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Contacting Chris does not make a saga, even if it gets a response. Getting your own saga in Christory is also NOT an achievement. Just ask these people if you don't believe us.

In addition, it is important to note that sagas by definition occur for a number of reasons, regardless of troll involvement. These sagas are about Chris, not you.
I've had online relationships in my past; most of which were good, but all of them ended not so good for me.
Chris makes the understatement of the century[1]

A "saga" (from the Old Norse sögur) is a story arc of events on the CWChronology, documenting Chris' actions during a specific span of time. The Christorian use of the term is derived from story arcs in Dragon Ball, a series that Chris likes, based on the story arcs usually being named after an arc villain. (This was true for Christory at first, but Sagas have since encompassed various sweethearts and and specific events over specifically revolving around specific antagonists to Chris-Chan.)


For nearly two decades, Chris has been going through one tumult or another. However, throughout each of these, Chris has had a special interest or obsession that would follow him through all of them, and would define him as a person. Indeed, this central focus of his life would serve to unite his sagas with a common theme: a near-certain way to get a reaction out of Chris would be by winning his trust through feeding his special interest, and then exploiting it for Laughs Under Lucricities. For most of Christory, this would be pretending to be a boyfriend-free girl, but more recently this has transmuted into feigning to worship him. As they are threads running through and linking together, and are the broadest strokes of Chris's life, they can be considered meta-sagas, beyond and more fundamental than the fleeting fancies of any individual troll.

Love Quest (ca. 2003 - March 2018; January 2021-Present)


The quintessential saga, and the one that introduced this word to the Christorian's lexicon. Sometime early in his career at PVCC, Chris decided that he needed a girlfriend to call his own. Beset on all sides by the Infinitely-High Boyfriend Factor (read: women were repulsed by his unusual mannerisms), the virgin with rage resorted to increasingly desperate and bizarre methods of obtaining one, which have seen him expelled and banned from multiple reputable establishments. After his discovery by the Internet, Chris would flutter from one professed girlfriend to another, thinking that each might be the heartsweet that might end this search once and for all. Alas, it was not meant to be, and Chris often found himself betrayed and humiliated in comical and grotesque ways. The Love Quest survived several upheavals in Chris's life, including his father's death, the loss of his virginity, the house fire and his gender transition (see below), yet despite Christorians' predictions, and the Pickle Man's injunctions, finally concluded in March 2018, when a mentally eroded Chris declared himself in a polyamorous marriage with his fictional characters.

The Love Quest would seem to come back in full force by the beginning of 2021, and much more intense than before, with Chris expressing sexual frustrations to Watchmen members, wishing to get a physical girlfriend. He would crush on multiple women of interest all at once and have wet dreams that involved cartoon characters. It would get intense to the point of releasing this sexual frustration on his own mother, leading to dire consequences.

Transgender Saga (30 March 2011 - Present)


In 2011, Chris began the process of gender transitioning. In March of that year, he starting cross-dressing and later came out as a "tomgirl". Despite resistance from his parents, Chris continued down the transgender path, exploring his gender identity. In 2014, he briefly identified as a lesbian male, and a year later, settled on identifying as a lesbian transwoman.

Business Saga (3 July 2014 - 8 June 2016; June 2017 - July 2021)

Although this Saga began during the Sonic Boom Saga, it ultimately outlasted it. Chris realized during this Saga that he could make significantly large amounts of money by selling his own products, including Medallions and customized Sonichu Amiibos, first on eBay, then on Etsy. This Saga is notable for featuring the return of frequent video uploads by Chris. Inevitably, Chris's laziness got the better of him (again) and he failed to ship out multiple orders. As his interest in making money dwindled, the Financhu Crisis began to strain the Chandler finances. Chris failed to get his act together, resulting in him getting banned from selling on Etsy on 8 June 2016, halting the Saga. There were a few recurrences where Chris attempted to profit from his own products again, but these were expectedly fruitless and short-lived. In May 2017, Chris began drawing Sonichu #11 pages again after a 561-day hiatus, and in June, he resumed monetizing Sonichu comics, by setting pages as rewards on his Patreon account and again offering printed books from Lulu.

Through 2018 and 2019, Chris has grown neglectful of his commercial obligations, failing to produce Sonichu pages and ship items, culminating in his restriction from eBay on 16 June 2019.

Chris' Patreon was shut down in August 2021 after he was arrested for incest.

Financhu Crisis Saga (12 April 2016 - Present)


Main article: Financhu Crisis

Coined by the members of the Kiwi Farms, this saga began when Chris released a video asking for donations in exchange for gifts. Then, he cut out the gifts, and when his Etsy shop was closed, resorted to straight begging, prostitution, and video requests; all while continuing to buy over $1,000 worth of toys and only selling THREE POKÉMON CARDS at this saga's beginning, and putting various worthless junk on eBay for exorbitant prices. Chris was eventually able to sell the Sonic totem for $1500 only to immediately admit to wasting the profits on toys and a $400 gold necklace to replace one Barb previously pawned; a selfish act that shows the full extent of Chris and Barb's financial incompetency. His begging also goes to the point of asking on Facebook for someone to pay his mortgage. This also shows Chris's ego, since he treats his monetary problems that he caused as a charity.

In June 2017, Chris began to take his Patreon more seriously by actually working on the Sonichu comic; as a result, his Patreon earnings skyrocketed to hundreds of dollars per month and mitigated his desire to beg for money. As a result, Chris stopped begging in July. However, he remained deeply in debt and showed no signs of developing greater financial responsibility.

In late 2017 and early 2018 work on Sonichu slowed, as did Chris's Patreon donations. Around this time, Chris later claimed he needed to cover an unknown but essential large expenditure which he refuses to discuss in detail. As a result, Chris resumed begging and selling items on eBay with greater intensity than ever, peaking in early May when he made a trilogy of panicked videos revealing that a mortgage payment on 14 Branchland Court was due soon and that the unknown expenditure had left him and Barb unable to cover it. Though Chris was saved by an influx of donations and eBay sales, the Chandlers' financial situation evidently remains more desperate than ever.

Roleplaying Saga (August 2017 - Present)

Escapist Saga Banner.png

As a maladaptive coping mechanism against the bleakness of his reality, Chris's belief in imaginary friends and magical thinking drastically increased, one example of him dancing with Magi-Chan at the 2017 BronyCon. After the Idea Guys, the Teen Troon Squad, Jacob Sockness and other successive enablers further fueled his fantasies by validating them, Chris retreated even more into his fantasy world. It was once again re-enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact that it cancelled all the conventions Chris was planning to attend in 2020.

On 19 September 2021, Chris wrote a letter in jail, where he declares himself as Jesus of Nazareth.

Dimensional Merge (14 October 2018 - 3 August 2021)

Merge saga.png

Main article: Dimensional Merge

Due to the influence of the Idea Guys and Teen Troon Squad, ideas of a dimensional merge began to manifest within Chris. This came to a head in October 2018, when Chris uploaded a video where he announced that our dimension will soon merge with another. He has revised the deadline for this prophecy several times. This was followed by several months of him droning about it on Twitter, even during his Soft Exile (described below). Various weens, including Sarah and Steve, would circumvent new Twitter restrictions through physical mail or other channels, seeking to encourage him further; in April 2019 things went to a new level when a video was posted of a masked man reading a letter supposedly from a time-traveling Reginald Chandler announcing the merge.

Pre-Christory (24 February 1982 - June 2000)

The world at large discovered Christian Weston Chandler on 27 October 2007. Before this time, we have only a scanty record to the details of Chris's life. For the early Noughties, the earlier Sonichu comics (especially Sonichu 4) are a substantial, if biased, record of notable events; Chris has supplemented this with several other records, including his diary, and some videos from the time (such as his 2004 Christmas) have been leaked. For the twentieth century, which includes all of Chris's childhood and high school years, our records are much sparser. Some content, such as some school papers and television footage, have been unearthed, though much remains unknown or dubious. Indeed, much of our knowledge of Chris's childhood comes from later accounts by Chris. However, Chris's childhood is what made him the manchild he is today, so we must discuss it when discussing him.

Early Childhood Saga (24 February 1982 - 1991)


Christopher Weston Chandler was brought into the world on 24 February 1982. He would allegedly speak his first word 'Monkey' only a month after his birth. Sadly, his speech would be stunted by his abusive babysitter, who is either named 'Roche' or 'Roach'. At the age of 18 months old, Roche would lock him in a room filled with toys because she was angry at him. This would traumatize Chris so much that he would turn mute, and completely refuse to talk save for screeching and screaming.

While mute, Chris would forge a friendship with a girl named Sarah Hammer, who would become his first female friend. However, there is evidence that Sarah served more as a bully, playing cruel pranks on him such as locking him in her cellar after convincing him Casper the Friendly Ghost was hiding in there.

His parents would send him to James Madison University, where he was trained by a speech therapist to talk. There he would meet Joshua Martinez, a boy who was sent there for his heavy Spanish accent. He would become Chris's first male friend.

