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The second act of the Wallflower E-mails chronicles the best days of the relationship between her and Chris. These communications mainly cover their plans to write a story together and friendly exchanges about their day-to-day lives.

The Wallflower's e-mail from 27 February is particularly significant, though. She backs Chris off in no uncertain terms: "I only just met you. I am no mood for an actual relationship." Unfortunately for all involved, subsequent events would prove that the message didn't sink in.

It's useful to read these alongside Chris's e-mails to Vivian Gee from around the same time. There, despite the entirely unromantic nature of their relationship, Chris appears to believe that he still has a good chance of convincing the Wallflower to have sex with him.


February 18
This is what Chris actually wanted in the owls story
I hear you loud and clear; you should write a full book. You are a well-detailed and creative storyteller. Maybe you can write a book were everything is from the wise owl's perspective. Take Harry Potter's owl; he tells Harry's story and guieds him, but surely there is more to the owl, like did he have an owl family of his own? Or if he was originally a king or a wizard, how does the wife/sweetheart and/or his human/half-owl children feel having an owl to look up to, especially while he's flying? And going into Owl Biology can inspire a more in-depth look at owls from your view.

I'll bet you wrote a lot of papers on Owls in High School that earned a lot of "A" grades. When I wrote paers for my classes, I did very well, including research on which is better caffiene-wise and better for people, soda or coffee. I also wrote great stories, poetry and literature essays.

Although what I enjoyed most from my H.S. days, was being around my circle of friends. I was very sad when I hd to leave them behind, but I am looking forward to the reunion lter this year. I was also manger/water-boy for the varsity basketball team during my freshman year... I think I've mentioned that before. :)

TTYL. Stay Safe,
Christian c.

February 18
You know, that sounds like a really great idea. Maybe we can work together, you being the researcher and I can do the writing. One thing I haven't told you yet is that I love working together with someone on a story. It's one of my favorite things to do. I'd like to do more often.

Btw, Harry's owl is Hedwig and she's a female owl. I have written a couple of stories dealing with the owl universe. And this was before Guardians of Ga'Hoole, a total owl fantasy, and my number one favorite series, and Hoot.
I wrote one back in highschool, called the <CENSORED>. This was about the same time I wrote this other one, <CENSORED>, cause it basically had the same 'human characters'.
Anyhow, in <CENSORED>, the story was told in two characters pov's, one was a female owl and a girl, who ran the observatory. The girl's mission was to save the owls in Owlwood, from the hunters/bullies from her and her friends' school. Somewhere, the owl and the girl's two world collide with each other. Harper, a goshawk (I can crossbreed birds), is a pet of the main owl hunter, Turner. They both wanted one thing; Harper wanted the female owl, and Turner wanted the girl. But the girl's guy friends came around and helped her the female owl.
Mind you, this explanation is from my memory, and I've only read it a few times, when it was completed.

February 18
I take it you are referring in working together on the owl's point of view story. I'd be delighted to do some research on how owl families live, as well as people who have owls as pets, and we can put our minds together in imagining the life of the husband king who was turned into an owl and the family life. This can be a good series as well. Here's a fun idea, Once a month, during the Full Moon, the owl becomes human again during the short while, but turns back into his owl self at daybreak. And during those nights, he can satisfy his wife greatly. I smell a Book Saga for young adults. ;)
February 19
Lol. Sounds good to me. I've got a couple of books: one is Owls of the United States & Canada, and Owls of the World. Here's a website I found, to help you get started: http://www.owlpages.com/.
February 25
I apologize for not responding sooner, but I was busy finishing up my tenth comic book yesterday/last night for upload onto the Cwcipedia.

I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. I would be delighted to come over to your house and meet your folks and all. I can come over in the late part of the afternoon; I'll call you to let you know when I'm on my way there. I've got an appointment at 1:00 with my local mechanic to check the muffler on my car; it may have a hole in it from either age or one of the attempts of getting it out of the snow. It sounds like there's nothing wrong, but it's better to be safe then sorry. Anyway, I think I'll be able to make it to your house by 4. I will also bring my PSP and my memory stick of photos. Monday sounds good for the Pizza outing.

I like what you've come up with for our owl story. One detail, "Owl Transformation", it is okay; have you considered that <CENSORED> could have more natural or elemental powers along with transformation, although we will be seeing that a lot from her? Like she can have the wizard powers to heal, increase attack and defense and so forth. I'm thinking she could say, "Mystical Owl Power", followed by the desired spell, "Transformation to (owl breed)", "Healing", "Attack Increase", etc.

Assuming we're still on base with the King being an owl most of the time, it may be good to think of a few characters he has advised with wisdom to aid them in their education, battle or quest, because in the war between him and the crows and goshawks, the students can come in and aid our King Owl in his battle.

