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The Wallflower E-mails are a series of e-mails leaked to the public on 25 September 2010. These set of e-mails come from 25 January 2010 to 18 February 2010. They all but confirm the most common speculation as to what went on between Chris and The Wallflower: while she was more than content with a simple friendship, Chris blew it out of proportion and considered her his sweetheart despite her continuous protestations, and just like with Megan, disgusted her and ultimately drove her away.

Chris's e-mails are on a blue background, the Wallflower's pink, and Surfshack Tito's green.

The e-mails were sent with this introduction from Tito:


Been a long time since the PS3 incident, brudda! I've been too busy boning a certain special someone who is mentioned in these e-mails! (wink emoticon)

I hope you don't mind me forgetting about these e-mails, cuz! I'm trying to protect her so some things are censored, brudda. As you know, she is still furious at him. I always say "you too nice, cuz" but I loved the last bit she did.

As the Ancient Hawaiians used to say:

"The sands of time will make even the eternal coconut fade away."

P.S. vegemite is good


January 25

Hey, so you wanted to see my websites? Well, here are the links.





Also, my yahoo messenger is <CENSORED>. Have fun looking around.

January 27

Hey, <CENSORED>. :) I have read some of your work, and I am enjoying your writing style; you have a great imagination and you are very creative. I may have missed it during our last talk, but how did you think of <CENSORED> for a pen name?

Anyway, other things on my mind. I have read from you <CENSORED> bio page that you are about non-stop on listening to music; that is cool. My father has raised me on a variety of jazz, classic, country, "jugs, kazoos and washboards" music and others. I like all kinds of music, as long as it has a good beat and the lyrics are comprehensible. Mostly I listen to Pop and Lite Rock, but I do occasionally enjoy the classics. My favorite artists are Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys (I like a lot of others as well, but the list would take me a while to type, and I have like way over 1,000 tracks on my Playstation 3 HDD.

Mostly, I enjoy drawing, writing and playing video games, but I do get out often for good exercise, plus some more exercise playing Guitar Hero (I stand to play; it is a great way to go wild in a rockin' way). As you know, I update my CWCipedia most daily with at least answering my letters in the mailbag, rather or not I upload a new page or two to my comic pages. (Just a reminder, ignore all the current ads, especially the oversized ones that occupy the top space of every page; this guy, Mao, of his copycat website called the Asperpedia have bought out the previous person who had control of the adspace. Now he is abusing me with cheap shots at things that irritate me; people can be so cruel and vicious) I am working on finding someone locally in C-Ville who has a piece of citizenship within Europe who can buy out the adspace and all that. I'm hoping I can get someone like the Coca Cola company or even a videogame company like Rockstar or something to help me out there. The hateful letters I get are minuscule compared to having to cope with the oversized cheap-shot taunts from that S.O.B. of Asperpedia.

*sigh* But I digress. You can still enjoy the comic pages I have drawn from my Book 0 to the latest page in 10.

I mentioned a book to you earlier, "The Giver"; the author is Lois Lowry, and I highly recommend it. I quote the preview on my copy of the book's back, "Jonas's world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. When Jonas turns twelve he is singled out to received special train from The Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now it's time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back." Lois received the "John Newbery Medal" for this book and another she wrote.

To learn more about each other, let's learn some basics; I'll ask you a question, to respond in your reply or phone/IM conversation, and I give you my answer right after each question. -What is your favorite color? Mine is Blue. -Do you have a favorite Ice Cream flavor? I like Mint/Chocolate Chip. -What are some of your other hobbies that haven't been shared yet? I also enjoy building with Lego bricks and pieces, I collected Transformers and other toys, and doing chores around the house. -Do you currently go to, or have already completed, College? I went to Pidemont Virginia Community College for a few years and earned a Degree and a Certificate in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD). -What is your favorite food to eat? Mine is Macaroni & Cheese. -What is your choice Pizza Topping? I go for Spinach and Mushroom, although I have also enjoyed Eggplant. I'll come up with more as time goes by. :)

I'll wrap it up for now, but I will call you tonight at about 7:30; I hope to talk to you some more. :) Your laughter and voice sweetly thrills my mind like robins twittering their song after the sunrise.