Chris would start speaking after being given a GoBot by his mother, as he would start reading out the packaging

Early Childhood saga icon.png Early Childhood Early Childhood saga icon.png
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Nathanael Greene Saga (1991)


In 1991, Chris would start going to Nathanael Greene Elementary School. While there, Chris would be abused by Bruce Johnson and Mrs. Gaede, who would both pin him to the ground and record his screams. Johnson additionally made Chris sit on his lap and said offensive things to him, supposedly causing his hatred of Gays.

As Chris and his parents are known to be almost pathological liars, it is unknown if this is an accurate retelling of events. Nonetheless, Bob would pull Chris out of the school and take the matter of court, though no action would be taken.

Greenesaga.png Nathanael Greene Saga Greenesaga.png
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Bearstein Saga (1992 – 1995)

Pre-Teen Saga.jpg

After leaving Nathanael Greene Elementary School, Bob homeschooled Chris for 1992. During this year, Chris and Bob would attend The Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra, which they both enjoyed. This would lead to an event in December, when the bear would ask for Christopher's name, which he would mishear as Christian. Chris would take this as a sign from God, and Bob would agree to legally change his name to Christian.

In 1993, Chris would start attending Providence Middle School, and his encounter with the bear would bless those years of his life. He would have Virginia Jeanine Sanford as a teacher, who he would later call the most influential person in his life. In the same year, he would enter the Sonic the Hedgehog Watch & Win Sweepstakes, and in 1994, he had won the competition, leading to the first-ever video recording of Chris.

LeonardSaga.png Bearstein Saga LeonardSaga.png
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High School Saga (August 1996-June 2000)

The High School Saga.png

In many senses, Chris peaked in high school. He holds his high school memories and gal-pals dear to his heart. From a positive view, he had his gal pals, honor roll, and job as a water boy basketball team manager, and he produced a high volume of art, which included Sonichu himself. On the flip side, he got an F in English and had to ride on the short bus. Graduation was especially painful when he didn't win a not-so-prestigious best artist award.

HighSchoolSaga.png High School Saga HighSchoolSaga.png
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Early Adult Chronicles (June 2000 – 27 October 2007)

Chris came of age in 2000, a time of many transitions. Once he graduated from Manchester High, he was no longer in the safe, regimented world of compulsory education. No more guaranteed or arranged friendships, and the kid gloves have come off. Colleges are also stricter when setting student accommodations, and professors don't always have time for special arrangements. Additionally, Chris got a taste of the real world at Wendy's, which fired him for multiple reasons.

The little boy who was once doing so well now had to make his life work outside of school. Of course, some programs can help autistic folks find work, but Chris figured that was too stressful. Instead, he took the easy route with help from Bob: he applied for social security disability checks. While fellow students had to balance their schedules with jobs, Chris had all the time in the world to focus on school. After graduating, his whole life became free time. Without a job, Chris had little motivation to get his life together.

While scarcer than in modern times, records for this period are much more substantial than those of Chris's childhood. Even without external provocation or influence, the events of this period, including the Love Quest and the first Sonichu comics, were enough to make Chris an Internet legend and would lay the foundation for everything yet to come.

PVCC Saga (September 2000 - May 2006)

The PVCC Saga.png

From 2000 to 2006, Chris attended Piedmont Virginia Community College, a local community college, to obtain a degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. It took him five years of schooling to complete an ostensibly two-year degree, and this time in his life was not without drama. His 21st birthday in 2003 marked the beginning of the Love Quest. Chris would go around campus carrying a sign showing his demands for an ideal partner. Mary Lee Walsh, a dean at PVCC, confiscated the signs. He retaliated by making more; he even printed some out to put around campus walls. Chris eventually confronted Walsh, who banned him from PVCC for a year. Chris had to receive a psychological evaluation to be allowed back on campus, and he began using the sign in other locations. Chris immortalized Walsh as a cartoon villain in Sonichu.

MLWIcon.png PVCC Saga MLWIcon.png
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GAMe PLACe Saga (2002 - October 2011)

Game Place.jpg

Currently the second-longest saga in Christory. For a long time, Chris had been visiting The GAMe PLACe on a regular basis. It was here that Chris would meet Megan herself, as well as Lucas and Mimms, two people who would deliver a number of intel over Chris during his time there. He also participated in the Pokemon TCG League, using his own poorly made decks. However, Chris was a pain in the ass to store manager Michael Snyder, and by August 2008, tired of Chris terrorizing various patrons, yelling at children, bogarting the TV and being an all-round pain, Michael would finally ban Chris from the store, embarrassing him and his mother in the process. It wouldn't be the end, however.

On multiple occasions, Chris returned to the store despite Michael's insistence that he never come back. He tried emails, sneaking in, and pleading on YouTube, but nothing worked. The first time he attempted (unsuccessfully, of course) to lift his ban in person was with a prepared, faux-apologetic speech. When that failed, he stormed out angrily and called Michael a JEW, then attempted to rally his "fanbase" and get them to troll him. The next occasion was much more disturbing. He claimed he was trying to take a picture of Michael to shoot at, but was caught in the act and was chased in the parking lot. Nearly running over Michael and his daughter, eventually the Jerkops got involved, but they did not arrest him. Michael accused him of trying to take pictures of his daughter. Whether it's true or not, it's confirmed that Chris has stalker tendencies.

The saga was revived in October 2011, when Chris and his mother visited the GAMe PLACe, and an incident occurred. Exact details of events remain unknown, but charges such as assaulting a law enforcement official and property damage of more than $1000 were brought. Barbara was sentenced to community service and two years of probation. Chris was sentenced to community service, one year of probation, and mandatory psychiatric treatment and evaluation. They also had to pay Michael Snyder's medical expenses.

Game place saga.png GAMe PLACe Saga Game place saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Megan, First Exile, Jackie, Second Exile

Megan Saga (Summer 2005 - April 2008)


From 2005 to 21 April 2008, this told the story of Chris and his longest and closest relationship with a girl, Megan Schroeder, leading into Chris's first encounter with Encyclopedia Dramatica and Megan discovering the depths of Chris's madness. It began with a chance meeting at a Pokémon TCG League meeting at The GAMe PLACe, which progressed into inappropriate touching and ended with shocking hand-drawn pornography that was an embarrassment for all parties involved... excluding Chris. The saga would end when Megan told Chris she could no longer trust him. Nonetheless, Chris has refused to let her go, and his useless attempts at making amends have stretched all the way to 2018 (for reference, that's a decade since Megan cut off ties with him).

MeganNoBG.png Megan Saga MeganNoBG.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Stackhouse, GAMePLACe, ED

Stackhouse Saga (June - 4 August 2007)


In June 2007, Chris entered and attempted to win a contest to win Megan's heart (more or less her china too), only to be beaten by a much superior entry made by one Adam Stackhouse. The saga resulted in madman-style threats and several angry e-mails and posts to contest organizers. Chris would rage for quite some time before deciding enough was enough. This was also the last time an unsuspecting member of the public inadvertently caused a saga. From then on, trolls would control the content.

Over a decade after the Saga concluded, Chris finally made peace with Stackhouse after the latter made a surprise appearance in the audience for Chris's panel at MAGfest 2018.

Stackhouse saga.png Stackhouse Saga Stackhouse saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Megan

Classic Chris Era (27 October 2007 to 20 March 2010)

The era that most associate with Chris. The mists of antiquity begin to fade on 27 October 2007, when an unrelated thread on the Something Awful forums was derailed by someone mentioning seeing our epic cycle's hero in the flesh.

ED Saga (November 2007 - 14 April 2011)


In November 2007, trolls would discover Chris and create a page about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Chris would initially think that they just got his information wrong, but as time would go on, Chris would reveal the true depths of his insanity, in the process destroying his friendship with Megan Schroeder and becoming the epic lolcow we know him to be. Were it not for this article showing how susceptible he was to trolling and how divinely autistic he could be, Chris may have just been another dumbass with no life, and probably would have been more or less forgotten by now. To this day, ED remains a thorn in his side which he must constantly address to those new to his life. Further to this, he still maintains they are out to do him harm, although the site has long since fallen out of relevance in Chris's life, replaced with outlets such as the Kiwi Farms.

Ed saga.png Encyclopedia Dramatica Saga Ed saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Megan

Blanca Saga (August - 21 October 2008)


Around August 2008, Chris would meet Blanca Weiss, making her his first Internet sweetheart. Aside from being the first sweetheart, she also proved how tenacious and strange Chris could be about relationships, revealing several quirks and oddities that he felt were somehow appropriate to mention to someone he believed loved him. It also showed how useless any white knighting efforts could be. In the span of two months, Blanca (actually three trolls working in tandem) would release the infamous pictures of Chris naked, then obtain Chris's medallions and film a video of them cutting one up and setting it ablaze.

Blanca saga.png Blanca Saga Blanca saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Jimmy Hill, PandaHalo

Jimmy Hill Saga (Mid-2008/Late 2008)


At the same time Chris was dealing with Blanca, he was hit with another troll attack as he was led to believe that a man known as Jimmy Hill was using the Sonichu name and character to make money off of him in Europe. The thought of someone making money from his true and original creation led him to stress out and provide proof of the infringement. Those attacks would end around the same time the Blanca Saga ended.

