talking about a Sonic Forces poster with Sonichu on it

Also, anyone come to BronyCon this month with this poster, I will be more than delighted to sign it for y’all. Only $10 on @TheTerence94 Store. Also, check out his other pieces too. 😊

CPU Blue Heart's backstory

2 July

This is a good start. I will tell all of you more of what I know about Scarlet/Blue Heart CPU of Commodore Consoles and the Nation of Comma tomorrow. Meantime, everyone, Please show support for her return by drawing her in artistic styles as best as possible.

For starters, though, Scarlet had lived thousands of years, as long as most other CPUs, ruling over her Nation of Comma in Gamindustri. She is a very kind-hearted and compassionate individual. She always listened well to her people. She was also fair and just, and well-skilled.

These were the days also when the Nation of Tari had not yet fallen. Scarlet and Rei Ryghts used to be good friends. Then Tari fell, and we all know how much of a horrible woman Ryghts ended up becoming after. Comma did not fall until 1992, it landed in an empty area in West Virginia. As the Commodore computers were fading in support in this world, people of Comma left and entered the Nation with other religious viewpoints, and the shares were dropping. Scarlet passed on in illness in 1994, worsened by the fading sharicite.

Scarlet moved her soul and memories into a destined Commodore 64 Console in this world, waiting to be absorbed and reawakened in her new host body. The person has taken in and accepted Scarlet’s memories within the past few weeks. No need to look for her; she differs in physical appearance, but still in as fair of shape as Scarlet was. She will show up soon to help us all when possibly Rei Ryghts makes her attack in this world, or possibly someone else. All we know of who the new CPU Blue Heart is, is that she is a woman who had and still owned a Commodore 64 Console in functional condition. Scarlet is to be supported by everyone, if you all would please, in kindness. I know all this, because I have the psychic-link to our sister dimension, as a Lot of other people in this world do as well.

That is all for now. Thank you all for your support for Scarlet, as well as for me, and for my fellow artists, creators, chroniclers around this world. ⚡️❤️🧡💚💚💙💜💖⚡️

I forgot One Thing: the woman who has and still owned the Commodore 64 Console; she owned it since around the time it came out in the early 1980s.

Childhood game

3 July

Referring to a KoalaWare The Muppets Discovery Disk for the Commodore 64

I enjoyed playing this game as a child, sadly, I have no clue where my Special keypad controller is. If anyone can lead me to one, or if someone has the keypad and no disc (I also have the manual), I’ll give it to you. Message me on my Cwcville email address in genuine response.

On further thought, I Would feel better locating the functional keypad and buying or bartering for it, then I Might take it with me to Share at next year’s MAGFest. 😉💙

C64 Quiz

4 July

And Now, a bit of Educational Trivia at random, since I have just gone through the collection of C64 games here. My father bought a copy of Sargon 2; it included an offer for a second game via US Mail for Free. WHICH Game did he request and got?

The results were Crystal caverns: 29.5% Tetrad: 17.9% Kamikaze: 35% Microscopic Journey: 17.6% with 563 votes. The correct answer, according to Chris was Tetrad

The answer tomorrow. ⚡️💙⚡️

4th of July, in tattered clothing

4 July

CWC 4th of July 2018.jpg


I Forgot to tag @RalphLauren , since this is an R.L. Large Polo and design shirt. Thank You for the Iconic Shirt, @RalphLauren ! Please, Consider reproducing this same shirt, or at least restore this one I still have. Thank You! 😊⚡️💙⚡️