We should also come up with a title for the book (series), "King Owl" is good for start. We may come up with a possibly better title that may feature both the King and <CENSORED>; it should be direct, yet subtle. One title idea I had thought of earlier, to play on the family part, "Family Owl".

I'll wrap it up for now, and I look forward to coming by your house later today.

Stay Safe,
Christian C.

February 27

Sorry this is short notice, but I forgot that Mom had something planned for me on Monday. So I can't do TipTop. I'm sorry We'll set it up for another time, I promise. And I think some of my coworkers are planning to go out on Friday, and they've invited me to go with them. And I don't want to sound mean or anything, but I would like some space between visits. I like you and you're nice, but I only just met you. I am no mood for an actual relationship.
And during the once a month thing, I want to visit with the other young adults too.
~Also, please don't pesture to me about our story, I do have a lot of stories that I'm working on, and ideas don't come to me that easy.
Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm just trying to be honest.

February 27
It's cool, <CENSORED>. I understand that you need your space, and there is no rush anyway. Just talking and hanging is good enough for me. I care about you and I like you too. You let me know when it's okay to come by and visit; perhaps once a week until you feel more than that is good. I was thinking that during the next visit, I can bring my DVD of Mary Poppins and we can just sit and enjoy it together after suppertime.

I won't pester you too much about our story. Although, I have come up with an idea on how we can start the story in the first book. In a nutshell, we open on one of Alister's students going in and getting a relic from Mt. Thunderstone, then heads home to his family after seeing the dude's safe and well. I also was thinking that Zelina and <CENSORED> can be mentor-type friends, where they hang out and advise each other in their family or royalty situations. Darkbind can be another of Alister's students. And Clawdorf can be the ringleader of the enemy animal clans. I'll go further in detail next time we talk or meet.

And I wanted to check, where in Heartland are the Castle Virginanaus and Temple Athena Pathenon located, compass-wise?

Something else that happened to me today, I got in the mail a Birthday Present from one of my fans. The dude ordered it and had it gift-shipped to me on Amazon, it's a Fiction/Philosophy novel from Jostein Gaarder, "Sophie's World". I'll be giving it a read-through over the next few weeks.

Let me know how you enjoyed "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" movie, and if you have any questions about the Adobe Photodeluxe program. And what does Joann have planned for you Monday, and how it went?

And I'll let you know of other ideas or thoughts I have in general. I'm still waiting for the first L.O.T.R. movie from Netflix; I'll probably get it in my mailbox on Monday or so.

I'll let you go for now, and I will TTYL (talk to you later).

Stay Safe with Love and Peace,

February 27
Thanks for your understanding, I do appreciate it. Well, today I hung out with dad. We had lunch at El Puerto, which was good as always. And then we went to Barnes & Nobles. I bought the second Percy Jackson book and the soundtrack. Plus, I didn't know it was out, but I also got the seventh book of the Ranger's Apprentice (very good series btw). I'll be starting on that as soon as Im done with The Lightning Thief. (Just for your info, I wouldn't mind seeing the movie again) And call me crazy, but I'm not to fond of the old Disney non-animated classics, doesn't suit well for me. Oh, Tomorrow (Feb. 28) we picked out to be Rachel's bday. She'll be one year old.

Oh yeah, don't hesitate to send me ideas for the story, it will get me motivated to write them. And speaking of bday's, I think <CENSORED> bday should be on the summer solstice (June 21st), what do you think? And keep coming with names. they're good.

February 28
The Summer Solstice sounds like a great birthday for <CENSORED>. I am not all that familiar with the holiday, but I have heard of it from a limited-time distributed Add-On costume for LittleBiGPlanet. Speaking of LBP, I am thinking of creating a level based on our first Guardian of the Owl Kingdom story. Most likely, I will create new story plots and arcs in the process, and I look forward to reading your most valued input from your future thinks and ideas. I have created about 5 to 10 levels which have been uploaded onto the LBP server, one of which is based on my first episode of Sonichu; his and Rosechu's origins.

Also, just to make it clear, Zelina and Darkbind, of the kingdom of Rulecwc, are Rosechu and Sonichu respectively. And Clawdorf is a kind of warlock monster character; all I have of him is a 3 or 4 finger hands and a black cloak and hood, but he can be a combination of all of the enemy creatures we have come up with so far.

What I have so far on that can be read in some of my comic pages. But in short, Darkbind Sonichu and Princess Zelina Rosechu have been sweethearts. In a cave in Rulecwc forest one day, Clawdorf released the power of the seven Chaotic Crystals (A.K.A. Sonichu Ball Crystals); he turned to stone and Zelina fell into a deep slumber. A few years later, the original Sonichu donned the power of the 7 Crystals and reawakened Zelina (Clawdorf was also destoned in the process).