Hill saga.png Jimmy Hill Saga Hill saga.png
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Coniciding Sagas: Blanca

Clyde Cash Saga (December 2008 - Mid-2010)


In 2008, Chris encountered a new troll named Clyde Cash, who went on a months-long trolling spree to get back at the autistic wonder for supposedly causing his brother's suicide. The saga would result in the revelation of a top secret organization hellbent on preventing the manchild from losing his virginity. It only ended with the apparent death of its creator.

However, in September 2009 Chris resumed his war against Clyde Cash after discovering that he and another supposed troll, Gregg Mays, were one and the same person. In the process, he made numerous videos attempting to blackmail the man, going so far as to mock a national tragedy.

Clyde saga.png Clyde Cash Saga Clyde saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas
EDPandaHaloJuliePSN HackingEmilyIvyTitoJackieFirst Exile

PandaHalo Saga (Mid-2008/Late 2008 - February 2009)


When Chris realized Blanca was a troll, he would move on to PandaHalo as his new sweetheart. The saga came to a quick and abrupt end when he found out that she was supposedly found to be bearing the child of Clyde Cash, conceived through rape. Unsurprisingly, the ever-gullible Chris would quickly abandon Panda and she would (presumably) die in the Australian brushfires, despite living miles away from the incident; question remains as to whether she really died in this event, or was actually working in tandem with Clyde, their relationship being consensual after all. She would end up giving trolls the Scrapbook of Fail and Slideshow.

Panda saga.png PandaHalo Saga Panda saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Blanca, Clyde Cash, Julie

Miyamoto Saga (January - 10 February 2009)


In the beginning of January 2009, Chris would be confronted by a troll posing as Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto, claiming he would attempt to try to make his Sonichu game fantasy a reality. Unfortunately, Chris proved to be nothing more than a couch potato, and his ineptitude resulted in horrible delays and stalls to the project's advancement. In the end, "Reggie Fils-Aimé" shut down the entire project with a scathing letter. This trolling encounter would have Chris give trolls a PowerPoint project that talked in great length about himself...and very little about his game.

Miyamoto saga.png Miyamoto Saga Miyamoto saga.png
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People: ChrisGregg Mays (Jason Kendrick HowellClyde Cash) • Shigeru MiyamotoReggie Fils-AiméTakashi TezukaJay Z

Gregg Mays E-mailsMiyamoto E-mailsReggie E-mails
Gregg Mays: Nintendo:
Coinciding Sagas: Clyde Cash,

Julie Saga (February - March 2009)


Arguably the most divisive and controversial out of Chris's trolls until the Idea Guys. In February 2009 to early March 2009, Chris's latest sweetheart would be Julie, who was in actuality a 13-year-old troll named BlueSpike. In this brief timeframe, BlueSpike would release the infamous sex tape and then torture Chris in many ways in the infamous Julie Reveals Herself chat, where he forced Chris to declare BILLY MAYS mayor of CWCville and destroy his second medallion by forcing him to shove it up the dumper. BlueSpike's total and utter control over Chris, as well as his arguably abusive ways of trolling him, would lead to a schism between trolls, leading to the creation of the PVCC and this very wiki. One other less disturbing yet no less fascinating incident that came about as a result of this Saga was the Ohio Trip; taking place just a week before the infamous reveal, Chris was willing to drive hundreds of miles to Cleveland in the hopes of rescuing Julie from Max and Clyde Cash; needless to say, this has been the furthest he's driven for any Sweetheart, and since then Chris was unwilling to drive significantly shorter distances to meet later potential girlfriends such as Kacey and Jackie in the years that followed.

Julie saga.png Julie Saga Julie saga.png
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Julie's Introduction: Sarah May: Chris vs. Clyde: Sex Leaks: The Miscreants: The Reveal: The Aftermath:

Coinciding Sagas
Clyde CashPandaHaloPSN Hacking

PS3 Hacking Saga (March 3 2009 - 30 August 2010)


After Bluespike's vicious abuse of Chris, he was shunned, and kicked out of The Miscreants. However, many trolls took inspiration from him hacking into Chris's beloved PlayStation Network account, and used this as an inspiration for future trolling plans. On 22 May 2009, Clyde Cash would fake his death and subsequently hack into Chris's PSN account, but he would get outplayed by a greater foe.

During July 2009, Jack Thaddeus would work with his daughter Samantha Thaddeus in order to gain access to Chris's PSN Account. Jack made Chris do many things in order to get his account back, including making two videos proclaiming his acceptance of gay people, and a video of him humping his PS3 for 8 minutes straight.

On 24 February 2010, Surfshack Tito would hack into Chris's PSN account, and less than a month later he would steal his girl.

On 3 May 2010, Chris would find an article on the CWCki, detailing how Clyde had placed a bugging device in his PS3, leading him to rip off the wifi antenna. On the same day, he would go undercover as a 14-year old troll named 'JenkinsJinkies', where he would be invited to a secret trolling forum called Trollin Train.

On the forum was a list of bounties, including a $9000 reward for anyone who could destroy Chris's PS3. Chris decided to claim the bounty, and recorded a video of him hitting it with a brick, running it over with his car, and then stabbing it with scissors. Unfortunately for him, Tito gave the reward to Liquid Chris, under the belief he was the TRUE and HONEST CWC. And so Chris was left with no money and no PS3...until he bought a new one a few days later.

PS3Test.png PS3 Hacking Saga PS3Test.png
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Emily Saga (March 2009 - 4 October 2010)


A troll, known online as 'LoveYouLongTime' would start interacting with Chris after he broke up with Julie, under the name 'Emily'. They quickly starting dating, and would meet up in a now infamous date, where a man wearing a pickle costume would walk up and steal her away from him. She would later announce in a phone call that she had broken up with Chris, had sex with the pickle man, and was living with Clyde Cash.

She would continue interacting with Chris, under the name 'Kim Wilson'. Despite Kim and Chris meeting up multiple times, he had no idea she was Emily, due to his facial blindness. During her tenure as Kim, she would take Chris to a bar two times and introduce him to Magical Man. She would continue talking with Chris all the way until 2018, though her last major interaction was when he told her that he spooned regularly with Barb

She's also met up with him pretending to be multiple other women, though none of these interactions are known.

MITPS.png Emily Saga MITPS.png
The Players

People: ChrisLoveYouLongTime (EmilyKim WilsonUnknown Gal-pals) • Bob ChandlerMan in the Pickle SuitMagical ManClyde CashFaerynRobert Simmons VBryan Bash

LoveYouLongTime: Emily: Kim:
Coinciding Sagas: Clyde Cash, Liquid

Ivy Saga (March - July 2009)


In March 2009, a girl named Ivy decided to impress a friend by asking Chris for a video shout-out. She didn't know what would come later; his crush towards her would lead him to create 3 special comics and two music videos, a practical spurt of work that wouldn't be surpassed for awhile. The saga also revealed Chris at his creepiest yet, scarring many trolls and Christorians, but also provided an incredibly important resource for the latter in showing Chris's Heart Level at perhaps the strongest it had been since 2007, at least for a time. The saga also resulted in a proposal of marriage. Despite the work spurt, the saga would come to an abrupt end thanks to a combination of troll interference from Joshua Martinez and interference from Bob Chandler and Rocky Shoemaker, leading to Ivy's (fabricated) suicide.

Ivy saga.png Ivy Saga Ivy saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Vanessa, Clyde Cash

Vanessa Saga (April - May 2009)

Vanessa Saga.png

In April 2009, troll and fellow speech therapy attendee Joshua Martinez succeeded in getting Chris to believe that the High School Musical actress and pop star Vanessa Hudgens was in contact with him, through Joshua's AIM, in retaliation for Chris's horrible attempt at getting ED to troll him like Chris, himself, had been trolled. Chris would create videos to show that he was movie-star material, going so far as to cheat on his current true and honest sweetheart. Predictably, he wasn't exactly the type Vanessa was looking for.

This saga goes to show that even the most gullible of things can get by Chris, even when the perceived truth is a horrible excuse of ammunition against the poor manchild, which just shows how desperate he may be for romantic attention.

JoshMart.png Vanessa Saga JoshMart.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Ivy

CWCipedia Saga (4 May 2009 – 26 June 2010)

The CWCipedia Saga.jpg

In early June 2009, Chris was given his own wiki to upload his comics and blog about his personal life, safe from the trolls who instantly dive at his other web pages and hack them. It doubled as a source for the CWCki to draw many of Chris's latest failures from, making it his best friend and his worst enemy.

On 19 November 2009, perhaps one of the greatest features the wiki introduced was the Mailbag, in which a dump of all fan e-mails sent to the admin's address could be answered by Chris, for all to see. This feature provided insight into how Chris responds to trolls through e-mail about his views on, for example, homosexuality, GodJesus, autism, etc.