Stay Safe,
Christian C.

January 27

An update for our night at the Celtic Women concert; I understand it will be at 8:00, so let's plan our meet at the Barrack's Road Taco Bell at 6:30-7:00 that night. I'll treat you to dinner then if you wish. Also, my mother wishes to tag along to meet you and your parental escort and to keep hold of my car. She and my dad have advised that since the Taco Bell is within walking distance, you and I can walk over to the J.P.J. Arena from there. Post-Concert is currently undetermined, but can be discussed and decided at the T.B. before you and I walk there. Optionally, you and I can walk back to T.B. and I can drive you back to your house; my mom in my car, or your parent in their car, can pick us up at the J.P.J. Still, it's less than a month away; plenty of time to make final decisions and agreements.

Christian C.

January 27

1. well, for one thing, I had the name <CENSORED> for at least three years. I saw it in a fanfiction I read about 3 years ago, and I really liked it, so I kept it for myself ( I guess I can't really claim it). Yeah, I liked Backstreet Boys, but that was during high school, I still listen to them occasionally. I don't like most kinds of music, especially country. But I also like soundtracks (from the movies I've seen), songs or scores, doesn't matter.

2. Thanks, I like my writing style too. Like I said, I've been writing since 8th grade and haven't stopped. So I guess when you looked at my bio at <CENSORED>, you probably know my hobbies, movies, music, and shows. I guess I haven't updated on my shows in awhile, since Sanctuary isn't on the list. By the way, you can watch season 2 on Youtube. I've been watching those to catch up on the season.
3. to answer questions: my fav color(s) is red, black, emerald, & turqouise (i hate that word, spelling it I mean), I like mint chocolate chip too (but it has to be green), I also like dove bars and nutty buddy (I used to eat those at school too). For my other hobbies, I love studying/reading about owls. I have three good books about them. I didn't go to college, but I did take a course on computers (that sucked) at PVCC. I think I just like working, and having my four days off. Hmm, thats hard. I really like spaghetti with just butter, orville microwave popcorn (my dad also makes really good popcorn), and I love seafood (shellfish, catfish), definitely prime ribs (i grew up on those), and of course I love Japanese food (shrimp tempura and smoked eel sushi). Mostly I like cheese and black olives (not the expensive kind), but at TipTop, I love gyro meat and mushroom. I also love watching my anime from time to time.

January 28

I agree with you on the Ice Cream; I have tried both the Green and the White M.C.C.s, and I liked the Green better. In fact, when I first tried the flavor, it was Green. Gyro Meat, and I have had Gyro Sandwiches before, is a bit of steak, so Steak and Mushrooms are your choice, cool. I hear you on the spelling of turquoise, it's like you have to have a spell-checker for it, OR have one of Crayola's thick markers or original crayon and read the word from the side. :-D But it does seem we both are on the blue-side, since emerald and turquoise are shades of green, which is made of blue and yellow. I have not tried Dove candy bars, but my family and I like Nutty Buddy bars.

My personal experience at PVCC could have been better; it sucked for me too. Mostly because I didn't have too many friends there, and that was where my Sweetheart Search had started at (which you'll read about a bit in my Sub-Episodes of my comics). The Slaweel Ryam character was originally based of of Mary Lee Walsh, the "Dean of Student Services". I have some troubles with authority awareness; Unless it is as high as a President, Principle, or the Police People in Blue/Black or something like that, if they get on my nerves, I gave little regard and look down upon them. I am better on that nowadays. In a nutshell, in my early days of my Search, I had a sign next to me (later learning from my mother that it made me look retarded) letting the ladies know I was single (I was way more shy back then, even to speak), and Mary came to me, grabbed my sign and ripped it up right in front of me... it shattered my heart. So I took it out creatively by making her a major villain in my books. I forgave her about October of 2009, and I drew and framed (with a nice frame I bought from a Goodwill) an apology drawing/note; she responded to me with a Trespassing Notice, which was snail-mailed to me a couple of days later. My family and I did not accept it, and we fought it for a little while. Slaweel and I are to have our final battle, put her in jail and remove her as a major villain in the 10th book I'm working on now. Count Graduon will be the Major Villain beyond then, possessing the Metal Sonichu that crashed on the moon back in Book 1.

