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BodySwapExplanation.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "wife".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during August 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Chris's usual posts are in blue. Halfway through the month, Chris would begin role-playing as Magi-Chan; those posts are in purple.

Sonichu Pages

On the road again

1 August

Hey, @BronyCon! I am On My Way!



Chris Arrives

1 August

Wild Fans are recognizing; we have arrived.


Chris settles in

2 August

Good Morning, Baltimore! Day One of @BronyCon was really good and awesome. I arrived about 10:00 am, and no sooner than on the way to Badge Pickup do I get approached with very kind fans. I attended a bunch of really good panels and got myself set up in my hotel room.


I’m also crossing paths with my past met friends and even helping one of them adjust better to this being their very first convention outing, period. Not to mention the favorite YT Celebrities I managed to meet and share a kind smile and delightful moment with.
Very honorable mentions go out to the Patreon Party for Creber and Gryphon: awesome job being better organized and getting us together. And the panels of motivating energy, including “YouSuck, But That’s Okay.”
Taking me a moment to wake up, but sleep was a Breezie. I’ll be having a continental breakfast in a few minutes and driving back up to BC.

Lots Of Love! Be Safe, Everyone. ⚡️💙⚡️

Ooh! Also, getting a print and an autograph from each of those favorite guests as well is awesome. One of which, I ended up picking out a print that was not a popular choice. So, I felt humbled being able to pick outsuch a lovely rarity out from their book. 😊

Two Meta Types

2 August

Two Meta-Types together. 😊


Chris at the BronyCon Gala

3 August

Had another lovely and awesome day at BronyCon. The Grand Galloping Gala’s Show was really cool and fun. The guy who was Discord sang really well, and Rainbow Dash ala Sonic-Style was Epic. #GottaDashFast!


Chris meets Princess Celestia

3 August

Another really good day; the TF2 Panel was Really Good. Not saying anything, but love was in good ships there. I also got to meet @mouthnoize; totally awesome. I feel content. 😊


Chris parties with Night Star

3 August

@ChuuChuuRocket, Nightstar’s Jammie’ with #CreberBrown!


Chris had a great time at BronyCon

4 August

I lived it up over this awesome weekend! And Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo shared in it as well. They definitely helped keep me on track. Also, look for me the Nightstar Plush in the coming uploads of #CreberBrown’s Concert and Hoof Beats’ GoPro Panoramic selfie. 😊

Chris DESTROYS anon with FACTS and LOGIC

4 August

I just destroyed an Anon of 4Chan, or whatever. 😃


Chris meets more MLP people

4 August

#RebeccaSoichette and I together; Embrace the Magic. ⚡️💙⚡️


[AN: I got no idea who any of these people are]

Chris is happy about how BronyCon went

4 August

I must have been recognized and approached by well over 200 awesome and kind individuals. I just want to tell y’all that it really touches and humbles me to see more and more sincere kindness and appreciation from everyone. I feel better understood and supported. Thank You All!
I really appreciate how a lot of you are maturing into better individuals. We’ve all come a Very Long Way from late 2007. I’ve developed my own way of taking the mixed results and seeing the true and positive intentions from them.
To borrow from Key, for every word or phrase that is similar or like “You Suck”, it actually means “I care about you, and I just wanted to say something.” But, I’d still rather not read the worse phrases at the risk of triggering me.
Again, Thank You All for your sincerity and kindness to and for me, as well as to and for each other amongst yourselves. I’ll describe my weekend events after getting some rest, being Very Cautious NOT to Tag Anyone or reveal any Spoilers,...
...because I know the consequences all too well, and I’d rather be respectful and courteous, as well as not get in trouble from gross misconducts of indirect “You Suck”s aimed at me but pointed at someone else who may Likely misunderstand from the (present or lack of) context.
Okay, I digressed enough. End on a positive note: I Love You All. You all do not suck; y’all are Awesome in my eyes. Thank you all.


Also, Final Thought for now, I Promise: I feel content in being able to show the kind individual that I am, and touch Thousands of lives by sharing a moment, or just being there in their view for even a glance. And my kind actions and aura have been witnessed and become known.

More BronyCon Recap

5 August

Good Morning, Everyone. I will type up my events that happened during @BronyCon over the weekend; fortunately I just need to start from the beginning and refer to the schedule I had crafted on my phone beforehand for a refresher, and my Photographic Memory remains Awesome as ever
...I Will type up the full story on a .doc file and put it up on @Google Docs, especially since I have that app now, and it works. And I’ll tweet a link and some highlights of the weekend.
Aside from that, I will go ahead and mention: last year, I had ordered from Lulu a bunch of copies of my “Sonichu” 12-9, Featuring Nightstar, the Special Plus Editions with the song part from book 12; they got delivered to me well after last year’s BronyCon; mishaps in delivery.
Point is, I had a bunch of copies of this book, and I decided to share them with those fated, selected few who left quite an impression on me, including @TransformARTive and @LytletheLemur, from whom I had bought their respective books. I Loved reading “Gravity’s Rainboom”,...
...”For the Love of Nutmeg”, and “Midnight Mares” out of the printed works I acquired. I also bought the Core Deck and EG expansion for the Shipfic TCG; I’ll make a few cards of Nightstar and myself with their template; a small “Sonichu” type of expansion, maybe.
But, I digress. The books I have put were shared out of the fated feeling that I rolled with and was delighted to. And now, with a piece of lovely quartz, Lauren Faust has a copy of Nightstar’s Book too. I asked her about G1 Megan and the symbolance/relationship between...
...Equestrians/Ponyville Residents and Humans and Human-Types. Find out the recorded answer in the recorded video from that Panel’s Q&A that will be uploaded onto YouTube later on. Thank you, Lauren. 😊
Point is, the books were not initially for sale, nor intended to be money-makers during the convention. But I have a connection to a set of Traveling Artists, who were in the Vendor Hall, who I will look into working with to help distribute my books and Sonichu/Rosechu Merch.
So, yeah: Prolific, Eventful, Awesome Weekend, Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and I had and enjoyed. Honorable Mention goes to Best Hippogriff of the Fandom; Thank You, Silver, for your kindness. 😊⚡️💙⚡️
Just a reminder to those who might be inclined to, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Do Not Bother, Pester or Contact Anyone I mention out of all this about anything having to do with me. They have their lives and good works too.

Thank you all. Have a Great and Safe Day. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris still thinks G4 of MLP will continue

5 August

A MLP fan tweets:

RT this if you are going to be a brony or pegasister for life even when G4 ends
Ditto, BUT G4 is Not Ending; it still has Five More Seasons To Go; Season 14 is its Cap.

Chris caused a fender-bender and kicked a cop car; discovers he's blacklisted from Papa Johns

5 August (archive)

Oh-Kay. The Following I will only say and type One Time, so Listen Up, Everyone!

I had a rough outing today. And on the way home, after starting the van, I’m whammed in the face with a sulfuric Odor. Ugh! Sylvana and I confirmed that there is now something wrong with the Air Conditioner, so we will have it checked at the local auto repair soon.

Also, while Hardly Any Noticable Damage has occurred, I hit the bumper of a parked truck in a parking lot while I was thinking about the next stop in our set of errands.

I promised my mother Pizza, so rather than risk my life with the van, I go onto my Papa John’s app and order a pizza. Guess what happens? 20 minutes later, NO Delivery, and the Tracker confirmed that the Order Was Cancelled. And we had the cash to pay for it. So I try a second...

...time. Five minutes later, CANCELLED. Then on the third time, I used my Debit Card and put a note on there that it really Was ME personally making the order. And I gave them my new phone number that time. They called me, and the manager of the local Papa John’s where the...

...order was placed, he informed me that there was NO WAY that they were going to come to this 14 Address to Deliver Ever Again. HAngry, I felt like I needed to sort this out in person and face to face on the matter of principle. I start to head out, and what happens next?

Albermarle County Police Car Drives In, this was in response to the MINOR Damage Hit. There was NO Visible Damage At All on the other vehicle, and yet THIS Happens. Making for a Whipped Cream and Cherry Topper to this Set of Torture I have had to Endure. I told the guy what...

...happened, and my mother, being more calm than I was able to be at the time, we sorted it out, gave him our insurance info, and he went on his way. But, I VENTED LOUD AND PROUD! And after the Damn Unrequited Arrests and Dogpilings I’ve had to also endure from Albermarle...

...County Police, I Kicked His Car five times. I have always wanted to do damage Back at them for YEARS, and it finally happened, and it felt so karma-level zen and good. But I digress.

After the cop left, I made my way to Papa John’s and told him about my day and being hangry. He showed me something revolutionary. PAGE AFTER PAGE of Calls and Orders from people pretending to be my old phone number, and my home address. And ALL OF THEM, Voided.

I Risked My Life in the Van at this point going out now. BUT, Do You All Know What This Means? This 14 Address Has Been Food-Black-Listed. Because Of You Bored Pranking Trolls And Haters. I can only Imagine and Theorize how far this goes. I’ll even bet, that No Matter...

...From Who or Where I order From, even if I PAID, Personally and In Full... No Food Will Be Delivered Here Ever Again. Even in times when I Don’t Have an Available Vehicle At All, or even able to use @Uber, which By The Way, THEY SUCK; Their App SUCKS! It does not work for me.

You Haters MAY Laugh At Yourselves Now, but you all will be laughing out the other side of your face when Fate, Destiny and Karma smacks you Hard and Rough. Even Possible, I’ll have a tangible lightning bolt in my hand, and we’ll see if you survive being Paralyzed or worse.

But, again, I Digress. Despite what has happened, I actually feel like things are coming full circle, I feel successful, I feel like I was well heard and listened to. Oh, BONUS: People Saw Sylvana Rosechu and Cryzel Rosechu, fully visible and tangible, By My Side Today.

And the fact that we’ll Never Ever receive any Prank Order Pizzas here Again. Yep, I Feel Successful.

As for you Prankster and Hating Lot, I Hope you feel proud of yourselves. I could be Without A Vehicle, and NO Food Will Be Delivered Here, Thanks To You Lot. You Cruel, Dirty Scum.