On being a chronicler; Megan Schroeder as CPU Red Heart

6 July

In response to an ILoveKPALot video

This was a good analysis. My two cents (or more than that): it is very likely that in our sister dimension, Tempest (Confirmed Nickname of Fizzy in MLP comics) Has been active around Equestria, and she likely has returned to Ponyville at least for a time-to-time visit, but Big Pocket Execs of This World want to delay that story, so they can push their possibly better stories and TIME Tempest’s return on the series. And scheduling Emily Blunt is another topic that pushes or shelves the topic. But on having the open mind and mind-linking, like a lot of people in this world, including the Artists, Writers, Creators and Chroniclers alike do, you will realize that a lot of events that not yet been aired or drawn, canonically or whatevs, have probably happened. The obvious way to find out for yourself is to open your mind, for yourself, maybe mind-link with your avatar/counterpart in our sister dimension, and Equestria within that, and asking somepony there of what they’ve heard, seen or experienced. And if you want to write or draw that out for yourself in a “fan fic”, that’s up to you and what you feel like doing. But I urge you all if you do, write it as it actually happened there. I Do. Seriously, my Nightstar and Kun went on their Cutie Map Mission in Kludgetown; Mind-Linked, watched it as it happened; they met Tempest and went to Storm Kong’s island home base to find documentation of his treachery with Pea-Tree of Celano’s crew, as it happened. I wrote it all down. Not to spoil it, but Tempest finds a real treasure of her own in Storm King’s desk drawer. Y’all will be able to read about it.

Just about as it happened, I Chronicled it. And Nightstar is half-Unicorn, half-Sonichu. I realize there are a LOT of individuals in and of Cwcville, and missing plot points, but I am still drawing and working and learning about it all. I might even be able to share a full Nation-Wide map of Cwcville, the city in it as well, and each and every street name possible. Even the bridge to CPU Red Heart’s artificial island Nation of Krasna (Megan Schroeder there was bestowed Red Heart’s memories; she Earned Them while being in Politics)!

But I digress. ⚡️💙⚡️ To everyone, please show your support and awareness of the story of Scarlet/CPU Blue Heart. Thank you.

Baseless assertion

7 July

I JUST Realized! Gonzo, the Muppet, is a Crow! But with a misshapen beak and blue feathers.

Well, be as unique as you are! 😃 🌈

Some fellow Twitter users pointed out that this is a terrible argument, as Gonzo doesn't have any features unique to a crow.

Childhood playground

8 July

Response to an unavailable tweet.

I can relate to that, at the Kid’s Castle playground in Harrisonburg, they used to have a grounded jet nearby that us kids got to crawl around through the inside of its hollow shell. They removed it years ago; I miss that jet and being in it. Airplane departure Pretended to pilot it once or so.

Chris's periods

10 July

In response to a fellow trans-woman who has some kind of hormonal mood swings thanks to hormone replacement treatments, and rationalises it as period-related, which unfortunately indicates their transition is associated with a level of disillusion, which is very damaging for people who are transitioning. Chris, obviously, agrees and claims he has a period, too.

Yes we do. Even the possible hot flashes are no fun either. I’m feeling some of my period today. At least they pass and we can feel better when they do. 😊

Plans for BronyCon 2018

10 July

Despite the events which transpired at TooManyGames, Chris has not revised his plan to meet and greet fans:

Just a Heads-Up for Everyone looking forward to finding me at BronyCon. Set aside $5, because I have my own self-made Autograph Cards (some at TMG got one as well). I will sell my autograph on one for only $5. Y’all can help me then as well on-the-spot (cash or card).

Also, Smiles, Kindness, Selfies and Hugs are Free from me.

Hotel plans fallen through

10 July

Hey, I Really Need some Help here, please. My hotel room plans have fallen through at the moment, and the Sale of this One Poster would be the Biggest, Best Help in Plan “B”.

Check out TooManyGames Autographed Poster - Chris Chan And YouTubers https://ebay.com/ulk/itm/283043798797 @eBay

Chris on Steam

11 July

Hey, everyone. Just to note, YES, I am on Steam. I finally checked out mods and downloaded the Sally Acorn in Sonic 1, 2 and 3; this is a great and stimulating mod.

Chris asks for Sonichu mods

11 July

Which is why I wish to announce my request to all #Steam modders: please, make a Sonichu Mod for the Sonic Classics, as well as Sonic Mania and Forces. He should be able to shoot lightning in addition to the typical speed and spin attacks, and don’t forget his Super Form.

Same for Rosechu, but her Super Form is her Mega Evolution lioness form. Also, she can be Sonichu’s tag-along in the applicable titles, or even Vice-Versa where Sonichu follows her.

And I want one of me as well. It should include both of me in my human form and an option to Transform into my Sonichu form and back. Human form, I can jump and stomp the badniks, and shoot out Psychic spheres with lightning in them.