Do you keep with current events locally as well? I do sometimes. I've followed the story of the search for Morgan Dana Harrington; I never met her, and I was not at the Metallica concert, but I just could not ignore it. I paid my respects an early Sunday last December at the push-pin board on the bridge by the J.P.J. and left a note saying that she has a lot of people worrying about her and that she come back home safely, with a little Sonichu/Rosechu drawing on that note. I wonder how it stood the test of time over the weather; I plan on checking it the next time I'm there. It saddened me a bit on how they found her dead in a hayfield on the farm, but at least we don't have to question her condition anymore. Also, I showed my respect for the Haiti victims with a drawing on the Cwcipedia, and I read this morning in the Washington Post about how a little girl miraculously survived for 15 days under steel and concrete rubble. Most of the time, I don't pay attention to most news topics due to bad news or that it can confuse me. I am no Stock Market expert. :-D

I have more drawing and coloring to do today, so I'll wrap it up for now. Also, I was thinking about inviting you to some hang-out time, and maybe dinner, one day next week. I can pick you up at the wellness center after you finish work, or meet you at Fashion Square or Downtown Mall, and we'll share a nice afternoon together. My treat on all edibles. I was thinking next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. How do you feel about that?

Stay Safe,
Christian C.

January 28

That actually sounds nice. Wednesday would be good, but we have to be back before nine for the Ghost Hunters of course. I guess I haven't mention to you yet, but I love getting emails, its like a treat. Do you like Mexican? I have a favorite resturaunt (i hate that word too) I like to go to. It's also cheap. Usually less then 30 bucks, though depends what you order, I guess. By the way, just to be honest, and I like mentioned to you on that Friday, I'm not totally ready to be in a relationship yet. Definitely friends. I'm not the romantic type. I devote my time with work and stories. Lol, sometimes my friends try to force me out of the house. Just to get me some fresh air, and out of my chair, and away from my 'prescious' laptop.

Yeah, I don't follow the news or local ones, unless it delts with my fav music group (like the CW coming to CVille). Oh, you asked me if I have a religion. Well, I don't really, but I worship the Ghost Hunters (does that count?). Anyway, I updated my <CENSORED> account, finally mentioning that I love Sanctuary and most of its characters. And I'm about to update one of my stories, called Penance. Its on that Ghost Hunters/Sanctuary site I created. Anyway, there's a story you might like, that I wrote. It has two characters from Celtic Thunder and a couple of original characters. I'll email you that story if you want.

January 28

No problem, I'll have you back home before 9:00. So, I can assume I'm picking you up from work, yes? I will be there shortly before 3:30. I won't force you, but I'd like to keep the option for a relationship with you open for when you feel ready, but please let me know when you do feel the love. I am a patient man. I do like mexican. By 30 bucks, would that be per couple or per person; either way, I can afford that.

Comically, I don't most churches would count Ghost Hunters a religion. LOL. My least favorite word of ALL time is "naive", NOT because of how it is spelt, but it questions and belittles ones intelligence and experience. I am well-experienced and knowledgeable in a lot of things.

Not much else on my mind right now, it blanked out on me; I hate it when it does that.

I'll call you later.
Stay Safe,
Christian C.

January 29

Hey, so I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned the concert to one of my co-workers, and she was really excited. I really hope this won't offend you in anyway, and I hope we can still be friends. But I would much rather be going with her, since I've known her longer (3 & a 1/2 years). Plus, she's taking me to Rhode Island this May for a week, so consider it like I owe her for that. Also, she absolutely loves Celtic music.