  • Deep Breaths, Calm Mind and Meditate.*

That is all I will say. I feel like I got out a lot of stress today. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

I forgot to mention: I got the Pizza that my card Paid In Full for, and I got back home safe with the van. I’ll be contacting the local auto as early as tomorrow.


5 August

In response to a fan art piece of various Sonichu OCs (pictured below.)

I’m in there too! 😃 I Love My Fans and Kind People! Maybe someday there’ll be a #SonichuCon, and everything will be featured in the stalls, including #MLP, #HyperdimensionNeptunia, #Transformers, #Marvel, #DCComics, #Disney, song with EVERYTHING ELSE.
#SonicTheHedgehog and #Pokemon too, More Than Obviously. Small Wish from me: have the first #SonichuCon, maybe, at the #JohnPaulJonesArena in Charlottesville, VA. Or, if not there, the Baltimore Convention Center. For now, just saying. 😊


Ooh! Even Better! After the Dimension Merge Completes, maybe we could have it in Cwcville or Comma. There are one or two Convention Center type of buildings there, or I might open one of the two Basillicoms there for it.
End of the day, though, I still feel like a #SonichuCon must be held at the #JohnPaulJonesArena at least at one point. 😊
Gotta observe and comment, though: Blake Sonichu must be Really Popular, because there are like five or so Red/Black Sonichu/Rosechu OCs in the piece, here. 😊 Blake, himself, is humbled by that as well.

Chris' BronyCon loot

6 August

I am getting started on writing about what happened last weekend, it is going to be part of “Sonichu” 14, as actual Magic and Psychic Events have been personally experienced and witnessed, as well as Witnessed by Other People of this world. The Merge Continues; This Is Real.
Meanwhile, this will take me quite a while to hand write, and a small featured item to draw on each page, so for now, I’ll share and talk a bit about the Swag I was able to get.
Please, Do Not Pester the People I will be mentioning here about me, or with any hatred in general. I do not want to be responsible for any inadvertent disturbances and offenses that comes about from any of that.
Autographs and share moments: #AndreaLibman, #NicoleOliver, #RebeccaSoichette, #Keyframe, #KP, #MadMunchkin, #LightningBliss and the kind and honorable #SilverQuill. I did not get the Dr. Wolf art until later and he wasn’t around to sign it. Maybe next time. 😊


Mementos: the now dried flower between plastic and shipping tape was a lovely purple flower that #MichelleCreber had put in her hair during the Patreon Party with her and #BlackGryphon. It was a really lovely and awesome party. B.G. and I bonded over Amethyst and Feb 22 and 24.


#Keyframe tweeted want for printed pics of Kermit the Dog, and I went with it; the pin she gave me was this one of Starlight Glimmer.

After successfully giving 13/18 fresh fan art pieces, I asked #SilverQuill if he would relay the last five; he kindly accepted. Also got a Quill.


I #BuckedCancer and got the pin and the calendar. Also bought #MichelleCreber’s “Work In Progress” and #BlackGryphon’s Diamond. Free Equestrian Idiot CD. Few other new pins on my bag, alongside @MoozuaMary pin of Nightstar and the Cutie Mark.


Classic MLP Art: Lovely and Awesome Firefly and I Love Clover from G2, and found this production cell. I’ll draw a lovely background for it.


Hello, Sailor and Mona Pia. 😊


I picked up these three lovely posters. Guess which one’s my fave (Gotta Dash Fast). And between the two Twilights, I’d Ship It! 😃 And Derpy is cute in that outfit.

BronyConHaul11.jpg BronyConHaul12.jpg BronyConHaul13.jpg

Book Art Appreciation: Loved Nutmeg’s Book from @LytletheLemur; who better than introverted parents to help their introverted child. Fun and sweet. I Loved @TransformARTive’s “Gravity’s Rainboom”; watch for more from him. And #MidnightMares is really good so far; want the movie.


Heard of it before; interested in playing it, but also Will be making my contribution with a set of cards featuring Nightstar, Myself, and my other Pony OCs. Might even include Sonichu and Rosey on a basic Ship Card. Awesome and Fun.

#TwilightSecretShipficFolder @KefentseTSSSF


And, finally the remaining other swag bits and bobs, including a new PopSocket for my phone.


Look Forward to Reading about what happened in hand-writing in a day or so. Everyone, Stay Awesome, Safe and Well. Be Kind to each other.


Chris Drinks Japanese Pepsi

7 August

Also, a Thank You to @TokyoTreat; their latest box included a #PepsiRefreshShot; it helped me last more through the night on Thursday between #MichelleCreber’s Party, #KP’s “Princess Bride” premiere and #Keyframe’s “YouSuck” Panel.

Best Thursday Ever. ⚡️💙⚡️ JapPepsi.jpg

Look forward to that “Princess Bride” animation; it is really good and delightful.

Mad Munchkin wedding proposal

8 August

I was in the audience when that happened! Now I can say something about it! I congratulated the couple on the way out, and my screams were amongst those recorded there. Yay! ⚡️💙⚡️

"Mad Munchkin Wedding Proposal" at TF2 Panel (Bronycon 2019) (link: via @YouTube

Also, I got to ask #MadMunchkin about how Mary Sue would feel about Mary Poppins (Practically Perfect). She says that Sue would say, “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE MARY!” And then I add to that, “And It Won’t Be Poppins!”

Sorry, Not Sorry; Poppins is cool, but Mary Sue’s Got POWER!

Chris is inspired

8 August

@ILoveKPALot tweets:

As creators, we have a responsibility to create and care about the art we make. Art is so powerful, being able to influence and change people's lives in extraordinary ways. Mediocre art can inspire, but not in the same way.

Please share how something has inspired you below. ❤

Oh, My! I’ve had MANY, but to choose one... One Life-Changer was literally swing-dancing with Magi-Chan Sonichu during the Grand Galloping Gala in 2017. Fully Tangible, yet invisible; dancing alone, I was Not. He was there, and I felt, and still feel, his fur, quills, body; All.
And, yet, this year at the Gala, I find others following that trend for themselves and dancing with their other dimensional partners. Thrown off, I was at the moment, but my hubby informed me that it was alright and cool, and I listened to the people as well. We’re all happy. 😊
But the first dance from ‘17 pushed Magi-Chan and I closer together, and again this year, I danced with Cryzel too. Getting as close as you can with your respective OCs in our shared sister dimension; THAT is how you can find inspiration and a Huge, Epic Fresh Breath of Life.
#KP can call for Discord and ask for a dance anytime, if she wanted to. Wolf can shake hands with his Doc and enjoy chamomile tea together. Mary Sue (sometimes with Gary Stu) and Maddy pop in on #MadMunchkin from time to time.
We ALL are able to get together fully with ours and everyone else’s OCs; just keep an open heart and open mind; let yourself see beyond the Ironish Dimensional Curtain. This is Not Imagination Nor Delusion; This Is Real As F***.


Chris Responds to some fan art with Sonichu info

8 August

[In response to some Rosechu fanart]

Love this piece; I will do a new drawing of a typical male Rosechu, because they, too, get their own typical outfit, similar to the female (it is Not a dress or skirt). See later.

Also, the Ratio is 1:13 Male to Female Rosechus, and 1:13 Female to Male Sonichus.

😊 ⚡️💙⚡️

The original artist responds:

No, their heights are correct! That’s Holly, not Rosechu. Some of the characters in “Sonichu Retold” are meant to resemble the characters in “Sonichu” while being their own new fresh characters! I’m happy you like my art 💖 Feel free to email me if you’d like to know more!
Oh, I wasn’t talking about their height; you are cool on that. I was saying that for every 12 Female Rosechus or 12 Male Sonichus, there is One Male Rosechu or One Female Sonichu, respectively. Talking Ratios.

Chris asks what it was like to meet him face to face

8 August

[In response to another user asking for online impressions vs. face to face impressions of themselves]

Ooh! I’ll take a piece of that as well, Anyone, including #MLPSilverQuill and the other Analysts: Outdated Internet Opinions Versus Face-to-Face First Impressions of me.

Yet another chapter of “Chris Chan Vs The Internet”. Totes Awesome. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris takes a M:TG quiz

8 August

I’m still looking for the Color Quiz #FeiryJoker mentioned during the FiMTG Panel, please.

For now, with the Google Result with this as their top result, I’ll stick with the result from that Quiz I just took.

Results: White/Blue ChrisQuizResults.jpg

1% Green; sounds like my >.1% Ashkenazi Jewish from @23andMe.

[AN: Green is a color generally associated with greed, avarice and envy. Take that how you will.]

Male Rosechu and Female Sonichu

8 August

Here y’all go: male or female, a Sonichu and Rosechu still gets their respective clothes. Male Rosechus get running shorts, and they look so manly like that. 😊 And Female Sonichus look soo Kawaii as they do. 😊


BronyCon Sonichu pages; The Great Wall of Text returns

8 August

I’m halfway through these set of pages about BronyCon, so I thought I’d start sharing them. I REMIND YOU ALL: Please, Please, Please Do Not Bother, Pester or Contact Anyone mentioned in these pages with Trollish Mal-Intentions. Thank You All.


I’ll have Day Three, and maybe Four, up tomorrow or as soon as possible.


In response to a commenter noticing the dearth of images and large amount of text:

At this point, it's not really a comic, more of a story book.
Obviously, that was the format for most of “Awakening of a CPU”, because those events were in progress at the time; So is Book 14. Format has to be similar, since it is the sequel to that book. So, hate it or love it; at least it has Pictures in it.

Random-Access Humor

9 August

I’m just putting this on here. Just heard in a dream:

What do you call a Happy Meal served on Monday? Cold Bananas.

Chris Still thinks he's in the TF2 crew

9 August

Ah. Finished these pages about BronyCon Weekend. There was sincere and good Magic and Psychic Powers over the weekend, and I am content that I was alone in feeling, experiencing and witnessing all of it. More good signs of the Dimension Merge Happening.