After 23 November 2009, advertisements linking to porn sites, gay rights organizations, information on Asperger's syndrome, and the Asperpedia took residence on the CWCipedia, paid for by trolls. Eventually, Alec, the creator of Asperchu, paid Jack Thaddeus to replace most, if not all, of the ads with ads for Asperpedia. Chris had complained repeatedly to the SysOp of the Wiki about these ads, which would have paid for the site until the end of 2010, pending negotiations.[2] All of this had "stressed" Chris out to the point of uploading videos of himself screaming death threats upon the advertisers' heads, and creating a separate, stress-free, ad-free front page.

This saga would lead to the site being shut down twice in a row, both due to copyright infringement, and would lead to the death of Simonla Rosechu in the most humiliating way - death by exploding toilet.

The Asperpedia team would continue to vandalize and hijack CWCipedia in a variety of ways until it finally collapsed in May, and Chris finally abandoned the site after already making numerous claims that he'd quit the Internet forever. After Mao moved in to fill the void, he passed ownership to Alec and Vivian Gee, wherein they took over the site and the rights to Sonichu to begin Sonichu Season 2, where ultimately, on 26 June 2010, the entire site would be terminated along with the entirety of the original 110mb server.

CWCipediaIcon.png CWCipedia Saga CWCipediaIcon.png
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Liquid Chris Saga (21 June - 10 November 2009)


In July 2009, Chris came up with a plan to try getting the trolls off his back. He faked a revelation that he was apparently a troll himself who is the complete opposite of Chris in real life. Along then came the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler, which got the other Chris (at this point nicknamed Ian Brandon Anderson and Solid Chris) really pent up with rage. Ian would challenge Chris to a sing-off, with the TRUE and HONEST CWC proving himself the victor in the end. The appearance of this other Chris would pressure the other into churning out more comics than he had before, currently heading for the completion of Sonichu #9, something that many believed would never happen due to the interference of many trolls.

Later, Liquid would return to continue on his quest to get rid of this faker. In the process of this new entry to the saga, Ian and Chris would battle over the heart of Chris's true love, Kacey. In the end, after a long series of calls that proved Ian to be unworthy of her love, the real Chris would win out and marry Kacey. Liquid's YouTube account would eventually close on 27 July 2011.

Liquid saga.png Liquid Saga Liquid saga.png
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People: Solid Chris (Ian) • Liquid ChrisKacey DevoriaKim WilsonMatthew DevoriaKatie BayClyde CashSpazkid

The Calls

SHOWDOWN: The TRUE CWC Confronts The FAKEKacey calls (Father CallKacey and Liquid CallThe End For Real)

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Coinciding Sagas: Clyde Cash, Emily

Asperchu Saga (November 2009 - 10 January 2012)

The Asperchu Saga.jpg

In late November 2009, an artist named Alec Benson Leary started a new series called Asperchu, starring the titular Electric Hedgehog Pokemon. Chris had spent most of December ignoring Asperchu and its popularity before finally exploding with rage, claiming the series as nothing more than fanfiction and a parody. The popularity of Asperchu, combined with Chris's continuing downward spiral that is Sonichu #10, led many of Chris's fans to abandon Sonichu and go to Asperchu.

Most of the saga has been spent with Chris raging at not just Alec, but also Evan, Sean, and Asperpedia admin Mao over their usage of their characters and how they mock him. As well, Chris has been dealing with Evan over the usage of Simonla Rosechu, with Chris going so far as to deny reality and substitute it with his own.

In terms of productivity, it has given us Sonichu #10, which showcases Chris going all out in trying to get rid of everything he hates, including homosexuality and trolls. In that same book, Chris kills all four trolls involved in this saga as retaliation for making him kill Simonla Rosechu. Also, nine phone calls have been leaked. These phone calls show Alec attempting to get through to Chris and his way of thinking and Chris fighting tooth and nail not to change at all.

In the aftermath of the saga, Evan ceased his Simonchu comic, proud to have Simonla removed, Alec and Sean continued their respective comics, and Mao continues to poke and jab at Chris. And while the saga had for the most part died down, Asperpedia continued to harass its rival CWCipedia, either by placing new ads, vandalizing it, or shutting it down altogether. One of the post-trial ads even precipitated Chris's falling out with Jackie.

Alec Benson Leary would later be called out by Chris in 2011, and his identity was "revealed" as Christopher Paul Whitney, followed by Chris sloppily devouring a cheap microwavable pizza. This later turned out to be fake as months later, the real Christopher Paul Whitney made a response to Chris and essentially confirmed he was not Alec.

Asperchu saga2.png Asperchu Saga Asperchu saga2.png
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Tito Saga (January 2010 - 10 August 2011)

The Surfshack Tito Saga.jpg

Sometime in January 2010, Chris met and fell in love with The Wallflower, hoping she would be the one who'd end his streak of being a virgin with rage. On 9 March 2010, Chris would release a LittleBigPlanet video of a stage based off a book he was helping write with his gal-pal... and release her name in the process. Dedicated trolls used the information to discover the gal-pal's identity, but decided to let the lulz spread naturally. The next day, however, a troll revealed the information to the gal-pal, and while one set of lulz was stopped, another one was set into motion.

The troll, calling himself Surfshack Tito, claimed responsibility for not only hacking his PSN accounts for the umpteenth time, but also stealing The Wallflower from Chris. Chris, in response, threatened to go all out and seemingly try to murder Tito, threatening him with a pocket knife, attacking him with racial slurs, and flashing his underwear while wearing a Scottish kilt. At the same time, Chris discovered and declared war on the CWCki, demanding that all pages involving himself, his friends and family be altered to suit his needs. To put it bluntly, Chris's attack on the CWCki fell utterly short.

The creativity here has been utterly stunted, especially after The Wallflower left him. He has gone on to blame his fans for wanting him to make more comics and compared them to the trolls that have tormented him. He has also vowed to leave the Internet forever, though he ended up reshowing his face 36 hours after his vow...

Tito was a major player in getting Chris to destroy his PS3 for a fake bounty. Chris and Tito planned to meet up at a Starbucks where a pickleman would give him the money, but despite waiting Tito would never show up. Tito later explained this was because he gave the money to Liquid Chris

Echoes of this saga would be eventually heard in August 2011 when, after announcing his glorious comeback to the Internet, Chris claimed to have discovered the true identity of Tito and tried to blackmail him using this information. Tito eventually gave in to his demands on 9 August, which Chris later acknowledged and accepted.

Surfshacktito saga.png Tito Saga Surfshacktito saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Clyde Cash, PSN Hacking, First Exile, Calling Out

Dark Ages (20 March 2010 to 3 September 2014)

Though the Miscreants could collectively keep Chris on edge for well over a year, it was inevitable that the archetypical lolcow would someday cease to give milk. His seeking out the Wallflower and then Jackie in person, instead of believing every self-declared boyfriend-free girl who caught his fancy online, was an early sign of the changing atmosphere: Chris's ill-fated attempt to seduce her marked a shift from focusing on on-line to real-world affairs. Information on Chris's life would increasingly need to be sought through Flipnote Hatena, in-person encounters and other sources beside the Internet; traditional videos became less frequent. Occasional transvestitism would soon become permanent as Chris began to leave his old identity behind him. Surprisingly, Chris would come to abstain even from his traditional pursuit of women and put the Sonichu comic on indefinite hiatus.

All sagas during this period are of this early transitional phase: Bob Chandler's death in late 2011 drew a veil over Chris's affairs for the next several years. Direct records from Chris during this time are nearly exclusively found on Facebook; for a time, it appeared that Chris had learnt from his many years of abuse at the Internet's hands and was finally keeping a low profile. We are again dependent mostly on third-party sources for events such as Snyder's near-death at Chris's hands, the resulting conviction and the 2014 house fire in the following years. Organic CWC-generated activity would not re-emerge until mid-2014, proving that he had, in fact, learnt nothing from past events.

First Exile (20 March 2010 - 29 August 2010)


After Chris lost the Wallflower and fought with Surfshack Tito, an outside force attempted to push Chris away from the Internet. No less than five times, Chris has boldly claimed that he has abandoned the Internet and smugly told his detractors that they should go outside and live their lives, advice Chris should have followed years ago. However, Chris still latched onto the Internet as much as he could, trying to find ways to sneak in without the force discovering him.

During this period he started a relationship with a girl named Jacklyn Romy, and infiltrated the inner circle of trolls using his persona 'JenkinsJinkies'.

Trolls would end up discovering Chris dancing like a dying turkey at Fridays After Five, then discover that he had set up shop at Flipnote Hatena, where he tried to spread his sick and twisted thoughts to younger, innocent people before being shut down several times. However, the thing that would finally bring Chris back to the Internet and end his exile would be the destruction of his beloved Life Upgrade. At his own hands, no less!

FirstExileSaga.png First Exile FirstExileSaga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Jackie, PSN Hacking

Jackie Saga (5 April - 26 November 2010; 7 December 2010 - May 2012)


Following the Wallflower incident's fallout, Chris pulled himself away from the Internet, only for him to meet and begin conversing to a woman named Jackie. Meeting her at The Hook Cafe, the two began conversing through e-mails, revealing the rationale in Chris's attempts to get back into The GAMe PLACe and showing he's still incredibly disturbing. However, Chris broke off his relationship with her after she attempted to get him to change his life for the better.