And in my Sonichu form, the typical Sonic-style speed and spin attacks with the shooting lightning and alternate Psychic attacks.

And this is my Super Form after the Seven Chaos Emeralds.

11 07 18 super cc sonichu.jpeg

So, yes, I would enjoy seeing all that, but take your time in making the sprites and game avatars. Thank You All, with Love and Kindness, and Have Fun! 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Annoyed with idea guys

11 July

But most of their lore is still canon, though

Awwww-Yeah! This book would have been completed Sooner, had it not been interrupted by IdeaGuy for Six Months! But then, I might not have chronicled the Cutie Map Mission had this delay and such not happened.

Seriously, though: JOSHUA WISE! You WILL Pay Me Back what you Swindled out of me, WITH INTEREST!!!


And, Stephen “Gwendolyn” Boyd, do not think I had forgotten you either from all of that mess.

The Idea Guys still own owe Chris

And, despite their attempts (Joshua Wise and Stephen Boyd) in delaying me and all that, I feel need to also thank them for adding more connection between our sister dimension and I, and adding more for Nightstar’s Book.

Joshua and Stephen, You Two Still Owe Me, WITH INTEREST!!!

Jessica Quinn was a troll

14 July

Not to dwell on it, I am moving onward from this as well, but that Jessica Quinn was a Real Troll who managed to tug at my heartstrings time and again. Well, she got what she deserved. The one who fell worse of that troll was Diamond Melody. At least she’s finding her solace too.

Impress with Smash-themed fan art

14 July

He was pretty mean about the second one :(

This is an AWESOME Fan Piece!


14 07 18 sonic smash.jpeg

This one is awesome too, but at least the other one has the brown stripes about right.

14 07 18 sonic smash render.jpeg

Chris on self-restraint

15 July

In response to a tweet about North Carolina laws about not allowing women to legally revoke consent after sex has begun

Oh, My Gosh! I can’t believe those men and their worst impulses. The good part of that is the number of men who actually keep themselves in check and maintain better rounded structures in themselves. Self-Control and Restraint are the Keywords to teach those idiots in office.

Chris understandably annoyed at weens

15 July

In response to an artist who may have grouped Chris in with the trolls that he had attracted to her post in this case, but it's not clear

I apologize for the cruelty of the trolls, and I liked the fan art here. I did not mean to bring in troll hatred into anything that I simply leave a comment on. And, seriously, Everyone else who reads this comment, PLEASE, Be Kind in your comments; Hatred is not tolerated.

Return of the ring

16 July

Guess what’s back!

16 07 18 school ring.jpeg

Chris's point of divergence

16 July

In response to a tweet asking people where there was a point of divergence in their lives, that has really defined their lives and decisions since that point

When I came up with Sonichu on March 17, 2000 in High School; it has led me to more positive things in my life, even to my realization and better psychic link to our sister dimension. And, rough patches aside, I found happiness and destiny with my loves and family from Cwcville.

And the loving people of the whole fan base, even the haters who do shit for attention from me; the LOVE is Greatly Appreciated and returned with Kindness. Haters gonna get their communpence soon enough.


The Fashion Square isn't good, anyway

17 July

I am actually GLAD that I don’t Have To go to @CHFashionSquare at all, Anymore. The place had gone seriously downhill from Awesome as it Used to Be to simply Below Mediocre. No Toy, Book or Video Stores to Enjoy; nothing but Clothes and Crap. Even the one @GameStop there is Meh.

Personally, I would actually feel better if the place went Out of Business, got bought by someone else who would make it a two-story mall, add more Video, Toy and Book Stores BACK into there, and make it More Awesome than it used to be. That is How I Feel; Thank You.

And Thanks for the better Memories from the 80s and 90s, @CHFashionSquare , but You Are, like, very distant to me. Good Bye Forever, you Cold, Sterile Shopping Center.

First time having sushi

17 July

Chris tries $8 supermarket sushi, and was understandably upset with the wasabi

Had sushi for the first time; the sushi was good, but the wasabi sauce included was TOO MUCH!!! No more wasabi for me ever again!