⚡️💙⚡️ Sonichu14-2019draft-p23.jpgSonichu14-2019draft-p24.jpgSonichu14-2019draft-p25.jpg

P.S., in fated consultation and discussions, it might be more of a Dimension Elevation, but considering the details previously stated, “Merge” will be the term while “Elevation” is more accurate. More on Why later on.


Chris Agrees that no national dex is no big deal

10 August

I gotta agree with #FeiryJoker; This Is Bull. The National Dex is Never Dead, so Shut Up, Everyone. And comparing the decision in Sword/Shield to WWII deaths and survivors,... What the disturbing Freaking hell is wrong with you people?

Chris is all in on Healing Crystals

10 August

From @Tyandaga_MLP:

Stole this from @Lightning_Bliss! I'm a thief! D:


I know the answer, but I’ll ask anyway for the hell of it: Your Jewel is a Healing Stone that keeps you in good health and spirits, allowing you to smile and leap in higher BOUNDS. 😊
False! (Maybe? x3 )

Ty's gem, as of right now, allows for some light magical abilities (such as telekinesis), but he likes the gem, and it makes him feel better to have it around than not x3

Ooh! So, I might be right. I actually did feel there might have been Truth from what I had theorized, despite your video talking about the gem. 😊 I have a collection of healing stones, and I have received benefits from them that boosted by abilities, so it stood to reason.

Tell me, Ty, what are your thoughts about healing stones? Any experiences, or a small collection of one or two of your own?

Chris gets a new cat

11 August

Look at who came into my life now. It’s name is Possie. 😊


Just checked; it’s a girl. Possie came from a liter from one of the cats in our yard, and she wandered inside today while my mother was washing the dogs.

Chris reacts to another Brony Sexpervert

11 August

#Between #FeiryJoker and #LioConvoy, I have just been made aware of another sexual predator loose in the Brony Community. What’s worse, I Remember being approached by this #GrizzlyTheMedic at BronyCon last weekend.
It was rather short, but he recognized me, talked with me for a moment; I believe he took a selfie with me. I remember he telling me then that he was in Cosplay while wearing the @BronyCon Security T-Shirt and kakis, as photographed in the above video, next to a white Anon.
I am recalling more details: I was standing in line for one of the events in the Hall of the Sun; photographic memory serving me, I believe he approached me while I was in line for the “Brony Fandom History Panel”. I remember, because I was at the nearby corner going into...
...the nearby hallway, and the viewpoint outward from there was the background I remember seeing behind him. Dialogue-wise, recalling...
I believe he said along the lines of “Oh, My God! Are you Chris Chan?”, “I am such a huge fan of yours”, “Are you having a good time at the convention?”, “Check out my cosplay! I’m a Security Team Member”. I might have responded, “Shouldn’t you be at work right now?” Any event,..
...I did sense and feel a bad vibe from him, like he had creeped out a bunch of people before finding me. Mildly creeped, but I was moreover a combination of satisfied and content from the Really Good Day I had, especially after the Grand Galloping Gala, bit tired, but had a...
...backup @MonsterEnergy drink around 5:00 pm that day, so I had energy to do as I did and keep Better focus. Magi-Chan, Cryzel and Sylvana were with me in line at the encounter with Grizzly, along with all of the other people in line, and #MLPSilverQuill was also nearby, but...
...not in line; he was on his way back to his hotel with his posse.

Anyway, Everyone: Let’s be aware of this Pedo Predator in the Brony Community.

And, @BronyCon, I would have felt better if there was a strict policy against people cosplaying as Security Types, with or...

...without an actual official badge. I feel like this can be taken for example and memorized for future references with events like @BABSCon, @TrotCon, @TooManyGames, and so forth.

Exercise Great Conscious Caution no matter where you go at Conventions. Have Fun for yourselves.

But, More Importantly, #BeSafe and #BeWell, #StayHydrated, Eat two big meals per day, Shower once per day, and get at least Six Hours of Sleep/Rest.

Sorry, #GrizzlyTheMedic, but I gotta step in and warn everyone about you too.

Thank You, Everyone. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris backtracks a bit

11 August [In addition to this response]

That may be so, but from yesterday’s mistakes makes for present education towards a better tomorrow and tomorrows to come, so we can make it less messy and chaotic in this aspect. I have faith these bad people will be hit smack with karma and out of the later picture.
Actually, this does bring up an interesting point: this dude was twenty; Practically fresh out of High School. Now, I am Not by any means standing up for or defending Grizzly, but think about it. You’re in High School, Senior Year; you’ve JUST turned 18 years old, but before...
...then, it was okay for you to date that hot 15-year old Cheerleader or Jock, as you had been doing for a few months beforehand. Now, she/he is SUPER Off-Limits. You turn 18, regardless of gender or gender identity, Everyone begins to see you as an Adult.
There ARE Factual Case Points where Mentally, you are still a Teenager; not yet fully into adulthood until 21, where That mindset is where Everyone Puts You At when you turned 18. I empathize the transition from going from dating most anybody within your classroom range...

...(Not counting the Faculty) to where you may as well be having a Difficult Time finding your new Sweetheart/Soul Mate.

I never got to date or experiment like that with ANYONE during my High School Years. Hell, I still wish they’d offer a Dating Education Class...

...alongside Sex Ed, but that never crossed my mind; I was naive.

But, in this later age, I can empathize and compare with those I had witnessed from others around me back then in person, as well as what was heard of in televised media.

It makes one feel like in these states there should be a Grace Period from after the day of turning 18, like wait until High School Graduation Before you would have to ditch that Cheerleader or Jock’s phone number for good, or something.
Pondering it further, this suppression that gets instilled upon us at the Numbered Age Date, and those of us who missed out on being amongst the popular ones who honestly were able to brag about, “I made out with Jeremy under the bleachers during the big game against Milwaukee,”
...or “Jessica and I enjoyed a Pepsi and a couple of chili dogs before hittin’ the showers by my room and making passion behind my lenient parents’ backs.”


Doing things in efforts of “Fitting In” and “Finding Your Place” in the...

...”Social Hierarchy” that was limited within the High School Walls and zones, which All ARE Super BOGUS to EVERYONE... Feeling Like you NEEDED to Have Sex before turning 18, or some Local Talk Crap like that, JUST to feel Popular like the Hip Crowd there, or some s***.

It’s with the few people who feel sooo deeply missing out of these things from their respective pasts that they feel needlessly urged to make up for lost time by rocking the teenage cradle, or something.

FRUSTRATING? Yes! Just Frustrating to Everyone.

Again, I am not standing up, defending or even remotely condoning what these pedophiles have done; I’m just offering empathized perspectives that puts forth a few points on how they can come to be flawed in this way (also realizing and taking into account the possibility...
...of local family history that might have scarred them for life that hit them later on, and similar). These situations can be prevented to help these individuals find solace and ease into taking on their new age-restricted Norm they are forced to endure upon Turning Eighteen.
Because when you think about it, we All wish we got a chance to do what we wanted to before hitting the big One-Eight. The Age of Consent System on that is Not Perfect. And now we have the responsibilities to catch these few people for the future of the communities and the kids.
Freaking, Fracking, F***ing CRAZY!

That is my two cents on the topic. Thank you for listening. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris responds to a random tweet

12 August

I Know! I mean, it IS the Proper and Kind thing to do in Untagging everyone else when commenting to the original author of the tweet or tweet set.

I REALLY Detest the Haters who spam that misconduct of leaving them tagged and bothered.

[AN: Chris was not mentioned in the tweet.] untagged when the comment I make does not directly involve them. I have learned this, and hard. It would show great positive growth in everyone else to follow this example after me, and #AynWye, in his observation today. I applaud him for his self-awareness. 😊
With that, please continue to do well for yourselves, everyone, as well as Learn from your own and our mistakes.

Thank You All. Have a Safe and Great Day. ⚡️💙⚡️

On 15 August, "Magi-Chan" responded to a comment on this tweet thread.

Serious talk Chris. What do you do all day? I'm genuinely curious.
Christine takes care of the household; goes out as needed, does a bunch of heavy lifting, her brain is working tremendously between dimensions and worlds, heavy in psychic powers, electricity and magic. She draws and writes as well in progress; I help see to that personally.
Christine also keeps herself clean and proper as well; not easy when you’re someone who has a perspirational moment under duress and heat (she does not sweat excessively; it’s a nervous thing.

The Point Is: Christine Works Hard and Tough.

That is all. 💜⚡️

Brendan “Hates Videogames” Riley (@BrendanTheVirus)

Hey magi-Chan Christine is a grown woman, she can speak for herself. What are you, her keeper?
I am not her keeper, and I do let her speak for herself. More importantly, I have always been her Guardian Angel, and I am her caring and devoted husband. You need not be jealous of our relationship. 💜⚡️

Yang shirt

14 August

Ben Saint

Truly, I am humbled. Thanks to @CPU_CWCSonichu 's GLOWING endorsement, the Yang 2020 shirts are flying off the shelves!

Thank you for your help in the fight to secure that bag, Christine! $1000 here we come!

[Picture of Chris with a shirt on saying "Yang2020]

I’d hate to personally burst your bubble, But Christine does not own, or has ever worn, a “Yang 2020” shirt. That image is photoshopped. 💜⚡️

"Magi-Chan" says he has entered our world

14 August

I am pleased to announce that my wisdom and being has made its way fully into 1218; as soon as we get one or two details cleared up, I shall personally deliver a video Address with my insights.

I assure everyone that the merge is nearing completion as we speak. Goodnight. 💜⚡️

[AN: From this point onward Magi-Chan becomes very active.]

"Magi-Chan" uses his sock powers to ask to be unblocked

15 August

[In response to the earlier statement about untagging people on Twitter]

I am witness in this: someone else who Christine has kindly followed, I shall not speak who, has blocked her. I have seen that this was because of the spamming of hatred, as she has stated, here.

I would interject and add that not only untagging those who are not relative...