But don't worry, I still want to hang out on Wednesday or Friday.
Can you forgive me? Hopefully there might be another oppurtunity.

January 31

I hope you got my voicemail I left you the other night. BTW, Saturdays are my British Comedy Night, and I had the new bunch of Fox animation tonight to watch. Anyway, I am still looking forward to taking you out on Wednesday. A couple of details to check with: the <CENSORED> is on <CENSORED>, right? And what's the name of the Mexican restaurant I'm taking you to? Also, before the restaurant, I plan on taking you to either the Downtown Mall or Fashion Square for our walk-and-talk hang-out; which location would you prefer. And after checking this week's "Hook", I will end the time with some good tunes. Don't worry, I promise to get you home before 9:00.

I'll TTYL; again, no hard feelings on the Concert plans; still feel a bit crestfallen though.

Stay Safe,
Christian C.

January 31

Thanks for understanding. I was getting slightly worried for a moment, cause of the change in plans. Yes, the address is correct. Um, I think from the weather's pov, fashion square would be better. and for my favorite mexican resaurant is El Puerto, and I know exactly where that is.

Oh, fair warning, I usually take a nap around 4:30, so if I seem tired and slightly grumpy. don't hold it against you. It's just the way I function. BTW, I so cannot wait, I only have one week to wait until Celtic Thunder comes out with their new cd, Its Entertainment. I am so excited (is jumping up and down)

February 6

I hope y'all are keeping warm and safe; we're snowed in here for the while. My dad estimates we might not be out and about again until tuesday or thursday; at least I'll shoot to shovel on monday.

I watched the Tasmanian supreme court house investigation on G.H.I.; I thought it was neat how even though they found little about them, the hands popped up for everyone else. And the fireflies in the castle answered a lot of mysteries there.

I was thinking, after this batch of snow, perhaps the week after the 14th, I would pick you up again and treat you to a gyro pizza at the Tip Top on Pantops, and maybe a movie (at a theater or your place; if your place, I'll rent a sci-fi flick and bring it over).

I'll call you tonight for a chat. Keep safe and warm,
Christian C.

February 8

I'm just checkin' in. I'm sure you and your family have been keeping safe and warm. If you made it to work at the C.W.C. today, I hope you had a good work day.

I watched the marathon of "Ghost Hunters" season 5 episodes yesterday, starting from the one guest-investigating Meat Loaf. I really enjoyed watching the debunking and spook-findings. It was fascinating, yet spooky, how M.L.'s water bottle went from the windowsill to the toilet back. Fort Henry and the Hindenberg's Harbor 1 had quite a few spooks in themselves. I also was intrigued on the Rocky Mountain house, with the bloody walls that turned out to be a plumbing fixer-upper and a young Hyancith entertaining a couple of customers.

Also, I have a question that your vast G.H. knowledge can answer. The first ever G.H. episode I watched on SyFy was one with two investigations; I vaguely remember the episode. All I can remember of it was the second investigation was at a restaurant/hotel in a U.S. state (the building was vintage and red), and one of the spooks was in an upstairs bathtub where the women who were bathing felt like they were constantly being watched. I know they had one of their girls with them on the case, one of the Krises or Amy, who personally emped the tub. I only saw the episode once, and I have searched on the Playstation Store for the episode, but their descriptions can be made easier to understand. Do you remember which season/episode is the one I'm describing?

Also my PC went down last Saturday (I think I've said that, but I'm unsure) after the 40 minute power failure. I have finally managed to get it fully operational again, so I'll be updating my Cwcipedia today with Mailbag answerings and new Character Bio Pages.

Also, I have shoveled a lot of snow yesterday and today. I have shoveled a path from my front door to my dad's car's Driver-Side door. I'll be doing some more today and tomorrow. Probably Thursday and Friday as well, since I've heard from 95.1 that there is a forecast of 2 inches more of snow accumilation up till Thursday, followed by Warmer days and Sunshine. I pray God and Jesus will give us Warmest days to melt the snow quickly, because I am tired of all this snow. I'm not "Mr. Plow" (Homer Simpson was Mr. Plow. LOL).