Chris's car is overheating

18 July

Chris elaborates on car problems Son-Chu is having, after using it as a reason to beg for money

I had it looked at last week for the AC problem; they found a coolant leak or two; figured they would be okay to ride out a while, but, obviously, NO. Refill the Coolant yesterday with 50/50; the reservoir is down 25%! Dropped off the car at the Auto Garage it will likely be $200 or so in the end; need those BIG SALES Quickly, Please! Or, can I get 90 People on the Autograph Cards for $5 apiece, please?

Chris uses the term "weens"

19 July

Apparently this word is in Chris's vocabulary

Don’t worry about those weens; you know you are safe around me and my Loves. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

12-9 done!

19 July

Yaaaaay!!! Nightstar’s Book is FINALLY Fully Coloured! And ONE freebie that all who get this book will have, the Art Page will be a Bonus Pull-Out Poster! Zappin’ It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️

The books will be printed soon.

19 07 18 12-9 coloured.jpeg

12-9 is scanned

20 July

Thank Goodness! I have fully completed the scanning and editing of this book, and I felt it sound and appropriate to share Feather Shine’s piece as the back cover, with appropriate credit.

A Year to get this book done, COUNTING the interruptions, but it was Very Well Worth It!

Earth 1218

21 July, Twitter

Seanan McGuire, a writer for Marvel Comics:

The death of Gwen Stacy in Earth-616 broke Peter Parker for a long time. As a little girl reading comics that were fifteen years old (because those were the cheap ones), it broke my heart and made me walk away from Spider-Man for a long time.


That makes me think: which dimension number is THIS EARTH, that we are occupying, Right Now?




That is Awesome to know! Thank you! 😊 Also, when you share them, I do enjoy reading your insights and thoughts. Keep up your brand of Awesome! ⚡️💙⚡️

He then added:

A small favor, Seanan, if you would, please. I would delight in a budding back and forth about dimensions with you in Private Messaging, on Twitter, when you can. Thank you.


I honestly don't have the time--I'm here at SDCC, and need to run. Sorry!


Perhaps, then, you may refer a fellow creator/chronicler with as good a link to the other dimensions as you for me to talk with. I am needing to learn more about the topic, and I would feel better talking with someone on the similar aspects of it. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

One of Chris's followers pointed out:

@seananmcguire @CWCSonichu thinks you were being literal about earth 1218 You should probably tell him its fiction, as he’s going off the rails into insanity

McGuire obliged:

Earth 1218 is the designation for this reality within the Marvel Universe. It is neither literal nor real, and I apologize if that was somehow unclear when it was stated in conjunction with a thread explaining the Marvel Universe.

Chris insists he isn't delusional, refuses to see a psychiatrist about it

22 July, Facebook

I am only going to say this Once for those who may think me as delusional, crazy or shit like that. I am Not delusional, crazy, or anything of the sort.

I have my own magic powers that I am still learning about for myself from my family and allies.

I’ve already talked with psychiatrists and therapists years ago, so any new such meetings would be a very moot point. Also, I have been on anxiety and blood pressure meds for many years, and I have always been down-to-Earth, and I still see my Sonichus and Rosechus and all else from our sister dimension when they are here. Not to mention MY ELECTRIFYING POWERS and my Quills, Tail and Ears of my Sonichu Form literally on and attached to me, and in Feeling. Therefore, They ALL Are Real, and you may tell Everyone that, and I do not wish to have to repeat myself on that, and I REALLY do not like being mislabeled as delusional or shit like that.

Plus, I HAVE Friends of our Earth 1218, Here, who HAVE Been to our sister dimension and experienced that world for themselves.

Thank you.

He added:

So, One More Time: I am Not Delusional, Crazy or whatever, so please do not mislabel me as such, and do not tell me to see a therapist or psychiatrist, because I have already been through that multiple times.

Chris isn't delusional

22 July

So, One More Time: I am Not Delusional, Crazy or whatever, so please do not mislabel me as such, and do not tell me to see a therapist or psychiatrist, because I have already been through that multiple times.

Online friend appreciation day

23 July

Chris put his two bolts in for another arbitrary Twitter something-day celebration

Perfect and Appropriate Timing, this is.

I just got word from the garage about my car: radiator and a couple of tubes need replacing, bad. It’s an $850 Bill.