Around September 2010, Jackie and Chris were confirmed to have attempted to try again with a relationship, with Chris creating even more disturbing videos in the process. A third party--Lars McNulty, Jackie's ex-boyfriend--stepped in by the end of September, prompting Chris to release several videos attacking his newfound enemy. Video updates became increasingly bizarre, but still occurred regularly until the end of October.

By November, the leaked correspondence showed that Jackie was getting increasing impatient as Chris kept failing to fulfill her requests, while Chris made up a lot of lame excuses for why he could not deliver on them, all while continuously begging Jackie to have sex with him. On November 26, Jackie would send Chris the latest in a string of e-mails in which she criticized him for his laziness and unwillingness when it came to pay a more active part in relationships, and how he, despite of this, kept begging her for sex. Chris stopped responding at this point, leading many to believe that the Jackie saga had finished.

However, in December, Jackie and Chris were in contact again. This would not be known until 2013, where a whole bunch of emails from then to September 2011 were leaked. During this time, Chris came out as a tomgirl to her, while she later got Chris to make a bunch of humiliating videos, including Cakefarts. These would be leaked in February 2012, leading to Chris unfriending her on Facebook in April, though refriending her a month later. She was never heard from again, putting an end to the saga.

Jackie saga.png Jackie Saga Jackie saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: GAMePLACe, First Exile, Calling Out

Calling Out Saga (6 August - 6 September 2011)

Call Out.png

During the beginning of August, Chris began to release videos as an attempt to get some sort of reprisal and apology out of the trolls. Chris warned the trolls that if they didn't meet his demands on the deadline Chris had set for them, then Chris would leak information that he believed to be true, even though most believe some of the information to be fake. This saga is notable for videos that showcase Chris's new Tomgirl look, and further set in stone the aformentioned Tomgirl Saga. Though Chris reached the zenith of the Calling Out Saga on a high, having believed himself to have exiled some of his most prominent rivals from the internet, these series of videos would, however, come to an abrupt end after tragedy struck the Chandler household.

Calling out.png Calling Out Saga Calling out.png
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People: ChrisThorg (Jeremy Slonwhite)Tomboys And Tomgirls of VirginiaJack Thaddeus (Ahuviya Harel)Surfshack Tito (Don)Alec Benson Leary (Christopher Paul Whitney)BlueSpike (NessHelper)

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Coinciding Sagas: Jackie

Second Exile (6 September 2011 - 9 July 2014)

CWC Exile II Banner.png

Unlike the other exiles listed here, the Second CWC Exile came unannounced with the death of his father. Then came October 28, a day which will live in infamy for Chris. After trespassing and running over Michael Snyder, he and Barb were arrested. Despite the help of Rob Bell, they were found guilty and were sentenced. Since that day, most, if not all of Chris' internet activity were confined to his Facebook account, where he would gripe about loneliness and nostalgia. It wasn't until 2013 where he uploaded a new video. Although January 2014 would bring him back to the spotlight briefly due to a house fire, it wasn't until the Sonic Boom saga where he would return to relevance.

SecondExileIcon.png Second Exile SecondExileIcon.png
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Renaissance (3 September 2014 to 24 October 2017)

A combination of events - namely yet another failed online sweetheart, and showing hatred for a Sonic the Hedgehog reboot so immense that it would eventually get him arrested - would lead to Chris being dragged back into the Internet spotlight.

Catherine Saga (9 July - 14 December 2014)


With his newly acquired feminine wiles from his transition to a Tomgirl, Chris managed to attract a sweetheart who would be his first lesbian romance. In the summer of 2014, Chris would reveal he had found a new sweetheart, whose identity he managed to surprisingly conceal for period of time. Later, he would reveal that her name was Catherine. Predictably, she turned out to be a troll, who revealed much about Chris having met with him twice. Catherine's associate, Cousin Al, would also meet the two of them at Applebee's, to which Chris would invite both of them to the charred remains of his house following a fire. From there, Al would collect several of Chris's old Manchester High assignments.

According to Catherine, his behavior had not improved since the sexual harassment in the early days of the Megan Saga, and neither had the Chandlers's comprehension of basic sanitation. In addition to Catherine's observation on her personal encounters, Chris also announced he had got a piercing on his perineum, meaning this Saga provides some more detail on Chris's disturbing new features as a Tomgirl.

Catherine Saga.png Catherine Saga Catherine Saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom Saga (3 September 2014 - 7 December 2015)


This Saga began with Chris grumbling on Facebook about the announcement of the latest Sonic game, Sonic Boom. Chris wasn't alone in his discontent; many of his Facebook friends expressed disapproval about the deteriorating quality of the Sonic games. What made Chris unique in his irritation, is that the fact that Chris only took umbrage at the fact that the color of Sonic's arms had been changed from tan to blue.

This baffled most of his white knights, with William Elliott Waterman trying to explain just how ludicrous Chris's demands to Sega to revert back to blue were, especially considering Sonic Boom was not part of the Sonic canon. The fact that Sega had no control in the design of Sonic's arms did not deter him and, thanks to his white knights who unwaveringly encouraged him, he began to protest. Initially, his protest against the "Blue-Armed Bandit" took the form of Facebook boycott groups, petitions, and angry messages on Sega Facebook pages.

On Boxing Day, however, this Saga came into bloom, culminating in Chris's second pending court case. Despite warnings from even his most loyal white knights, Chris had decided to take it upon himself to bring the protest into the real world. He went into his local GameStops and vandalized the display cases, including stores he had previously been banned from. It was during his visit to one of these stores that had banned Chris that resulted in his arrest on Boxing Day. Chris had been seen and asked to leave by the management. After initially ignoring their requests he made his way towards the exit and, whilst on the way out, maced an employee, who hadn't been involved in his removal. As a result, Chris spent the weekend in jail, only to have Barb bail him out afterwards.

Despite this, he continues to go on a tard rage over Sonic's blue arms, calling out Kengle because he owns a comic with blue-armed Sonic, sending glitterbombs to Sega, and buying a Sonic Boom doll just to rip its arms off.

Later though, Chris claims victory in the blue arms debacle, due to Sonic the Hedgehog being his non-blue-armed form in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He says this is the final update for the group, but only time will tell if he's telling the truth.

Ultimately, after six days in court, Chris was found guilty on 15 October 2015 for the GameStop incident and was fined $541 along with a 180-day probation. Thus, the Blue Arms Saga ends (or has it?). Months later, Chris instructed his fanbase to boycott local stores which refused his request to be unbanned.

Boomsaga.png Sonic Boom Saga Boomsaga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Catherine

Lady Managers Saga (17 November 2015 - July 2016)


Between fall 2015 and summer 2016, Chris was in contact with people he vaguelly dubbed his ladyfriends or managers. During this time, he would be trolled by various characters - Jeff/Francine Ouzos, a thinly-disguised parody and wealthy rival of Chris; Sam and Ellen, a lesbian couple considering Chris as a sperm donor, to whom he showed off his frozen sperm collection; and Johan, the catalyst for the Lesbian Sex Audition.

This saga saw the return of Chris uploading videos to YouTube after a years-long hiatus.

Lady Managers icon.png Lady Managers Saga Lady Managers icon.png
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Pmurt Saga (25 September 2016 - 20 January 2017)

Pmurt Saga.png

The saga started with a Facebook comment on 25 September in where he decried then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his anti-LGBTQ opinions and misogynistic attitudes, labeling him "Pmurt" in an attempt to spite him. Many found this comment surprising, as Chris has been historically neutral in politics. As the election drew closer, Chris continued to criticize Trump, seemingly oblivious to the irony that any negative trait he could levy was far more applicable to himself. This saga reached its peak when Trump was elected president. During this point, he would make death threats to him. This culminated in a one-week ban from Facebook.

On Inauguration day, Chris would make one last attack. Although Chris still holds negative opinions of Pmurt, he is not nearly as expressive with his vitriol as he was during this saga. Even when Trump was impeached, Chris gave no thoughts on it.

Pmurt Saga Icon.png Pmurt Saga Pmurt Saga Icon.png
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Doopie Saga (7 March - 26 September 2017)


Also coined by the Kiwi Farms, this saga began when Chris made a tweet empathizing with Planet Dolan animator and artist DoopieDoOver. He began frequently replying to her tweets, usually with small talk and the occasional sharing of a life experience, or shameless attempts at flirting. The saga's climax began on 1 August, when Chris pledged to Doopie's alternative Patreon account, "Kittenbell", which handles pornographic commissions. The same day, Chris listed her among his Gal pals on "National Girlfriend Day", only for her to promptly rebuke him. Afterward, Doopie tweeted about the harassment she was receiving (from Chris), went to the Kiwi Farms, and leaked his private e-mails to her business account. Chris discovered that Doopie had turned on him and desperately followed several of Doopie's friends (including her boyfriend) in an attempt to stay connected. However, he unfollowed most of them when it became clear his plan would not work, while the rest blocked him themselves.