The King and Queen of Rulecwc have no biological children. But from the Chaotic Rainbow of Sonichu and Rosechu's Origin, many Sonee and Rosey (baby Sonichu and Rosechu) eggs were released throughout the world, time and space. One egg landed in the audience of their highnesses, and Zelina Rosey hatched out; they adopted her and dubbed her successor to the throne. The egg with Darkbind Sonee landed somewhere in Rulecwc Forest; after evolving to Darkbind Sonichu, he was found by a rogue master swordsman (sort of like Link from Legend of Zelda) and trained under his guidance, also with later guidance from our owl, King Alistair.

But I digress (as I learned that quote from the owl, Blathers in Animal Crossing).

It is nice that you had an enjoyable and good day yesterday.
Perhaps we can still make it a dinner and a movie night between the Tip Top and The Lightning Thief. How does this coming Wednesday or Thursday look for you? Patti was born on March 17, 1988, as our local vet had determined for us. It's good you've decided on Feb. 28 for Rachel, but if you want to make it clear, you could let your vet determine that for you.
Well, Mary Poppins has a great animated segment with dancing penguins, a fox hunt, horse race and a magical carousal, and altogether is a great movie starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. You can sample a few clips on YouTube. It is my favorite movie of all time. Toy Story is my second favorite movie.

Also, I liked your room and the spacious set up for that whole upper story for yourself. I bet you get a great view from the upper central arch window; see the stars, the early morning sunlight and all that. My room is a big room, but I have a lot of stuff in it; it can be more spacious, yet I'm unsure where to put some of it all. LOL Mostly, though, I do get the majority of the upper floor to myself, including the main fridge and kitchen, and the bathroom with a tub. I had a bedroom with a door to a bath with a standing shower, like you have, when my family and I were living in the Newberry Town area during my High School years. Personally, I enjoyed the standing shower better than the tub w. shower head. At least between you and me, we both are enjoying the upper-story privacy life.

You enjoy the rest of the Sunday, and I will TTYL. Here's thinkin' of you, <CENSORED>. Stay safe with love and peace,

March 2

how are you? I'm doing good. My concert was incrediable! It was nothing like the dvd, and they did my favorite song twice. Once before the break, and the other time was for the encore. The song is called, Mo Ghile Mear. This was their first time in Charlottesville, and they added four or five brand new songs. I got a dvd, a tshirt, and a souvineer book. If they came back next year, I would definitely go again. I'm going to wear my cw shirt on friday.
Speaking of Friday, to be honest, we should wait to do TipTop later. I think it would be too much for one evening. I still want to go, either Monday or Tuesday might be better, so far, I have nothing planned. Besides, I like taking a nap, so I can be well rested for the evening fun. I hope that's okay.

Is there anyway we can talk online? It would be so helpful, then to just email back and forth. If you can download yahoo messenger, it would be easier. If you can, my screenname is <CENSORED>. Oh how about this: what are you doing tomorrow? You could come over, and meet my mom and we can start on a few things on our story. The only thing I'm doing is my laundry. You can give me a call as soon as you read this. I will answer this time, I promise.

So just a few things about our story:

1. the crows and the goshawks are mortal enemies to the owls and king.
2. the goddess Athena. has to be worshipped by the king and country.
3. the king's daughter, <CENSORED> (she has to be in here, somewhere), is the protector of the owls, and she can transform into any kind of owl she wants at will. She wears a golden, oval shaped necklace, given to her by her mother at birth. Inside is a silver carved owl and on the other side, has her title written in Greek handwiting: Daughter of Athena, protector of the owls. And at the bottom of her title, has the words, Owl Tranformation written below it. When she wants to transform, she has to say, 'Go owl transform' and the owl's given name: example is, "Go Owl Transform, Tyto Alba!" Meaning, the barn owl.

How she is summoned:
A. when the silver owl turns RED, the owl is either in trouble, sick, or is dying.
B. when the silver owl turns GREEN, her owl friends wants to hang out.
C. when the silver owl turns BLUE, there is an urgent meeting that she needs to attend to.

4. the 'owl kingdom' is called Owlwood, and it surrounds the capital where the palace is located in.

The rest we can come up with together. So what do you think? Do you think its a good start?