I would Very Much like to acknowledge and Thank Miss Danielle Stone for her generous, and immediately-Paid Pledge.

But, I would also like to clarify that while I do appreciate how she feels about me, it remains waaay too soon to be Anywhere as close as Intimate. And, while I am open and kind to others in the spirit of friendship and love, in all honesty, though, I NEED to remain Cautious for myself, and my good friends know this as well, as they do look out for my health, safety and well-being as well.

So, for EVERYONE’s past, present, continued and future kindness and love, I do thank you all very much, from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Just, please control yourselves, especially in how you talk about not only me and my friends, but everyone else as well, to others online, even in Private Forums. Treat everyone kind, as you would like to be treated, yourselves.

Thank You All! 😃


Money being investigated

23 July

I was just asked if the car will be repaired in time.

Yes, it will be repaired by Thursday. The wait is in the Patreon Trust and Safety Team investigating Danielle Stone’s pledge, because they are suspicious. I can’t touch that money until after they complete the investigation.

Chris is going to Bronycon!

24 July

Chris pays $850 to keep Son-Chu running, despite it's value likely being far less than that.

Minor update: My vehicle situation will be set and good for BronyCon this weekend; my repair bill is going to be paid (Thank You All for your Help and Kindness)! Smiling face with smiling eyes

I will see y’all, and a bunch of my favorite Bronies and Pegasisters as wel, This Weekend! ⚡💙⚡

Favourite Monster Energy drinks

26 July

Ultra Blue or Violet with Zero Sugar and Zero Calories, but I also like the Rehab Raspberry or Lemon Tea.


Zappin’ It Up with CPU Blue Heart!

A ween was helpful enough to link an article that explains why Chris's morning Monster isn't exactly a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle

Chris sponsored BronyCon 2018

26 July, Twitter

This Year’s BronyCon is sponsored in part by the Nation of Cwcville, and the Sonichus and Rosechus. ⚡💙⚡

CWC BronyCon 2018 Day 0 reg2.jpgCWC BronyCon 2018 Day 0 reg1.jpg

Windshield-washed by a young dude

26 July, Twitter

Driving my buds back to their hotel; I got windshield-washed by a young dude. So, I gave him two dollars and my business card; told him he just helped a Celebrity. LOL 😊

It’s still good to help others.


As seen in this video.

Art commission

26 July

CPU Blue Heart; taking out even the ROUGHEST AND TOUGHEST of Bosses and Monsters! And, I am positive she will be able to do it again soon and Very Well with her partner and body host.


#Commodore64 #CommodoreCW

26 07 18 art comission.jpeg

Chris threatens a brony

27 July, Twitter

In response to a tweet, warning BronyCon goers about a creep:

I will certainly keep an eye out for him.

Gunnar Armstrong (the accused):

don't bother, I'm not here to see Wubs I'm avoiding her, at all times 😤
Oh, really? We’re watching you. Third Eyes like Psychics, we the Brony Community are.
even if you do see me walk by, there's zero chance you'll catch me in the act. And also, I suggest you leave Wubs yourself.
You’re speaking for yourself, there. I Have my Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo; I have no awkward pursuit interests of anyone else at all.
good, then do not approach me, I'm not worth your time anyways, stay with your band for all I care.

Waiting for Tabitha

27 July, Twitter

Waiting for Tabitha.

See: BronyCon 2018#Waiting for Tabitha

Chris meets Tabitha St. Germain

27 July, Twitter

Yay! Success! I got to meet Tabitha, and we had a lovely chat too. 😃


Panels that Chris liked

27 July

I enjoyed KP’s Panel a short while ago, as well as the Programming Panel.

I have a friend who wants a plush of Pony Link; help finding one tomorrow in the Market is appreciated. Thanks A Bunch! 😃⚡💙⚡

Day 2 reflection

28 July, Twitter

I enjoyed Mad Munchkin’s Creativity Panel, and I enjoyed the TF2 Analytic Panel. I have a poster for Ingrid to sign; the Convention is Awesome.

Nowacking turns away Chris

28 July, Twitter

Okay, Venting Time...

HE Pushed Me Away, and I had a drawing and a present. He remembered Blocking me on Twitter, like, MONTHS Ago! What is HIS Problem with me NOWADAYS?!