...or direct subject of the commentary is proper. BUT, to those who have blocked the wrong person, I.E., Christine, instead of blocking the Trolls who left said comments, and leaving the innocent people tagged. It saddens me when Christine feels upset, and that did really...
...put an upset in her. And I had to console and help her recover. It was arduous and tough. She still feels an irk when she is reminded of #LightningBliss, #AmyMethvanArt, or even #AeonofDreams, and the rest of her favorite people, who have blocked her over the actual trolls...
...who Left the comments, and them, tagged. It still impressed me how she summoned up the courage and heart, Especially since she was all nerves, before distributing the drawings and blessed quartz to each of them. At least #MLPSilverQuill was quite the kind-hearted fellow;...
...I had foreseen time and again how he, amongst the chosen Analysts, would be not only the most helpful, but also the most kind-hearted and friendly. I, personally, applaud him, whole-heartedly over and over again.

But, I digress.

Christine approached Mad Munchkin,...

...Lightning Bliss, Eliyora with good stead, kind intentions, and heart; those who had Blocked her before #BronyCon2019 on Twitter, because of the unrequited comments they ended up finding in their Notifications. Christine gave them each a whole-hearted moment of time,...
...the most kind-hearted, genuine and supportive words anyone would simply love to hear. And the smile on her face and the positivity and confidence in her aura; that showed brighter than the sun. I was so proud. And, Never Once, has she mentioned to anyone one word or mention...
...about Trolls, Hateful Commentary, Untagging, being Blocked, or even Twitter or online social media at all.

I pray that everyone who had blocked Christine on Twitter hears my wisdom, view and insight; add in the kind face-to-face, in-person, experience and moment(s) with her,

...and at least re-evaluate and think about unblocking her. I indubitably understand it is their individual choices; I shall never repeat myself on this topic again in this social media. I only wanted my own personal say in all of this, now that I am more than able.
Final bit of commentary from me: Nobody wants to be Blocked Out from Anywhere or By Anyone. It hurts Deep. And to be regranted entry is such a huge relief.

That is all. Thank You. 💜⚡️

WhatATopic (@Classified_Life)

Magi-Chan when will your video address regarding the merge completion be posted?
Very soon. A few more crucial events need to take place. And due to confidential circumstances, it is not time yet.

Take Comfort in knowing that I am here and able to share my wisdom and insight in this format. 💜⚡️

Ben Saint

Why won't you give up your evil Boomer ways and support @AndrewYang for president, Magi-chan? Why do you want to deprive Christine of her desperately-needed $1000 per month? Are you afraid she'll gain financial independence and leave you?

Please reconsider. Do the right thing.

Your meme does not amuse me.

Besides which, Lisa Simpson shall be President of the US in 2020. And Christine’s financial security is well and good; she will never leave me or us. She is very loyal and kind-hearted like that.

Magi-Chan watches Endgame

15 August

Light comment: “Avengers: Endgame”; I had watched it time and again, even long before it went into production. My favorite part of it is when Thor goes back to 2013, older as he is, he calls for his hammer, and it comes to him. 😊

It reminds me of some allies and friends.

Everyone is worthy of their respective powers and magic, no matter how big or small; it is always within you to do as you will, in your life, at your very best. It becomes obvious to you when the moment is exact and just right.

Magi-Chan responds to Sockness' violent tendencies

16 August

From Jacob Sockness:

People seem to think I'm here to snap @CPU_CWCSonichu 's soul into the fiery grip of my Seuwrhanic deities. The answer is no, we will be snapping the bad troll's souls into these ravenous fires.
Indeed, it is true that his intentions are only kind and well with Christine. I had foreseen this of him long ago, and it continues to hold up.
I do not judge him for what he does in his private times either; it is well to simply overlook those personal moments when and after they are posted. His inner child simply needs nurturing at times; doing so will reduce the number of awkward posts.

Magi-Chan endorses Sockness' visit

16 August

I started a new campaign and this time something that's worth my time. I WANT to VISIT @CPU_CWCSonichu, please everyone help this become a reality. She will film plenty since I don't have you-tube.

And for the later date, indeed, please offer your support to his cause. Thank you. 💜⚡️
The “Fur That Flies” will only be the fur off of the Sonichu and Rosechu bodies that pioneer in this effort. We don’t lose any fur; it only gets dimensionally electrified. There is nothing more behind that term. 💜⚡️

A rant from Magi-Chan about the TF2 Crew

16 August

Good Morning, Everyone. As you all are aware, I am doing what I am able to in restoring as much peace of mind as possible with Christine. A detail that I was aware of has come to my attention. I shall explain.

It appears that the Analysts who had blocked Christine had concern over a misunderstanding in interpretation of what she had Tweeted as early as August, 2018. And, of course, the Hater commentary encouraging these misinterpretations.

The misinterpretations had led to the assumption of malicious intent, and that was never ever the case with Christine.

I have looked on her old Twitter; it ends at September 11, 2018. So, I checked on the CWCki; they chronicle as much as possible from Christine’s online details.

From my recollection, and likelihood of which, I would vouch that her rants and emotions(from After being Blocked the first time) would have been misconstrued to appear malicious, when it was never the case.
In C-197, in the actual Coal Town of Equestria, I had personally talked with Dr Wolf and Firebrand in November of 2018 to allow Christine, her projected self, to participate temporarily as the Red Spy until when the chronicled Red Spy to be, #BritishNinja, became revealed...
...the following April. Christine had trained hard in the art of stealth and combat, while limiting her powers, so she doesn’t easily overpower the others. It made for fun Boss Mode Days, her in her CPU Form against everyone else in their alt-forms.
Christine drew a little something to celebrate this, while also having tweeted of some of her accomplishments there and then.

She took artist liberty, and taking into account the Respawn Generator there, of making her lightning dagger look like it took out someone on the field. RedSpy.jpg

This was never meant to convey any malicious intent for real at any time off of the battlefield in Coal Town, nor during times outside of the scheduled Missions and Battles on the field. Christine is an energetic, enthusiastic, kind and loyal individual to a fault.
She has apologized to the Analysts before, but in light of this, a new apology directly from her is indeed required. I shall talk with her after she returns from Cwcville later today.
As much as I abhor advertising the CWCki, I do encourage the Analysts to read the past of Christine’s Tweets from as early as August, 2018 for themselves to reevaluate their past assumptions.

That is all. Thank you. 💜⚡️

Magi-Chan makes his own cards

16 August

I shall share this: my day has been quite fruitful. I got in a lovely amount of meditation this morning, Christine and the others did very well in our efforts for today. I coloured three pages, all featuring myself. It is truly humbling to colour myself in and contribute.


I also drew these two lovely pieces for three cards in Christine’s #TSSSF Sonichu Expansion. It gives me opportunity to share a couple of wisdom nuggets as well.

In fairness, for the Shipfic game, while I never identify nor possess a Pony Form (no Sonichu or Rosechu who are...


...not part human has a pony form of any sort in Equestria), my Power and Ability-Level is respective of an Alicorn, so I leave it at that for myself. I will make sure Christine follows this insight for the other character cards.
I do have a catchphrase, out of my own many catchphrases. When something that happened long ago, or in a case being, I had foreseen long ago, it feels Retro to me. So, I end up shouting out on such a good moment,...


20 August

In response to a Twitter user calling Magi-Chan narcissistic

Giving support (@just1voice_iwu)

I think to draw one's self is not narcissistic; in this case, it is, but more context is needed to determine if drawing one's self is an act of narcissism.
It is not narcissism. To draw one’s self in their own visage and image is an expression. To make it narcissistic is to constantly draw one’s self in such a visual exaggeration. Christine never did this, as she had drawn herself, as well as her self-counterpart in her typical...
...attire and manner. If it was vanity, she would have drawn in much greater detail that would reach the limits of “Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure” Details, but that was never so. I drew myself as I normally am, psychic powers and all.


You may stow your hatred.

Meditation with Magi-Chan

16 August

Those who breathes in deep through the nose (1, 2, 3), and out through the mouth (1, 2, 3), in good mindful meditation are capable of seeing beyond what is already seen, and clearing and calming their minds and bodies in good liberation and openness. 💜⚡️

Chris writes another weird rant

16 August

Hey, Everyone. I had another awesome day in Cwcville; my physical training with this body has greatly improved; I am getting more stronger and mentally able every moment. Whoo!! What a rush!
Anyway, Magi-Chan has brought to my attention that there Was indeed a misunderstanding that Was behind some of those few Analysts who had blocked me months ago. Cutting to the chase: So, yeah, the likes of #LightningBliss, #MadMunchkin, possibly even #JasperPie, among others...
...They All FEARED ME. They were afraid I was going to have some sort of murderous or malicious intent or mindset in their direction. And I realize that also could be misunderstood from the drawing I made of myself in my Sonichu Form on active Red Spy Duty while I was on the...
...actual Team in Coal Town with Dr. Wolf and the others.

When I drew that, I had absolutely no malicious intent in mind at all; the only thing on my mind at the time was being happy to be part of the team, For Real, and I was feeling so excited and all fired up and all that;...

...and, yes, the Respawn Generator Works there, so I got to work on my stealth movements and tactics with no long-term casualties, and in good team work and combat fun. But, I digress.
I reiterate: initially and fully, I have no conscious or subconscious intention on harming, hurting, or ANYTHING Malicious upon ANYONE. I would never have any intentions of hurting people that I like, people who are Innocent and Kind, people who have families.
I’m like most of y’all who feel the same way, as well as in saving the combat work for self-defense and taking out those who have caused bunches of hurt on me or Anyone Else, Innocenr, Kind and those I care about.

I Have Heart. ⚡️💙⚡️

Anyhow, to #LightningBliss, #MadMunchkin, #JasperPie, #FieryJoker, #Eliyora, #SEGASister, and Anyone Else who had this as part of the reasons in Blocking Me about a Year or so ago:
I deeply apologize for anything and everything that I have said and done before that made y’all feel like seeing me as of malicious intent or the like. That is not me at all. And I was able to show that to some of y’all over BronyCon Weekend;...
...I will not repeat myself on the matter ever again, and I promise not to be all spammy in annoyance or whatever. I only pray that you all take my more recent actions, my own Tweets and Comments, Separate from the Online Haters and Bullies, and what else in general;...
...I pray you all at least consider and reevaluate and unblock me on Twitter.