Doopie has not contacted Chris since August 2017; his hopes of building her into a sweetheart or gal pal from the ground up, predictably, were in vain. By September, Chris had found a new sweetheart and moved on. Their interactions showed that Chris's immense social ineptitude and creepy behavior have not abated. Doopie inadvertently became the greatest troll Chris faced in many years, breaking his heart and feeding new information to Christorians.

DoopieIcon.png Doopie Saga DoopieIcon.png
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Quinn Saga (7 September - 5 October 2017)

Quinn Saga.png

Jessica Quinn, for years a white knight of Chris, suddenly decided to troll him with the tried-and-true method of pretending to fall in love with him. Highlights of the brief saga include pictures and videos of Chris crying over a short breakup, an old-fashioned rage video following their final breakup (which he initially blamed on hackers from Kiwi Farms), and Quinn manipulating Chris into adding fat fetishism to Sonichu. This saga would serve as the transition for the new wave of trolling yet to come for Chris.

QuinnSaga.png Quinn Saga QuinnSaga.png
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Transcendental Awakening (August 2017 to 30 July 2021)

After a period of reemergence from Chris, several trolls soon began to notice Chris' deteriorating mental state, and found it the perfect opportunity to troll him again, this time through the tactic of enabling his beliefs and brainwashing new ridiculous concepts into him. This all began with Joshua Wise, an anime-obsessed troll who greatly manipulated him for his own personal gain by changing major parts of the canon of his Sonichu comics, coercing him into producing strange videos, and proposing the infamous marriage between Chris and a bunch of fictional characters, half of which Chris had already created.

Chris' new motto to befriend everyone he meets, even complete strangers, has also made it much easier to manipulate him. Because of this, many other trolls began to follow suit, using some of the same tactics that Wise had used to manipulate Chris with, with very little questioning on his end. Since then, Chris has started to believe himself to be the goddess of an alternate dimension, dubbing himself and all other residents of said dimension as "OCs".

Idea Guys Saga (25 October 2017 - 29 April 2018)

Ideaguysaga image.png

In early November 2017, Chris began blurting out nonsensical stories about his comics, such as the characters of Hyperdimension Neptunia invading CWCville, CWCville reacting to the invasion by setting up concentration camps, and Vladimir Putin being president of the United States in another dimension. He also began making strange videos involving Internet memes and cultural and historical references he clearly did not understand.

It came to light that an anonymous troll, acting as Chris' "idea guy", noted Chris' difficulty distinguishing reality and fiction and lack of understanding of history and politics, and began convincing Chris to make bizarre or politically incorrect content. There are signs that the Idea Guy's influence was coercive or deceptive in nature, such as Chris being shocked at his suggestion that Rosechu was transgender, and appearing visibly uncomfortable as he performed an "anchuent Cherokean chant".

After a calm period in early January, the saga escalated again as Chris made two bizarre videos of ranting about Nazis and smashing his possessions. Possibly as a response, moderators at Kiwi Farms doxed the Idea Guy troll, revealing his name as Joshua Wise.

Despite that setback, Wise decided to continue being the Idea Guy. His changes to Sonichu remained canon, with Chris continuing to produce drawings using ideas which Wise had established prior to the dox, and Chris continued to proudly wear the Gopnik outfit which Wise first convinced him to don.

Chris subsequently announced that he was bisexual, and was attracted to his own fursona and said he had gotten married to Cryzel and Magi-Chan. More questionable acts such as Chris licking pictures of Magi-chan's penis drawn on a wall and prostituting himself on Twitter were scripted and executed.

In May 2018, The Captain discovered what the Idea Guys were doing and rescued Chris from the Idea Guys. He, along with Marvin and Null, then gathered evidence to submit to law enforcement. As for Chris, he disavowed some ideas given to him by the Idea Guys (though keeping the majority of them, like his make-believe marriage).

Idea guy saga.png Idea Guy Saga Idea guy saga.png
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Fictional Characters: John YamadaGwen MikotoGruppenfuhrer FegeleinMagi-chanCryzelKun T’NyugetMewtwoPitohuiBundychuAkan

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Coinciding Sagas: Guard Dog

Prequel Comic Saga (2 January 2018 - 14 May 2018)


On 2 January 2018, the graphic designer and comic creator Bryan Shickley would get the attention of Chris after he had created "Chris Chan: A Prequel Comic". Bryan then soon claimed that he would make merchandise off of the francise, to which Chris approved. During a time when Chris was in financial ruin, which was later worsened after the Idea Guys extorted money from him, the comic, along with the merchandise created by Bryan, would become some of the first things that Chris would promote to help him out of his dire financial situation.

Bryan's comic would also get Chris to reflect on some of his biggest blunders, including SheCameForCWC.jpg, him attemping to run over Michael Snyder, and others.

A highlight of the brief saga includes Chris approaching what appeared to be his first male sweetheart, Bryan himself, as a result of the Idea Guys previously brainwashing him into believing he was bisexual, even writing an erotic gay poem for him. Attempts were made by Bryan's girlfriend to keep Chris away from Bryan. Along with this, gal-pal Tings Tingz would also show feelings for Bryan.

Due to his associations with Chris during the midst of the Idea Guys, Bryan would be accused by onlookers as a possible troll and/or ween, as well as getting attacked by actual weens himself.

PrequelSaga.png Prequel Comic Saga PrequelSaga.png
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Guard Dogs (Summer 2018)

Guard Dogs Banner.png

After the events of the Idea Guy saga, it became clear that Chris was dealing with a ween epidemic. To combat this, Null and The Captain decided to step in and filter Chris's emails and Twitter to prevent trolls from getting through. Null made a thread on Kiwi Farms showing off the intercepted ween messages and even doxing the senders.

According to con attendees, Null seems to have recruited some Kiwi Farms users to follow Chris around BronyCon in 2018 in order to prevent people from talking to him. If this is true, it's most likely in response to Chris's meltdown at TooManyGames and Null, not wanting this to happen again, assembled an elite anti-ween task force. The Captain assisted Chris when his car broke down on the way back from BronyCon. More elaborate plans were also implemented, including a plan for a field agent to whisk Chris away to assisted living after his mother passes.

Null and The Captain would also attempt to give Chris advice. In particular, Null encouraged him to talk to his therapist about the Idea Guys, in order to fast-track law enforcement involvement, but Chris was reluctant to do so. Instead, Chris opted to retreat into the ruins of his fantasy world. Eventually, it became clear that Chris had disregarded the precautions set up for him and found a new set of trolls to replace the Idea Guys: the Teen Troon Squad. Null and The Captain's willingness to help Chris has since diminished, although they remain in proximity to Chris online to document and discuss any goings-on.

Guard Dog.png Guard Dog Saga Guard Dog.png
The Players: The Games:
Coinciding Sagas: Idea Guy, TTS

Teen Troon Squad Saga (24 April 2018 - 1 January 2019)

TTS Saga2.png

Main article: Teen Troon Squad

The Teen Troon Squad is a group of 18- to 19-year-old FTM trans people who live locally to Chris. They gained influence over Chris upon purchasing his porn artwork on eBay for $1,000 in April 2018.

After Chris was rescued from the Idea Guys in May 2018, he continued to hold onto the beliefs they had programmed into him. Although he was encouraged to seek therapy, Chris balked at the idea and instead sought out more people to feed his delusional thinking - and got his wish in the form of the Teen Troon Squad; around October of that same year, for the second time in 2018, Chris was trolled by people claiming to be his own fictional characters when the Squad invited Chris over to their house, where they pushed his delusional thinking.

In October 2018 Chris began outlining a supposed 'Dimensional Merge' that would take place at the end of 2018, in which the real world, aka Dimension 1218, and its sister dimension, C197, were to collide and combine in an event of supposedly-apocalyptic proportions. Lukas, a Squad member, has alleged that this was a holdover from the Idea Guys, but implied that the Squad encouraged these beliefs in Chris.

In November 2018, several previously unreleased Idea Guy videos, such as All Star, Tour of Chris's House III, Chris slaps himself, and Chris lost Crystal began to be leaked on Chris's Twitter.

In late December 2018, the Squad was doxed by an unknown party who logged into Chris's Twitter. One of the Squad members then leaked more documents on /cow/. On 30 December 2018, Chris wrote a Twitter post bashing Lukas, also mentioning that Lukas had wanted him to buy booze. As a result of the spotlight being well and truly shone upon their schemes, the Teen Troon Squad has since retreated into the shadows.

Teen Troon Squad Saga.png Teen Troon Squad Saga Teen Troon Squad Saga.png
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Coinciding Sagas: Idea Guy, Guard Dog

G5 Pony Saga (13 August 2018 - Present)


As the 2010s came to a close, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was clearly entering its last days. Since its target audience is school aged children it's a common practice by the more competent animation studios to end those shows before it gets to the point that the kids watching it are younger than the show itself. Afterwards, if said show was part of a franchise, they create a new installment for said franchise. Such a cycle has been happening in My Little Pony since its inception in 1984 and has happened once again. Friendship is Magic ended in 2019 with a more light-hearted filler series airing from 2020 as a way to tide over the fanbase until the premiere of the new generation, which happened in September 2021 with the release of a movie. The filler series, called MLP: Pony Life struck a major nerve with Chris who holds the belief that Friendship is Magic is meant to have 14 seasons due to delusions rooted in the Dimensional Merge. This instance, preceded in August 2018 by a panning of the leaked early designs for the G5 ponies were some of the occasional posts of disapproval throughout the close of the decade. For a while it was on Chris' back burner but on 27 July 2021 Chris uploaded a tard rage video demanding that the new My Little Pony generation be cancelled, confirming that Chris holds Sonic Boom-esque feelings towards this. The lulz were subsequently cancelled when Chris admitted to incest.