He closed himself off from me; did not even stop to tell me why.

I Feel Devastated! I Feel Upset! Tears are Welling a Bit. Why? 😧


Awesome and Inspirational as he is, He Can be a Dick, apparently. Who Knew? I guess it is the Aloof, Cold Dude in him.

Chris deleted the final tweet shortly after. Analysis: BronyCon 2018#Nowacking rejection

BronyCon continues

28 July, Twitter

I Loved Tabitha St.Germain’s script for an MLP episode during the script reading. I want to see that as a canon episode. I also enjoyed the love and kindness in Ingrid Nilson’s #SteppingStone Panel. Got to see Scribbler, Wubcake and the other VAs in their Panel.
I’ll be enjoying a few more Panels tonight; BronyCon is still Awesome! What’s One Hater compared to Thousands of Kind People here.
Hater’s gonna hate; I consider the Hater as “Meh” now.


MLP OCs lecture

28 July, Facebook

I have a thought to share. Let’s talk about MLP OCs and Ponysonas. I have been streaming through in my mind lately. So, OCs from the individuals of this world (a default, unless specifically specified by the author/creator). A Ponysona is what the author/creator is not only how they identify themselves, but how they actually end up when entering Equestria, without the special non-transforming aid. If the creator has only one OC, then it is likely that when they go through the portal and enter Equestria, they become an exact double of that OC. But, if they have more than one OC, then one of them is their Ponysona. I have seen myself in my own Ponysona in Equestria: I become an Alicorn. So, while we’re similar in fur and mane colours, and, of course, we have the same Cutie Marks; Nightstar is a Unicorn, while I become an Alicorn.

Everyone with at least one OC has the psychic ability to mind-link with that OC. If they mind-link, and stay in first-person perspective of that OC, then that OC is their Ponysona. If they are second-person from their OC, then they are more likely different from their OC in at least one exterior physical difference; while in the astral projection, they should check a mirror, or check their body there to see what they look like in their Ponysona.

So, the OC and the Ponysona are not all going to be a one-to-one visual match. Only you can learn for yourself what your own Ponysona is, and rather or not it is different from their OC.

Stepping Stones panel

29 July, Twitter

@ingridanilson (A MLP voice actor):

A highlight from this weekend: the incredible heart expanding stories told by friends who attended my #SteppingStones panel 💜

Thank you for sharing from the heart! And thank you for making this community one which embraces acceptance, empathy and kindness.

Much love @BronyCon


Chris retweeted with the following message:

I was more than happy to share; you are one of the kindest, Ingrid; don’t stop being kind, and don’t stop being you. 😃⚡💙⚡

Thank you, Bronycon!

29 July, Twitter

This year’s BC was Awesome! I look forward to next year. I Love the Kindness, Love and Awesomeness of Everyone! Thank You All! ⚡💙⚡

Son-Chu's caravan troubles

29 July

I'm stuck at a Sheetz along 29 North; darn ignition won't turn with the key. I looked up for troubleshooting on my phone; "Tap the key while it's in the ignition", a website said. Nope. More than a hundred tries reached; no turn. I don't like this 2002 Dodge Caravan. Ugh!

Friendly local panhandler updates us

29 July

Chris-Chan has authorized me to use their Twitter account to post a status update. They are currently stranded at a Sheetz along 29 North several hours from home. They have less than $20 in their checking account. Their insurance company is paying for $100 worth of the towing bill but they still need an additional $100 to tow their car out of pocket. Still no word on if a rental car or hotel will be covered. If you have it in your heart please drop a little bit of money into their PayPal - ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com. Thank you.

Anonymous panhandler proves their legitimacy

29 July

Designated representative - Chris-Chan asked me to post this pic to show the truthfulness of the situation. Donations may be sent to ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com. Chris Chan will figure some way to show their appreciation (drawing perhaps) once this is over. On phone w/ State Farm.

29 07 18 stranded at bronycon.jpeg

Chris was stranded!!!11!11!!

July 29

Update: A tow truck coming to pick up and drop them along with the van home. Barb isn't angry and is actually sorry and praying for Chris Chan's safe trip home. The Sheetz received a couple phone calls claiming Chris Chan was BEGGING instead of being stranded - good try, jerks.

