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This page list emails exchanged by Chris and Katie Bay on 28-31 July 2009.

28 July

Man, I couldn't possibly think about staying in a mall for that long.

How much did you get done in those 3-5 hours?


I got about 6 to 8 pages completed during those few hours. At home, it would take LONGER, because I feel some insecurities here; a lot of history between me and the internet, and my mother may call me at random to do a hefty chore, which I would do. But at home, if I feel up to it, which is Most Likely nowadays, I will do at more than one page in a day.

Also, let me share something with you, (Please do not share with Anyone right now) type in "Cwcipedia" in a Google Search; look at the Number 1 Result; that is All Me, and steadily growing with more Honest Information from my own head, heart and hands.

I'll check in again later.
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

So today I was filling out some financial aid forms because I'm like poor and stuff lol

It made me so angry because I had to fill out like 10 pages of really stupid stuff just to prove that I'm poor

But anyway, I went with my little bro to see the school campus and turn in the papers. It's funny because he thought the school looked really crappy. Here it is if you want to know more:


anyway, i gotta sleep


Cool! I hope he will have an enjoying time earning his degree. What does he plan on majoring in? If I may make a suggestion, Check with his Guidance Counselor there on which Jobs are more likely to be available. I almost completed a degree which would have landed me a cheap telemarketing gig; no good. Which was why my father suggested that I switch and move my earned credits toward a Computer Aided Drafting and Design Degree and Certificate; there are more jobs for computer experts now a days.

Obvious question you're probably thinking, "If you have the Degree and Certificate, why are you not employed?" Here it is; Between My Uncertain Decisions I have yet to make in WHAT ELSE (other than marry my Sweetheart and have a daughter named Crystal Weston Chandler) I want to do. I am one of the individuals who CAN NOT EVER FIGURE OUT "Where I see myself in 5 Years;" aside from Family Man, NOR have I ever had a Specific Dream of which Career to shoot for.

Any Job Dreams I had were plain Office Jobs; NOTHING SPECIFIC. Then I would have to leave the building, rescuing my daughter, before it collapsed.

It was Just Never That Clear to me what else I really wanted to do for the long time. But since I am an artist, and I have my World of Cwcville to Return to and Maintain, I shall stay with that route for the time.

Also, perhaps you can do me another favor. If you are an okay hacker, I would like IN to "CChanSonichuCWC"'s YouTube/Gmail Account, and if you can get into it for me, PLEASE change the Password to a MOST Complicated one, and Change the Security Question's Answer to a Complicated one too. AND make sure there are NO Alternate E-Mail Addresses Associated with it (if it is a G-Mail Account).

As for Ivy, I have contacted a Closer Friend of Ivy's I knew by phone number, and she'll contact her father and confirm the death after she recovers from the shock, then she'll let me know. This girl went with Ivy to the same High School together.

I'll TTYL. Stay safe.
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

29 July

Any Job Dreams I had were plain Office Jobs; NOTHING SPECIFIC. Then I would have to leave the building, rescuing my daughter, before it collapsed.

^ What does this mean? I'm confused lol

And I mean, if you're gonna look for a job you should probably look for one that utilizes CADD because that's your certificate

Also, I'm the one attending college, my little bro is just entering high school, he just wanted to see the campus. I'm going to major in Computer Science and Engineering, kind of like a double major since both Computer Science and Computer Engineering are both their own majors but not really lol


PS: cchansonichucwc seems like a nice guy, he can play the guitar! that's awesome

Si, pero... ?Habla Espanol mucho y fluente? I penso y creo que no.

Buenas Dias,
Christian C.

¡Soy también fluido en español cuando utilizo un traductor! lol

¿Por qué usted decidía hablar en español de pronto?

No entiendo, yo sé solamente inglés.


Ah. :) Eso es en respondar de el Impostor en rayas de maron. El copie "More Than a Feeling" de Boston; Vamos a ver que si puede copiar mi Lengua Secundaria. Yo tomia dos anos en Manchester High, y you mire mucho television en Espanol Audio ("Las Chicas SuperPoderosas" por una).