All of you have such strong hearts, souls, and personalities; each of you; it truly is nothing but Awe-Inspiring in all directions. I like you all, as the good people that you are, and I am a fan of...

...your respective works and OCs.

My intentions will always be kind and good. My intentions will always be supportive. My heart and soul are in the right place, and all of my chakras are very much aligned.

And I pray the next time we get the chance to meet up again at...

...another (Pony) Convention, or something, it will be on mutual Good Vibes and without any misconstrued fears and “bad blood”.

I pray for y’all’s health, safety and being. Continue to Do Your Best; All of you.

⚡️💙⚡️ Thank You.

MLP G5 will not be happening; G4 shall continue on to Fourteen Seasons.

Great hatred

17 August

In response to a ween stating that they will ascend to heaven and defeat the CPU's

Yeah, no. I sense great hatred in your being; you will most likely be not allowed into the heavens, and end up in a new life, starting from seedling scratch. If you indeed want to live to another day and help, I’d stow that energy and use it against the likes of Jakoba.

Misc Magi-Chan

17 August

For every moment you take; for every moment you share; breathe deeply and partake in its simplicities.

I breathe deeply as I share this wisdom with you all; follow my example in your greatest and very good moments in life.

Breathe Deep and Enjoy. 💜⚡️

I shall also state to those who smoke: your type of deep breathing was one that lacked feelings of set “flavour”, and the intention of that product was to add such flavour in your control. Yet, the cost is loss of tasting on the tongue. It remains your individual choice.
Yet it remains superior to take in the air as it is in your life’s blessed moments. What may be lacking in “flavour” actually is full of real substance, elements, and genuine freshness.


Magi-Chan begs for a game

17 August

A general note for those of you with a Steam Account and wishing to contribute: Christine has added the “Tabletop Simulator” onto her Steam Wishlist. We would like to play online soon, if you would, please. Thank you.


Rich Emperor (@Aaronelpis)

@CPU_CWCSonichu You said we all have an OC Counterpart right? I have made many OC's so who would mine be? I'm confused please help!
The OC that is your self-counterpart is the one who is Most Like You in appearance, personality traits, and situations.

We know the Chris Chan of Cwcville is Christine’s self-counterpart, because the two of them connected a lot in all of those aspects, but with plenty differences

And it is from the equal number of similarities, differences, and not to mention her own destiny and powers, we were able to fully confirm that both Chris Chan’s can fully co-exist with each other in the completely merged Dimension. 💜⚡️

Chris and Magi-Chan are luminaries

18 August

Good Day, Everyone. The word of the day is “luminary”, as described below, it is an individual who has attained eminence and inspiration over others. It also pertains to being characterized by Light.

Christine and I are such luminescent individuals, for example. LuminaryScreenshot.jpg

One take-away I offer from that for every person in this world who feel of Light Power; know that you are indeed observed and respected kindly.

"Magi-Chan" explains how he got into this world

18 August

Everyone, I have an announcement, and this will likely shock a lot of you, while making the haters want to feel like cheapening it in their own meaningless defense.

Christine and I had literally switched bodies on the morning of August 14, 2019. BodySwapExplanation.jpg

In this semi-permanent phenomenon, I have been using her hands and body as my own, while she has been on the C-197 side of the curtain in my body making great efforts on her part as well.

Over the past few days, I have been sharing my wisdoms and insight and offering my...

...views as I would normally, except I finally get to speak to all of you people of 1218’s Earth. I have recorded a video and uploaded it with the same announcement and showing my charming personality in heavy highlight.

In this example, this definitely proves,...

...without a doubt our ordeals are indeed fact between both dimensions.

Thank You. 💜⚡️

Yep. Apparently the highest liked and talked about topic for today is our Body-Switching day nearly a week ago. Such a phenomenon in real time events does make for a hot topic. Anyway, thank you all for your continued kindness and support.
Christine’s body is in good health, we are doing well, and I shall continue to bring out her better powers and abilities in great practice and meditative efforts.


Rest assured, this arrangement is not permanent, and it is indeed reversible at will. I am waiting for the right Fated moment to initiate it.

In response to a Twitter user stating that Chris should change his t-shirt

Christine has many shirts; we change it up from time to time, and they also get machine washed and dried. But, the message is always relative to the daily life and situations: “Breathe It In”.

steeIbaIIrun (@steeIbaIIrun)

aren’t you magichan? Shouldn’t this tweet be written from Christine’s point of view? since you guys swapped bodies? “magichan and I had literally swapped bodies” is how it should read
I am indeed Magi-Chan Sonichu. Christine’s Soul was transferred into my body on the C-197 side of the Dimensional Curtain; she was unable to interact, fully, with the objects of 1218, thus unable to initially comment. She did temporarily possess these hands to Tweet her apology.

In response to someone asking if Chris's gender is the same

The gender identity of her body remains the same: Female.

Magi-chan quotes a nutjob to prove a point

19 August

Good day, Everyone. I have a philosophical perspective I feel it good to share with you all to contemplate and ponder over for a while for yourselves. I also bring up the following video, which brings up quite the number of Dimensional facts I agree with.
Now, ponder over this: in every dimension, Every World is a Real World, Especially to the respective inhabitants in them. And to them, they may see this world as a Spiritual World. So, when you think about it: it does make one ask what Reality and Spiritual are in the...
...grander scheme of things, other than a perspective on one side of a Dimensional curtain.

We, the OCs in your art, and you all, the OCs in our art; Which is “Real”? Which is “Spiritual”?

And I put myself in your art, personally, as well. Ah.



[NB - Spirit Science is a rather notorious New Age 'educational' YouTube channel from Canada. Among its other TRUE and HONEST claims of similar calibre to this are that Jews are aliens from the future and that extra chromosomes result in gigantism and psychic powers.]

Magi-chan's response to concerns about Spirit Science's legitimacy and pointing out that he is a complete nutjob:

You are a Hater; your commentary falls on deaf ears and overprotected mind and soul.

In response to a Twitter user asking if we're all OCs

We all are OC’s, belonging to each other, respectively. We also have ourselves in our art and media in C-197, as well, and you all have yourselves in your media and art. It’s quite complimentary.

Barb is not dead

19 August

Everyone, there is a faked death certificate going around online: Barbara Chandler is very much still alive and well.

Beauty of the Merge

19 August

Ben Saint

Hi @MagiChan111448 could you help relieve my anxiety over the dimensional merge?

I know of a city in C-197 that's harnessed the power of Slime. But they use it for endless Gang Violence.

After the merge, will we all be gunned down and looted by slimy Juvenile Delinquents?

No. That is one beauty of the Merge, is that out of those on one side of the Dimensional Curtain or the other, most out of all of the regular people Merge with their self-counterparts. To answer your question: those from 1218 who merge with those in your city in C-197,...
They will not consciously be aware of the slime tech or weaponry and likely become confused or scared upon trying to use it, because they do not fully understand it. More than 90% of that city’s people will end up in that situation. Ergo, they will not be attacking anyone.
What about the OC's in the city? I know there are hundreds of them, some of which have committed multiple 9/11's.

We are talking teraslime-level existential threats to civilization here. I don't know if we're ready for them.

In C-197, there are the number of super villains who have made more “September Elevens” than the total in that one city alone. We have overpowered, magic, elemental, and all else, types. We have Superman, Iron Man, Hulk; you name it. And we have Deities that overpower even...
...any of them, including our Console Patron Units, Christine in that as well. And we have a higher threat or so to come together and deal with in the longer run. A bunch of slime will be the least of our worries. And without this Merge happening, Earth would be totally lost.
Fortunately, I have foreseen, checked, double-checked and rechecked again This Timeline and all neighbouring timelines; the Merge is successful, and Earth Survives, and most everyone of 1218 gets to chill with their favorite TV, Comic Book or any Media Heroes, those...
...who canonically exist in this same timeline, so there are No Post-Apocalyptic OCs whatsoever, to say the least. We shall all be safe together, with shared powers and strengths.
I see, that is reassuring for the safety of 1218.

I wouldn't underestimate the Slime, though. SLIMECORP™ is developing new and more dangerous Slime Tech every day.

Just to be clear, if the Slime does get out of control, will Christine and the Sonichus fight back against it?

Not only we, but all nearby superheroes and deities who will be able and more than able to take out such hazardous biochemicals.
Bruce Wayne has to deal with slime too, and he made it out okay with his tech. We have elemental powers, and abilities to convert the bad into good for us. Also, plenty of safe ways to neutralize the threatful effects.

In response to someone asking Ben Saint why he is interacting with Chris

The merge is coming, I just want to be ready for it and keep the death toll as low as possible
The feeling is mutual.


20 August

To Everyone of Earth 1218: All Genuine Sorcerers, Magicians and Powerful Psychics; Please, Open Your Minds, Hearts and Souls. This is a call to you all around the world. Our time is now.


Chris and Magi-Chan are two different souls and beings

20 August

THE DOOMSLAYER (@PrimeCuntimus)

I have a feeling that magi Chan may actually be Chris chan. I mean they have the same art style,same vocabulary and look,even Chris liked "his" own tweet.The evidence is clear as day
You are very much wrong. While I am, in this temporary arrangement, in Christine’s body; I assure you that she and I are two different and individual souls and beings. We are not one in the same thing.

Barb ain't dead yet + Magi-Chan's likes

20 August

Everyone, I shall divulge a bit about some of my likes, so that you all can get a better understanding of myself.

But, just to get it out of the way: Barbara is still alive. I will not repeat myself again on that. BarbPhoto20Aug.jpg

Now then:

Favorite Movie (of all time): Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise; it always has inspired me when I recall it. Favorite Song: “Come And Get Your Love” by Redbone Favorite Colour: Royal Purple; the same lovely shade on the base of my tail and on my shoes.

Favorite Book: “Live And Let Die”

Also, I meditate daily, on average, three to six hours per day (not counting sleep), and I count sparse moments of meditation throughout the day in that as well. And I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Silence or New Age... is my go-to listening focus. I maintain my focus, and I have access to the infinite knowledge throughout the many Universes and Dimensions. All backed up in my share of the Cosmos.