BronyCon thoughts

30 July, Twitter

Note: made as a series of tweets, numbered. Chris skipped #13 and used #12 twice instead, due to superstition

Good Morning, Everyone (I just woke up at random; had a dream that was a whole bunch of randomness, but it was a fun dream). Six Hours Sleep! Yes!! Anyway, Tweet Thread: I want to share some thoughts. This weekend was another Awesome Weekend!

Last year, my first year, I was all over the place more, mentally. New to the scene and all that. My focus was on the first tier celebs as well who were there, especially Kelly and the four CMC VAs, and moreover feeling fickle of which to do next amongst the panels, or browsing the Marketplace, looking at the fresh arts at the Art Swap room on the third floor, and Learning from the Panels and just enjoying them. I got to meet lots of kind people who were more than Surprised to find me there (some of them found me again this year; yay!)

But, most importantly, I Felt Welcomed and Elated in feeling Accepted in the Brony Community, and I made Lots of New Friends between the attendees and all of the Guests who were YouTubers. KP, I admit; her Sunday Panel last year Was good, but I was feeling really tired from the shock of the Parking Garage I had my car in CLOSED at Midnight while I was at the Grand Galloping Gala, Immune to Adagio’s manipulations, and dancing with my then future husband, Magi-Chan Sonichu. YAY! At the time, I did not know he was gay, but I love him anyway.

Chris x Magi-Chan.jpg

This page, by the way, was drawn before last March, so stuff Has Happened since then, it is all good. Go ahead and Muck It Up in your heads, Trolls; I Am BiSexual, and I Laugh at your Jokes. (Awesome Romps in the hay with him, as well as Cryzel)

But I digress (That Was a bit off-Tangent. LOL). Recovering my Thought Train KP and her team did a Really Good Panel That Sunday, but I was feeling sooo mentally tired. I Should have had a Monster drink that day; didn’t think of it. Point is: I was able to appreciate KP, and I watched her videos since; come July 27, 2018: I drew her with Discord on her, as a vest, and appreciated her better as the awesome person she is, and her YouTube Celeb status. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] And from that, I further appreciated what it meant to be a YouTube Celeb, and I further appreciated who I enjoyed already, including Dr Wolf and Nowack; just to name a couple of my faves at the time. And I got to meet and share a kind moment with the YT Celebs this year; they all remember, and a bunch of them knew me already, so it was kind of a Peer Celeb meet and greet. I was fan girl, I admit, when I met them this year.

But I also felt on their level, since they knew me too, which was more awesome and humbling. And Everyone of them I shared a moment with, I am open if y’all want to talk with me some more; start with my Cwcville email address, if you don’t have my contact card, my awesome teammate and friend will be able to identify you better than I can, and he will let me know, and I will respond and talk with you. I Delight in the conversations I will have with y’all over this year. As everyone who talked or listened with me a while will attest I Am Kind, and I am Chill to hang around and talk with, and I am still a good listener. And, I am Totes a Great and Valuable Friend to have and enjoy. Like my Cutie Mark Says: I share Kindness and Love around the World, throughout the Galaxies, and Between Dimensions. I am NOT the Monster the Trollish Haters on the internet still attempt to make out of me. Everyone is getting the chance to know me better from that, they appreciate and like me. I feel Very Content, Humbled and Happy. And you Haters can suck on that. Ska-Doosh!

And, at the end of the day, Love WINS! And I am being better understood and recognized. Thank You All SOOOO Much for being open and kind for me! Hit me up via Text, if you have my New Number from The Personally Given Contact Card. Or, the latter, do email me in Cwcville.

I Love You All! Keep On Rockin’, Be Yourselves; Don’t Stop Being Creative; Share The Love! Thank You All!

Please make fan art

30 July

I also want to Encourage Everyone to Fan Art Up Sonichu, Rosechu, Nightstar and Kun, and everything Cwcville as they please and feel. And it is Okay to Sell with them in the conventions and online.

I Hold No Grudges.

Do It, Please! I want to be able to shop and see More! Yay!