En case no miraste el video, aqui es el link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkW5BhZ63ss ?Como te gusta? :J

Paz, (Mi Apodo en mis clases), Ricardo Weston Chandler

Sabes de El Pok'eSite De R.W.C.? Fue cerca de CWC's Pok'eSite 2, the Original CWC's Sonichu Site, Bionicle and HotWheels Sites, and the Pok'eSonichu Top 50. Ves que si puede Google informacion del website viejo. Un Monumento Grande fue El Pok'eSite De R.W.C. :)

Okay chris I don't really understand this lol


30 July

Subject: Oh, Lo Siento (I'm Sorry)

In my spanish response, I said, and I translate verbatim:

"Ah. :) This is in response to the impostor in brown stripes. He copied (ME after I had uploaded two of my older classic song videos, including me playing) Boston's "More than a Feeling"; we'll see if He can copy my Second Language. I had taken two years (of Spanish) in Manchester High, and I watched a lot of Television with Spanish Audio (("Las Chicas SuperPoderosas") The Powerpuff Girls for one).

In case you had not yet watched the video, here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkW5BhZ63ss How do you like it?

Peace, (My Nickname in my (Spanish) Classes), Ricardo Weston Chandler.

Do you know (or remember) of El Pok'eSite De R.W.C.? It was neighboring CWC's Pok'eSite 2, the Original CWC's Sonichu Site, Bionicle and HotWheels Sites, and the Pok'eSonichu Top 50. See if you can Google Information of the old website (the Spanish one, granted I had to take it and the other Original Sites down from my Trolls getting into my Website Accounts before). El Pok'eSite De R.W.C. was a Big Monument (to my knowledge of my Second Language)."

I had thought you were very fluant in Spanish, since you said so in your reply, so I thought I'd test you a bit. :) If I hurt your brain in thinking from English-to-Espanol, I apologize.

Also, look up the Cwcipedia; I had made a new page dedicated to my Second Learned Language, simply titled "CWC Speaks".

TTYL, stay safe and have a good day. :)
Amor y Paz (Love and Peace),
Christian C.

Well, the thing is Chris...2 years of Spanish in high school really isn't that impressive...I mean I was forced to choose between Spanish and French and it's a requirement to take a year of a foreign language.

Also, (i'm being not very politically correct here lol) but you sound like a white guy trying to do Spanish badly.

Needless to say, I forgot everything about French lol

Do you have any other skills to one-up that impostor?


Me and my little bro went to Chilis tonight. They have this awesome deal that you can get an appetizer, two entrees and dessert for only 20 bucks.

Since we didn't get any special drinks (water is for winners lol) it was a pretty good deal imo.


31 July

Yum. I've had Fridays; it is good too. Especially being a Card-Holding Stripes Member; Free Chips and Dip each visit, and sometimes I receive B.O.G.O. coupons. :)

Anyway, let me ask you, what is your YouTube Handle, because I have put together an ace-in-the-hole challenge for the Brown-Striped impostor; a SingStar Challenge if you will.

Rules between The Original, Patriotic C.W.C. and the Brown-Striped Impostor C.W.C.

-One Song At A Time from our individual Playlists.
-Sing Without Printed Lyrics or Karaoke Equipment.
-Original MP3s must be played in background at appropriate audible volume.
-NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, real or Guitar Hero/Rock Band/Rock Revolution, etc is to be visible in ANY VIDEO.
-No Requests will be made from one Singer to the other BEFORE the 5th Song. After the Brown One sings Song 4, he may choose the Encore Track for me to sing, then I will choose his Encore Track for him to sing.
-Deadline for Each Player: 24 Hours from one Singer's Uploading of their Singing Video. If I upload on 12:30 PM Monday the 3rd, the deadline for the Brown One will be 12:30 PM Tuesday the 4th, and vice-versa.
-Use of any MP3 Players Fully Encouraged for playing the Tracks.
-NO IMPORTED TRACKS (No Japanese, Spanish, German, etc Tracks).
-Once a Song, of that Title from That Artist has been sung, it Can Not be sung again by Either Player for the remainder of the Competition.=2
0 My First Track is "Sonic Boom" from Pastiche; it is forbidden for it to be sung again by either Me or the Brown One for the remainder of the competition.

***Failure to comply by ANY of these Rules at ANY time during the competition shall be Disqualified, and the Last Player Sung shall be Named the Winner Forever.
***All Scores shall be tallied from accuracy of Lyric-Matching and praise from the watching audience, Officially by YouTube Member, ScarletSanctum (and a couple of other trusted YouTube friends).

Game On!

I would like to enlist two more from Scar; I would to enlist your aid as a judge. If you accept, please reply with your Y.T. handle, and send a Friend Request to IBAChandler. I currently have the Challenge Start and Song 1/5 Videos set to Private with ONLY Scar on the list. Upon your consent, I will add you to the Private List with Scar.