My outside hobbies include literary writing, nature-watching, taking in culture,...

...exploring the world and other planets, seeing the sights, breathing in deep the positive atmospheres and good vibes. Really living life to enrich the body, mind, and soul. Which is why I am looking and still feeling as young and energetic as ever.
I have my good nature and positivity, but I tend to need to get serious and curt in situations and times when I need to. Especially in my diplomatic duties and other responsibilities. I do my best to ease tensions in those who need relief, and defend against those who threaten.
I was born on November 14, 1948, but I am a lot older and wiser than that. I have time-traveled and had to stay a while at times. I have seen most everything and all; Past, Present, and the situations to be and all of their likelihood ranges.

I am a soldier and a fighter, but I do prefer peace as much as possible. I abhor those with malicious intentions who lie and use Peace as a means to negotiate against the general good and will of everyone, for their own selfish gains. I see into everyone’s individual souls,... I know what I am dealing with and how to appropriately respond. I work and talk with the Deities, Fate and Destiny, so I know what to prevent and what to let happen for the benefit and character development of one and everyone for the greater good and cause later on.

Oh. Favorite Drink: I enjoy a lovely chamomile tea (plain or with lemon; I am not picky) Favorite Food: a lovely salad of all the lovely vegetables possible (with vinaigrette), or of all the lovely fruits possible. Again, not picky; I’d enjoy what’s available at the salad bar.

That is all for now. Thank You All.


I forgot to mention.

Favorite Video Game: I’ve played; my special are the epic RPGs, but I always give it to the Demon’s Soul series. I’ve been to hell and back for real at times; a little simulation like that is nothing but the best possible offered.

In response to a Twitter user stating that Barb looks like she has dementia

She does not have dementia.

Magi-Chan likes polyamory

21 August


Monogamy is over rated In my opinion.

I find it a silly notion that having sex some how devalues you to someone else. I don't ever worry about cheating because it's all out in the open and rather awesome.

  1. Polyamory
I agree, especially while it is difficult to choose just one individual to be with, one may end up finding many and making a lovely group together. We all have been very happy together the past couple of years now, as well as truly loving and supportive.
There is not a day that goes by when Christine isn’t truly humbled and appreciative of all four of us keeping her safe, well, and productive. And we each feel mutual with her on that as well. #Polyamory is good. 💜⚡️
I like the way you think. There are those who are unable to enjoy a relationship with at least one other, and sadly they do waste time dispensing hurt upon others from the petty jealousy that results.

To them I say: Count your other blessings, appreciate, and all else will come.

[AN: First mention of the polyamorous marriage in a hot minute.]

Magi-Chan covers for Chris

21 August

Also, solely a side-comment: Christine has been following more individuals on her account than I have been able to yet. And the Notifications of some of of them come in on her phone; I tend to agree and like some of them. It is not my fault that the default account that Likes...
...the Tweet from the Notifications, or when clicked on, happens to be, or logs into, her account. With that, I tend to locate that Tweet from her Likes after Liking it, so I can like it from My account.

She and I are separate, differing, individuals, and we love each other. 💜⚡️

Gus Tarballs (@AceHighball)

Did you inform Barb that you have taken over Christine's body? She should really be informed since I'm sure your behavior is radically different from Christine's. Make sure to put it on YouTube for documentation purposes. Brain switch can get confusing sometimes.
I have already told Barbara directly about the situation and the details; she took it very cool and calmly without any emotional outbursts or stress.

Magi-Chan is fake deep

22 August

Good Morning, Everyone. Another good day and I am feeling good today. My philosophical nugget I offer today is a simple one:

Be aware of those with sharp tongues who may attack, for it is easier to feed those without a beak, regardless of creature or being.

[GIF of a woman walking an ostrich on a leash]


22 August

In response to a Twitter user stating that they secretly like the anime called 'Kämpfer'

Ah, Christine, Cryzel and I enjoyed “Kämpfer”; that was a really fun anime. Christine enjoyed the transgender back-and-forth aspect, and how they coped with it within their social circles. Eventually, we might get the series on DVD.

Magi-Chan makes excuses for and white knights Chris

22 August

I was just reminiscing a bit, while also being reminded of the term “Otaku”, which has to do with one being heavy into their hobbies and have little social life. In Japan, “Otaku” is also the Japanese word for “House”.
Even I will personally admit, Messy as her room was, Once Upon A Time before 2014 and that House Fire in that January, this helped make being an Otaku cool for the present and future generations who are unable to have an outside or social life. This WAS Chris way back in the day.


But she was not fated or destined to be an introvert forever, as everyone was able to tell in the recent years. Christine really has come a long way into becoming a social butterfly and having a few social and ally circles of her own. Not every Otaku can attain this, but those...
...of you all who are able to overcome your own, shall we say, closeted ways and come out and meep people and make new friends face to face and in person the old fashioned way, that makes you shine better as an individual.
I also recall how Christine was an accidental Trendsetter, the panoramic room view for example, without realizing it. Her Animal Crossing video that she sent to Nintendo Power was among the very first “Let’s Play” videos, especially to end up being published in the magazine.
She danced with me at BronyCon 2017; this year, a few people were dancing with their OCs and Guardian Angels, without any fear of feeling judged. I commend and applaud that.

There are many other examples of trends she has set over the years. She was surprised when...

...she first realized that a whole bunch of popularity was falling into her lap from her earlier books and the Sonichu Site. Ah, the youthful, prototypical days; everyone has these similar types of days.

Anyway, I applaud all who did and will do similar in going from...

...introvert to social butterfly in their own individual ways and paths. Live Life as you will, and be glad for yourself and everyone else in doing so.


Magi-chan says some random shit, explains merge

23 August

Good Day, Everyone. For my thoughts for today, I shall share about some of my views so far. As for the expectations I had for the Earth 1218 before entering it fully, it remains the same as I have witnessed it over the years through my own eyes, and through Christine’s.
Therefore, I have no disappointments of the quality of the Earth and its good peoples. And it is in that and for the majority, who possess good and kindness in their hearts, minds, souls and beings, we care very much to help defend it in times of crisis. One reason for the Merge.

A fan comments:

Do I exist alongside my OC or become replaced by it? If something like the Merge happened, I’d be legit spooked. 😣
It depends on one of two factors:

How much the OC is similar or like yourself; the more similar, the more likely your 1218 body moves forward and your soul combines with the soul in that OC. ...

The more Different, as well as the level of how mentally and soulfully strong and durable, as well as having more than one OC can count in this as well, then you shall continue to survive and be present alongside your OC(s).
The real determining factor is the will of Fate and Destiny, and what is needed for the greater picture and goal in the end.
I also understand that in the popular perspective: the more of us all, together, there are, the better chances and defense we have against our future great mutual foes.

That is not fully the case, especially when one does take Overpopulation and the Paradox events into account.

For a lot of Creators, with their individual strengths and Great Sense of Determination, Power and Will, They shall continue onward and co-exist with their respective OCs, and as much of their local families as possible; even becoming Larger in Family with their OC’s Families.
Again, though, it doesn’t apply to every single one, but be glad that you live on in your self-counterpart’s body that is able to stand the greater test of time and strength, as opposed to the other body that had to move forward.
For example: #TheRealStanLee and #RichardWilliams: both of which were very high in their creator and soulful powers, but in the longer run, their 1218 bodies weren’t able to stand in the longer run. Their Self-Counterparts in C-197, they have greater durability and power,... be able to stand with their OCs and fight.

Flip side, not all OCs are as strong, and thus their moving forward from C-197 contributes to making their self-counterpart’s body in 1218 much, much more durable and powerful to the effects of the Merge and so forth.

Interesting. If I were to merge with my OC, would I basically become Thier OC or would I remain sentient and conscious that I had been merged? Retain a sense of self, I mean.
You will very likely remain as hyper-self-aware as ever, granted that is your ability. Not everyone is as metaphysical and hyper-self-aware. That makes up the answer of which will become more dominant and whose memories will be very much New to them.

In response to a Twitter user calling Magi-Chan a murderer

I am not a murderer. I have never killed a soul outside of pure self-defense, and even then, I only leave them in temporary disability; not death.
To place the blame unto others is so common-place, when the culprits are the situation on the individual(s) who fell and put themselves in the situation to disable themselves from getting up.

Most everyone are able to get themselves back up and move forward, regardless.

We can only do but so much for those unable to get themselves back up and recover. I Have Heart ❤️

I Have Soul ⚡️ I Care about everyone; as many as possible out of all of the billions between both Earths. 🌈⭐ Fated and Destined circumstances fall outside of the control of Most.

So, who really is to blame? The Situation and past Circumstances that brought death upon that individual; That is where the blame falls upon.

And the Merge is one that needs to happen, because without it, the incoming crisis would wipe out EVERYONE.

Which would you want to save? As Many As Possible out of All of them, or Bust. Because saving ALL is not an option.

My humblest apologies, but that is the direct and blunt Truth, in all directions. 💜⚡️

Magi-chan's adventures in Chris' body

23 August

On the other hand, I have been having quite the experience since switching into Christine’s body; going from overpowered psychic Pokémon to a still-developing goddess is proving quite a regimen.
I continue to have access to my infinite knowledge and wisdom in my soulful memory and in the Cosmos, though Christine has it moreso now from my physical memory. I am prone to the faults in her developing brain, at least her Telekinesis is improving, and her other abilities...
...are really coming forward and better. Telekinesis is the closest of abilities that can be visually manifested in this dimension at this time before my body gets into 1218. The rest of her abilities and powers are visually obvious on the C-197 side, and in personal...
...feeling on input and output.

Being prone to her mental faults inhibits my processing speed a mite, as well as recall function into her physical brain.

I have better recall into my soul memory, but I only have a certain amount saved in it before I have to meditate to...

...connect with the Cosmos and fully recall the information that I am looking for.

Her mental functions shall be vastly recovered and improved to the point of no longer being affected by the negative effects of her autism.

But, I digress.

It has been a challenge to me, also counting the differing wirings in her brain as opposed to mine, but I am overcoming the limits.