However, despite his incarceration, this hasn't stopped him from expressing nothing but hatred towards this reboot. Chris had expressed in numberous jail letters about how he believes the reboot has caused major world catastrophes such as the Russo-Ukrainian war.

G5placeholder.png G5 Pony Saga G5placeholder.png
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Jacob Saga (14 July - 28 November 2019; 15 July - 26 August 2020)

Jacob Saga.png

Though he had been autistically obsessed with Chris since around 2018, amateur sorcerer Jacob Sockness only made Chris's acquaintance in June 2019, after an unremarkable troll convinced Chris that Sockness would be interested in buying his filthy bathwater. On 14 July 2019, the two agreed to a closer partnership: Sockness would act as a middleman for Chris's merchandise, in order to evade Chris's eBay ban. The two would soon abandon this scheme, however, instead deciding to direct their attention to another of their shared interests; pretending to be gods. Their mystical and occultist schemes would cross-pollinate, Jacob's extraterrestrial demons wending their way into the Dimensional Merge's logistics. The most notable example being the Magi-Chan possession, in which from August 2019 to September 2019, Chris believed that he swapped minds with Magi-Chan in order to visit Jacob Sockness so he wouldn't need to actually do so in real life. The period of Magi-Chan roleplaying lasted an entire month. Jacob's antics with Chris was not ignored, as soon, onlookers would find out about Jacob and dox him, but Sockness would not be deterred by a mere dox; for he had apparently already doxed himself long before meeting Chris, and would boast freely and frequently about how he was misleading Chris for his own ends. Despite the obvious dangers, Chris continued to believe Jacob's teachings at face value, and encouraged his desire to meet in person. In late September 2019, the situation nearly reached a boiling point when Sockness announced that he had secured a train ticket and was traveling from his home in California to Charlottesville, and threatened that he would brutally abuse Chris after arriving at 14 Branchland Court. Being understandably alarmed by this, Chris demanded that Sockness return, and with the help of the Watchmen, arranged for a supporter to intercept Sockness in Chicago and provide for him to return to San Francisco. Jacob relented, and the two grew more distant. Sockness would temporarily return to Chris's good side in late October 2019 and early November 2019, yet by the end of that month he would once again be cast aside by Chris.

However, in early 2020, Chris once again started to talk to Jacob, believing in Jacob's supposed occult practices. Though it appeared that they were coming close to one another again, Chris's and Sockness's relationship would permanently come to an end in August 2020, after Sockness creepily theorized on Twitter that Mia Hamm supposedly bared Chris's illegitimate child after they had sex. Although Jacob would make several other attempts to win Chris's favor over the course of the next few months, all attempts would ultimately be unsuccessful.

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Rise-N-Fall (Mid 2018 - 31 July 2021)

By mid-2018, with the creation of several documentaries pertaining to Chris, a new generation of Christorians had began to form, and awareness of the Chris Chan saga began to rise, further fueled by Chris's expanding fantasy world, partially influenced by webcomic Ben Saint.

In late 2019, a group consisting of enablers and white knights was established through Discord to gatekeep Chris from potential trolls, A-Logs, and the aforementioned weens. Much like many other white knights and enablers, they gained Chris's trust by appealing to and indulging in his delusions, specifically ones related to the Dimensional Merge and CPU Goddesses. They eventually named themselves the Watchmen. The group's primary objective was to protect Chris from trolls.

Alongside the Watchmen, another group of enablers called Praetor had formed, allowing Chris to profit off of his fantasies (though only at a fraction of what they themselves made), the closest he's gotten to a real job. In conjunction to this, Chris was pumping out more drawings on a consistent basis.

As a result of both groups, and Chris's newer business ventures, Chris's life appeared to become more stable, as there was less interference from trolls, he was now consistently making profits due to a growing fanbase, and he had even found a woman who was actually attracted to him. This era marks the calm before the storm, when most of Chris's activity seemed primarily dormant again, and it appeared that things were going much better for him... Until a very dark secret came to light.

Copitz Saga (19 May 2018 - December 2019)


On 19 May 2018, the Youtube speedrunner and Twitch user Copitz had began visiting 14 Branchland Court to record videos of himself with Chris and his friends in several different areas. Some of these videos included ones where Chris was in an abandoned hospital hunting for ghosts, while others had involved several interviews with him.

Copitz would get contacted by TheGamerFromMars, who wanted to get in contact with Chris for his documentary series, The Chris Chan Conspiracy. Throughout the documentary, there are 8 scenes of Copitz and GFM talking with Chris, in between the meat of the episode, which is a summary of Chris's life. Despite meeting with Chris in December 2019, the documentary would only be released on March 2022.

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TF2 Analysis Saga (Late 2018 - 30 October 2020)


In January 2019, a slew of people began to block Chris on Twitter, either due to his own harassment or egging on by weens. This caused Chris, naturally, to rage about it, and eventually to protect his Twitter account. For months, he had shown no signs of budging. All of his tweets during this period consisted of complaining about being blocked, or else his dimensional delusions mentioned above. After protecting his Twitter account, he would greatly reduce his social media activity, and in June 2019 even extended to disabling comments again on his recent videos. This period of time also marked Chris's bizarre adoption of the word "Bugbear" (a phrase referring to minor annoyances) and employing it almost everywhere in his wild and unclear rants. After several months, Chris's initial bitterness from the blocks seems to have faded, and he opened his Twitter account for the public again.

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Secret Shipfic Saga (16 August 2019 - 31 July 2021)


On 16 August, 2019, Chris began to create trading cards for his Sonichu comics, much like his Wall of Originals using a template from the My Little Pony parody game Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder. His most ambitious project in several years, Chris fully embraced the concept, and has seemingly supplanted the Sonichu comics in favour of the cards as his principal monetary venture. The card game also became Chris's primary means to expand upon the lore of the fantasy world that he has created, and that several trolls from before had provided influence onto. Chris had posted several cards featuring the OCs created by fans and enablers.

Ben Saint a webcomic artist and creator of the webseires Endless War, had tried to profit off of Chris's infamy by implementing characters from the comic into Sonichu, thereby creating the "Slime Saga". Chris had eventually implemented Ben's characters and ideas into Sonichu in Sonichu Special 7. However, Ben's attempts at creating a new saga from the ground-up, and promoting his comic, by tinkering with Chris's own comics only proved to be of a very limited success when Chris began ignoring Saint's attempts at provocation by mid-October, and when conflicts of interest had risen between the two creators. Following from this, several white knights and past enablers such as Jacob Sockness and MKRNightVee came into the scene in order to regain power over Chris or to justify Chris's actions. When Chris began shifting his focus on his Sonichu comics to the aforementioned card game, Chris had implemented Saint's characters, as well as ideas brought to him by drama surrounding him, and a new wave of white knights defending Chris's actions, enablers suggesting new OCs into Chris's now expanding universe, and wannabe trolls trying to take a piece of Chris's infamy for themselves would show up into the mix.

Chris was able to develop a new fanbase through a series of commissions, and implementing people's OCs into his canon.

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Watchmen Saga (Late 2019 - August 2021)


The Watchmen would gatekeep Chris through means of collecting information, doxing, and harassing anybody attempting to interact or get involved with Chris. The existence of the Watchmen was not publicly known until August 2020, in which they leaked content that they had received from Chris.

The Watchmen would be responsible for and or related to many notable events that took place throughout 2020 and early 2021. Such as removing Jacob Sockness's influence over Chris, the previously mentioned 2020 Discord leaks, being heavily involved in the Discord Q&A's, and having multiple conflicts with members of Praetor.

However, as 2021 continued on, the Watchmen seemingly became less publicly involved with Chris. Things came to a head in June 2021, as internal conflicts among the Watchmen arose, with a member of the group, The WCT, being doxed on the Kiwi Farms by the leader of the group, Bismuth. The WCT then decided to inform Chris of Bismuth doxing him. As a result, Chris recorded a short audio clip saying "Fuck Bismuth!" before leaving The Place, a Discord server run by the Watchmen, while The WCT was being simultaneously banned from it. A few days later, another member of the Watchmen stated on Twitter that Chris had apparently cut contact with her and other Watchmen. This incident effectively ended the most known iteration of the Watchmen.

A new Discord server, entitled The Knights of CWC, was established by The WCT, who invited Chris and several members of the Watchmen. In the meantime, Chris was also set to attend the brony convention Everfree Northwest. Chris was already in contact with Isabella "Bella" Janke, who was later known for making A-Logging comments and edgy jokes about wanting to harm Chris. Chris was also secretly in contact with Fiona, a young autistic woman who had a genuine crush on him, who had planned to meet him at the convention. Chris invited both Fiona and Bella into WCT's Knights server. Bella had agreed to serve as a bodyguard to protect Chris from Jacob Sockness, who swore to attend the event in disguise. Bella would also agree to serve as Chris's "photographer".