I'm going to go shovel some more, so I'll wrap it up for now, and I look forward to your reply. ;)

Stay Safe,
Christian C.

February 15

Hey Chris,

So about Wednesday, I think there might be a little too much going on. Cause I'm going to the concert and dinner with my co-worker, Kris. (Depends on the weather too) And that's like going out to dinner three times. Next week might be a little better. Plus, I'm hoping to go see The Lightning Thief again tomorrow with my best friends.
Anyway, I'll talk later. :)

February 16

That's okay. I have been working very hard on getting my car out; it's still stuck at the moment, so I was going to ask you to postpone the Tip Top lunch to next week anyway. It's cool. At least you got to enjoy the movie anyway. I'll keep an eye open for other movies or things to do. Actually, I've just had an idea; since we'll be having the next Young Adult Social Group meeting Friday of next week, how about I pick you up from work, we go to the Tip Top, then I drive us to the Key Center for the meet, and I can drive you home after. I'll bring my PSP with the memory stick of my photos and show you a bunch of them.

I'll call you later; Stay safe.
Thinking of you,
Christian C.

February 18

I watched the new G.H.I. last night. I liked it; they actually found a lot of good spirits, including the girl on the steps.

Anyway, It's been a while since we last chatted over the phone. I know you have the Celtic Women concert tomorrow night, and you've enjoyed the Lightning Thief, and I'm still waiting confirmation from you on next Friday. Are we cool on me picking you up, taking you to Tip Top and the Y.A.S.G. meeting and taking you back home?

Also, I am looking forward to telling you more stories and showing you my collection of photos and pics. And I'm curious, what is your life dream(s)? In a nutshell, I had the dreams of being married to my woman sweetheart, and having and being a father of a daughter; her name will be Crystal Weston Chandler. Also, while I'm currently strong as an artist, I also have dreamt of me having an office job; I am uncertain of the company/corporation.

Also, lately, I have been feeling nestolgic for the days I attended the Pok'emon TCG League. For years, I went to the League hosted at The (Game & Hobby) Place. It was good, and I helped out a lot being Vice-Gym Leader, maintaining peace, putting together strong decks from scratch for new young players and all the good volunteer work. The Leader was a Physics Teacher at the local C-Ville High School, you may know him, Tony Wayne. He was a good family guy. Last I heard, he gave that up and passed the G.L. torch to someone else.

Anyway, for some easons, the "store manager", Mike, hated me. And in June of 2008, he banned me from the store for good-like. Unwritten Trespassing Notice and all. I didn't care much for Mike either; it really hurt me, what he did to me there, and I still feel a bit of old anger against him. Hopefully, though, by now he's either moved on or replaced at the store.

Those were good times over the years. Anyhoo, I lately was considering starting up my own Poke'mon TCG League at another store in C-Ville. I have found information on how on pokemon.com. I am undecided on that, and where I could host it, at the moment.

Aside from my life, I am interested in listening to more of yours too.

I will TTYL; give my humble regards to your family.

Stay Safe,
Christian C.

February 18


Yes, The Lightning Thief was excellent for the second time; Logan is just too cute/hot. I also watched his other movie, Hoot. I just got into the book, and let me tell you, I get so sucked into it. I'm started to enjoy reading it from Percy's pov (then again I'm picturing him as Logan ). I can't tell you which is better, the book or the movie; because they're both excellent, in my opinion anyway.
I guess Dustin decided to take a break from ghost hunting; I guess I can't blame him. Lol.
I actually have two lifetime goals. I've always wanted to be an author (getting there) and to be an owl biologist. I guess you would expect something like that from me. Both since eigth and ninth grade (or whenever HP came out).
~Anyway, cheers. Totally excited for the concert.

(Continued in Wallflower E-mails 2)

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