March 3

So I have a surprise for you. I made this website that is dedicated to one of my absolutely favorite fanfiction stories. Its called <CENSORED>. My friend Ashley, and I have been working for about three to four years (when she was going to VCU). It's a very entertaining story, very PG rated. Its got multiple crossovers and references and they are YuGiOh GX. Sailor Moon, Code Lyoko, star wars/trek, Harry Potter, and Narnia. This story was made about the time I was obsessed with GX and watching Code Lyoko on tv.
Anyway, here's the website: <CENSORED>. Check out the characters' pictures too. Its not perfect, but its nearly there. and I don't have a picture folder for the 'anime' <CENSORED> yet. I'm still working on her. Let me know how you like it.
Okay nap time, and then Ghost Hunters (Im so excited!)

March 4
That's very good, I have bookmarked it for later. A few things, I am setting up my YahhoIM on my PC for us to chat on after I get operational. My Yahoo e-mail I chose solely for this is one I previously used for a PSN sign in ID, but (the PSN then) was hacked months ago then recovered and changed to the next address. Anyway, add this to your YIM friend list, BibleHomeNation@yahoo.com. Please remind me of what yours is in your reply.

Second, I need a reminder of the owl breed Alistair and <CENSORED> are, and please send me a few character pics you showed me last time, and the scan or link to the image of Alistair's owl breed. I am attaching a few pics from my LittleBiGPlanet game I took of the sackperson in the various character for our Owl Guardian story level; I think it will be obvious who's who; your feedback will be appreciated.

Third, I miss being around you; can we schedule a visit this coming Saturday, please? We can make that our Tip Top and movie day as well.

I gtg for now, but I will TTYL, may be on the YIM.

Stay safe and sweet,

March 4
My bad. Anyway, there are two of Sackboy in custom costumes for Alistair, and one of each for Moira, <CENSORED> and Logan.
March 7
I'm just sending you a reminder to send me the story prologue we talked about.

I found a blank audio cassette at the local Goodwill; I will be burning the Celtic tracks onto it from my PS3 source for playback in my car later today. Also, I am going to check the routing of my cable to my VCR, DVD Burner and TV; I also need to check the power link on my VCR. It went out like during the 20-inch snowfall during the half-hour power failure we had here. IDK why I didn't get to it sooner; I was likely doing well between the cable and the digital videos. For my setup, normally it would be VERY hard to get behind there, but all I really have to do is dishook and temporarily remove my Genesis, Dreamcast, Wii and the shelf they're sitting on in my entertainment center. Afterwards, it's like poking your head and upper torso through an open window. "Hey, Neighbor, you left your RF Switch and AV on my lawn again!" LOL

I've learned a bunch of my techno know-how and connections from my father; he taught and showed me which male ends go into which female ends (a cable term for each respective ends of any cable, which are visually obvious). I used to have like 5 to 10 RF switches linking my consoles; the links were good, but the farther away from the TV it was, the more lousy the picture/audio would be due to the multiple refresh relays. I am now on a pair of switch boxes, as well as the Composite/Component (Red/White/Yellow and Red/White/Red/Blue/Green respectively) and the HDMI on my HDTV. With that experience, I probably would have made a good "Larry the Cable Guy", but without the slurry attitude and bigger body type, and the fact that his name was NOT really Larry and that he was never in reality a Cable Guy. Still, he was good at voicing Mater in Disney's "Cars".

But I digress. I'll call you tonight to set up our next day together, and any other new story ideas and topics. You mentioned that you were also on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger); we could have been text-talking on that instead of waiting for my YIM to be Mr. Fickle-to-Install this whole time. Still, we learn.

I'll TTYL. Have a good and safe day.
Love and Peace,

March 7
Right after I sent the last e-mail, I did my work; checking the AV cables and the power on my VCR; yeah, the power supply or the motherboard got fried or something during that power failure a couple months ago; it would not come back on at all, even when plugged in again and again. So I re-routed the cable and the AV to go through my DVD Burner; I can record the two "Merlin" episodes onto a blank DVD-R, which I have plenty of those.

Also, I had a VHS in the VCR, so I had to play surgeon with my phillips screwdriver and a pair of tweezers to remove the VHS, very carefully. I succeeded in the removal, then I put the VCR back together the way it was; I will most likely be taking it, and its remote control, to a Goodwill, where their tech people can try to get the VCR operational again, then sell it to someone else. I tell you, I have taken apart a few of my old game consoles, and I took a PC Upgrading course at PVCC; you would be amazed how the inside of those wonders of technology would look. The VCR was a new one to me today; I had no idea it literally lifted up the back flap of a VHS, then pulled the tape towards the reading mechanisms. I always thought the VHS went directly downward onto the reading parts; I never thought it would lift up that flap part.

Technology is amazing.

Anyway, I got to warm up something to eat. I'll call you tonight. Stay safe.

Love and Peace,

(Concluded in Wallflower E-mails 3)

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