Chris was banned from the Knights of CWC server after his arrest on 1 August 2021 due to his incestuous behavior with Barbara. When Bella attempted and failed to damage control her name, she would trick the WCT into believing that a set of fabricated texts she made that alleged Chris was having BDSM-style sex with Barb were real, and that Fiona had also owned a copy of these texts of her own. WCT sharing these texts, along with partially revealing Fiona's identity would get him in hot water, and cause many Watchmen members to turn tail.

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Praetor Saga (October 2020 - Present)


On October 2020, Chris would be seen in a photo posing with several members of a group refered to as Praetor. This group would sell Chris-related merchandise with his permission. Most of the merchadise that Praetor had sould would have been used as a means for Chris to profit off of his fantasies amist the Financhu Crisis, creating his very own cult. Chris had a sermon regarding the Dimensional Merge at the Goochland Library. Praetor had also created special Golden Medallions which would give customers access to the Golden Church of Sonichu.

By the time Chris had interacted with Praetor, Chris had also gotten in touch with a new sweetheart, Isabella "Bella" Loretta Janke, who created an animated intro for him by his request. Bella also acted very nice around Chris, which would cause her to gain much trust from him. However, Bella also displayed notable A-logging elsewhere, claiming that she wanted to get Chris to harm himself or commit suicide, and even claiming that she tried to persuade other Praetor members to convince him to cut his penis off.

Praetor was also a target of the white-knight group, the Watchmen. Most infamously, Praetor promoted the sale of tasers and stun guns on their Etsy page to simulate "zapping to the extreme". A taser and Pikachu mask would be found in their shopping cart. Chris stated on 21 February 2021 that he wanted to use a taser in order to activate the Dimensional Merge by zapping his Gate Crystal. Following this, Chris engaged in a call with Praetor leader Caden Peck and several Watchmen members, discouraging him from taking this course of action. A chunk of the full call would be leaked, leaving out much of the key context in the full call, and many rumors about the group and the call would be spread by Watchmen leader Naught, Larry Vaughn, and Bella on the Kiwi Farms, as well as by the Christuber GiBi on his own YouTube channel.

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Warhol Saga (24 May - 19 September 2021)


In May 2021 Chris discovered an Amazon listing for a book made by Don Lashomb that favorably compared him to mid-century pop artist Andy Warhol. Naturally this inflated his ego and caused him to devote several tweets to said comparison. Don Lashomb would actually end up writing the book, and selling it on Amazon. Later Chris went on to begin reviewing the book and made Tweets featuring his takes on the weens compliments, despite his disapproval at Lashomb saying his delusions weren't real. Chris would make several periodic tweets throughout summer 2021, reviewing the book as he went along.

Chris and Don talked in private multiple times, and Lashomb would state that he was very pleasant to talk to, due to him supposedly being polite, able to take criticism, and paying attention to detail[3]. Don was one of the people Chris would drop hints to about his incestous relationship with Barb, though he didn't pick up on them. Despite Lashomb cutting ties with Chris, Chris would continue to promote the book in prison.

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Incest Saga (26 June 2021 - 31 July 2021)


During the beginning of 2021, Chris exhibited many signs of sexual frustration much more intense than ever before, to the point of openly discussing this with several Watchmen members, as well as crushing on several females of interest all at once, and having wet dreams involving cartoon characters[4]. Towards the end of June, Chris grew impatient and decided to release this sexual frustration on his own mother. Chris would do this over the span of one month every three days. Chris would hint at this affair over this timespan, referring to Barb as a "Sweetheart over 50".

On 5 July 2021, Null would be one of the first people that Chris would confess to having a "sweetheart over 50".

On 27 July 2021, Chris would also confess to Bella that he was having an affair with the "sweetheart over 50". About two weeks later, on the the 28th, he would further confess in a 4-hour call that this sweetheart was actually his mother. The following night, when Bella had given her an edited 9 minute version of the call, Fiona initiated leaks of it by sharing a further edited 4-minute version of the call, and then the full 9 minutes when people doubted its legitimacy. Bella would end up doing damage control to her name soon after, which ended up with her getting discovered.

On 31 July 2021, two days after the initial leak, Greene County police were contacted and Chris was removed from his property, with Barb also being taken to a hospital for a checkup. An emergency protection order was also taken out against Chris, forbidding him from contacting Barb or setting foot on his property for a week.

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Silent Years (1 August 2021 - 16 October 2023)

After enjoying nearly 14 years of being an infamous YouTuber with a cult following, Chris's notability rose as his reputation plummeted. His name trended on Twitter as local news picked up on his largest controversy yet, accompanied by many major shifts in Chris's life.

Jail Saga (1 August 2021 - 27 March 2023)

Jail Saga Banner.png

On 1 August, Chris was arrested outside the Regency Inn he was staying at, and the next day was officially charged for incest. By the end of the month, it was discovered that Barb had returned home, and that the Chandlers' car had been returned to her, with new numberplates replacing the SONICHU ones. During that period, Chris was being held in Central Virginia Regional Jail without bond.

This saga is notable for the jail letters, a series of letters Chris has written to fans and wannabe trolls alike, answering their questions and providing a stream of information about his current delusions and stay in jail. A vast majority of these letters would be Chris's ramblings of being a messianic figure, as well as being a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Chris's desperation to get out of jail would show all throughout the saga.

After three continuances, On 28 February 2022, Chris was transferred and committed into the Western State Hospital mental institution in Staunton, Virginia (formerly known as the Western State Lunatic Asylum) for a competency evaluation before his next hearing.[5] During his stay, Chris was allegedly pinned down by the orderlies on his last day in the facility.

Chris was eventually transferred back to the Central Virginia Regional Jail on 3 May 2022. The period between these two transfers would prove to be one of the more silent moments in Christory, due to such facilities having strict measures regarding the interactions between its patients and the outside world.

Chris's last hearing had occurred on 22 July 2022, where Chris's case was elevated to the circuit court, and sent to a grand jury for a potential felony charge. On 5 August 2022, David Heilberg had issued a motion for an autism disorder deference for Chris's case, where he is placed under probation terms and supervised. A transportation order for Chris has also been made on 10 August 2022. A review of Chris's case following the deference has been scheduled for 8 August 2023.

On 27 March 2023, Chris was released from custody.[6][7]

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Third Exile (27 March 2023 - 16 October 2023)


On 27 March 2023 Chris was transferred from jail to Gateway Homes and soon after he began to be recognized and photographed in public as if he were a cryptid. The start of May would mark the first of many sightings. Possibly in a vain hope of disguising himself from watchful eyes, Chris started wearing hats and bulky glasses, going so far as to hide the Sonichu Medallion under his shirt. In the latter half of September, Chris's car was spotted at 14 Branchland Court, and he was seen allegedly hugging and kissing a mysterious blonde woman.

On 9 August Chris's charge of incest was dismissed, making Chris truly, but not honestly, a free man. One Day later he became active on Pokémon GO in Big Island, VA. Two days later, Chris spoke his first recorded words since his release as a status update on his PlayStation Network account, being "I'm Christ Chan Prime". On the 16th, Chris became active on Twitter by liking posts. On the 23rd, Chris made his first post-jail social media posts in a massive dump of previously unseen art (much of it made in Central Virginia Regional Jail), along with new content from the unfinished Sonichu 15 comic, now renamed to Sonichu 0 HD.

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Second Coming (16 October 2023 - Present)

After months of public sightings and reports of incognito online activity, Chris (now under the name of Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime) officially returned to the online world and proclaimed himself the messiah. Chris has received a surprisingly warmer welcome back than expected, probably because everyone is traumatized enough by the previous few years both in and outside of Christory to not care anymore. Behind the scenes, Praetor continues to manage Chris and presumably vet his content.

This era has been defined by well-produced and well-edited content uncharacteristic of Chris, likely reflecting both Chris's new experience in video editing as well as Praetor's control over him. Predictably, as Chris comes the closest he ever has to being a legitimate content creator, his viewership is only plummeting as his content has become unwatchably boring. Chris's sanity, meanwhile, is missing and presumed dead.

Revelations Saga (16 October 2023 - Present)

On 16 October 2023, Chris made his first series of social media posts for over two years on YouTube and Twitter, dubbing himself "Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime" and that he had been resurrected and returned. Praetor's OfficialCWCmart store once again became operational. Despite the best attempts to cover up Chris's current location, internet sleuths discovered it to be a house owned by Caden Peck in November 2023. Praetor's management of (and control over) Chris has been wholly reflected in his content. Meanwhile, off the internet, Chris was spotted several times with Flutter, causing speculation as to her role in regard to both Chris and Praetor.

This saga has largely been defined by Chris's return to both online and public fandom spaces, and his slow leaking of stories regarding both the Jail Saga and his Affair With Mother. His tirade against My Little Pony G5 has also continued, with Chris now accusing the show of being Russian propaganda.

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