Chris has two phones

30 July

Also, I suppose it is enough to be Common Knowledge NOW: I Have Two Phones; there was a Lease One, Get One offer from Sprint when I got my new phone, so I got Two. Kept the old number and got a New number. I have been keeping the New one offline.


Return of the iDea phone case

30 July

Making use of my two-iOS device case again.

“I got Two Phones; one for them Trolls and one for my homies! I got Two Phones; one for the Bullies and one for my Friends!”

Swag Hell Yeah!

Loads of walking videos

31 July

I've got no idea what's going on but there are lots of videos of Chris walking down a road, not to mention the singing

Ok it's not just walking there's other videos too

Tidbit about Nightstar

30 July

And I wish to share a BONUS Tidbit about Nightstar: in her odd jobs she did time and again, she Was a Package Delivery Pony. She got the parcels to their destinations, Local, and Dimensionally Distant, Very Quick and Well! Nightstar works harder now with her psychic powers alongside Twilight Sparkle. She, like I, has worked hard and come along very well, but in her own way.

Hasbro is wrong about G4 ending soon

31 July

It is not the end of MLP, but we should try to better highlight ourselves, so Hasbro continues on with G4 for More Seasons; There IS LOTS MORE happening in Equestria that the people of the show and the IDW comics are Well-Aware of that they left out.

Chris sponsored BronyCon in spite of Financhu Crisis

31 July, Twitter

Also, Everyone has my name in their BronyCon ‘18 booklets, just to let y’all know in case you didn’t look in the back.


A fun, short story

31 July, Twitter

I have a fun short story for you that happened last Saturday.

Chris, my Cwcville Counterpart, took herself to Ponyville yesterday, so she can become her pony form (which she comes out as tall as I do, but she still remains just a Unicorn).

She decided to play with lightning in charging herself up; a bolt hit her Cutie Mark at the heart; In Sync, my flanks Felt that singe, and now we two, not Nightstar, have a lightning bolt in the hearts on our Cutie Marks.

It looks like the Emergency Defibulator symbol I saw in the Convention building during BronyCon this year. When I saw that symbol, I was like, “That would make for an Awesome Cutie Mark”.

Nightstar’s remains the same as before. Now, we two are that much more different from her.

I copied/pasted from telling a friend Sunday all that; it did happen last Saturday, the 28th of July. Being strongly linked to the sister dimension has its drawbacks. But, this is very cool. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Sterbenchu Sonichu

31 July, Facebook

Chris shows the list of 69 Sonichus Idea Guy dictated to him and fleshes out one of his characters. Sterben is German for "to die"

69 Sonichus.jpg
Sterbenchu Sonichu.jpg

I have realized and found what another one of the 69 Special Sonichus/Rosechus looks like. Sterbenchu, who is a Sonichu, actually does have the typical Sonichu Body type, but, visually, is similar to the physical appearance of Super Sonic (ugh). Up turned head quills, red eyes and red shoes, no brown stripes, but has the ears and tail and cheeks. TYPICAL on the cheap plush where they modify a Super Sonic Plush. Apparently, this has been done enough that my mind-Link just recognized him and found the name. Idea Guy gave me a Bunch of names of those amongst the Specials, and I wrote them down (there are a few spaces left for myself to find and identify them later) see attached photo of that written list. And, YES, YES, YES; Asperchu is one of the Special 69 Sonichus and Rosechus. I was Uber shocked when I first heard and personally Confirmed that detail. Anyway, it is good.

I am learning more about him in our sister dimension. But, Importantly, Sterbenchu is NOT Seven Chaos Emerald Invincible at default; he still can run at Mach Speeds, is an Electric Type. His Special Superpower, and I am being F***ing Serious Here: he can on-the-spot and on-the-fly CLONE AND MULTIPLY Himself! UGH! Think Multi-Man (the super-hero) for a valid comparison to such the power, if you are unfamiliar to that superpower.

One last thing, NOT to criticize, but seeing this a lot around, I do feel, is rather lazy in assembly and replication. Fortunately, my new fave celeb, Mad Munchkin, speaks the same as I feel, and puts it better. Watch her video in the link below. She Is Awesome!

Thank You! 😊⚡️💙⚡️ Zap It Up! And, as she says, “Stay Creative”.