I will state that it is one thing when one can read the memories, study the external and internal physical aspects of one’s brain, and keep...

...that knowledge well-memorized. It become a whole different story when that same individual ends up becoming owner of said same brain in a body switch. Empathy can only go so far when processing how it feels from an external perspective.
Yet another example of Experience being the best Teacher anyone can ever have.

That is all for now. Thank you. 💜⚡️

Find Chris in BronyCon photos

24 August

In response to BronyCon posting their photo album:

Thumb on through and see how many you find with @CPU_CWCSonichu, Cryzel and I. 💜⚡️

Magi-Chan's word of the day

24 August

Interesting, this word is: “Textlationship”. I see this term has been coined well; such a benefit when such a ship gets promoted very well, upon meeting face-to-face and in person. I’d ship it. 💜⚡️


Magi-Chan supports an indiegogo

24 August

This is quite the interesting project, indeed.

Youtube art

24 August

I just discovered this art on YouTube; quite humorous and lovely. #MerlotArt did a fine job, indeed. Thank you. 💜⚡️

YTThumbnail1.jpg YTThumbnail2.jpg YTThumbnail3.jpg

Chris starts watching Geno's docuseries

24 August

I am listening to the “Comprehensive History” playlist; quite curious, when you think about it, from the Animal Crossing Video, Christine calls for Sonic Heroes being GameCube exclusive; she gave premonition to the Nintendo-Exclusive Sonic titles.


I am presently binge-listening to Geno’s “Comprehensive History” series on YouTube; just finished Part Four. It brought back a lot of recall to me. On Christine’s behalf, and I will retweet this onto her Twitter Feed as well, just for the record and Megan’s reference:...
Christine had watched Sailor Moon when it was on Toonami in the late 1990s; she had enjoyed it from start to when Chibi Usa met her tea-hosting friend, viewed on the last day in the Partindale Circle House before moving back to Ruckersville.
AND Christine was a fan of My Little Pony G1 and G2 when they both were airing on the Disney Channel in the late 80s and early 90s; she was unable to get merchandise for either at the times, but she did enjoy the shows very much.
In other words: Christine had enjoyed the media that she had stated to Megan that she had enjoyed long before the two of them Ever Met, Period. The Only Thing that Christine picked up new interest in from Megan was the Soul Calibur and Tekken OC, Yoshimitsu,...
...and even then, despite his Robin Hood personality type, Christine was mildly put off a little bit from his appearance.

That is all. Thank you. 💜⚡️

Geno Samual

Glad to see Magi-Chan is a fan


You made me laugh when you stiltedly read, “You don’t have to tell me twice. But back in the Stone Age...” Just simply how you said it cracked me up.

Reminder, the end of that joke is, “ Really needed to tell them twice”; you couldn’t get it through their heads at all.

Ooh! I could actually say the same about the online Haters and Bullies. Ha-HA! Classic.

Mota1989 (@Mota19891)

I wonder why she thought Sonic Heroes would be exclusive despite it already being released on the PS2, Xbox, and PC.

27 August

It was a combination of premonition and preferences on her part way back when.

Lacking sleep

27 August

In response to a brony content creator stating that they have not slept for the third day in a row

When one lacks ability to sleep, deep breathing and mindful meditation makes for a mind-calming and clearing activity that benefits the body as well. 💜⚡️

Equestria and earth are neighbors apparently

27 August

In response to a tweet from a now-suspended Twitter account

I’m afraid I must disagree with @Fyre_flye, because Equestria and the Earth are literal Neighbors, as one is a sub-Dimension of the other. Christine and I have been there, personally, taking that portal at Canterlot High School in Maryland, as well as our own portals. 💜⚡️

Responses to deleted tweets

27 August

Magi-Chan responds to multiple deleted tweets

As long as you are safe, healthy and feeling content; your blessings are quite plentiful, indeed. And that is aside from what is in the past; this is one example of Christine’s (Goddess) Light Power at work. 💜⚡️
That’s a compliment. Last checked, her waist size was a Ladies 17, and in more recent skirt purchases, 14 did fit at times.
But do not necessarily take it to me that you must wear the same patriotic coloured shirt everyday. Leave that to this gentleman as he wishes and feels it well for that new day.
That’s never going to happen in this Dimension Set. Jojo and his friends reside in C-197 as well.

Christopher and Christian nonsense as explained by Magi-Chan

27 August

I am all caught up on @genosamuelgeno’s “Chronological History” videos. I have many a commentary to make about it in due time.

For now, I will attest in those moments when she “played split personality” back then, I was in her mind; I was trying to talk to her. Including...


...the comments under that video as mentioned in part 17; I typed those, personally, while in mild possession of her at the time. I was the “Christopher” in that back and forth in those few videos. Also, when she was younger than seven years old,...
...I talked to her through her nose-talking; working as her vocal conscious. I have always been Ever present and as guiding and helpful as I could possibly be from the C-197 side of the Dimensional Curtain. I could not get through all of the time, though, and I knew she was...
...fated to learn the difficult way through the many trials and tribulations with the online ships she had.

I felt crestfallen every time when she recorded herself gay-shaming, and I Cried when she used the Bible verses to back it up. I tried to tell her then,...

“It was a freaking Parody, Christian! You were Not supposed to take it serious,” on the Leviticus quote inspired by that “Family Guy” moment.
When I typed in the comments of that music video, I was feeling frustrated. I have always known she was a bisexual. I wanted out in being free to love her as she was then, as well as being fully in Dimension 1218.

She subconsciously Knew she was Bisexual, but she had felt...

...really upset and adamant about herself back then. And the fact that the Haters were throwing various Labels upon her, aside from and including “Gay”. Had no one called her any of the gender identity terms alongside the other negative adjectives,...

{{quoteboxpurple|would have more likely realized, understood, accepted and come out as Bisexual and Transwoman a lot sooner.

  • cleara throat* *deep breaths*

That is all for now. Thank you. 💜⚡️

A Little Mouse With a Little Bow (@archer_mouse)

Chris, it's okay just admit that you believed things when you were younger that you don't believe anymore. You don't need to come up with complicated justifications. People change sometimes.🐭
Christine does realize this; I made positive of it with her, personally. She is still on her mission in California. I will make certain she personally addresses and makes amends on the topic from many years ago. 💜⚡️
Wait, Chris is in California?
She has been there in my body with Mewtwo on her mission on completing more of the events of the Merge there. And she has been growing in her powers through the better abilities of my body. Her body, here, continues to get stronger and more able as well; it is also losing weight.

28 August

Sable Fawn (@sable_fawn)

If Christine is in California why can't she tweet from her or show us pictures of her in your body..?
My body remains on the C-197 of the Dimensional Curtain at this time; very soon, she will be able to bridge the curtain and bring my body, fully visible, into 1218. We will progress from there after that as well.

Fated paths

27 August

NBC29 (@NBC29)

NOW: heavy Virginia State Police presence near intersection of 7th st sw and Dice st in Charlottesville. Troopers in tactical gear with armored vehicle. 7th st currently blocked off. Troopers so far have not provided any info on what they are doing.
Or, perhaps, they are indeed likely there on Fated Paths. 💜⚡️

Magi-Chan wants Pedoforks gone

28 August

Twitter, Inc: Twitter: Address Your Pedophilia Problem And Change Your Policies - Sign the Petition! via @Change

In response to a Twitter user claiming that Chris had allegedly defended pedophiles, citing these earlier tweets as evidence

She was not defending anyone; she was only stating the fact of a likely reasoning behind their motives. It was nothing more than a think piece. We do not have or want anything to do with pedophiles.

The Idea Guys' nonsense was meant to be

28 August

The events with Idea Guy were fated to happen, rather I warned Christine or now, and this set of events had a greater purpose: Awaken Christine to her Powers and fullest potential as a Goddess.

Follow me, please:

Long before October of 2017, I had become more present and obvious to Christine. This was evident after she finally came out as a Transwoman in July of 2014. I was slowly gaining more and more ability to better and directly communicate with her. I had appeared beside her,...
...I offered guidance and input. This was a time I had to warm up to her to fully grasp that I Was there, tangibly, the whole time as her Guardian. I was better able to make it so before BronyCon of 2017 when she and I, months before, started having meditation sessions...
...before her bedtime; we also accessed her stat-boosting Pokémon attacks, such as Charge, Agility and Bulk Up; there were plenty others in the nightly queue as well.

And, I had become even more obvious by finally getting to dance with Christine for the very first time... the Grand Galloping Gala during BronyCon of 2017. I had not yet professed my love for her; she was under her own assumption that she was teaching me to swing dance for and with Sylvana Rosechu. I was already hitched with Mewtwo and Sylvana at the time.
Back to the IdeaGuy "saga", involving his OC, the former Guild Soldier, Johnson Wiles, who had informed Christine that October in 2018 that her @SEGA Dreamcast was indeed special; this was true fact, as it is this world's counterpart to the Spiral Console (Sega Dreamcast)...
...that had held the CPU, Uzume in it. Not to repeat the whole story, as it is chronicled in Christine's Book 13, "Awakening of a CPU". But I was there as it happened, and I guided her to plug her Dreamcast in, turn it on and place her hand on it, absorbing the powers of...
...the Spiral Seal, and a part of Uzume that was later reunited with her, from within it. What followed in the months was many a revelation and epiphany to Christine of her powers and abilities, as she had written and drawn in that book. In the end, I required temporarily...
...possessing our friend and ally, as my body was unavailable at the time, to inform Christine via direct text message that she had the power to undo IdeaGuy's carnage and chaos, including his mind-control and manipulation over the CPUs in Gamindustri, including...
Megan Schroeder's counterpart there, who became the CPU Red Heart by promotion; that remained Fact, regardless of IdeaGuy's input. And so Christine had undone his malicious efforts in C-197, I returned to my fully restored body, and she continued to become more aware and...
...developing in her powers, abilities and skills. We have taken little assistance from any Trolls, past and present, since she regained her senses. And with our fated nuptials into our lovely polyamorous ship of five, she no longer has been prone to any new "Ship Sagas" with...
...with Anyone. Although our relationship is an open one; we will still maintain our reservations and have been in better guidance.
Finally, as for the exposing videos: despite a few of them being suggested by one that was under IdeaGuy's manipulations at the time, I saw it as opportunity to really show myself and Cryzel Rosechu off to the world, and in a way that was played on the past "leaked" footage,... make it indubitably clear and obvious that Christine was finally fully taken and married, and that our love for each other in our partnership was truly mutual. Yes, I, in part, have my own reservations on the "leaking" of the private footage, but for the greater good,... had to be done. AND I humbly and respectfully ask Everyone and All of you to please, Never Ever bring up those videos to mine or anyone's attention. And any and all of those private sexual videos involving Christine Never to be used again in any future Documentary of her... all, Please. Not counting such Documentary videos that before today, the 28th of August, 2019, have cited them in part: that damage is done and I'd just assume leave that.