Your help would be most appreciated.

Oh, BTW, go to Cwcipedia, and look up "CWC Sings"; the Official 8-Track Set of Christian & the Hedgehog Boys Album is up there as Individual Track Downloads. :)

Stay safe; TTYL.

Love and Peace,
Christian C.

I just made a YouTube account katiebaybug and I'm about to head off to sleep. I'll look into this more tomorrow when I wake up.

I can't wait to see this sing-off!


Subject: One more detail

Until I Go Public with the Challenge, PLEASE DO NOT share either video with anyone else.

Man, I slept in today. Bad me. lol

Anyway, who are all the judges going to be?


Please KEEP IT QUIET UNTIL I GO PUBLIC, but in addition to yourself, ScarletSanctum has confirmed her Spot in the Panel. And I am currently waiting for a response from a male associate or two I've asked to help; I will let you know their names after he/they have confirmed their places.

Have a good day and stay safe.
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

Has the impostor accepted the challenge?


I have not issued the challenge yet. I am still waiting for him to answer the question of The Name of the Second Spanish Teacher (I had in High School) was. Once he responds, and if he is correct, I will issue the challenge. This is a newly-drawn "Monster Reborn" from my deck draw (a Yu-Gi-Oh pun there).

He shoud FAIL to answer the question correctly, as well as EVEN Present to the Camera a Legitimate Manchester High School Diploma, M.H.S. Varsity Basketball Manager Certificate, PVCC Diploma for CADD AND a PVCC Certificate for CADD.

I'll let you know if I will be playing this "Ace" of my Deck. Thank you for your attendance. :)

Stay safe,
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

I don't understand why you are asking him these questions.


I mean, the whole point is to show him up right? You should issue the challenge now and prove that you are the best singer right?

I'm still confused. Also I'm hungry lol


Subject: The Point Also

Is to Prove Him in error to himself, rather he knows it or not. Have you watched his videos? It's like as if he's had Amnesia and switched over to being a second Christian (like that episode of "Gilligan's Island where Mary Anne got amnesia, forgot she was Mary Anne, and became a second Ginger Grant). This 13-16-year old dude ain't right in his head.

I guess if he does not respond before I get the third person for the Judge Panel, I will issue the challenge then. I got the idea of the challenge from him COPYING me playing Boston's "More Than A Feeling" on Guitar Hero on his old Wooden Nickel; if he wants to copy on Guitar, he may as well be challenged in a Sing-Off. Fortunately I was able to figure out uploading to download MP3 files on the Cwcipedia; I'm steadily learning about the Wikipedia Code one moment at a time.

You may spread the word about the Official Download Tracks; simply say, "Google "Cwcipedia"; Number 1 Result; Look up "CWC Sings". That way, if the watcher listens carefully to the Past Recorded Track from YEARS ago and compares it to Me and the Impostor; No Contest.

You put a smile on my face with your cuteness; letting me know about you sleeping in and feeling hungry and all. I am not judging, and I am not telling anyone under the Rule of Confidentiality. :)

Y'all take care and stay safe,
TTYL, Peace,
Christian C.

I'm fairly confident that doesn't matter to him.

The real issue is showing that you're better than him. Show EVERYONE that you're better than him, wasn't this the point of the challenge? lol

I mean, just issue the challenge and see if the impostor takes you up on it. If he doesn't, you win right?


Yes and no; Yes if he decilnes, then he is a Loser, BUT NO, because if he Accepts, I would NEED the panel of Trusting, "Neutral" Judges to judge the contest. I'm just covering my trail and watching my steps.
Subject: The Impostor has responded.

Watch is new video; He Dares Counterfeit Legal Documents On YouTube.

But I have decided; The Game is ON.

But, to be fair, I'm still one Judge Short on my half; I will let him choose his three Judges, and he will List the Judges by their YouTube Handles on his First Song Video.

I will do the same on the "Sonic Boom".

Pray for me, please.
Stay safe, and Love and Peace,
Christian C.

I'd pray for you but I'm not religious lol

good luck! what's your other songs?


The First Track is a Given, but as I will leave it a surprise for my opponent, plus there is a chance he may sing a song I may have planned, I wish to leave my Plans Discreet. You will learn, one at a time. The Challenge Letter has been Thrusted. Let's see how he responds NOW, that damn Counterfeiter.
Hopefully he'll give up right now! yayyyy