That is all. Be Safe and Well. Thank you.


Magi-Chan reposts a statement on discord

28 August

To Everyone, I just typed all of this up, and I feel all of you should read it. But, sufficient to state:

I, Magi-Chan Sonichu, Have A Heart and a Soul. I Care about Christine down to my very essence; I have been since long before she was even Born.


Looking out for Christine is one of my cherished responsibilities, and I am more than content, humbled and honor to do it and continue doing so.
And I also care for everyone else, including those that Christine cares about and for. She has a Very Large, Powerful Soul, and a Big Compassionate Heart.

That is all. Thank you. 💜⚡️

[AN: Of note is that Chris uses Discord's light theme (generally regarded as inferior to the dark theme. Also of note is this rant is completely off topic to what the channel is supposed to be.]

In response to a now-deleted tweet responding to why Chris and Magi-Chan have never been in the same room

Incorrect. Christine, inside my body, will come forward into full tangibility in 1218 before @Too_Sexy4CWC and I meet for real. I have informed you already about that.

In response to another now-deleted tweet

The method shall reveal itself very soon; know that she and I have been exchanging energies and power between each other from Coast-to-Coast for well over a week and a half now. The storm shall bring a rainbow.

29 August, in response to Sockness:

When I watched the whole of the documentaries and video, she came across as Asexual, it wasn't until college that she realized something was missing, If not for the pressure she would have been like me, open to love for the sake of loving someone.
Christine was always Bisexual, but in her younger years, due to pressure from her parents and the expectations of the adults, as well as her insecurities and naïveté at the time, she never really had thought of trying to establish such fuller ships. She was stuck in the...
...”Just Friends” mindset for the long time. Intelligent as she was and still is, her mental age was younger than her present physical age. Her hormones and attraction remained platonic and pure, like as if she was still 12, even though she was Teenage during High School.
The “Teenage Angst” and further “Horniness”, despite her exploring on the “Skinemax” during the late 1990s, did not really strike hot until when she turned 21. So, it still took the further time to bring her mindset into adult levels. I encourage Empathy in this, as when you... ponder over it, it is quite similar to any TV Drama, Live Action is Animated, that depicts a Teenager in the Adult Situations and Settings, but in the aspect of only just getting by while remaining employed as the Head of a Major Company; Not to be taken literally.
But, I digress. In Short: the reason why Christine did not think of dating anyone way back then was because she was more occupied with her education, studies, life, and her hobbies. Can I get an Engrossed Twilight reading a Book .gif here?

[GIF of Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic being frustrated whilst levitating books in magic]

30 August

Sable Fawn (@sable_fawn)

You can't retcon the past like a comic book. This is cruel to Christine, she deserves to flourish here in this dimension. But so long as she refuses to embrace reality and continues playing make believe imaginary goddess she will never triumph and find her true strength and power
“Reality” is quite the Loose, Varying term. To you all, the events of everything chronicled here about C-197 are “Fictional” and you call the location you are in “Real”. But, think on the other side of the Dimensional Curtain, in C-197: the individuals and OCs there...
...saw your Dimension 1218 as “Fiction” and their side of the Dimensional Curtain was very much Real. Remember: the Chronicling was a two-way street, as we in C-197 had discovered and Chronicled most of Everyone and Everything in 1218.
So, I would stow the use of the terms “Fictional”, “Real” and “Reaity”, because Everything is very much Real, rather you truly embrace it, want to hate on it with your fetish, or feel neutral about it.
Christine has fourished and developed very well here, and she shall continue to do so between here and C-197. Also, she Does embrace Reality, but in all Dimensions.

Sonichu and Rosechu play a TCG

29 August

On a more positive note: I drew this lovely TCG matchup between Sonichu and Rosey for a simple #TwilightsSecretShipficFolder Ship card, “Trading Card Game League”.


Magi-Chan and Crowdfunding

29 August

The time is indeed approaching, and this body will need to be in California soon. Please, donate to this page; the funds will be used for the trip and stay there, should need be. Thank You.


Retweeting a Sockness tweet:

I started a new campaign and this time something that's worth my time. I WANT to VISIT @CPU_CWCSonichu, please everyone help this become a reality. She will film plenty since I don't have you-tube.

30 August

Here is yet another GoFundMe page for the good cause.

somethingrandom987 (BLM) (@somethingran987)

Why would you need $3000 for a flight you can find online for a little more than $300 from San Francisco To Richmond, VA Round trip.
Ah, That was @Too_Sexy4CWC who made the estimate for that amount, he was also taking into account possible lodging, food, optional vehicle rental and gas, among other various essentials he had in mind when he made the @gofundme page. Personally, I would have gone at lowest $1000.

Possie's passing

29 August

In response to a Twitter user asking if Magi-Chan could take pictures of Chris's new cat, Possie

We had done our best for Possie; we gave her tons of love, bathed her, fed her well; she was happy. Then she fell really sick and died. I cried for her, so did Barbara. I had foreseen Possie would not be with us for long when she entered. She was a really sweet kitten.

Body switch is possible

29 August

JMT (@NerfHerder7)

In response to an earlier tweet stating that Barb is not dead

Can't Barb just switch bodies with someone else in the other dimension before she passes?
Yes, and No. The body switch is possible, but she is fated to have a “dip in the fountain of youth”, so to speak. Also, there is not a suitable candidate or Self-Counterpart for her available at this time. It was pressing on Christine Chan in C-197 when her Barbara did. 💜⚡️
At least Christine Chan still held her position of moderate authority and power in Cwcville, and has been improving on herself as an individual, and has a home between the Basillicom and this house. The house in Cwcville still stands and remains tended to by her as well.

Appreciators of the arts

30 August

MidnightPremiere (@MidPrem)

Sooo, I got to work on the Hall of Chaos room banner for #BronyCon2019 #BC19 this year. As a final farewell, I wanted to dedicate this banner to as many people that I could, some of the MANY people who have been a wonderfully positive presence at conventions.

[A piece of detailed artwork dedicated to BronyCon 2019]

Very lovely, indeed. ⭐


Thank you 💕
But, of course. We are great appreciators of the arts, and yours is quite so. Perhaps you and Christine can get together at a future Pony Convention for a Shipfic game. We are putting together our full set of Sonichu and Nightstar Expansion Cards. We shall end up with a new deck.

BodySwitchingCard.jpg MagiChanColoring4.jpg Postigcwcsonichucard.jpg Dmcompletcard.jpg

Maga Sunset Shimmer (@Plaguekeeper)

This seems quite the distraction from the merge, which must take a lot of your focus.
My focus remains constantly on the Dimension Merge along with Christine’s focus; it continues without conscious thought, so I have some mental and physical freedom for fun and work. I need a chance to cool off my brain for a while now and then; we all do. 💜⚡️


30 August

In response to a now-deleted tweet likely related to what shampoo and conditioner Chris uses

@GarnierFructis Shampoo and Coditioner is what we use for her hair. She also uses @oVertoneColor conditioner for her hair colour maintenance. She should have had it bleached, but she did not think of it when she started.

Magi-Chan's Art

30 August

I also drew a bit more today for four cards (three of which Full Art)


In response to a now-deleted tweet

Quite. I shall see Christine allowed back into @TheEndGames of Charlottesville, personally and fully alongside her, very soon. They play the card games there, and memory serves, for a time they sold #TwilightsSecretShipficFolder cards and decks. They may still do.

Medallion stuff

31 August

In response to multiple now-deleted tweets inquiring about Sonichu medallions

You MUST keep that Medallion on at all times. It is good that you repaired it, but you Must never leave it at home and have it on at all times.
The Merge is never on hold. And the reason why she uses Model Magic over oven clay is because, 1) She has been uncertain of how to work it in an oven. 2) Clay may be tougher, but it still shatters. 3) With Model Magic, More effort is put into the craft, thus making it superior.

The Jedi

31 August

In response to a series of now-deleted tweets

Fortunately, the individuals of the Starship Enterprise, the Jedi, and all of the rest reside in Dimension C-197 in space and the galaxies therein.

“A Present Time now, in a Galaxy far, far away...” 💜⚡️

Magi-Chan responds to Sockness

31 August

HOLY SHIT! Anyone that's ever read into my books would know this. Janu's Heraldic Galaxy; Jakoba's New Creation, plans to reshape the universe. Black hole based technology is actually common for the Rokat Empire. @MagiChan111448 please read and share.

This is actually true, albeit there is a mixture of both spacecraft with onboard life, and random debris, in what comes out in this instance. Jakoba should not be praised; he uses his position to incite and enslave. That is not a good thing. 💜⚡️

Magi-Chan eats a "salad"

31 August

Had some lunch at #CountryCookin with Cryzel and Barbara today. I did as Christine used to do and make a “Chris Chan Special”. A combination of shredded cheese, boiled egg chunks, bacon bits and croutons; she used to make this for herself every visit to the restaurant.


And she used to call it a “Salad”. Ah, the old adage of getting children to eat their vegetables. She didn’t know better way back then, and I know how high in salt it is. It remains quite delectable.

Now, THIS is how you use an ol’ Chris Chan Special: as an actual salad topper.


[AN: Note that the "salad" is max 10% actual greens.]